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  1. So funny when you tried to correct me when you are the one who is wrong. LOL. Sorry, but what you tried to do as always seems failed :)
  2. Hi, CMIIW, This upcoming event is going to be 4 weeks. For 4 weeks we can only get 132 event tokens? List below: 48 from weeklies x4 weeks 56 from dailies x28 days (2 tokens each day: assume you can complete DST / WC on all your characters, which is probably not going to happen for many people) 28 from candycloud park dungeon x28days Total: 132 right? 35 per vials that means i need 140 tokens for 4 vials (for 4 weeks event) If excluding the daily login rewards, which is shared across all chars in the same ID, That means cannot even get 4 oils from these 4 weeks (each char) right? Comparing with all other events we have been having (at least for this 1 year), isn't this event the worst in terms of how many oils you can get per week per character assuming you do all parts of the events? Usually for all events, at least 1 vial per week (excluding login reward). If event is 4 weeks, we could get 4 vials. Now they reduced it? Why though??? Why??? Don't tell me they messed up in terms of calculation?
  3. I understand your point. But as I said I am logging in everyday but there are days I dont have enough time to clear all Alts' dailies. so during that time (twice a month or so) preparing the dailies is very helpful. And if that is what they intended (only do on that day), why don't they make it simpler though instead of 4 dailies to get a reasonable amount of reward which takes up to 45mins at least to 1 hr to do for 1 char, while many people have more than 1 char? And why they have to do a long maintenance on the Europe/Asia evening time when we could play and it is so unfair that we won't have enough time to do dailies + get event rewards for maintenance day because of maintenance while all NA people are just fine? They could do 30 mins maintenance each day and it will be fair for everyone in all regions. It is not me who are just too diligent to prepare early for some days, but the situation forced me to (catch up without spending $ + long maintenance in my evening time) I hope you wont continue by saying it is my fault for having many alts though, because without those I wont be what I am now with free to play..............
  4. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    If you want them to make these changes, you should send a suggestion ticket. Otherwise it will be missed here.
  5. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Agreed. But yet some people are still trying to justify what they did. I don't know why, maybe those people are the employees in disguise?
  6. Let me add something: Auto clearing the daily challenges count is a very bad decision that will hinder people to have real life. hardcore players like me also have life, sometimes we dont have time to clear dailies (especially Wednesday playing time is cut by maintenance) and thats why we prepare early. They do this-> cut our throat, Very bad move. Read my thread for my consideration:
  7. Weekend has come, just when I thought I should do MSP just to save a daily or just for a 'reasonable' 15 mins daily for 12gold reward (after all the gold nerfs from dungeons, this 12g sure looks nice). BUT I WAS WRONG!!! The MSP now is A NIGHTMARE!! The thunders from killing the Trasher/other mini boss DOESN"T WORK ANYMORE!! It doesn't kill all mobs anymore near the mushroom (blue moon). The result is: you need to clear all mobs yourself + unexpectedly MANY low dps players who don't know how to clear mobs and don't want to move around Final Result: 40 minutes JUST TO CLEAR MSP 1-3!!! You think I was just unlucky? FINE! I challenged myself by doing ANOTHER ONE MSP run, and the result is still the same (even though this time is better with 2 players doing 500k dps+, but the moving around to clear the blue moons are just taking too much time! Oh mannnnnnn! I don't know what else to say, this PATCH IS THE WORST ever patch I had after playing this game for 1 year+.
  8. Finally the forum is open again. So funny it was down for 1day+ after patch where many people had many things to complain :) Many of you must have realized. Nowadays the dungeons that are in the daily challenges (except Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage) are automatically started (you can see when you open the daily challenge (DC) window: the icon is an 'in progress" icon that we usually have when we start a quest. And when you clear the dungeon, (#1) it will be automatically claimed and your DC count automatically go up, only leaving you have to claim your gold reward yourself. Claiming the gold reward for the dungeons (except HM/CS) will not be the DC clear count anymore, instead it gets counted when the boss dies. Regardless of what is the purpose of this change, I am strongly opposing this idea seriously. Like, WHY ON EARTH do you want to control when we claim our clear count on those dungeons? You already control what is counted as DC, INCREASE the number of DC to get the same amount of reward (e.g. solar energy/mats), REMOVED the easy daily challenges, WHY YOU still want to control when we claim the clear? When you do this, that means, we cannot pre-run any dungeons to keep the clear count for the days that we want and we need when we don't have much time to play: Maintenance day/Weekend frenzy/real life stuff. Because of this and +++ (#2) the lower gold reduction, these two greatly reduce the number of players running OTHER DUNGEONS other than those in DC, you can check F8 and see how hard it is to get people to run other dungeons other than those in DC. (#3) IS THIS GAME only all about doing DC dungeons every day? If I don't have friends, I cannot run other dungeons other than those in DC??? I am not sure whats the reason, but if it is to cater the difference between Easy vs Hard mode clear to be counted in DC count (as now both easy and hard modes differ in DC), i would say THIS IS A VERY STUPID WAY of doing this. If you want to separate the clear counts, just give 1 more tag to the quest which indicates Easy or Hard Mode, WHILE MAINTAINING the main tag so that people don't get rewards for doing both. OR EVEN SIMPLER, just give Different IDs to the two quests (1 easy 1 hard) so that when one of them (lets say Easy mode) is cleared (The boss died and we are left with reading the letter to claim), the other one (aka Hard Mode) is locked (unable to start to get gold reward)..... ISN'T THAT SO EASY? Like seriously???? What is even WORSE is, if the reason is really to cater the difference between Easy vs Hard mode clear to be counted in DC count, WHY ON EARTH do these also apply to dungeons that DON'T Have hard modes like SSM/HH/etc??? If not for this, can you tell us any logical reason why you do this change (point #1 above)??? Because you can CHECK yourself, #1 and #2 are causing SO MUCH change of favor in F8, and #3 is REAL issues these 2 days.
  9. This patch might be the last straw

