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  1. request to merge servers

    I support you. It is obvious that Zulia is more populated. What's the proof you say? Go to F8, majority of people are from Zulia. Go to Bns RR Clan recruit, majority of the clans recruiting are from Zulia. Go to ANY BnS discord server that has Yura vs Zulia separation, you will see that more people are actually Zulia. When people say Yura is dead might be an exaggeration, but it has less active people with no doubt. It is more difficult to find raid in Yura if you are new player and has no connections. Also, if there is real statistic from GM about the number of average number of hours played daily in Yura vs Zulia, we will know for sure. But I think that F8 population is a real proof that no one can deny.
  2. request to merge servers

    Many people get scammed by this information because it doesnt really reflect the number of 'active' players that play regularly. Go to F8, majority of people are from Zulia.
  3. We went through this already Grimoir. You are supposed to do new content, BUT you are not ready to do that, why must one be forced to do something not his level and get stressed? Who said keeping Blue dungeons in DC is giving freebies? And who said developer job is not to make change to the game because one has limited time to play? The removal was not necessary in the first place, so why talk about making change now? It's about reverting(+improvement of adding TSM/DST), not making change. Again, it is not about making change (that sounds so selfish and hard), it is about FIXING what was wrongly changed in the first place. If you want to be objective, they made the wrong change at the first place by removing the blue dungeons from DC (You can add TSM/DST, they are good addition and fair to highly geared players) The only people who think they don't change wrongly are only those who just don't care about the survival of low-geared/weak/new players in this game. And that only care about highly geared players (because the addition benefits them) Daily challenge (DC) is one of the main motivation to login (other than event), if Event is made easy (or normalized) for all level of players (minimum requirement), why must DC be the other way? We had discussed the progression that you said. Natural progression IS NOT Fresh out of story (Baleful9)-> NS/IF/EL/SSM Natural progression IS Fresh out of story (Baleful9)-> complete daily challenge everyday -> do EC/DT/NF to learn that in dungeons the bosses will do some actions -> learn that you can Cc boss to avoid him doing something (but not get killed if u miss) -> get some gold to upgrade -> upgrade to Raven 1-3 (F8 will accept you) -> NS/IF/EL/SSM. I had said this many times: If you think F8 will accept Baleful to do those dungeons, go ahead and try and see if you have 100% acceptance rate. You will get at most 50% (not getting kicked). And don't come back with the argument of finding peers/clan etc because that is again NOT-PRACTICAL. Having peers/friends/patient carry is only ideal scenario where it doesn't happen all the time to everyone.
  4. I can totally relate to this. I have a friend who has Aransu 5 weapon and all accessories stage 10 (BT/Tiger/Eternity/King Gloves/VT necklace/VT badge) but refused to do VT because of the trauma of failing for a few times and got scolded by the raid. She just bought carry runs. You want to blame that she is weak mentally? I think that is not wise, she is just she is. She also just wants to complete easy daily challenge everyday and then do longer ones in the weekend when she has more time. She has her own pace and her own motivation, we shouldn't push or set a standard of how she should play and grow her character. Remember that there are weak people, rich people, new people, etc etc that form this community. And I think it is our developer job to maintain that everyone has his basic need (daily challenge) fulfilled with ease, because daily challenge is one of the main motivation to login and play the game. People have their own pace to grow, why should we force them to? or even blame them for not having initiative to grow? Furthermore, I am of the opinion that we need new players to sustain and what was removed is just what new players need to start growing their joy and love for this game.
