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  1. People usually don't post on these "Main forums" cause they are overly moderated you have to step on eggshells before actually typing something or have a chance of getting banned by offending someone & breaking TOS. The cool kids post on BNS reddit, Cheers! =^_^=
  2. Most populated server atm is "Yura" I just made a new character on it, packed full of players!
  3. Ill just leave this here....
  4. I just want to start off by saying this is just my Feedblack, I have been playing on my Blade Dancer countless 6 vs 6 matches against "all classes" in the game over time you learn the positive & negative points of fighting against a certain class, with the release of Warden class me & many other players feel it broke 6 vs 6 pvp there is no more class balance. You probably think I'm just writing this post just to complain but that is not the case been pvping on almost 2 years now from arena to 6's been ranked in top 10-15 WWV,Beluga,Novacore weekly & season rewards on my BD so it's not that- I'm a somewhat skilled pvper(1650-1700+ gold player in 6's) that is not the problem. My problem with warden is they have zero chi/focus with 2x HP bars that can be over 500k HP. You spend over a minute trying to burst down a warden using all your skills then after all your skills are on cooldown the Warden regens hp back to 100%. You are probably thinking o well "git gud" learn too play your class better(BD) but that is where you would be wrong, when you have 4x players attacking 1 max geared warden with max trove pvp gems for 5+ mins & only getting him down to 20% hp then you know the warden class is broken. I mean I have max awk 3 PVP acc(max fuse pvp phyche with 10k pvp def) + incinerator 3 pvp weopon & 8 set novacore ss 5.2k crit def almost 5.2k pierce should be able to burst down any warden to @ least 50%. Another problem with warden is when they use their clear shield it resists all cc inside shield, that is fine but the shield duration is way too long, your sitting there playing the waiting game like you do with WL & SIN. Wardens soulburn is extremely strong I seen wardens solo whole teams with it, a solution too fix this is: either reduce soulburn duration or add longer skill cooldown duration to their skills. I feel a good way to balance out Warden is to remove 1 full resist hp bar, they can keep permanent chi/focus, so instead of having 500k hp they go back to 250k like the rest of us, I feel we really need more players to speak up against warden about how badly the class is not balanced, cause atm most people are starting to feel less motivated to play 6's.
  5. BUG REPORT: Pressing 4 After Dying in BG Disconnect

    Crashing bug is still in the game & even after you relog into BNS your character is still dead & unable to rejoin BG Match! My Crashing Thread: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/238383-bg-6vs6-crashing/?tab=comments#comment-2025859
  6. Fix the Damn 6v6...

    I made a post about BG 6 vs 6 crashing a while ago(Click Topic^), I have 16Gb of ram & alt tab alot to check discord. Like "Trust gaming" said: after the game crashes your character is still dead & when you relog in blade & soul the "do you want to join party? Y/N" option is locked out.... so you can't press Y 1. The Solution: is changing settings to allow players who crashed to re-join bg party even if their character is dead(allow them to press Y to rejoin bg party), also increase the amount of time players have too rejoin party to "2 mins". This is feedback please send it to your team!
  7. I just wanted to say Thankyou [NC Soft] very much for adding "Empress' Regailia" outfit in F10 Hongmoon store, I have been waiting over 2 years for this outfit to come back since I missed buying it the first time. I love how it looks on my character just wanted to say I appreciate you bringing it back! <3
  8. 40K stamina "Chi Stone" quest is bugged

  9. 40K stamina "Chi Stone" quest is bugged

    many BNS players on reddit have the same problem https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/9fgqgz/windwalk_back_to_30sec_after_relogging/
  10. The 40k purple Master Cho stamina quest is bugged, it used my chi stone then he gave gave me 40k stamina, after the quest I then went into F8 crosserver and ran EC it then goes back to 30k stamina. I tried restarting the game in & out of F8 crosserver it is still at 30k stamina. I DON'T want to waste my time filling out a support ticket to a known issue, NC west please QC your KR patches before releasing them to the public. using "Chi Stone" from quest entering F8 crosserver (Ebondrake Dungeon) As you can see from the 2nd screenshot it dropped back down to 30k stamina, restarting the game did not fix it, we need a hotfix patch ASAP
  11. Those "mixed" colored gems are locked to those regions N/A & E/U will never get those, we will get "Square gems" that will replace the current BIS Gilded Triangle gems later on in the future patches. Here is a Video on the gems
  12. BG 6VS6 Crashing

    @MrBubbles Thankyou for the reply, Yeah I have tried both 32-bit & 64bit, , I tried installing windows 7 /reinstalling windows 10, I tried installing many different Nvidia drivers, I know my PC is 100% Stable I mean I was sitting here this month playing FinalFantasy XV(2018 game on PC) for 26 hours straight non stop with no crashing! I think you are right its something wrong with Blade & soul, I have been pvping for over 2 years playing this game but it has gotten much worse with each patch, just wanted to say thankyou!
  13. BG 6VS6 Crashing

    Playing WWV winning match , I press #4 key to res run off the platform & game crashes with "runtime" error message
  14. BG 6VS6 Crashing

    Hello, For some reason whenever I play 6 vs 6 BG WWV, Beluga & NovaCore If I spam the #4 key(not the number-pad but the #4 key top left near ESC key) to res- after death I get a runtime error message where the game will crash or...... will not get any messages & just crash to desktop. My pc is perfectly stable with up-to-date drivers/software. I can play other games for hours on end with no crashing or no run-time error message. I noticed the in game crashing for me is related to dying first in battlegrounds then spamming the 4 key to ress, the game can't handle my key commands does not know where to load my character back in game & then crashes after. Below are my system Specs & in game settings not sure if this will help you guys troubleshoot the problem & roll out a quick patch, hoping for the best. System Specs: (For TroubleShooting)______ CPU: Intel Core I7 4790K @ 4.4Ghz 1.22V Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHZ(X.M.P Profile) Motherboard: Asus Maximus vii hero Z97 (3201 Latest bios) Storage: 512GB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD PSU: Corsair HX1000 1000W GPU: Nvidia 4GB GTX 980 Monitor: AOC Q2963PM (2560x1080) Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB (Software version 2.20.72) Mouse: Corsair M65 RGB (Software version 2.20.72) Graphics Driver: Nvidia 391.01 WHQL OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit Version 1709 (OS Build: 16299.309) ISP Speedtest benchmark: 178Mbp/s Download 24Mbp/s Upload 24MS Ping Game Client: 64-bit setting In Game Graphics setting: AUTO (all 4's) https://i.imgur.com/NM5BrDN.jpg
  15. Please Lower F10 item pricing

    Please NC lower F10 pricing on items- with the recent "gold nerf" from most dungeons, selling gold on f9 to buy f10 items is becoming very costly & not worth it anymore. here I am trying to buy 3x HiveQueen wings to upgrade my Vortex necklace, In the end feel like my gold is worth alot more than that, 3x wings on f10= 252HM coins which if I sell gold on f9 that = 145g @ 1.194 ratio NC Stop trying to scam your players, this is what forces players too quit playing because the game becomes full p2w no more free 2 play, I grind doing all dungeons everyday that is how I make my gold after- the gold nerf I was hit hard then f9 ratio dropped from 1:3 to under 1:2 ratio, you have have the power to change this stop being so greedy & lower f10 item prices also lock min selling gold rate to 1:3 ratio in f9. Gold is worth alot more now since it is harder to obtain large amounts of gold!