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  1. look this @Hime proud on people like u 300/100 run last time we do so hardly to get those gear now we become laugh on those gear
  2. what the point on upgrading previous gear from pts elysian sacred orb etc when u can easily get those gear demonsbane on thorn3 alt i saw a person got ring on thorn 3 alt Blade and joke destroying the main core of their game what 1.the point on getting scale anyway 2.getting mats like elysian sacred orb moonstone etc 3.destroying f8 lobby no one do now normal dugeno all of community end up on doomsbane 4.why they even care old gear when they get easily carried on doomsbane gear and now they dont need those mats for upgrade even so 5.complete joke
  3. plz remove the season hm coin at arena and battleground they getting soulstone and moonstone which give them huge gold + they get more then 30.000-60,000 hm coin quiet insane and then these toxic player start posting on anti cheat forum cause they want to earn more by removing people alt acc only make lfp die and these freeloader never stop appreciating blade and soul gift of hm coin and dissrespect and make u more trouble they have created more then 4 threat on anti forum and asked their guild to spam on it which i heard recently if u put anit it only ma
  4. like anyone understand before kicking player from lobby ? do u even know 1.5k ap can get burst 1-2mil if bb+sb+mystic but what we know he or she got kicked before this make sense why f8 is dead and u make event for higher dugeno make sense why community so dead like new player never interested to play or u intentionally not want to grow community of new player as well as people alts in acknowledge and do people have solo time or do they have work or jobs as well
  5. may be u on eu server @lillvargen i was referring to na server take 10-20min recuirt time
  6. no they dont do help and never help anyone yet - so my acknowledge i saw countless mail send to appeal@nsoft via my frend and their mail but it have 0 reply all i see they all ignore message tick mark and nice fake account of game master fxte only 1 post in your life this is call scam
  7. @LynMasterRace i dont want to argument on this event trash i just want a way to freeze my premium duration time untill this garbage event over
  8. this game is banning people permanently i know their name and account duration time these player played blade and soul over 4-5 year Pftttt ShuviKawai inaxx Cexaby ..many more... that why server merging long time cause player not die it got been banned all their year and money gone to waste... got banned for using word "garbage" 100k hp pve player in pvp even blade and soul aware this kind of joke literally i saw those 100k hp pve player too they using verbal indonesia language to use bad word and doge from tos .
  9. common i just want to stop my premium time since i dont give a dam waste time to play this crap loaded event with dead as community wasting tons of time on recruiting with slow upgrade soul get 20crap token in3-4days really it only work on eu server not on na people are toxic always host play to kick people like us from their lobby all i wanted break of 1 month plz freeze my premium duration time
  10. i really dislike this event taking so long approx 20-30st or dst need to run in order to get done 1 soul upgrade to stage 4 i am not gonna play this month and want go offline till i see better event most likely ur f8 is dead i cant get people to play and i cant enjoy so please stop my premium duration time
  11. yah sadly nsoft banning people permanently and never let them get 1 last chance its like this if u get 3 time report ur account get banned permanently no matter what year u get reported this system is really bad design let me explain this joke system in 1line 5year old account get 3 report in 3different years 1year old account get 3 report in 3different month both banned permanently and no matter what u try to appeal@nsoft they never listen to u and never reply to u or give u 1 more chance i saw many of my friend gone w
  12. @sFMos are u pro or mvp player can u show me ur ranking ? or u also an xml auto combat player who automatically performing combos to get rank which is very illegal i hope bns woulld remove all xml combos player and take strict action on their account specially those kfm loader
  13. @sFMos their are many people quean same time it not possible and easy as it look like let go with ur word suppose 1 person run 2 same time in that time their another person run 2 same time as well or u lfp at that time as well u enjoy wining still whining around how do i win so easily another person run 2 same time this is logical no win trade its fighting bot at 1300-1400 make ur daily done which all do they aint bot their whole week wasting their own time u make things only in air
  14. @LynMasterRace all na and eu whale player already spam naryu coin and left 0 naryu coin and now they stop this glitch in order to stop new player who recently aware of it this person also shown a logical proof of it and those player are weak gear just like us now struggling 5-10min to get 1 person in their lobby and after it over they left us now make another host and recruit another 10-20min for 5-6 people really? is that is it?
  15. what a terrible lier does people alive on f8 to run those purple train i have 5hr video record proof of f8 how much it dead and how hard to recruit player in lobby u need 20-30 st or dst etc to make upgrade stage 1 to stage 4 max that is what u say event? for 20 coin @MishaJ @MishaJ i know u already abuse the naryu coin bug and got already all outfit from it and left 0 naryu coin to stop other ?
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