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  1. Where is this merchant that sells the ebon realm remnant?
  2. Hey, can you add Onyx scales to the solar energy exchange tab in the Dragon Express?
  3. Out of all the classes the earth cleave spec hasn't changed a bit lol. So many classes have new skills etc. after the awakening skills patch.
  4. Before the lightning rotation was very smooth and the wind rotation was clunky but now the wind rotation is super smooth and lightning has lethal slash which seems to interrupt normal rotation although doing a lot of damage in the process. But still lightning seems to do better in pvp situations like Tower of Infinity. Maybe I'm wrong I don't know.
  5. I know it's not called fire and wind anymore but which specializations do you prefer? I find that for fire, I can maintain volcano much more frequently than wind. For wind lots of times wind shear drops off and that results in a loss of because roundhouse gets extra damage during wind shear.
  6. I was wondering why Scourge spec was doing less damage than Distortion and I figured out the cause. The Primal Force soul badge that supposedly lets you use Dimensional Salvo after a Dragon Helix while Siphon is in effect is not working at all. That fact is after you click Dragon Helix during Siphon the button for Dimensional Volley doesn't change at all, it doesn't change to Dimensional Salvo. You can tell because Dimensional Volley is a blue colored icon while Dimensional Salvo is a red icon. You can also mouse over the icon to check. Because Primal Force soul badge is not working at the moment, Distortion is going to do a lot more damage in comparison because the discrepancy between Dimensional Volley damage and Dimensional Salvo is too great to ignore. Dimensional Salvo is roughly three times the damage of Dimensional Volley and is supposed to be one of the two main damage dealers besides Dragon Helix for the Scourge specialization.
  7. I did some tests in F12 Hongmoon Training Room and I discovered that I had more dps and killed bosses faster with Pulse Mystic Badge as opposed to a Dynasty Mystic Badge. In Cold Storage: In Sogun's Lament:
  8. By default I have simplified combat controls enabled on my gunner. When I enter the Hongmoon Training Room it automatically deactivates simplified combat controls so I can't use it inside F12. When I leave F12 it doesn't activate it back on either.
  9. I know that simplified combat controls are meant to make life easy and help people without fast fingers to be able to animation cancel certain skills. However I also found that sometimes certain skills were used that seemed to be not the optimal choice and would slow down the rotation. After a player selects simplified combat controls and presses K for the Skill Tome, a clickable box on the lower right corner lets you see what skills are being used in certain situations. I propose that this part be made customizable such that default skills can be prevented from being actionable or given the option to switch the default skill into another skill. An example I can give is for fire KFM using 5 piece BT soul shield and 3 piece VT soul shield. I'm not sure if it is because the BT 3 piece set gives comet strike and additional 50% damage but now comet strike is used in the simplified combat controls rotation whenever fighting spirit is triggered. A normally fast simplified combat control rotation becomes slow and awkward using tiger strike and comet strike with awkward delays in between each use because the animation for comet strike is longer than tiger strike. But depending on the weapon, tiger strike can deal almost as much damage as comet strike when tremor is used. And since tiger strike is a fast casting spammable skill, just by spamming tiger strike you would deal more damage than to interrupt it with comet strike. I can also give another example of what I think is inefficient. For example a shadow spec Destroyer. The simplified combat control rotation during soulburn is wrath -> galeforce. However the simplified combat control doesn't take into account the bracelet bonuses. If I had a tiger bracelet which gives damage bonus to eradicate after galeforce then obviously I'd prefer to use eradicate -> repulse -> galeforce rather than wrath -> galeforce. However there is only one immutable rotation from the simplified combat controls and that is wrath -> galeforce which benefits only from having the divine dragon bracelet equipped. In summary, if you can provide an interface for the simplified combat controls which can be customizable, it would greatly benefit us players.
  10. I just bought a Grave Raider (Gon male only) outfit from the achievement vendor in Zaiwei and found out that I cannot stash it into the wardrobe F3. Please create a spot for it.
  11. It makes no sense that a Destroyer's axe is so big that when it swings down to cleave it manages to damage only one person. I mean minimum I would think the axe would hit somewhere in a 1 x 3 meter range. It's absolutely not possible that an axe of that size would strike so surgically like a razor because an axe that size can't hit that precisely. Cleave in all logical sense should be a multi-target damage dealing ability.
  12. Does the Aransu badge make cyclone kick hit multiple targets and if it does is the damage the same of is it less for targets you currently don't have targeted.
  13. Why do they blackout the screen and fade in when the match starts? I always get hit when the screen becomes visible. Is there a way to remove this function?
  14. Is there a way to choose not to use comet strike as part of the rotation in the simplified combat controls for a fire KFM? Comet strike slows down the rotation quite a bit when fighting spirit is used whereas tiger strike is a fast spammable cast. I wish the developers would give us the option to deselect comet strike from the rotation otherwise simplified combat controls are really handy. By the way, tiger strike does almost as much damage as comet strike so there really should be no use for comet strike in the rotation.