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  1. how do you enter the pin without the text let me know by message pls
  2. What is your average FPS in party combat with non moded( not removed stuff with bns buddy "only cores and loading screen and afinity"). i ask cause my computer i do fine while standing still inmushin 100 fps when in a grp it drops to 40 fps but you will say its your rig HERES THE THINFOIL theory my brother has a i9 9900 me an ryzen 3080x both 16gb ram and both drop to the same 40 50 fps on party raid combat. what if it isnt your pc what if is server stress and the its bottlenecking users clients maybe server hardware is not up to par remember we just have 2 realms and since now we
  3. So blade and soul launched in the Geforce now app right? Good. Now go try the game yourself Once you get back tell us lhow bad the optimization for the game your are publishing is. i want you to have the balls and ask and demand korea for their optimized client cause without bnsbuddy you can clearly see how poorly this game runs to the point where users have to frankenstein their clients or windows OS to run this game decently. maybe is server sided or client sided. i know im talking to the wind by posting this but enough is enough.
  4. was thinking in purchasing 8k ncoin again i dodged a bullet after this event is over its goodbye from me.
  5. more like wait for next maintenance next week lol
  6. oh no you get it all wrong, idaf the game can close or shut down w/e but if you are gonna offer a service that is monetized at least keep your customers engaged in your prodcut/service by offering a good quality of it. Even if you sell potatoes you gotta sell good potatoes hence everyone will leave for the seller with the best potatoes.
  7. At this point we wont see UE4 but at least gives us what tera did this week to their client the game went for utterly crap as blade and soul crashes on cities on dungeons really poor performance in openworld situations. And this week bam 64 bit client is live and let me tell you i dont know what kind of wizards optimized the new client that it runs like butter cities 60+ fps dungeons 100+ fps the only thing still happening are the menus and thats cause the game still using the archaic architecture the UI was made from game is up 300 fps if your pc lets so. So what is holding N
  8. last nail in the coffin Or you are gonna tell me moving the server was a move to please the customer ITS NCSOFT of course not you have to cut cost cause the game is not doing great and this was an order from the guy that doesnt speak english or has no info about NA culture. i dont see blade and soul after 2021such a great game drowned and killed but greedy people in suits. Hope im wrong but seeing how things had been evolving since all of the core staff left well GG was Fun.
  9. Sadly theres no ingame game masters anymore 1 command line and you can poof the NPC until next maintenance.
  10. Here me out i think it triggers with any item in general, lvl 34 below chars canot use mail maybe its a system that triggers an anti bot ban there used to be a lot of gold seller bots thats why the ability to use mail was raised from level 16 to level 36 just contact support or make a new account.
  11. next patch comes with huge balance to all classes i think... correct me if im wrong
  12. who is getting richer? people that are doing pvp 1v1 and getting the soulstones in aplace where gear is equilized theres no whales to deal with selling pet pods they are no profit right now only to upgrade SINCE PEOPLE NEEDS TO UPGRADE! a part of the progression wall fell off think of that.
  13. - PVP (1v1) Qs are instant AGAIN - Money from the Hunters refuge "Event" is finally moving - Players can upgrade - Brought more players into the game LOL - Did i meantion pvp is ALIVE?! accidental good gold sink? let me know your opinions.
  14. Some one is gonna get fired after this. i hope so thats too many ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ups since last month.
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