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  1. Gold Increase to Dungeon Daily Quests

    This^ TBH it's sad it took NC West 5+ months to fix this issue that should have been resolved in 1 week...
  2. I been playing since first NC launch over 4+ years, I main a Bladedancer with no alts- the most I was able to achieve as F2P was: Hongmoon level 24 & Unity level 133, that is playing 10-12+ hours everyday running all F8 dungeons & farming MSP for 2 years straight & also farming 6 vs 6 pvp to get max gear. I pretty much have cleared 1000x runs of each F8 dungeon. The main point I'm trying to make is: it's not possible to get HM30+ as F2P, the people you see with HM30+ exploited @ the start of the game they used Cold Storge resets & then after HM 30 the whales exploited the cooldown reduction on exp charms & purchased most of their charms threw trove. There are a few legit HM25 players but the rest paid to get higher. BTW HM35+ would help me out in 6 vs 6 PVP it would provide me extra hongmoon points I could apply to my movement speed in combat...
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-divine-break-items-and-systems-preview/ @Hime After seeing the patch notes I sat here trying to think logically from both sides about why NC Soft would reduce ALL players F8 dungeon gold to -66% & in the end it is just NC Soft company greed they want more players to spend real money..... aka. Ncoin (Tera did the same thing they reduced all players gold). After we had the HR event- later there was an interview saying: The HR event was introduced in order to motivate players too gear up faster for future content(spend more real money). I been playing Blade & Soul for 4+ years since the first North America launch & so far I have spent $300USD on this game buying outfits .ect, I DON'T want to spend anymore money here $300USD is plenty enough. I solo play just 1 main Hm24 Blade Dancer character with NO alts so -66% gold cut from my all my F8 dungeons hurts me alot. The solution: if you are going to cut the players daily gold income then,- you need to heavily reduce all weapon & acc upgrade costs & remove the sacred vial/pet pack 5x account [purchase limit] from events & give more event currency for running dungeons. if you 100% have too reduce dungeon reward gold, then reduce gold only from lower tier dungeons stop @ DST & release more future dungeons with higher gold amounts. ATM the problem is: we currently don't have enough content/dungeons in the game,- so if you reduce daily gold income for all dungeons, The entire BNS Playerbase WILL stop playing Blade & Soul- since there is no more incentive to play the game, This is coming from a hardcore MMO player who played an MMO called: Tera, 16+ hours a day for 4+ years & quit the game because BlueholeStudio (KRAFTON) pulled the same stunt & they reduced daily gold from quests, me & most players stopped playing the game jumped ship from Tera & started playing Blade & Soul! Please work with KR devs to make better changes for the NA playerbase, I can give you "Hard-Data" showing how many players you will loose from this next patch because of the extreme gold reduction, after this patch I now have to work three times as hard for the same amount of daily gold (I DON'T have any alts just 1 character). You have to keep in mind NA & KR BNS are very different, Korean players have no problems with spending alot of money & grinding 24/7... BUT: here in the US it's a different market & if you continue to force more grinding & less rewards- your NA playerbase will move on to other games because of the loss of enjoyment (BNS become boring & feels like a full time job). I'm now forced to save my gold & not upgrade any of my gear, like I said above I been playing BLade & Soul for 4+ years & continue to play because I still enjoy the combat & graphics, but I see this next patch as "a nail in the coffin" even before we got Unreal 4 Engine..... @Hime Please as a community manager I really need you too reply too all users here on the Blade & Soul forums & on the Blade & Soul Reddit, STOP with the "Radio Silence" & please take all this wonderful feedback & send it to the KR devs. I don't speak Korean but if I have too get involved I will email them directly & find contacts in Korea who can get in touch, -66% gold cut from all dungeons is insane & this next patch will kill the game. I know you might not have any say- because all major patch decisions are forced threw KR BNS devs, but keep in mind like I posted above NA/KR have very different business models that same- "carrot on a stick"/"endless griding" won't work here in NA, people are spending less real money because of the current pandemic/recession!
  4. NC West , can someone please fix clan 6 vs 6 matchmaking, I'm tired of every single week my clan being stacked up against "Top 10" whale clans who have a 200+ more points on their rank, ATM clan 6 vs 6 PvP is not balanced & is completely broken. Yes I know I'm a skilled player but if you actually compared their gear it's not even in the same ballpark, When we que together for clan 6's I feel like it's silver ranked players vs platinum players. Please fix your LFP matchmaking system there is no reason I should be facing "Top 10 clans" with +200 higher rank, I figured maybe the game is dead with a super low playerbase & BNS just auto ques all clans together without the checking for the correct ranking match up. https://imgur.com/VQiUue9 https://imgur.com/TGMmMVV
  5. (3 months ago) I spent over 8k+ gold to upgrade all my AWK3 "Tier 3" Imperial PvP acc, most of playerbase don't want too upgrade to the next tier 4 pvp acc,- it is NOT needed if you are skilled enough, I remember always being ranked (top 15) with the old Skyshatter acc. We need the "Tier 3" Imperial 5-set bonus because you loose too much [Crit def] & [20K HP] from not having the 5-set bonus, also using CC PVE bracelet is also a bad idea since you loose over 1000+ [crit def] & [20K HP] from missing set bonus. We really need the "Tier 3" Imperial PVP bracelet & gloves from KR, I don't like having an incomplete acc set & I refuse to farm for "new" tier 4 pvp acc since it's a pointless gold sink! https://imgur.com/r0ZHj6P https://imgur.com/mpWnutp
  6. @Grimoir I think you are confused, hes talking about the missing "Tier 3" Imperial PvP Bracelet & Gloves acc from KR, which is way older over 8 months it's been out you can buy them from NPC in game for 100x moonstones each. You need these old "Tier 3" PVP acc in order too get your current (5 set bonus). We are not referring too the next "Teir 4" PVP acc, "Tier 3" is very old in KR, NW west needs to contact KR devs & make a new revised patch with: "Tier 3" Imperial Bracelet & Gloves PVP acc- that is not just a copy & pasted KR patch...
  7. About Soul and Cost Reduction

