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  1. best dps spec ?

    Anyone got a really good high dps spe for warden? :)
  2. next live stream?

    When will the new live stream happen :) ?
  3. Top dps in now and next?

    So gunner dominate the dps meters in PVE this patch? What about warlocks?
  4. Bns2 Or graphic upgrate ?

    Hi everyone. Do you think BnS will ever get a graphic upgrate? Or even remade as a nr 2,with bette rgraphics? Iknow Bns2 is a mobile game comming. Im only talking about PC The graphic in BnS are kinda outdated, and a bit crappy :P
  5. Gunner use 2x machine guns?

    Hi So i saw this girl in the trailer for the new patch. And she is using 2x machine guns, can gunner do this aswell ?
  6. Top dps in now and next?

    HI What class is Top dps now? And what class will be top DPS in next patch?
  7. Top Dps atm? :)

    Hi Iknow this question get asked offen, but classes change every patch, so what is the top dps atm?
  8. Shared wardrope?

    Hi So i have been away from the game for some month, and one of the reasons i left was becuase i got borred of my main, but bought soo meany costumes on it, then when i wanted to play a alt i gone none :/ So is wardrope shared now or still Char bound?
  9. top dps?

    How you compare What the best dps is. You take Every class in the same instance, take that data, put it together and see who is on top. So to link 1 single video wont say who is top dps. You need to look at ALOT of video to get the right answer
  10. top dps?

    SIN = soul fighter or :S ? ahhh assassin
  11. top dps?

    Fat cat do you have a link to the Korean Dps meter?
  12. top dps?

    Could be cool if they made a DPS meter for BnS, would make me so happy!
  13. top dps?

    SO wl do alot of dmg? what about assasin ?
  14. top dps?

    Hi So with the soul fighter out now, what class dose the most dps ? Is it still assasin or force master or ?
  15. CPU 100% :S

    Do you ever think there wil come a BnS 2 :P?