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  1. How is it possible to be doing 60m-80m burst DPS with 20m holds with the cta gear on dual blade? These people have virtuous heart.. not even true tiger soul so where is the balance?? You get that dps with on average SS6 raid wep , and average awaken thunderflux + resolute on most characters... How come i dont see more ppl finding this an issue where as people cry over XP farm on eva?? Is the community aware of how long it takes to get gear equivalent to end game spending either several months of farm or spending alot of IRL cash on the game? Yet DB can do that same damage equivalent w
  2. This is just my opinion, but i've played the game long enough to feel like this is a bit unbalanced. I've been around since obsidian weapon gems were flame damage and not mystic but lets skip that for now. I just think we need better, or more efficient ways to be able to get garnets, obsidians, and scales- or even fragments. Elder Scales is needed for alot and in huge amounts, two tiers behind and still not account shareable. Also haven't been able to get any garnets from koldrak since ue4 and with the constant crash with switch characters idk how ppl can. With DST removal of octa obsidians, i
  3. That stuff they put in f10 is a scam to bait new players, nothing out of it is meaningful towards your gear progression sadly. Best to just do story mode until ch.7 for the free stuff and either farm mushin/get carried in f8 easy's for sovereign accessories, which is ok atm. But yeah they need new choices to choose from and hopefully f10 gets a renewal on more than just starter bundles since their entire store doesn't really encourage me to buy anything.
  4. Would be cool to see more class variety, shame how astro is locked only for lyns, as i would make a yun astro and yun assassin or gon even😞
  5. What about the people who payed money for CTA bundles, your company (NCsoft) included 50 martial remnants and now your paying customers can't even use those.
  6. Would it be possible to add % chance of getting Yeoharan/Yunsang/Naksun psyches in their boxes from the NPC vendor in Mushin Tower? Currently doing yeoharan daily 1 mewtineer coins we get 1 elder scale, 5 sovereign cores but no chance of psyche. Would be appreciated if it could be added. So far i got like 2 yeoharan psyche and 2 yunsang psyches but it takes too long XD. Also, can you add Rukesh Psyche and Mookwan's psyche back? Currently those are unobtainable and i still got about 2 on a few characters but it would be pointless to use if i cant max it out since theres no way to get them a
  7. I realized since wednesday there was no new outfitter rotation in f10 like you used to have, any plans on new ones? And i don't mean the halloween box ones unless thats it until its over o.o
  8. Best to just submit ticket to NCsoft support until issue get's fixed, nothing you can really do after that. Better if more people did it so something gets done about it quicker, possibly....
  9. Sadly it's what happens when people cry on the forums with alt accounts about the Eva/spectral shrine EXP botting. Like i understand botting should never be okay, but the end result is NC will just make it worse for everyone than to find a better solution. Their idea is to just get rid of the EXP entirely from spectral modes to combat the botting issue. I don't think they realize that will suck for legit players that farm it. Also they even got rid of the event jackpot 12m EXP, and that event item had a 17 hour cooldown when used, so it's just sad to see them come with an unscheduled maintenan
  10. Just want to know what the community thinks of the current event with fixed stats/no badges. IMO i wouldn't mind this event dungeon if mystic/soul badges actually worked, since i do miss replaying the old content, somewhat. However with the current red portal camera bug and classes that really benefit from badges to play them properly, this event is a let-down. (Especially with 3rd spec classes, some need the badge) Also it takes a bit of time to run it once/daily, but currently you can repeat the event dungeon. Normally in the past, event dungeons were limited to once a day and thats it, so i
  11. Even the actual mechanics do not work and a few got reworked since boss 1 has no shields anymore. Last boss poharan levers do not work, and heated fans will not work either, dungeon is just broken atm
  12. Certain skills/cool-down reduction, mystic badges, soul badges do not work/trigger in the event dungeon. Might be intended due to being an event + old dungeon to get a classic feel of fixed stat completion. It really cucks all classes tbh, and rip 3rd spec sin on 50 second phantom cd 😞
  13. Not sure if it's intended, but i think there's a ratio issue with the npc. 10 cores = 1 scale seems good, but makes no sense why it cost a onyx scale to buy one core.. @Hime Also, if possible any mention of adding Elder scales with sovereign cores?
  14. You don't get any gold from repeating Eva dungeon, daily gold is once a day. Also i already said botters should go punished, but clearly you don't know how to read or something.
  15. I know the difference between botting and farming and some players are actually dedicated to farm if they can, and Eva is a repeatable dungeon so they can. While i agree that bot scripts should go punished, i also don't think that farming it is actually affecting any of you. Like it's just character EXP / level up, and takes a ton of time to even do. Also, you don't even know the difference between who is botting and those that are farming it legit for exp. And no, farming/repeating a dungeon for exp is NOT considered cheating/exploit; it's just a grind for exp that players are willing to spen
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