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  1. What’s this to Khanda Vihar quest

    It's a connection questline. You'll look for the Orange questline for Skybreak Spire and start it by talking to Junghado in the Imperial Throne Room, once you finish the first part of the main storyline and Yunma Fei is made Empress . Once you complete the questline, Naryu Sanctum and Foundry will open up to join,and the Skybreak Spire and Dawn of Khanda Vihar raids will also open.
  2. Jumping,Flying Quest

    If you stuck on this wait til you have to wall run to get Seriously though...I'm well known for my poor in-game parkour skills and I've managed to level 5 toons to 55 with no I'm awestruck by your inability to do so, and the tenacity by which you judge a game for your own failings.
  3. Raging Grassquatch glitch? Need drop for HM LMB

    ,,,and from the achievement vendor in Zeiwei
  4. Show off your characters!!

    White Angel for Mags
  5. Show off your characters!!

    New outfit, new axe, all awesome.
  6. I do get the dead dungeon part, but they may not be able to do this without affecting raid drops. You need 3 of each legendary accessory to awaken them to level 3, currently there are 3 accessories that do this, ring, earring and necklace, and you need multiple from BT and VT/SK for the tier 2 elementals and also likewise from TT, for the tier 3 elementals. So long as they can separate the two, I see no problem with what you're suggesting, though given that the loot bid system is already ludicrous and antiquated, I seriously doubt it will change.
  7. Except, again, Fury is 6 seconds and has a 30 second CD even with a CD buff (45 seconds without it). 12 seconds/ minute is hardly spam in a SM rotation AND depending on your Bracelet, Wrath adds 1200% to your Galeforce damage, through the Divinity proc (and even without it any loss would be negligible due to faster GF procs). Since you should get 3 GF in total during Fury, that would not be a net loss. In either case Fury allows you to proc more Galeforce attacks. Again, I'm not sure you know what you're talking about. I'd have to see your gear to know more though.
  8. Except we don't get Wrath spam in SM on Shadow, except on Fury or Soulburn type mechs, so unless you are running a Wrath build with consistent Fury uptime, SM on Shadow Destro base only smooths the transition of Eradicate to Galeforce, it is quite simply the simplest Simple Mode there is. Maybe a Wrath/Fury build is an Earth base trait, I don't play Earth so I can't say. Literally you use SM as a Shadow Destro if you don't want to have to remember to press F every 3 Eradicates for Galeforce. If that's your thing, or you have high ping, then SM is for you. Since Shadow synergizes with Execute, you want to reduce it's CD and increase it's uptime to take advantage of the 4000% Shadow Storm buff on Execute, so I'm at a loss why you would run a Fury/Wrath build in Shadow (which is the ONLY time you would see an uptick Wrath spam). I'm not sure you know what you're talking about.
  9. Dueler is PVP, are you PVPing? Yes, this. Though I saw that they were converting it, at least in CN region (who knows how it will come to us), as 'Physical' with accessories being able to be antique exchanged to the new accessories. Likely this means Obsidian gems will be converted to 'physical' (or 'elemental power' as you stated, which I like better). Accessories that affect specific skills will not be the same exact accessory, but my guess is ones that have the same exact stats, just different elements, will be the same, so that you can use them on every spec. This means you'll still see differences in items like Mystic Badges (some of which currently enhance elemental damage) based on spec, while items like rings and earrings will convert to the same item (as in you'll exchange a shadow element ring and/or a wind element ring, and you'd receive the same item back, but not the case with an Aransu badge which is also based on specific skills). Gems seem subject to the same exchange, all Obsidians may convert into the same 'elemental power' gem, and unless NC does something like offer different substats on Obsidians (like say, crit, crit damage, accuracy, etc) they'll all consolidate into one type of gem, like a Garnet.
  10. Could you perhaps condense this down to what you're basically trying to say? The post is more random that a bumble bee with ADHD trying to fly through a closed screen door. Are you trying to say the community is dwindling because too much changes for the worse in the game, and while you continue to stay, you feel the game will ultimately fail?
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Mags, in the tower
  12. A. This would be a good fix, if not 100%, at least triple the chances. I agree with the general consensus that the elites have more value. I could see a whale abuse if it's 100%, but I agree with you none the less. B. Yes, I remember Grindtooth when SSP was populated by 100s of Summoner bots. I did go back with different characters and try to get into several different channels. I found that it was a completely different experience (a poor one) dependent on the population of the channel and the population makeup of the channel. Low population channels with average geared players would see occasional fails at House boss, and bosses lasted about 45 seconds (you could arrive late and still get credit). A medium population of mixed geared players and they lasted 20ish seconds and I could still get credit if I was present when the boss spawned. High population channels with primarily highly geared or whaled characters, and the boss indeed lasted 5 or so seconds and I couldn't get credit even if I opened with an Ult. Seems to be a very wide range of experiences with more leaning towards no so good for moderately or lower geared players.
  13. Again, I'm not a whale and I did it in 2 and a half days. Every boss I've fought lasts 20-30 seconds... so, I don't know where you're getting this 5 second rule, since 30 seconds is plenty to tag the boss (since I've found NONE to be contribution locked). The only issue I've ever had is the 2 times I arrived and tagged the boss when they had less than 20% health. (To be clear, I'm not saying there aren't issues that NC needs to work out. Only that my experience has NOT been the same as what you're stating here) Just in case there's any doubt.
  14. Not sure I understand this post. I'm not a whale and I have average ping...yet I made 80 Thrillers and 20 Killers in the last 3 days along with a ton of loot. All I've had to do is ctrl-f on the boss fights and tag the boss (all of them) to get loot. Only twice in all that time did I arrive too late to get loot even though I tagged the boss. I mean I've literally had no issues with this event. I've not even had random disconnects. I even ran into 2 parties that were willing to rotate loot (which is rare in this community). Out of all the other loot, I've managed to farm two fakey Octas, a fakey Hept (non-HM) and 20 legendary Gem Hammers, along with some other general loot like materials, soju and fortune potions. I don't know what I'm doing differently than you guys. But I'm having a completely different experience.
  15. How? I've farmed the new event for 2 days and as long as I hit the boss one time, I've gotten loot every single time, so your comment here is misleading. The bosses aren't contribution locked, and if you have high latency, that's your problem (the only way you MIGHT not get credit).