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  1. In that case before that you earned more coins. Just comparing before and after. The rate of drops is definitely lower, I have asked many people in the community. They all said that they noticed it too.
  2. Nope, they will never do anything. That's just how this game's state right now is.
  3. You must have mistakened honestly. Previously I could get 100 coins for completing the 300 mob kill quest. Now I only get like 30. I don't care about pet gem chests because my gems are better than those, I always throw away all the boxes. But someone above said the chests have drop rates nerfed as well.
  4. Do you guys feel the same? It has been for a few weeks for me. In the past when I completed the 300 mobs kill quest in each region, I am pretty sure I used to get more coins. A coin usually drop at least every 3 mobs killed, but now one doesn't even drop after 10 mobs (very often). I am pretty sure this company has ninja-nerfed the place without officially informing us, which is hummmm ( you know what to curse ) Any counter is welcomed if you think the drop rate is still the same.
  5. sorry tohear that. I just failed 5x to upgrade recently too., stupid system indeed, and fusion stones are hard to get (even though more ways now), but still not easy enough for all equipments to be upgraded
  6. Hi i want to suggest that we postpone the change in the Howl of the Hound daily quest into the new dungeon(reading the notes in the web, it seems it's gonna change immed) We need a bit time to familiarize and master the Hard-mode mechanic of the new dungeon (Thornwind cavern). Just like the challenge mode which is not immediately right after the introduction of the new dungeon, please give us a bit time. Howl of the Hound is an important daily challenge quest for many people. Don't get me wrong, I am gonna farm 200runs probably within the first week, but I wo
  7. When Serpent's Den came out in Korea, the average HP of the players there are so high. It is just uncompareable (right now they have 1 Million HP) Here in our server, only those whales have HP of 650k HP. Normal sane player will have hp of around 500k (Considered Good enough unity-all awakened legendary, reasonable up to date gear, just without +11 pet/talisman). Just like The Steelbreaker raid last year, the developer team lowered the boss AP one month after release (FYI My raid already cleared the 1st boss before nerf so I am not complaining I cannot clear it so
  8. Typical response from the Support. 1. Sorry for their behavior -> and typically do nothing about it (even if they say investigate -> no punishment or investigation takes forever) I stopped reporting AFK/Offenders/Cheaters, they never get punished 'properly' the same weight as their offense.
  9. My bad of missing the trove lolololol. They surely surely will regret it hahahahaha. Trove without stream will not 'bluff' the new players into doing it. LMAO.
  10. BIG LOL. Do you think all players are old players like you? //content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/63.png Can't stop laughing whenever you white-knight the dev team/GM, to the point of hmmm...
  11. Right I forgot about trove, Yes, they NEVER skipped stream for trove bec they need to teach those new players how to do trove so that they spend $$$$$$ for this game
  12. So nowadays BnS NA + EU only stream twice a year, only when there is new class/Or let's say twice a year when some new spec comes out. This coming update is not considered big enough ic. - New raid (+new weapon) - Alternate Equipment tab - Soulstone Plains update - New HM level ladder - New unity Slots - Call to arms event - New item Ethereal Vial I mean............ to me there are a lot of things to talk in the patch stream.... players deserve to have a preview of the changes before it goes live.... After 1 year + of pandemic, ar
  13. Why on earth does Stonescale Passage Challenge Mode outfits not giving 5AP set? The achievement for other challenge mode outfits (bought using challenge mode tokens) are giving 5 AP (except DST?). Even the achievement from brood chamber custom outfits is giving 5 AP, Stonescale passage is so long after Brood chamber. SP was one year ago. BC was like??? 2 years +??? Doesn't make sense??
  14. There has been some confusion whether the current Alpha Emblem, Tranquilty Emblem, Mewtineer's Coin Will be Antiqued next week, can we get confirmation from @Hime? From the stream I can see that the icon as well as the name are still the same with the current names of emblems/coins. So current one will still be useable? Because some people say better farm now before boss is buffed, but some other people say the current ones will be antiqued, but your streaming today doesn't give clear answer about this, you just said you don't exactly know, but you know there's new item same name (CM
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