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  1. Hi! Not sure if it is just me but it seems I am getting some mouse lag since the UE4 update went live. It certainly was not like this in UE3 and it seems to be occuring mostly in combat. It is as if mouse smoothing is enabled but it is turned off for me in game options. Turning the camera speed up helps a little but the lag is still there. I'm not using any separate mouse-related software either and also checked windows settings but I could not find a solution. Anyone else experiences this too?
  2. Bug Summary: Chromafly Illusion weapon is not displayed for Assassins and Warlocks. Reproduction steps: Equiping the Chromafly Illusion Dagger or Razor as skin or as weapon only shows the holster but the weapon itself is invisible.
  3. Bug Summary: When trying to open Skybreak Ring Chest from CTA Event on Dual Blade class, "Invalid item" message appears instead of opening it. Reproduction steps: After claiming the Call to Arms Bundle #1 from F10 and opening the Armorer's Accessory Chest, Skybreak accessory chests are received but Ring chest cannot be opened due to "Invalid item" message (Earring chest opens fine).
  4. Same as many others, I also wanted to get Rhapsody since it was showcased in Korea. Now it is finally here, but I should be happy if I can get at least one copy of the outfit, even though I intended to buy multiple of it for my chars. This is actually the first time when a brand-new outfit (that is not a recolor of a previous one or you cannot get it in an alternative way) is put into the 1 Ncoin chest. I could understand if the outfit would be a random drop from the Deluxe Nightfall chest (which you can buy infinitely if you want to), but it is from the 1 Ncoin chest that you can
  5. According to the patch notes, you get two Shadow Emperor Arms Chests from Throne of Oblivion, however, instead you get a second of the regular Shadow Emperor's Treasure chest. The same may be true for the Scarlet Conservatory and Silversteel raids as well. Are the patch notes incorrect and you are supposed to get just a second Shadow Emperor's Treasure or is it supposed to give an Arms Chest?
  6. Is there a way to disable the visual effect that your characters have around them above 460 splendor points? Previously you could do this by disabling the pets as well but since we have the Advanced Visual Setting Effects in the Options menu, it does not matter which options I disable, the effect always stays there. Isn't there supposed to be a separate 6th option specifically for the Unity effect in the Advanced Visual Setting Effects menu like in KR version?
  7. It seems that for the Blade Dancer Thundering Blade spec there is a glitch in the training room that prevents completing the "Key Skill - Soul Stab" training. During the training you are supposed to use Soul Stab during Phantom Grip but the skill button becomes locked. It actually works on the training dummy, I can use Soul Stab there but not during the actual training.
  8. Isn't Primeweald supposed to stay after the Event?
  9. So I noticed that you can buy most of the Event costumes with the Vermilion Coins, and you can buy the Flourishing Spring Vermilion Chests to get the RNG items like the Dreamer's Wings, weapon skin, etc. You can buy these without limit so if you want them you can get them eventually (as long as you have the money). However, the Dinner Date costume is only available as a random drop from the 1 Ncoin Spring Vermilion Chest of which you can only get a limited number. In previous Events similar to this one there was also a costume in the 1 Ncoin chest but you could also buy it with Event currency
  10. I'm having the same issue, guess I need to open a ticket as well.
  11. Ok, managed to get in, hopefully it will stay that way.
  12. Same here, I either get a launcher error or if I get to login screen I get "login failed" message. Definitely something wrong on server side.
  13. Since the last patch there are no more guaranteed Freezing orb drops from Winter Mane at Cold Storage for everyone in the party. Now you can only get 2 orbs that are divided among the party members which is quite unjust when there are more than 1-2 players. Considering that you can still do the dungeon only once a day and the orb prices for the items at the vendor Mallang did not change (e.g. Starling outfit and Ice Weapon), this is really unbalanced for those who would like to get orbs. Moreover, a similar dungeon is Heaven's Mandate where everyone still gets 2 guaranteed Black Ro
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