    I already give up talking to him seriously. Because he has millions of justification to justify NCsoft/NCW. The company is never wrong in his eyes. So all that are wrong are us the players. As an example in daily life: When one citizen complains you can think that maybe the person is crazy or too paranoid or just lazy etc. So now, regardless of what the population vs government's arguments are: because they are subjective and you can find any tiny justification to justify: When more than 80% of the population do the same thing and the government DOES NOT LISTEN, you should ask yourself whether the government should still be supported. So what Grimoir is doing imo is simply............
  10. Requesting Daily Challenge New List

    Now is already near time to sleep for people living in Asia (some are already sleeping, 00am), they upload the patch notes at around 2am+ when most of us are sleeping. Then in the morning we go to work and come back after maintenance start, any time to play? One more thing, are you saying that I don't have outside life since i have time to complain about the lack of common sense from the GM to inform players early (need to take into account all regions of players)? Man, if you see me "VERY" active in game during my day time (people work to earn living), then you can probably suspect me having no life..... Maybe you are one of those living in NA who can never understand the feeling of people living in Asia/Oceania/EU playing this game and having to keep up with you all. Some ungrateful..... lalala....
  11. This patch might be the last straw

    Don't waste time talking to him, he is a real loyal supporter of NCSoft/NCW and nothing that the companies do are wrong according to him. He will fight for it with whatever justification he has instead of thinking about what MOST players think/feel. I agree to many things that are mentioned above and I said this few times in other threads. The issue with this game is too wide gap between people 'who are willing to spend time and learn this game' to people 'who have no brain or unwilling to put effort and time'. Unfortunately, as a game developer you have to satisfy both needs. AND IF YOU CAN'T SATISFY BOTH, you gotta choose which sides are more important for you. Life is a choice, unfortunately they made their decision. We could only complain and we know it will not change anything, even though some of them PROUDLY say in the stream 'we heard you bla bla'. I am neutral in terms of easy/removal of normal level. But As someone mentioned above, it seems like MORE people in this forum are against the idea of removing normal modes. Maybe consider listening to majority? For my case, I am one of those who are willing to put effort and time to learn this game. I spent so much time of my life to play this everyday, and I managed to catch up to almost max gears with F2P with the help of Alts grinding. With this changes in CB removal, solar energies need 4x dailies to get, etc.... I am thinking to stop doing dailies on Alts since it will take too long. ANd i don't need much upgrade materials + Golds anyway now. Some of my clan mates who are upset with this change in daily challenge also said the same thing to me...... they will stop doing alts because not enough time (we are all working professionals) and they might be leaving this game slowly. I would just do main and that means I will most likely play this game less, so tired with playing 6 hrs a day and 20 hrs on weekends for 1 year in order to catch up from 0 to almost max gear(just soul/heart need ~150 more oils to max) +knowing all raids+dungeons mech (except ET boss3) like now. And when one plays less, he will find other things to do and if that other things are more enjoyable to him, he might slowly get bored of this game. And when it comes to that, who are at lost? Or maybe NCW doesn't care, then just leave him be!
  12. Requesting Daily Challenge New List

    Cyan, that is why i am saying. TOMORROW IS TOOOOOOOOOOOO LATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I was waiting till streaming and hoped you guys will mention it clearly in the stream (but you only showed us the challenge screen and scrolling fast without giving details on what day it is/mentioning in details that Celestial Basin is removed, no solo dungeons, etc) Can you guys do better in terms of informing players early? NO BODY LIKES SURPRISES. I will take a very harsh example, when you guys REMOVED the option to exchange Legendary Mystic Badge from Mushin's Tower NPC. YOU INFORMED US 1 DAY PRIOR to the patch day, didn't mention in the stream, causing me unable to prepare enough materials to make my soul badge (I had one piece but missing the other one). Please understand that we have our daily lives... And do you think you only have players from NA whereby the maintenance timing match normal people life so nicely? Most of us can only play in our evening time after class/work.....and you have players from Europe and Asia and Oceania whose playing time is cut 4 hours by maintenance (left with at most 2 hours to play on Wednesday) and that's why we prepare early for Wednesday so that we don't miss. Can you please understand? Important things like changes in Daily challenge, removing some important features are supposed to be communicated MUCH EARLIER so that players CAN PREPARE AND PLAN. That is the purpose of stream but YET........ Not to mention you guys always forget this and that in the stream. I still remember how you guys forgot to mention the change in the Daily challenge in the stream when Warped Citadel came out (I watched every single stream without skip), then suddenly announced it so late and I had no time to prepare for Wednesday busy day.
  13. Hi, I want to request daily challenge (DC) new list to be shared at least 2 days before patch (today). Because the last time you guys changed the DC, it was a surprise without any announcement many days before and it SCREWED UP my Wednesday busy day because Wednesday is reset day and busy with weeklies+raid (and I AM NOT JOBLESS AND LIFELESS) and I always prepare my daily challenge on all characters before Wednesday so that I can just claim it on Wednesday. If I don't do that, I don't have enough time as the playing time is cut a lot by the long maintenance and I am not living at NA. This time I don't know if you will put it in the patch notes, but I wish to know it as early as possible so that I can prepare AND PLAN. I am sure it will help other players to plan as well. Can you at least do this to help us? And you change the DC list some more, removing the easy ones and make our lives tougher (It is so annoying)
  14. Weekly Reward not collectable

    It is still not fixed on NA
  15. I think he meant, you already tried to push the issue to the dev team 4x recently (recent issues on weeklies), but still didn't work. He was expecting a solution after waiting for 1.5 months.