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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Can i have your non GM account.
  2. some people like me joined late the event wonder if there´s gonna be 1 token a day on f10
  3. What you need its to give perks for XX:XX time you watch the stream ( obviously we need to link the BNS account to twitch) Example: The PVP tournaments last 3 to 4 hours 30 mins you get 30 bags of Bound Mats 1 hour, greater xp charms + buff soups 2 hours, 1 greater bag of tradeable mats 3 hours 1 box with a chance of X costume " dont take it this items to literal is just an example" Maybe this can help with getting more viewers on stream. Just my 2 Ncoin :D
  4. Since now it has to check on server if you have it running this makes my connection to the game even worse from 80/110 to 200/300 ping
  5. fix that stutter/freeze!

    im potatoandbacon the guy who discovered the issue with the Quest tracker and posted it on reddit it seems they are using software like BHS did on tera for its ui (even tho BHS stole from NC ) thats why the UI causes a massive stutter and fps loss i also though my pc was the problem cause i have a 3770k old cpu and was not being able to handle the game but my surprise its when i installed black dessert my fps were stable and without stutters on towns with a lot of people back in bns i noticed on my Alts with literally almost no Quest that they had better performance in game and so i started by removing some UI things like fps and ms metter then i moved into the quest tracker and bam no more stutters PD: feels great to finally get on raids and not watch a slideshow
  6. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    Ppl try the fix from reddit several people have smooth gameplay now
  7. Suggestion HM coins

    Can we have HM coin venture tokens at fixed gold rate and Gold Venture tokens for Ncoin Due current state of f9that you will never be able to fix due bots and stuff people really want to get some HM coin. of course it can be restricted how many you can buy as it is for premium and f2p players.
  8. for Ncoin on F10 sell ammounts of gold at a fixed rate limited per day For HM coin sell Venture tokens at a fixed rate on the dragon express problem solved currency exchange is obsolote
  9. Feedback on Summer Splash on F10

    i dont want a rat costume or the accessories i just want the normal outfit. Hating this trend to bundle random shit just to cash grab.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    the best gons NA by me
  11. New bns hmble bundle pack

    if anyone has a spare key send one pls ^^
  12. i mean wow has something similar all the devs have to do its set it up with a variable if you have xx ping less than 50 it doesnt apply if you have xx ping beyond 50 it applies " just an example" is that really hard to implement?
  13. 1 per user/account you must already have a lvl 50 character. Thats not hard is it? why am i asking this? cause you dont have enough payment methods
  14. 64-Bit problems so far.

    some people are lagging cause the 64b client is not using all the cores i heard something about a command -Useallavailablecores but dunno where to set it up