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  1. Camera in arena

    I play a blade dancer and when I'm in the arena and I'm strafing left/right then use an approach skill like five point strike, the camera angle doesn't position forward automatically instead it keeps me facing an awkward angle so that when the opponent lands I can't accurately land a lightning draw while they're falling from the air.
  2. So far there is tribute and devotion. I don't know where the vendor is who sells allegiance and genesis, but are there going to be some new pvp focused soul badges in the near future? I was thinking about buying a devotion soul badge but if there's going to be some new ones I'll probably wait first.
  3. When will pvp accessories be available for those who farm pvp and can't do those pve dungeons?
  4. If you think gunner is weak take it to battlegrounds 6v6 and farm moonstones easily.
  5. Yeah, I'm all out of element powders, those things are hard too get. I salvage one weapon and get maybe four/five powders but I need 10 element powders to get one transmutation done for one element. It also takes five elements and 10 gold to purchase one legendary element. And I need 25 legendary elements to upgarde riftwalk to stage 6. I wonder what governor Jerry Brown would say in a situation similar to the California drought crisis. His wise words would be invaluable feedback for the BnS team.
  6. mechanizer weapon box at celestial basin

    Yeah put mechanizer weapon in celestial basin. How am I ever going to do Irontech Forge anyway, mechanics too hard, they don't want me in group, etc. Still gotta upgarde the weapon regardless.
  7. Got another dragonbone weapon from Dawn of Khanda Vihar so I thought I'd salvage it for precious element powder. I clicked on the salvage tool and what, dragonbone weapon can't be salvaged??
  8. Just wanted to make a suggestion to allow GMs to make changes regarding issues from support tickets while the client is still logged in for more efficient processing of tickets.
  9. Returning player + new BD

    If you bought the duelist pack you should only spend the pugilist's tokens and training certificates first on offals and a chilling flame elixir, then farm for whatever you need next because the others are easier to farm.
  10. Wind is a good spec to use when leveling because it is easy and because all of your main attacks (sunder, rolling typhoon) hits multiple mobs whereas main damage from lightning spec comes from flicker and lightning flash. Once you hit max level you should abandon wind spec because investing further into wind elemental gear will be a waste of time and resources. Wind spec is good against dumb static targets. However, you will have a hard time with intelligent and dynamic targets and that is why lightning spec is better in that regard. I think you have the wind spec rotation wrong. Wind spec uses sunders and rolling typhoons mainly as the highest damage sources with rolling typhoon usually topping the dps chart as the #1 damage contributor. The use of wind flash is strictly to reduce the cooldown of whirling scourge since wind slash does less damage than rolling typhoon and sunder rotations. To play wind spec to it's fullest potential you should get hongmoon sunder move 1 and hongmoon Z for hongmoon skills. You will also need an eternity soul badge and a skyrift mystic badge. Having both will allow you to spam three rolling typhoons when you have whirling scourge up. You will hardly ever use RMB in draw stance in wind spec for pve since rolling typhoon does so much more damage than flash step for aoeing mobs.
  11. I need help in 1vs1

    If you are looking for immediate results I suggest looking at one of the many blade dancer pvp guides online. You can also read this post:
  12. BD:pve prospect- <restart BnS from scratch>

    If you are interested in playing blade dancer hopefully that means you enjoy the class. Blade dancers are fun to play, their spins are very useful for mitigating damage, stuns, dazes and knockbacks. They can provide a three second party resist with maelstrom move 2. You should play into what makes your role unique. Since you have a restrain grab you should always look for a chance for the cc bars to open up to perform a cc and grab with phantom grip move 1. Blade dancers are similar to assassins because both classes require fast inputs via keyboard/mouse to maintain their damage. As to what skills you should prioritize for pve or pvp I would suggest getting the hongmoon skill lightning draw - volume 2 which boosts the damage of lightning draw move 1 substantially and is used in pve as well as pvp. Another hongmoon skill that works in both pve and pvp is hongmoon secret technique - guardian tempest which boosts your Z skill. For pve it'll increase your flaming scourge critical from 30% to 50% an additional 10% critical hit damage. For pvp, the hongmoon guardian tempest will give six focus regen and heal you for an additional 5% of your health. Fateful tome vortex is good to get since it reduces damage taken by 25% during vortex. That can be useful in pve as well as pvp. Hongmoon secret technique - vortex is strictly pvp but can make a big difference in allowing for extra aerials to be performed. Sunder mastery is essential for pvp if you want to include the sunder skill as a reliable source of damage. The last hongmoon skill I would get is the LMB hongmoon skill.
  13. Why is my DPS low?

    There are ceilings as to how high your dps can get. That is mainly determined by your gear. Two blade dancers doing the same rotation can have different damage outputs. If you managed to hit 20k with only 757 AP, that is already very high and that is also probably because you had buffs from other classes like soulburn and fighting spirit. You need to realize what things you can get to raise your dps. That can be researched through the equipment upgrade paths and also your damage should increase with soul and mystic badges.
  14. Jaesung has very informative basic combo videos for each class on YouTube here
  15. I want to change my stage 10 tiger bracelet to stage 10 divine dragon but it requires an unrefined divine dragon bracelet. Anyone know where to get this? Can I get it from trading 200 draken cores at the achievement vendor?