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  1. I took a break from the game ever since hongmoon coins were taken away from rankings on demonsbane. The amount you get after i saw the change is so unwelcome it actually cause me to quit playing entirely. Just thought i drop by and see what people's opinions are on the current state of the game. I still have a friend who plays occasionally and hear that people run Poharan with cheats like they're entitled to it. Example; Start Poharan dungeon and the red dragon portal automatically spawns. This is clearly againsts ToS but will there be any action taken to people who abuse it? I only recently l
  2. bro, you can have shadowfury on your main and be in 40s ranking which before was good enough for x3 brilliant venture tokens, now your main will only get x2 regular venture tokens. Literally no reason to spend money on this game when they put 'new changes' like this.
  3. Some feed back regarding change on gold / hmc for march 16 patch news, First off i enjoyed running the newer content 'demonsbane dungeons'. I spent a good amount of time learning the dungeon and participated in soulboost on multiple alts just to run the higher floors, yes it took a bit of time to unlock the floors even but that's fine, rng is fine-i dealt with it. But now this just seems a bit ridiculous to remove regular venture tokens from top 500. Now NC is changing it so we get only 2 regular venture tokens for being top 100? Whats the point now? I cleared stage 41 on a weekly basis w
  4. Feels bad, i was at 195 demonsbane tokens and now i got to wait two more weeks 😕 Any chance we can expect some sort of compensation for missing out on one weeks demonsbane ranking? Just thought i would ask, no hurt in trying XD. Also ty a bunch for last weeks prosperity f10 bundles, makes it worth logging in for!
  5. We recently just got these boxes added to f10 (today on the 23rd), how come it says from feb 7 to march 9th? Wouldn't it be appropiate to have these for a month duration? what do you think
  6. When looking at the dragon express there are two types of the starstruck boxes, 'stunning' and 'sparkling' variants. Would you happen to have info on which one we get and price per box?
  7. Just want to pop in and say thank you greenstorm & NCstaff for the f10 evolution stone fix/compensation. Now i have motivation to play my alts ❤️
  8. If the text on the 7-day premium is wrong, then when do we get it? ETA? It was from the recent 6th anniversary..
  9. Majority of us players wants to know as someone who already completed soul boost, (which means we claimed rewards previously and before todays maintenance) why are we left out and not given the missing Champion's Heart Evolution Stones x2 and Everwill Evolution Stones x2? All my alts have claimed previously so adding the remaining to Levels 30 and 34 is only good for newly created characters. Also how come you left out champion heart evolution stones?? I've mentioned this a month ago. Are we gonna have to sit on unclaimed rewards for another month until champion heart stones get this same trea
  10. The most simple fix would be f10 0hmc bundle for x2 Everwill evolution stones and x2 champion evolution stones. I already completed/received the rewards from soulboost and now theres the missing 'additional rewards'. Hopefully people who completed are eligible to get the missing rewards sent in mail, hope all goes well.
  11. A few questions in mind, what can we expect this coming week or whenever. A few bugs are still here but are they mentioned, being worked on or ETA on fix? (event limitless wings are broken and displays under feet) Is there an expected fix for Everwill evolution stones distribution? It's been a while so i thought to ask since we only get 7/9, same issue with champion evolution stones. Also, regarding the 6th anniversary coins exchange for 7-day premium membership, it says maintenance on feb 17th, a thursday? So will there be another maintenance? o.o
  12. Also with soulboost event, we only get 7 champion stones. Now they're removing vials, it will be so much more now to get true champion from soulboost.
  13. This is a major unmentioned change that was thrown at the community without any feedback. First off WHY are you gonna remove vials from hearts tiers? Unless sterling scale gets a better RATIO, it's gonna be way harder for playerbase to gear up. Currently 1:1 ratio when the scale inflated cost is around 4k gold, can we expect buffed droprates on those scales from demonsbane? Literally gonna ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off the majority of players and Lost Ark is right around the corner Lmao.
  14. Any compensation for not being able to access Den for almost a month now? It's part of soulboost, either remove it from soulboost or compensate. Your team already put up news for another '2' events, and new solo dungeon but what about fixing the current one needed to progress the soulboost?? @Green Storm
  15. Yeah... I don't expect NCsoft to even fix the soulboost rewards we were 'supposed' to have. There is literally no communication between the team and players and asking support when it's been 3 weeks isn't exactly a step forward. Like I'm still waiting on them to fix Everwill evolution stones, used all 7 -stuck at awakened brightwill 2 when it supposed to be true brightwill. Literally never spend money/subscribe on this game until they deserve it back.
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