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  1. More difficult events are good!

    My point is if you have A6 and VT SS , you can do MSP to get TT 1-3 especially with weekend double rewards.
  2. After playing BnS for 1 year, I learnt that not all events are doable (or I should say can be maximized in terms of profit) by all tiers of players. I complaint initially, but now I accept this fact since it does make sense to have some variations. As someone pointed out above, the previous event was already very good for all players. Now the other pattern comes in, next will be another pattern of event. Then after a few, will come back to the good one like previous event. Circle of life.
  3. More difficult events are good!

    This is roughly the same with the event last year where you need to do solo dungeons and transmute the Party Table. Those with better gears can clear Circle of Sundering and get better rewards. Those with lower gear has to just accept the fact that they are lower tier and complete Yunsang to still be able to do the event but with lower rewards. At that time not many people complaint except me. I complaint so much in forum and also through support ticket...... Now I get used to this pattern, if I am not strong enough to clear event dungeons to get better rewards (Octas), then let it be... I still take part in the event with lower rewards....
  4. TT nerfs incomplete?

    didnt say, thats why i was asking in the other thread, where is the list of nerfs?? @Cyanplease answer...... we need a full list of nerfs (detailed nerfs) in Raids...
  5. More difficult events are good!

    TT1-3 is so easy now with MSP. You obviously need the gear to do stage 6 MSP, If you dont have good gear (VT SS A6+), why do you even want to skip VT SS and get TT SS? Step by step........
  6. @Cyan please confirm the full patch notes still does not list down what are being changed from the Temple of Eluvium and NIghtfall Sanctuary raids. Arent you supposed to list down the nerfs in details?
  7. Please Don't do server maintenance every week!

    I think they can... instead of backing up data for 1 week... they can backup data for 1 day instead :)
  8. Please Don't do server maintenance every week!

    How about maintenance 30 mins - 1 hour per day? Will that not be helpful to ALL players? Eventhough more trouble for NCsoft, but they should work more and get more rewards when many players are happier :P
  9. Raid Nerfs

    Agree. Nerfing mechs makes it not so attractive and less challenging. A bit boring tbh. Btw, Eckogen, when will you use marker on your guide videos? :P It will really help to understand and focus on the things that you try to show. :P
  10. Please Don't do server maintenance every week!

    Yup I understand it is an American company. But if it is about business hour, they could do it even later, No? It is still within their business hour even if it is pushed back 4-5 hours later. Splitting up the maintenance is a lot of work, I understand.
  11. Please Don't do server maintenance every week!

    This is not wrong but let me tell you that it is very HARMFUL for EU/Asia players. For you people in NA, of course, it is early morning time, the impact of even 5 hrs maintenance is very little. For us in EU/Asia, trust me it is VERY ANNOYING. When you have time to play in the evening, you can't play because of maintenance, and you lose BOTH 1 day event reward as well as 1 day premium. As many hard-core players like me, I force myself to have less sleep on the maintenance day.... but still I wish they don't do it every week or actually do it at other timing or even just make it short 30 minutes-1 hour per day.
  12. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    RIP............ Let's see what they will say in the streaming today/tomorrow @.@ Next week is the new event right? So they should be streaming soon.
  13. It is already RIP status. Most likely gonna stay like this. They could have fixed it easily 1 week after the patch if they wanted.
  14. alright, 2-3 failed attempts to enter MOML with dozens others asking YOYL :) I got lucky that I managed to grab the last slot at MOML on my 4th attempt (which is >10 mins to find), but i am sure many people are having difficulties to enter! Need to be sooooooooooooo fast, and if your 'Y' button doesn't work due to in keyboard typing mode, at that moment you will feel: OHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFF............!!!
  15. Orb of Ascensions Too Rare Nowadays, Not easy to do events. Not sure why they only limit the free orbs from F10 until 22nd March only? Why has to be so stingy? Why? They made mistake on the White orbs but why still so stingy to give so few Orbs, much lesser than what we lost..... Those lobbies that have orbs and advertising having orbs get filled within less than 1 sec (I am NOT JOKING!!! LITERALLY <1 second!)\ Those lobbies that dont have orbs dominate much more, YOYL and need orb everywhere. Today I had to spend quite long time (30mins+) to find Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate because of having no orb (used mine yesterday) and missed 2 - 3 lobbies that have orb (filled too fast <1second). This event has become frustrating instead of fun........................ I hope no one here is going to blame me for being slow to enter the lobbies that have orbs (which are rare)