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  1. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Waw it's literally impossible to clear then, even my Aransu weapon alt is only doing 600-700k (think twice before you say i am dumb because i tell you i am one of the players with brain and always do brain mech in raids), because of my 300ms ping. Not to mention there are always people going to die in that fight due to stacks / being one shoted by Hive Queen when she is on the air. Not to mention have to hold dps whenever the phase resets. You should really change this back, because as someone said above, this raid has to be able to be cleared by people with Raven equipments. Otherwise you should scrap that story-line that you have in the game. You should really play your own game. Still no reply from community manager/GM.... I think it is disappointing ... because this is definitely one of the most valid feedback that I had ever seen in this forum.
  2. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Do you even play the game seriously? You said "NOW" doable with Raven9, are you serious? I doubt you are even good player enough to say that you can clear Hive queen with Raven9 NOW. LOL. This guy is totally a joke if he can say that VT is now doable NOW with a party of Raven 9, because he is not playing the game at all. I will pay you 500g if you can show me the proof of video of your raid with all Raven9 able to clear Hive Queen NOW. If you don't even play the game or dont know what are you talking (you obviously didn't complete the raid with Raven 9 NOW), don't say ridiculous things in the forum to whiteknight the company and give WRONG impression/information to others. I will definitely pay you that 500g if you can show me a proof. I am a man of my word. Raven 9 with this change of enrage timer? Hahahaha.
  3. Yup its bad. They used to do another way in the past (2 tokens from dungeons but 1 dungeon in DC and 1 is not). This time is very bad. Waste of time.
  4. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    This is definitely a valid request. I did hive queen a few times yesterday, the enrage timer is ridiculous. People are supposed to be able to clear this with at least aransu 9, but then current timer makes it kinda impossible @Hime you should try yourself >,>
  5. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Not sure if you are serious or just being sarcastic. If you read English you would know that response in page 1 is NOT related at all to the main complain (100 of them here) in this thread. @Himewas basically just avoiding to address that particular complain and decided to reply something else that she could answer easily (which HM dungeon drops gold chest - which is 0 interest of 99% of the community)
  6. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    0 response from NCwest, alright................................ let's see patch notes tomorrow. Goodluck everyone! for me I will most likely stop farming F8 even on main, just too devastating and discouraging.
  7. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    All these mess and intend to do this gold nerf just proves one point. THat is these developers and also NCwest people (who should have fought very hard to prevent this change to be even announced to the people) ARE NOT PLAYING THEIR OWN GAME. KR developers didn't play at NA is understandable. But NCwest people do you even play your own game??? Do you know how hard it is for new player to upgrade to GC9 and how much gold needed? Not to mention to upgrade soul/heart for 'free' with their blood and tears of farming. It used to be event farming, now it is MSP farming (which people ask for GC9 at least). You guys don't play the game, and don't want to talk to the community before you make changes, and all these mess happened. It has repeated every single year, and you don't learn sadly.
  8. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    rip for you. the most joke of all is tsm becoming 3s, like really/?? you have to spend 10mins to complete that dungeon in average with average just nice gear, EXCLUDING recruiting time, and yet you only get 3silver? seriously???/?????/??/ i might as well go back and do other daily quests like mushin floor 5-7 lol which gives more silvers and completed in very short time and I can solo it. imagine doing H0 and need to take people with dps and spend 15mins - 20mins to complete the dungeon, EXCLUDING recruiting time, with reasonable people who spoil the mech and dps braindead and yet only 5g???? Warped citadel that usually only contain people with braindead who dont know anything with very little dps, with such a long dungeon to windstride/walk, it will take you 15mins average, but how much gold it is? not even 4g? I might as well do Circle of sundering everyday on all characters and spend 5mins and I can solo it and get 10g, LOL. @Himeyou imagine this kind of player above ^ trying to earn gold to upgrade stuffs. 1st. you dont reduce any upgrade cost of the items Imagine you have to upgrade so many things, buy so many things, and with gold cost on every upgrade as well, and yet there is such huge reduction in gold income from dungeons. You don't even reduce the difficulty of those dungeons, not even basic mode in Korea, this is still our western BnS style of easy mode, not the basic mode in korea. This change is just very bad until no one could defend it. At least the good thing is we can take a break from F8, who will have the motivation to do that 7 dailies everyday lol.
