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  1. There has been some confusion whether the current Alpha Emblem, Tranquilty Emblem, Mewtineer's Coin Will be Antiqued next week, can we get confirmation from @Hime? From the stream I can see that the icon as well as the name are still the same with the current names of emblems/coins. So current one will still be useable? Because some people say better farm now before boss is buffed, but some other people say the current ones will be antiqued, but your streaming today doesn't give clear answer about this, you just said you don't exactly know, but you know there's new item same name (CM
  2. They had repeated and rotated those event dungeons for years. I guess people are bored? So this time they changed the style of event. Hongsil's Room was nice to get a lot of EXP though.
  3. you need to raid with people too, with voice chat, etc. there is language barrier there.
  4. Yes there is definitely stream for next patch, because THERE IS TROVE. If you know what I mean, trove always comes with some 'major update' in their eyes, to make people trove more and hence they make money. And if u know what I mean again, regardless of what is the update, they will 100% do stream for trove, because they need to attract people to spend money and hence they can make more money.
  5. Yup unfortunately they will not fix this most likely, so yeah, raid with 10 high ping players won't be able to clear this boss.
  6. I didn't say you accuse me of swearing at them, please read properly before you also write non-sense. Lol. I said I brought forward this issue to them, which is totally legit, and no one should have any right to point finger at me for bringing up a REAL issue that affects player from Asia/New Zealand/Australia. And my thread is not unreasonable at all, many people support me by saying they are having same issues, can you read? On top of that, It is not outside the scope of what they are obligated to do, that is not for YOU to determine. Are you actually working for NCsoft such t
  7. If there is any of these servers that you mentioned actually is an English server, sure.
  8. It doesnt work. 25 movement speed doesnt solve it, We always have 25 for this fight.
  9. LoL. I have all the rights to bring forward this issue to the company whom I support and I pay money to. And I already know they will not do anything, but which part of my thread sounds like heavy complaining and swearing at them? I am just stating issues.
  10. Excuse me? Can you read properly before starting to comment as if you are so Almighty and other people are so dumb? I said Asia players' raid. You tell me how many of you are 280-300ms? 10 out of 12 people? I bet it's only 1 of you, then you don't need to cross, easy, can complete mechanic. Start growing eyes before opening your mouth (moving your hands)
  11. I want to report the fact that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for Asia players' Raid with 280-320ms Ping to clear The Steelbreaker raid because of the mechanic in the last boss. On the 3rd phase of the boss HP when it was 40%, there is a MOVING WALL that we need to cross to get ourselves to the boss (after getting knockback), BUT WITH OUR PING IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CROSS THE WALL because of the delay in our character moving and the wall moves faster than our character. As a result, we will be stuck in the moving wall forever and unable to do what we have to do. But you need more than half of
  12. Extremely Long Delay for all players when doing anything in game : Can't log in (or take forever to login), can't logout (or forever to logout, then get disconnected because it took too long), can't take quest, can't kill boss, can't open box (for each: or take too long to do one of these: 3 mins to just open 1 box, 5 mins to just get 1 quest from NPC) In short, you can't do many things now in the game, and it happened suddenly, a few hours after Yura server is up. And I guess all the NC staffs have gone back home? I kept trying to refresh the twitter page but there is no
  13. They will ban you for their own mistake. It happened to my previous game. But then in this game they only banned for 3 days, so.....
  14. Only fellow offenders will talk like this. This shows high probability that you are one of those offenders who abused the system. Sorry about that. Normal HONEST players with INTEGRITY will agree with me that the IMMORAL players should be permanently banned to bring justice to this game. Period. Simple logic.
  15. They should just punish the offenders that bought the outfit box (the heavy offenders specifically). People who buy from F5 has no sin. they are adapting to the market, so why should they be punished? People who buy from normal trade is a question mark, could be considered as affiliated with offenders. THe only way to stop this is to permanent ban according to the level of offenders. That's it. Once they do that, everything will go back to normal slowly, even though it takes time. But at least it will go back.
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