    NC West [rebalance] which should have been an reduction is much worse now, The "Talisman" now requires alot pointless transformation stones & the "Heart" now requires premium transformation stones & you CAN"T get those materials from events. TBH I would prefer for NC West too not adjust anything, I feel every [rebalance] change gets worse & makes the game more P2W every patch!
  8. SSD's 850 vs 970

    I upgraded from a 512GB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD to a 1TB Samsung 970 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD, B&S loads F8 dungeons about 5-7 seconds faster. At some point you come to a point of diminishing returns. If you are planning on buying a new SSD & your motherboard supports M.2- I suggest looking @ the Samsung 970 Evo Plus , the speeds are insane & offers performance close to the 970 Pro. https://imgur.com/4HsMlIP
  9. 5 hours since they charged my CC, still no nc coin?

    it takes 24 hours, if it is your first time purchasing "N-Coin", maybe longer.
  10. No one Rezzing

    In the past I used "party revival charms" to revive dead players during the fight, but I got tired of reviving dead [floormat] players, there are way too many players dying on the last TSM,WC bosses- because they are standing in the wrong spot & never learned the dungeon mechanics. I suggest using "lucky revitalizer" before the fight starts & if you still die then use "hongmoon instant revival charm" when it is safe to use during the fight. I go into all dungeons with zero points into def & no revive charms & I never die since I learned all dungeon mechanics running the same dungeons over 500+ times each. just keep practicing, taking the time to revive each player that dies in an easy dungeon adds up over time & in the end It would probably be faster for me to just solo most dungeons.
  11. 10/10/2019 F10 Hongmoon Store is Bugged (FIXED)

    @Cyan Thankyou Cyan & Staff yeah it is now working, I just purchased "Pet Packs" under the [HM Coin section]
  12. Hello, I seen the new F10 HongmoonStore daily specials under [Ncoin] section it shows you can buy "Pet Pods" for 85 [Ncoin], but currently on 10/10/2019 the [HM Coin] section is bugged & the page does NOT load it just says : "preparing item" & you are not able to purchase any items. I have tried restarting Blade & soul & game launcher- I have also tried repairing the game, I talked with other players who also said the F10 HM store is bugged & other players in game can't purchase F10 Specials using [HM coins]. I hope it gets fixed before F10 specials reset, thank you if you are reading this! https://imgur.com/kAx5ELN https://imgur.com/05hVXRu
  13. GG Event

  14. GG Event

    Easy event I got my 50x clear "Fashion Police" title in 2 days https://imgur.com/Um00CDr