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  1. This happened to previous events many times as I mentioned above. Whatever intermediate way (e.g. box) was available to get event coins was still available until event redemption, the box was not antiquated. And also, iirc the event currency was still able to be obtained from exchanging the fishing points (angler's pearl) too during event redemption period? The boxes from events in the past were surely still not antiquated/removed during event redemption period, how would you justify that but remove it for this moonlit soul event?
  2. Even though i understand that your intention and mindset why you removed it, but I think there is no harm to have the soul upgradeable and salvageable because literally event redemption period is not over yet, and the souls upgrade cannot be exploited for those who didnt do event.
  3. That is incorrect. We did it before during an event 2 or 3 years ago whereby we needed to upgrade to higher stages too. Or during the event when we needed to transmute a thing and then open the box to get the event currency, after the event we could still open the box (not the box giving items only like last Christmas event). After the event, we cannot get any extra items to benefit us more beyond the event period, I agree. BUT, fodder items or intermediate items as part of the event shall still be useable or redeemable, because event redemption period IS NOT OVER YET.
  4. This has nothing to do with removing the moonlit soul stage 1, no? You can still do that without removing soul stage 1 from express. My argument is, the event is over and you cannot get extra emblems from dungeons, yes. BUT redemption of the event is not over yet. This event is about upgrading soul from s1->s5, and why I cannot redeem the efforts I spent during the event when the event redemption period is not over yet?
  5. What is the logical reason behind it? Moonlit soul stage 1 is part of the redemption of the event. @Hime We run the event with our lives, tons of it, every single day. If you allow redemption after the event with moonlit coin, there is no reason for removing the soul s1/s2/s3/s4/s5 from the people because there is no other way to get extra emblems from outside the event period. You see, Soul stages are part of the redemption of the event and as redemption of the event ends 4 weeks from now, soul stage 1 should be available as long as the redemption period is not over. Does th
  6. Why Moonlit soul stage 1 is removed from dragon express? I dont understand. We cannot get the emblems anymore, why is it removed? I saved all my emblems thinking I can upgrade them all at once after the event (when we cannot get emblems anymore) but why did you remove it? This made us unable to spend the emblem that we have to get the moonlit coin for our items, isn't it ridiculous?
  7. I guess this person is one of the cheaters. otherwise honest player will not say this. LoL
  8. +1 @GrimoirPlease please if you don't want to be laughed by people, please get your facts right before you whiteknight this game/company which you probably work at/unreasonably have some kind of unconditional love to. All players who play this game know that Divination pysche is not in every event, what you wrote showed that you don't actually play this game that much and yet you keep trying to act like you know everything and defend NC on every single matter in forum. Unbelievable.
  9. In that case before that you earned more coins. Just comparing before and after. The rate of drops is definitely lower, I have asked many people in the community. They all said that they noticed it too.
  10. Nope, they will never do anything. That's just how this game's state right now is.
  11. You must have mistakened honestly. Previously I could get 100 coins for completing the 300 mob kill quest. Now I only get like 30. I don't care about pet gem chests because my gems are better than those, I always throw away all the boxes. But someone above said the chests have drop rates nerfed as well.
  12. Do you guys feel the same? It has been for a few weeks for me. In the past when I completed the 300 mobs kill quest in each region, I am pretty sure I used to get more coins. A coin usually drop at least every 3 mobs killed, but now one doesn't even drop after 10 mobs (very often). I am pretty sure this company has ninja-nerfed the place without officially informing us, which is hummmm ( you know what to curse ) Any counter is welcomed if you think the drop rate is still the same.
  13. sorry tohear that. I just failed 5x to upgrade recently too., stupid system indeed, and fusion stones are hard to get (even though more ways now), but still not easy enough for all equipments to be upgraded
  14. Hi i want to suggest that we postpone the change in the Howl of the Hound daily quest into the new dungeon(reading the notes in the web, it seems it's gonna change immed) We need a bit time to familiarize and master the Hard-mode mechanic of the new dungeon (Thornwind cavern). Just like the challenge mode which is not immediately right after the introduction of the new dungeon, please give us a bit time. Howl of the Hound is an important daily challenge quest for many people. Don't get me wrong, I am gonna farm 200runs probably within the first week, but I wo
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