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  1. Question about Oceania server

    Ehhhh? Really huh. Since when? Which 4? Russia, Europe, NA, and Oceania? You definitely have to create a new char, it is IMPOSSIBLE (sorry to say) to be able to import your char to different regions..........
  2. Jumping off ship, my final words.

    I can totally relate to most of what you have written in this thread. I also feel like I cannot catch up to how fast this game is introducing the upgrades. I work (PLAY) SOOOOOOOOOO HARD every single day, all my weekends are basically for BnS (whole day of Saturday and Sunday, yes). I didn't go out at all because I have to finish all the raids on many chars. You can say that it is my choice because I want to do many chars, and yes that is correct, but I do that so that I can get many many materials and gold so that I can quickly upgrade my main. But what do I get? I started playing exactly 1 year ago and so far I work soooooooooooooo harddddddddddddddddd but I still cannot catch up (I swear), my soul is still True Cosmic ++ (have a few oils stand by), not yet True Tiger. Other equipments are TT accs+Prophecy necklace and yes I dont have that expensive highest tier of Talisman and Heart. Weapon? I am stuck that I cannot get GC yet because my raid is still progressing on boss 4! We do raids everyweek but you know one or two people taking turns to miss raid every week, and let alone to find another raid THAT CAN MATCH YOUR TIMING is NOT EASY I swear. and now they introduce new raid, new weapon, new soul, new dungeon to do (great), and new specialization etc. I feel like there are soooo many updates within a short time whilst the nature of this game is about doing dungeon and raids, whereby you cannot solo them and you need other people to progress together with you. And as you said, the future ahead is still same pattern, new upgrades, new accessories coming, new raid already coming soon to Korea, and well how to catch up? it is so tiring that I also want to give up! :P I will quit the game one day too, but I wish I could quit when I'm at the latest content (raid), so I am still hanging on now.
  3. Hi @Cyan hope you can clarify this. in the stream you guys said like while doing Act 10 there is a quest from which you could start fishing. Does that mean to start fishing (at all) you need to do Act 10? or we can just buy the bait from NPC and go to that Dock and double-click the bait? Because doesn't that mean we need to do Act 10 on the first day of event (June 19th) because fishing is part of event? Whilst Wednesday is such a damn busy day with Weeklies and playing time is cut significantly by the usual LONG maintenance (Yes, I am not living in NA like 95% of you who are not affected much by short/long maintenance). Some people do say that it is easy to get the Angler's Pearl and we don't need to do fishing on the first day, but I don't know? Please clarify the above (whether one can do fishing without Act 10) Your help is very much appreciated.
  4. Question about Oceania server

    There is new Oceania Server? I didn't know that. If there is, you can never bring over any characters from different regions.........
  5. Blade & Soul: New player feedback

    For character slots, you can buy character slots with Hongmoon Coins which you can get for free either from Daily dash or RNG drop from quests. If you just want to try combo and get a quick feeling about a class, you can create a Level 50 character to go to a Training room to try the skills (you can't go to real world aka the game without spending a Level 50 (or maybe 60 now) voucher which can be only bought with NCoin (real money))
  6. Shackled Island Taking Too Long to Fill

    It is really a waste of time when the match didn't start. Now I won't even wait that long. If I enter and i saw the # of people is less than 10, I just quit.
  7. Shackled Island Taking Too Long to Fill

    And yes, I also got gang-banged a few days ago for people doing tag teams. It felt so bad, they shared the kills and killed other people who obviously can't fight against 2 people at the same time. I am a solo player and I felt really unfair..... I honestly wouldn't really want to do that place again if not for the 10 moonstones weekly........... And I don't feel like doing that place for all of my chars.
  8. I think Shackled Island is taking too long to fill at most of the times. We need 20 people and the waiting time is sooooo long especially not in the prime time. I wasted 15 mins last weekend just to wait for the lobby to be filled which later ended up failed to fill (the gate closed after 1 hour) AND the match did not start. Literally wasted the 15 mins of waiting and couldn't do anything. It was 15/20 inside and I was the 10th or 11th, imagine the 1st person in the lobby waited even longer. 2 days ago I went in again and wasted another 10-15 mins and it was stuck at 4-5/20, only 1 or 2 people went in after me and this time it is not even at the end of 1 hour duration. I went in after 15 mins the gate was opened (still have 45 minutes to close). So my question is, is it effective? Does it have to be opened so many times in a day and for so long? On the contrary, the daily Koldrak's Lair is only opened so short 10 minutes and it gets filled so fast without problem even if you enter at the last minute before it closes. The reason is because Shackled Island can be just done once in a week and you can maintain your rank (or even go up), I think most people do that. While Koldrak's Lair is a daily thing to get the Garnet gem which takes so long to acccumulate. Is the developer focusing on wrong thing? Shouldn't they actually open more Koldrak's Lair timing or open the gate longer because it is popular? And players need Garnet gems farming and some more now we have Dyad Triangular Garnet Obsidian? Why open the same number of slots for Shackled Island (with Koldrak's Lair) and open it for so long while the lobbies are not filled fast and in the end wasting players' time?
  9. Lustrous box is the one bought from F10 daily with 1 NCoin? Is it able to be purchased with HMC too? I didn't know.
  10. They are never fair about exchanging items / restoring items because of new upgrade / cost reduction. You can try. But most likely you will be rejected. While some of my friends keep getting help for restoration when every new ugprade/cost reduction comes. I don't know why. The support will just say ' we cannot disclose about other players bla bla ... ' Goodluck with that still.
  11. Errr.... GM doesnt even bother to reply >,> @Cyan
  12. On Friday/Sunday, which Sacred Longui Stage 3 that players need to kill? I noticed the turtles in ring of reckoning is also named Sacred Longui. If it is MSP, does it mean we just need to kill stage 3 (a different quest than the daily MSP quest)? Because current weekend MSP quest requires you to kill all stage 1-3, starting from stage 1, without skipping any. If you skip stage 1 and kill stage 3 directly, you won't complete the quest. But in the table listed in the event preview notes, it only says 'Sacred Longui stage 3'. So which? all 1-3 or just 3? If it needs 1-3, then the table need to be corrected to give the correct impression. Please clarify @Cyan
  13. High ping

    Just wondering... The companies doing Thai server is NC or not? I know there is one server at Thailand right? (Thai language) How about Russia server? NC too? So actually how many servers do they have?
  14. Question about the new event

    I have to agree with this guy. You guys need to improve, the streaming is totally not fun, and your voices (all 3 people) are not fun ( I'm sorry, no offense) to be streaming caster (caster need to be more fun).
  15. Koldrak's Lair Timing for Asia Players

    Yes they definitely can do this if they want. It is simple coding change imo, just need to add the loop in the codes.......... This is about will.