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  1. This is indeed a possible solution. And NC really needs to realize that the damage done (with the loss of all the white orbs and the demon spirit stones that players had farmed for even years) is not only limited to the event duration. This is not a short term loss that players can recover from in one month and forget, for obvious reasons (sacred oils). If NC doesn't wake up and react to counter the damage with a realistic measure, this is not going to end well at all.
  2. Geometry Lesson

    It's not a garnet either <.<
  3. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    I LOVE the wolf. Totem animal for all classes, please!!!
  4. Mechanika Wing bugged after awakening patch

    Thanks, Phoenix, much appreciated.
  5. Mechanika Wing bugged after awakening patch

    No, I am using the original costume, but it's not working.
  6. New Patch: A Shadow Warlock Cry for Help

    Oh the Sanctum is a choice depending on the situation, so I think it's fine to place the one you need most at the time. But since I replied to you, I read this where it says that for Warlock Scourge multiple specs display the wrong damage, so tbh now I am as lost as you are.
  7. Shadow Warlock, Soul Badge and Mystic Badge

    I am using Limitless myself atm, although not sure if it was the best choice. So Lyn, our new best fusion will be the badge from season of liberty with primal force?
  8. New Patch: A Shadow Warlock Cry for Help

    Zero, maybe try Scourge 3 1 1 1 3. It's what I am using and seems to give good results for me.
  9. Before the awakening patch, my character was wearing the Mechanika outfit with the Mechanika Wing. When I logged in after the patch, the Mechanika Wing was unequipped and shown as "lost item". Each time I try to equip it, I get the message that I must equip the Mechanika Outfit to wear the wing, even though the outfit is equipped. I tried to equip both things multiple times and in different order, but I get the same error message. Please fix it, I really like this set. Thanks in advance!
  10. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Fare thee well, Jonathan, and thanks for supporting BnS during these years.
  11. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    I know right... Way to ruin things we liked to do.
  12. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    It's available at the zen beans trader, for pvp tickets >.<
  13. Hive Queen

    + 1 to this too. Fix the damn mess with Hive Queen.
  14. Verdant Nightstone

    Over 50 k here @.@
  15. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    They can just try to improve their premium membership and store, it would be a much better way.