  5. Lord. Said is easier than done. You try to check discords RR recruitment for clan and see if any good clans recruit for anything below Raven. Mainly Only social discord are welcoming anyone. Type words in F8 when you are with baleful? Go ahead and try it, before you finish typing while trying to be friendly and ask politely to join, most of the time you would have been kicked. Don't misunderstand, I agree with you to some extent. That was how I grew when I was new. I received help from some kind guy to whom I asked many questions and helped me to give basic stuff for upgrading like a few Transformation Stones. But, in my opinion, the chance of having my situation is low. And needless to say about the scarcity. And about matching the time to play. It is basically just non-practical. What is practical is grow 'naturally' without being pushed to the level that you are not there yet. And growing naturally means completing DC, get ~6-8g per day, some materials, upgrading to Raven slowly. Then try slowly to climb up. So in my opinion, this is more practical, not some fairy tale ideal situation that is too good to have for every single new player and Alts.
  6. I agree MSP can still be there if the same number of people / geared people (Raven+) from the MSP event run this MSP daily. Thank you for supporting the idea of having those old dungeons back.
  7. If you do F8 often, You should know that 9/10 people that don't have "gear" will either bluff that they know the mech or doesn't want to answer anything when being asked whether you know the Mech. I don't despise people who asks for A6 for RT/ST. Not that you require A6 to complete the dungeon, but having A6 confirms that you actually completed VT raid a few times and there is very high chance that you will not fail mech. Having A3 can be easily from Carry run/Trove nowadays, so, even if I don't run RT/ST or many dungeons pug on my mains, I can understand why are the people asking for those. Because time is precious. People want to complete the dungeon in one run. There are two sides of the part where you said 'its a step in right direction'. I agree that people must grow and have motivation to learn. But if they don't have time for that now or just simply don't care, they must not be 'forced' too. Like for my case, I had a step-up in my BnS career naturally when I had friends who taught me and forgave me when I failed mech for first few runs of new dungeons that I never completed. But as you already know, it is not easy for every new player to get those 'friends'. I actually played for 3 months myself before I really had some friends who are patient and helpful. Before I had those friends? I was very content when I could do EC/DT/Lair/Avalanche to complete my DC and get some materials + 5G per day. Without DC, I was literally so broke and weak that I could only make 2g per day (from EC/DT). Without Gold/Mats how to progress naturally? P2W it is.
  8. As I said in my own thread, MSP takes too long and waste too much time. 15 minutes (easily) just to gather enough people to do, and 20 minutes to complete because most of the members are 50k or less dps. Just too much.
  9. I agree that EL-ST are not hard, depending on whether you have DPS or not. I run trains everyday NS->BC and they feel easy now at this point. But it was like super crazy hard in my mind when I started this game, when I couldnt even complete NS with no failure in Mech, and have no DPS and no gear required by F8. about the last point. Some people take it into heart, like me. ( I Don't think I deserve to be mocked at for this ) I would rather quit the game than always getting kicked (i am not accepted by community) or kept getting scolded in party (i am not good enough for the game) I play the game to have FUN, not to get stressed. And when people don't want my existence and keep scolding me, I get stressed (in the past). You can blame me for being weak emotionally or stupid intellectually (game brain), but I am sure there are other players like me, they also contribute to the company. Why don't you also think about this kind of players and try to accomodate them (which you already did before you removed the easy dungeons DC)?
  10. It helped me a lot when I started this game. Rather than being scolded stupid/moron/monkey at NS for hitting the Adds/died to last boss, I would rather do those low level dungeons. Now it helped my Alts to complete DC. Like everyone agrees, we all have our own pace to progress. So why want to remove the easy DC and add the difficult ones? Don't talk about MSP again because it just takes very long with 30-40k dps or not enough people to start one. If you ask me now, obviously NS is like as easy as flipping my palm. IF/EL is very easy mech too. All dungeons mech are easy for me now. But if I try to recall how I was, I was so afraid to do IF/EL because I kept dying/failed mech and people got mad at me. Needless to say having to repeat many times to complete EL 1st boss with low dps party (enrage timer ticked).
