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  1. 5 hours since they charged my CC, still no nc coin?

    it takes 24 hours, if it is your first time purchasing "N-Coin", maybe longer.
  2. No one Rezzing

    In the past I used "party revival charms" to revive dead players during the fight, but I got tired of reviving dead [floormat] players, there are way too many players dying on the last TSM,WC bosses- because they are standing in the wrong spot & never learned the dungeon mechanics. I suggest using "lucky revitalizer" before the fight starts & if you still die then use "hongmoon instant revival charm" when it is safe to use during the fight. I go into all dungeons with zero points into def & no revive charms & I never die since I learned all dungeon mechanics running the same dungeons over 500+ times each. just keep practicing, taking the time to revive each player that dies in an easy dungeon adds up over time & in the end It would probably be faster for me to just solo most dungeons.
  3. 10/10/2019 F10 Hongmoon Store is Bugged (FIXED)

    @Cyan Thankyou Cyan & Staff yeah it is now working, I just purchased "Pet Packs" under the [HM Coin section]
  4. Hello, I seen the new F10 HongmoonStore daily specials under [Ncoin] section it shows you can buy "Pet Pods" for 85 [Ncoin], but currently on 10/10/2019 the [HM Coin] section is bugged & the page does NOT load it just says : "preparing item" & you are not able to purchase any items. I have tried restarting Blade & soul & game launcher- I have also tried repairing the game, I talked with other players who also said the F10 HM store is bugged & other players in game can't purchase F10 Specials using [HM coins]. I hope it gets fixed before F10 specials reset, thank you if you are reading this! https://imgur.com/kAx5ELN https://imgur.com/05hVXRu
  5. GG Event

  6. GG Event

    Easy event I got my 50x clear "Fashion Police" title in 2 days https://imgur.com/Um00CDr
  7. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    Thankyou, Yeah I found another bug in "Cold Storage" you CAN'T use "Orb of Ascension": to summon: Kaari lord 2nd boss, it asks for White orb which is a older item we Don't have anymore & was replaced. https://imgur.com/cEMlfdx
  8. 07/24/2019, I just ran these weeklies Hall of the Keeper- Hall of the Templar- Fallen Aransu School- Snowjade Fortress I NEVER got credit for them they all say "Complete"I read all quest letters before starting & accepted my weekly quests via NPC's, please "NC West" test the patch before you release it! I DON'T want to fill out a support ticket to get this fixed I want free weekly resets & I want this bugged to be fixed this week..... https://imgur.com/ETEE2xE
  9. Please read this Post: Since NC changed the 3 vs 3 times it essentially killed arena based pvp, It's up to the players what time they want to que, anytime you force players into a certain time frame of when they can & can't play pvp, -it always ends up hurting the community. Tera did the same thing with their battleground they gated it to certain times during the day, most players want to play the game on their own time in arena & 6 vs 6 pvp. Op is correct alot of these changes are killing pvp in this game, you might was well just do only pve content @ this point!
  10. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    Yes I did watch the video, he is entitled to his opinion the guy plays "multiple" alts & has premium so he says: "the gold nerf does not effect him as much", I'm F2P with no premium, I only play 1 Main & run NS-ST everyday for 3 years, so it effects me more. The reason I linked the video was more for the YouTube comment sections , people even disagree with his point of view on the video. you are getting sidetracked people are furious about having 30% less gold cut from their dailies.
  11. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    Reasons players are quiting BNS(Low server population) PVE: Every levelcap patch, your character becomes weaker with less --crit --accuracy, after level 60 cap low level dungeons like: IF/EL/Soguns now take longer to kill adds on the map because NC increase add/boss AP/DEF/HP. It feels like you hit a grind wall even after upgrading gear which makes it pointless to upgrade. 6 vs 6 PVP: All players got huge HP/def increase so you can't burst down players anymore which destroyed pvp imo, your always waiting for all skills to come off cooldown (it is now pointless to have max endgame pvp gear if you can't burst players down) PVE Quests: Gold rewards from NS-ST are reduced before I would make 100g per day now in only make 70g that is a 30% reduction in gold, (Now forced to run extra dungeons: outlaw island, CS & HM to make my gold back) I had this same problem with a KR MMO called: "Tera" I played that MMO for 4+ years but they also reduced gold quest & made the game very grindy, there comes a point to where you say: enough is enough & leave, you have to make it worth my while too waste my Life playing a MMO for 12+ hours a day! Please keep in mind when NC servers were first released to NA alot of players purchased "Founders Edition" for $150USD, BNS already had 95% of the game codeing from KR so NC west only worked on English translations, all servers were paid in advance(leased servers) for 5+ years, the rest is extra profit. NC makes the excuse its trying to merge servers to help players with raids but this is not the case, what they are really doing it saving money on server costs by reducing it too 1 server since the server lease is up. there are less players in game, so it will save them money only having 1 server, NC is focusing most of their resources into the mobile game market, there are 2 ways to keep bns alive: 1. move BNS to the "Steam Platform" you will get a larger playerbase that way 2. Have better events increase gold rewards for dungeon quest, make the game less grindy as Free-too-play Been playing N/A BNS for over 3+ years now, the only good thing NC west has done in that 3 year period was reduce bots in arena & dungeons, the rest has been one horrible decision after another(domino effect). You would think the old pr manager would communicate on the forums more with the community & listen to feedback, but all I seen was silence, they were not listening @ all & changes were made worse. "NC West Staff" Listen to your playerbase that is your bread & butter, we are the people paying your home mortgage & feeding your family! Read the Youtube comments in the video below people feel the same about the gold nerf, it sucks, makes the player loose all motivation to play BNS
  12. Shackled Isles feedback

    @cyan, make sure too check how many concurrent players are actually playing "Shackled Isles"(content is dead on arrival) I'm not gonna play it since all gear is equalized & I would like to use my max pvp gear I farmed hard for (Whirlwind Valley,Beluga,Novacore)....
  13. I run NS-ST everyday, I DON'T run the new "Top 3" dungeons(TSM,DST,BC) forcing players to run MSP 1-3 with hm13 alt players fresh out of story takes way too long, NC needs to add more dungeons which would allow me to get my daily challange. For 2 weeks now I have been having to run MSP 1-3, we should have @ least 6-8 dungeon choices for daily challenge rewards! I'm gonna call it now- NC will start nerfing gold quest rewards you get from quest below "Big 3" Dungeons: which will make it harder for Free-Too-Play players to progress upgrading their gear!
  14. Hello, In the past NC had a WWV 6 vs 6 pvp event it was amazing you could farm battlepoints & use those battlepoints to buy items like gems & outfits, I was wondering if you could please make a new 6 vs 6 PVP event that involves WWV,Beluga,Novacore. I farmed all my pvp gear I would love to actually use it on a PVP event that is NOT arena based.(Only 6 vs 6 pvp) Old event was called "Gift of the Winds" https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/gift-of-the-winds-event-now-live/