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  1. Well said Didone! By now everything has been said, I am not a kid and I have been playing MMORPG online since the very first. I've never seen such crap. Ticket are useless, no one will consider our posts on this forum. Guys, let's stop giving them money. NOT A PENNY ANYMORE! Ironically, it would make more sense to spend on Candy Crash. Let's sabotage their desperate milking. As long as you resist putting up with this shame, play for free and when you are definitely annoyed you quit for good. New beautiful non-NCsoft games are coming! For
  2. Well well well, so who maxed pet and/or talisman and who changed pet pods in pet packs is now perfectly fine. They had everything back. Same thing for players who just used this event to make money. I want to believe you will soon answer to the rest of us .... why do we have to undergo a different treatment than the people mentioned above? We are not thieves exactly like they are not thieves. Where's the difference? Stop this silence and talk to your base. Help and support us. How long do you want to perpetrate this boorish action, until the game is empty?
  3. You're right, nothing to say! But what about the trust relationship in the name of which we play and give NCsoft our money? Ethic is not vegetables and ethic sells ... arrogance leave you alone. anyway ... I sadly understand what you mean
  4. That’s it Hime? After all the time you let us here waiting THIS is the final decision? What is this crap? Who ask you for charity? You don't answer our questions and you agree with yourself, do you know who you look like? As I said on the other thread this can’t be considered an exploit, if a shop marks the price of an item too low and I buy it, that doesn't make me a thief, you are not allowed to blame me for your mistakes, you dictators. And WORST, you are not allowed to put your hands in my account like this. How could you dare? And why should I accept a punishments that
  5. And so, for the first time in years I suspended my premium subscription. I don't consider this event an exploit, your error yours the aftermath. I don't go to forums and I was never officially informed. I don't accept you to blame me for your mistakes, judge, jury and executioner, and put your hands in my pockets just like pirates. My entire account has been devastated, tons of kgold and other resources gone with the wind, hours and hours day after day online throw in the toilet, real money spent years ago stolen. In the meanwhile, insult to injury, those who use this eve
  6. Ticket : #23597595 Character affected : all but xPIPPIx Server : Jinsoyun
  7. I understand this time NCsoft had a problem with the game which, for once, didn't damage gamers but helped them a bit ... they corrected the error, perfect, fair, that's it! I thought NCsoft cares about their people. I didn't certainly expect they stuck their paws in private accounts unleashing an unfair fury like this. A massive indiscriminate retribution that didn't discern things previously obtained (for the most part spending rivers of Ncoins and money) and things acquired after the presumed "abuse", game currency and resources spent has not given back, leaving good characters in tota
  8. found Pink Tilefish in Dasari
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