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  1. I've been doing arenas and getting moonstone crystals, sacred crystals and soulstone crystals but those chests don't give elysian crystals? What do people do to farm them efficiently?
  2. Today I did six dungeon runs of Ebondrake Lair for a wind necklace. Not one elemental necklace of any kind appear for loot. I find it extremely rare considering past experiences where at least some kind of elemental necklace would drop once per run. Is there some sort of bug going on where the necklace is not dropping?
  3. Summoner low damage

    Anybody else think that summoner has lower damage compared to other classes with same gear? For example, my force master with same gear hits blazing beam crit for 100,000. Summoner sunflower crit for 25,000.
  4. Swordsman hat

    Can you make the Swordsman Hat that drops from Junghado in Mushin's Tower 7F available for purchase from the zen bean trader?
  5. Soul badge for earth?

    There seems to be some changes on soul badges. What is currently the best one to use for earth build?
  6. 288 runs and how many of those tradeable hellion cores do you have? Enough to buy gloves from achievement vendor, having gotten the Branch Manager achievement?
  7. Yeah it was nice to have that 200 AP buff in certain dungeons. It made newbies feel like they could accomplish finishing dungeons but then I guess reality appeared and the game dropped its mask with the newbie friendly smile.
  8. Yes, when I thought this game would be fair, it apparently wasn't. Pvp is the same too. You get put into games were everyone but you is geared with all pvp accessories and there is no one in battlegrounds without this. When you think you can enter battlegrounds for a good time, think not. It's a bad idea. You'll only have bad experiences and misery. Already people are ready to drop out of the group once they inspect everyone's F2 profile.
  9. Gearing up

    Well if you have money, which sounds like you have, then I suggest eventually you get both. Not a problem right?
  10. wonder how NCSoft is gonna react to this...

    This is surely breaking news. Thank you for your contribution.
  11. This forum says Home > English > General Discussion. I can't understand your screenshot, are you sure you posted in the right place?
  12. Just look at the price jump...

    Well, this game was always p2w. All of their marketing strategies have proven this. They found a way to appease players by giving them an option to get legendary elements/jewels with alternative materials but they secretly removed the pure gold option, thus causing a major fluctuation in market prices of soulstones and sacred orbs. They figured with the trove that players were given a chance to get as many legendary elements/jewels needed for their upgrades but the market prices were going to remain the same. Now their leadership is in its position now because of their cumulative changes towards p2w.
  13. I encountered this in the Hongmoon training room. I was testing the dps between fire and ice. I started with fire then killed the boss, recorded the time and dps and proceeded to switch to frost tab but it simply wouldn't switch over. It is possible to respect to frost manually and then pick out the skills however I want to mention that it is not possible to switch via tabs. Edit: Actually I don't know now. I was in Mushin's Tower and I couldn't even change any skills in my martial tome at all even when I was not in combat. So weird.
  14. Lightning Blade Master

    Here is the damage of dragontongue during one cycle of lunar slash: Here is the damage of lightning blade + honed slash during one cycle of lunar slash: Here is the damage of dragontongue during 10 seconds of conflagration after using searing slash with pulse mystic badge equipped: rotation: searing slash > lunar slash > raid > blade echo > lunar slash Here is the damage of lightning blade + honed slash during 10 seconds of lightning draw with skyrift mystic badge equipped: Gear used: Raven stage 1, pinnacle accessories, awakened ascending soul