  11. You can check all 7days first and try to list down in your detailed list and see if what I said is true. You will see that most of the days you have to complete dungeons above NS (or MSP) in order to complete DC. Your statements are a bit contradicting above....? Since you said "you think changes should be made more often-> forces people to upgrade gear and progress" --> doesn't this mean that changes are made into more difficult options? but before that you said 'you dont think the changes in DC made it more difficult' I am ready to accept different point of view and that's why I offer a plausible explanation for the reason behind this change. The explanation is that NCSoft (and whoever supports them about this matter like you) made (or support) this change (including DST/TSM and excluding Lair/Citadel/DesolateTomb/AvalancheDen) because they are more supportive to high-geared players without taking into account of low-geared players who are affected. Just as what you stated yourself in this message by saying that this changes forces people to progress and upgrade gears.
  12. Are you playing at EST prime time? Yesterday I tried to join MSP 1-3. And the result is, 15 mins without being able to find enough 12 people to do. Needless to say those most of them who joined are low dps players (HM12-HM15 are 6/10, no HM18+ player at all). Just to make sure I am not making up things, the party lead name was Valeryonx or something like that, and he was recruiting like 4 hrs after reset time. And server is Yura btw.
  13. Grimoir, you are totally funny. It is so "CLEVER" of you to take Daily challenge for today (Tuesday), when actually you could do yesterday (Monday). Of course you would take Tuesday because that makes your argument look good......? >,> Today I had no difficulty of completing DC because it is so easy. Like you said, Cold Storage + Tower of Infinity + Celestial Basin. PERFECT. So iirc there was only like 2 days out of 7 days where you could have this kind of easy set of DC now, very different from the past whereby it was 7/7. Why don't you take example of other days? No need to take those days where you have to complete Starstone Mines (You will know if you play everyday), let me just take tomorrow as an example (Wednesday), you have to complete Ebondrake Lair the easiest 3rd daily challenge, or else I think you need to do Starstone Mines and do you think it is easy? You can't bluff me because I play everyday and I know all details of daily challenge. Maybe you don't play everyday and hence you can say all these? :P :P :P Can you complete Ebondrake lair with all 6 players baleful or do LPF? Go ahead and try your luck. If you get all 6 players Baleful, most likely you won't even pass Boss 1 (Master Samisa). Not to say mini boss 2 (Harpy) where she has auto-die love-shot, which is easily missed by many new players. About blaming the publisher, If the publisher changes the game to the worse, regardless of who are affected, shouldn't you argue about it? Unless you are not playing often :P :P :P If you argue whether the game Dev team changed to the better or worse, then we can assess objectively. Because I am sure at least 50:50 people will agree that removing easy dungeons from daily challenge show more support to high-geared players and neglected the struggle of low-geared players to complete DC. You said you countered me with that Question? LOL. Let me ask you back, why do you think a Dev team of a game will make some changes to the game while it is making the players' life more difficult? This is not even about game content update (not patch or changing the dungeons' mech)
  14. Grimoir, you can finger-point the people whom you call lazy or unable to learn Mechs. But have you never considered that not everyone has the same brain and same amount of time to play? For my case, I don't complain this game is being hard/taking too long time to grind. I am complaining that You NCSoft (and for you too as NCSoft loyal supporter in this forum) MUST KNOW that you must make a change for a better. Not making the change in the DC for the worse situation. So, listen, You made the change in the DC by accomodating high-geared players (Adding DST/TSM to the DC), but at the same time you sacrificed the low-geared players? This is the part that I don't understand (however I think of it and try to understand your perspective). Just answer me this one. If you still insist that You NCSoft (and for you too as NCSoft loyal supporter in this forum) did the change in the DC correctly this time, can I (and many other people who have common sense) take it as you want to make it hard for low-geared players (or push them to higher level) and only make the high-geared players happy? Because that is the only way of thinking that makes sense out of this situation. Can you NCsoft (And you supporters) clarify yourself?
  15. Thank you for your support. I totally agree with you. Try clearing MUshin Floor 20 with high ping, and see if you get hit by the ring or failed to Cc before Yunsang drinks his Soju or not. I was once a new player too, I am speaking from that perspective (on top of me having Alts). We need those low level dungeons in the DC......