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  1. Weekly Reward not collectable

    It is still not fixed on NA
  2. I think he meant, you already tried to push the issue to the dev team 4x recently (recent issues on weeklies), but still didn't work. He was expecting a solution after waiting for 1.5 months.
  3. Alright, didn't know #5 was from last week. Sorry. Btw its not about reset timer right? This time it is about the quest not counted as completion of weeklies?
  4. If you notice, they put a Weeklies compensation box at F10 already. (-> Correction: so #5 was from last week?) BUT, I want my weeklies reward box. Will it be fixed before next week? Currently claiming the weeklies quest will not increase the weeklies completion count, it stays at 0/5. And I make this thread because it is not listed in that 'Known Issues' thread from the GM
  5. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    About someone whispering you.... I am still not satisfied if the punishment is not a serious one, people will just not care. In my opinion, punishment for AFK-ing the whole duration of dungeon MUST BE AT LEAST ban of 1day. If you do that, I am sure people will not do it AND the whole community is happy......... Nowadays I just stop reporting people, I just let them AFK, just met two AFK players in the past few days. Noted about the program, I don't know what's that then, Not using it.
  6. This WILL NOT WORK if the reward for 3 star is better than 2 star-1star. Just like last year Harvest event where you need to do solo dungeon, Floor20 Mushin/CoS/Outlaw Island. The reward for CoS players are significantly better than those only doing Floor20, and PEOPLE COMPLAINED as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Do you understand the situation? PEOPLE WILL COMPLAIN until the end IF the event is not do-able with ANY GEAR character and FRESH from the story players because they have tons of Alts for farming oils for their free 2 play main. Don't get me wrong, my main is also f2p and I also have weaker alts to get me oils from events. But I have enough of complaining for this kind of event as it will happen anyway
  7. Before Easy Mode is Introduced

    Yes I am sure there are many people doing hard modes. I see people recruiting for hard mode dungeons regularly in discord, because normal modes are just too boring for most dungeons. They are too easy since awakening and too many people too high dps
  8. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    What was censored? I just started reading this thread now. Is it the program that people use to replace load screen with black image/apply patches, that one?
  9. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    I ask myself the same thing. Today I report, I often still see the same player within a week at least in F8. That means either the punishment is NOT EVEN AS SERIOUS AS unable to play for 1 week, OR they were not even punished. I reported many players who are AFK THE WHOLE DURATION OF FINAL BOSS when we cleared dungeons (NOTE: THE WHOLE DURATION) it is like wasting my time reporting it, and have to put screenshot and have to note down the time, etc.
  10. Mao gloves need to be addressed

    It is bad RNG yes, the reason is due to its being able to be salvaged for a FULL COIN. If the drop rate is good like Amara Ring / Rukesh Earring, that would be sooooooooooooooooooo easy to get the current strongest (for most classes) necklace. I wouldn't say it is not low %rate, but I am grateful that it was not that bad for me. When I farmed my 25 full coins, I got the glove like 4 times at least.
  11. I swear that my laggy game has become MUCH WORSEEEEEEEEEEE after the latest patch............. I literally freezed for 2 seconds every ~10 seconds or so in my TT raid, and it is soooooooooooooooooo baddddddddddddddddddd. Not only in raids, in dungeons too, it has become soooooooooooooooo lag even after I put all characters off and turned of all animations of all classes, I still freezed quite often for some reason. Oh my God. How I love this game and spent so much gold and time on this. But how bad it is to play. I don't have maximum gaming PC, yes, but I don't expect such low performance when I could play other MMOs with no problem like this. It has been very bad, but I did do some of those optimizations in videos in youtube, turned off characters/animations etc. IT HELPED TO SOME EXTEND, even still 10 FPS in raids for a few times, but I could understand. But if you freezed for every 10-20 seconds in raid, HOW TO ENJOY AND HOW TO DO MECH???
  12. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    I agree to the people above. Your main issue with this game IS BAD OPTIMIZATION: people get low FPS, get lags, get high ping (this one might only be solved if there is rerouting of servers so that far located players are helped) BnS is A FUN GAME, TOTALLY COOL and AMAZING CONTENTS, we don't need more contents if the very basic problem of game optimization is not solved. But it seems that this game is only surviving because of the contents, bring in new contents, new players/ some of old players will come back to play, filling in the gap of players who quit.
  13. Agreed. Became even more laggy at raids for some reason.... freezed many times...................................... Didn't happen that much last time (before last week update) So bad.........................
  14. What is the point of this gold oil?

    Hmmm... so does it really worth or not to buy? Btw is it real 1x PTS removed BUT added 25 transformation stones? Isn't that really really bad??? How about the lower tier of oils?
  15. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    Got the same 3 star crit T.T So bad until I had no choice but to buy the weapon skin which is totally useless to me...............