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  1. They probly will add all the good items to the shop directly, for ridiculous prices. Can't you buy boxes with HMCoin?
  2. Maybe take a break?, I think you worry too much about this stuff. You feel bad when you wait, but you also feel bad when you upgrade right now and reduction hits soon after. Upgrade right now and be done with it.
  3. Warden nerf will come eventually, like with any other new class.
  4. @Liinxy @Youmukon little OT here, but is there any chance you could add the Holiday Soiree costume as well? pretty please :3
  5. They had lots of stuff in the event last year ... who knows what NC thinks
  6. because they look bad and nobody really wants them
  7. The costumes aren't even in the shop yet ...
  8. Yes, trove is a frustrating rip off. Don't do it.
  9. I think they plan to remove all the different elements and only have elemental power or something, so I'm pretty sure this will happen eventually. Unless they figure out a new way to make everything way too complicated and costly ...
  10. Maybe they add the missing Xmas costumes, not yet in the shop, as cheaper daily special. You can always sell your gold and buy costumes with HM Coin, even as F2P player. Also you can get a free costume from the registration event thingy and two more from the Jackpots, don't forget to buy it from HM Coin tab. :3
  11. Please add the Holiday Soiree costume to the shop. You didn't add it last year, I really really want it. Pretty please :3
  12. The leveling and questing is (or used to be) fun. Now you just blast through the yellow quests and get to max level in 2 days or something. BnS end game is actually not that awesome, if you really look at it: Grind for materials, or purchase them with cash, upgrade your weapon and accessories, do the same handful of dungeons every day to get some gold, maybe do some arena or bg if you're into PVP. I'd highly recommend you take your time with leveling up and enjoy everything that's left on the way, or maybe quit right here and look for something else.
  13. That sucks Write a ticket to billing support and ask for your money back, maybe you're lucky and they refund your purchase. You can also file a dispute with Paypal or your bank or whatever and have them return your money, but this will permanently terminate your NC account for fraud.
  14. What for? The costume looks pretty underwhelming, but if you desperately need materials for the gear hamster wheel, go for it I guess. The Xanos achievment is pretty nice tho, easy 11 AP plus a cute title :3
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