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  1. Second set of weekly challenge?

    I'm having the same issue, guess I need to open a ticket as well.
  2. did the server just poof?

    Ok, managed to get in, hopefully it will stay that way.
  3. did the server just poof?

    Same here, I either get a launcher error or if I get to login screen I get "login failed" message. Definitely something wrong on server side.
  4. Since the last patch there are no more guaranteed Freezing orb drops from Winter Mane at Cold Storage for everyone in the party. Now you can only get 2 orbs that are divided among the party members which is quite unjust when there are more than 1-2 players. Considering that you can still do the dungeon only once a day and the orb prices for the items at the vendor Mallang did not change (e.g. Starling outfit and Ice Weapon), this is really unbalanced for those who would like to get orbs. Moreover, a similar dungeon is Heaven's Mandate where everyone still gets 2 guaranteed Black Rose Feathers. Strangely enough, this did not change. Please look into this and change it back so that every player in the party gets at least 1-2 orbs or make the dungeon repeatable or decrease the orb prices of the items.