  9. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Imagine doing H0 with plebs from f8 for 15-20mins long but then rewarded only 5g >,> Would rather do MSP farm 1 run stage 1-6 and spend 20mins-25mins each run and get at least 1 evolved stone which is 44g each. lol.
  10. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Waw this is crazy. You don't learn from the past do you? Do you even remember how much mess it was when you tried to reduce the gold from dungeon f8 last year during that first time you introduced orb of ascension and 8 daily quests? You remember how you killed f8 even with 30% reduction of gold for CC-TSM? But now look at what you intend to do, look at that crazy reduction. Like seriously? WC is only 4g 58s? do you even know how much time and effort to do WC with 'just nice' gear Aransu 9 because majority of your players have no brain and do not do mechanic in dungeons? Waw this is really crazy. Who will even have motivation to do that 7 daily quests everyday with this kind of gold reward? I am going to write this now, this will surely kill F8. Solution to Gold inflation is NOT LIKE THIS! Talk to your community and they will tell you better ways @Hime , aka you need to give more ways to farm evolved stone/etc so that the price on market drops. You guys will surely regret doing this, I guarantee you!
  11. Imagine now there is 2 HH with new dungeon, now we have to type Halcyon Hills in F8 lobby to recruit, and some people typing HH then some weak players will enter thinking it is Hollow's Heart. :pepehands this is very likely to happen and this mess is bound to happen if they keep this name. Hahahaha.
  12. What everyone's thinking?

    i agree we dont need all these, but all these bring a huge revenue > new class (whales gonna spend a lot to upgrade / mail items), new dungeon (many people will be online to farm it), no choice..........they all only care about NOW, why care about future if there is no NOW (not enough money now to finance the company/not much enough) I support your ideas, but i just think it will never happen sadly for this game. from first day I feel this game updates TOO fast, like i need to be always playing everyday with many alts to keep up as i am f2p players. But in the end i give up, this is just the game it is, if I ask them to reduce the updates, they will never do it and I just have to find another game. It is saddening truth. And yes, if u ask me too what is most important thing to change for this game for better future (which they dont care about future, only care about now-how much money can be made every month) are those two; 1) FPS, 2) ping dependant lag. But i know these 2 will never ever change, because company is too busy to deal with the monthly pay check/income.
  13. i agree with you that I hate the fact that they remove this free hongsil key for premium too (and for non premium 1x per day too) However in my opinion premium is still worth it for that +30% exp/QUEST GOLD/battle points, especially when u play > 1 character
  14. I don't accept taking 300 years for old content. But 1 year is not 300 years i think? ET weapon was out just around 13 months ago. And, this is just the way this game is: I already said from the pasts too the weapon upgrade materials (GC steel/Hq hearts) were not made Acc bound immediately when the new tier of weapon came out. So why this time should be different? You are not new player, you should know about this. And, there is reason why it is called 'RAID path' weapon, that means you have to do raid to upgrade. If you do not have the dps then maybe consider upgrading your stuffs? Not only weapon that gives dps boost, a lot of other things do: soul/heart/pet(boss AP)/talisman/necklace/ gems / pysches, etc. There are so many things. Thats how I progressed, I didn't have raid myself previously, but I increased my value (my dps), AND USE MY BRAIN in the raid when I sub, until I find a static position. If you say you dont have the dps (in the few chats below you said that you hardly just had enough minimum dps), then you should upgrade your other stuffs instead of complaining about not being able to 'quickly' upgrade your raid weapon, because trust me your raid weapon stage 9 will not give you just 1 mil dps boost like that, other stuffs add up will give you more. but, If you for any reason cannot do raid bec of unable to cope up with the raid mechanics (ET is VERY easy though), then no one can help you except yourself. then, if you say you don't have the gold/oils/pet packs/elder scales/100 runs of dungeons to upgrade your other stuffs, then you prob are playing the wrong game. BnS is about grinding and if you dont work hard (MSP multis like mad, farm scales like mad, farm dungeons) and dont want to spend cash $, you should not expect yourself to excel in this game and join the top tier of players.
  15. koldrak lair lag

    This happened to me many times.....