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  1. next patch comes with huge balance to all classes i think... correct me if im wrong
  2. who is getting richer? people that are doing pvp 1v1 and getting the soulstones in aplace where gear is equilized theres no whales to deal with selling pet pods they are no profit right now only to upgrade SINCE PEOPLE NEEDS TO UPGRADE! a part of the progression wall fell off think of that.
  3. - PVP (1v1) Qs are instant AGAIN - Money from the Hunters refuge "Event" is finally moving - Players can upgrade - Brought more players into the game LOL - Did i meantion pvp is ALIVE?! accidental good gold sink? let me know your opinions.
  4. Some one is gonna get fired after this. i hope so thats too many ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ups since last month.
  5. Even if na gets feedback theres nothing ncwest can do, all they can do is report to devs but since devs dont give a flying duck about na we have to wait until next maintenance or whenever the Dev team wants to.
  6. This is not a misscomunication with NCdevs this iS done by ncwest staff just like in tera NA , NCwest can modify loot tables and items but not the core code of the game all they have to do is make all this mats dropeable with no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ % (maybe on the# of droped items) but all are guaranteed to drop, and make end game items use more of these mats and open the path for everyone to catch up instead of a friggin paywall like we already have yet still pll can drop some $$$ for a slighly fast route not a mountain imposible to climb for f2p players and new players. LETS BE REAL * NO ONE DOES PVP ANYMORE CAUSE ITS BROKEN * NO ONE DOES OPENWORLD PVP CAUSE YOUR ENGINE CANT HANDLE IT * JUST DROP EVERYTHING TO PVE AND DONT FORCE YOUR BULLSHIT INTO US PLAYERS OR YOU WILL END WITH A DEAD GAME
  7. I find amazing how we are still playing on this dogpoop of a client even with modern rigs not being able to run a 8 year old engine because devs are too lazy to implement proper otimizations for the game aside from this making your community find ways to make it playable and even with that is not CLOSE to perfect even tera that runs in the same crapy engine doesnt crash or consumes so much ram like BNS does it. ( or how much time it took for someone to find out the game lagged cause you had tracked so many quest). how about we get a proper : show X characters neraby cause boy thats why the 32bit client crashes and thats why 64bits clients eats almost half of 16g of ram and having a GPU usage of less than 50% every new cool animation or the new classes animations eats so much ram and dont get me started with the textures wanna know why you lag to 0 when soulburn hits up well know you know why, and zones they lag cause they dont load a single part of the map they lag cause it loads uninstanced raid and dungeons, heck even more npcs you saw that with the "MUSHIN TOWER FIX" so much trash stuff left behind that doesnt make sens is only making the game lag. Reason why vanilla bns didnt lag there was no silverfrost zone until they delayed it cause i dont know why and came up with the zaiwei we know today. BNS has a good theme good combat system sadly is in the hands of greedy people that dont want to earn more by polishing one of many tools they posses.
  8. The speedrun dungeon event is eaither ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ or lazy who wont even take 5 mins to see how this event will split the community into the whale grp and the f2p players. Why in the flyin duck you didnt do it like the overwatch events you have 1 week to xomplete either novice dungeons or hardmode dungeons if you go for the novicie route youll get X lesser rewards to help you catch up even a lil on hard mode you get rewards plus exclusive rewards then resets was that hard to implement or to brain storm? with this you can make everyone participate. "EVENTS ARE MEANT FOR EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE"
  9. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Can i have your non GM account.
  10. some people like me joined late the event wonder if there´s gonna be 1 token a day on f10
  11. What you need its to give perks for XX:XX time you watch the stream ( obviously we need to link the BNS account to twitch) Example: The PVP tournaments last 3 to 4 hours 30 mins you get 30 bags of Bound Mats 1 hour, greater xp charms + buff soups 2 hours, 1 greater bag of tradeable mats 3 hours 1 box with a chance of X costume " dont take it this items to literal is just an example" Maybe this can help with getting more viewers on stream. Just my 2 Ncoin :D
  12. Since now it has to check on server if you have it running this makes my connection to the game even worse from 80/110 to 200/300 ping
  13. fix that stutter/freeze!

    im potatoandbacon the guy who discovered the issue with the Quest tracker and posted it on reddit it seems they are using software like BHS did on tera for its ui (even tho BHS stole from NC ) thats why the UI causes a massive stutter and fps loss i also though my pc was the problem cause i have a 3770k old cpu and was not being able to handle the game but my surprise its when i installed black dessert my fps were stable and without stutters on towns with a lot of people back in bns i noticed on my Alts with literally almost no Quest that they had better performance in game and so i started by removing some UI things like fps and ms metter then i moved into the quest tracker and bam no more stutters PD: feels great to finally get on raids and not watch a slideshow
  14. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    Ppl try the fix from reddit several people have smooth gameplay now