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  1. Cleave should hit multiple targets

    Do you guys not use Mighty Cleaves?
  2. Destroyer 3rd spec

    Yes, Twin Moons is a Destroyer tank spec
  3. Kitsune sounds like he's on the right path. Weeklies don't drop loot, there's no bidding as there's no loot drops.
  4. Beware of CS scams

    The whole concept of "MOML" on first boss in CS is greedy BS in the first place, since an orb isn't required to run the first boss. Bonus boss sure, take the loot. But MOML on Winter Mane is a DB move from the beginning, and you guys/gals that do it, know it. I don't join those groups, because I don't support the notion that that is okay, so I'm safe from that sort of 'scamming'.
  5. I can confirm it no longer works.
  6. Actually, there's some correction here. The above posts have it mostly correct. 1. You get 2 frozen feathers. 2 lesser demon stones and 4-6 scale fragments from the dynamic quests in both HM and CS, and again (if someone uses an orb) the same of each from the Kaari lord bonus boss. 2. Each of the 3 bosses has a chance to drop their per-ascension loot, plus 1-2 frozen feathers, some lesser demon stones , and silver scale fragments. Additionally the loot table now includes Hepta gem tickets. 3. The original merchant in CS sells Brilliant Ore Boxes for 10 frozen feathers, and Brilliant Radiance Stone boxes for 5 frozen feathers. They also sell resets, colored keys for each box at 1G/each and nightstone conversions. 4. The merchant of wonders has a chance to spawn in each dungeon and can sell Brilliant Ore boxes for 30G and Brilliant Radiance Stone boxes for 15G. He also sells mats (super expensive) , an outfit, and RNG gold boxes. This means you could get 9-12 frozen feathers, but WILL get at least 6 frozen feathers if you do all 3 bosses. You could get up to 2 boxes of your choice if you're willing to part with gold and the merchant spawns with boxes both times. It also means that if you do just the main 2 bosses you should be able to get a box, for 1G (for the key) every other your complaint is pretty weak really, given that doing the dailies literally gives you enough gold, even without premium.
  7. You are, in part, missing the point. While individual stone stats matter is some scope, the main reason to get Legendary stones at this point is for the set bonus, which far exceeds the individual stone values overall. A 'second soul' effect if you will. While my luck isn't this good, you can see the advantage of having the set effect from the legendary stones. A 1200 set effect, for example, far exceeds the small bonus' you get from individual stones. (Mind you I'm not even close to it) Again though, no one is making anyone buy resets or spend gold. I'm fine with my luck on refining stones at this point. I do agree with the notion, however, that the best practice is running the dailies for HM and CS for the feathers and going the slower route.
  8. Geometry Lesson

    A square has 4 sides.... Why do I feel this is false advertising? I mean, it's not really a square even in stats...
  9. Geometry Lesson

    @Youmukon I appreciate you taking the time to actually explain in detail. If I can confirm what you ask concerning who got what gem, I will likewise update my ticket to reflect this. If I'm unable to corroborate this with said individuals, I will also reflect this on my ticket. I wasn't confused so much as disappointed by both the outcome and the response from customer service. Lackluster customer service is off putting. It is was it is, and I have to just accept it, I'm not getting a choice. @Grimoir - Just wanted to acknowledge you were correct here, sorry if my manners were bad, I was a tad frustrated.
  10. Geometry Lesson

    Except you're missing 2 points. 1. I also stated in my ticket if the Garnet was a mistake, then A Peridot would be fine, so long as it was what the box and the pouch have it labeled as. 2. The box in the pouch labels them as SQUARES. Other people have mentioned that squares do drop from the pouches as they have seen them, one such person even posted here. I gave them multiple ways to make up for it, and the generic response was a put off. It was supposed to be a square, even if it was labeled a garnet and supposed to be a peridot, it is still the wrong item. Either way, garnet aside, it's still not what the box labeled it to be, a RNG Gilded Square.
  11. Geometry Lesson

    For your information I didn't ASK them to fix it for me. I asked them to give me the correect gem, and forward the bug report on. That is a simple request since the specific gems already exist correctly in the game. So your assumption is completely unwarranted and assinine. If you're telling me you get something from a store that you expect to be one item, and is another wrong item and you don't return it, you're either a fool or a liar.
  12. Geometry Lesson

    Yeah, they said it's a known issue on my ticket, but did nothing about it except redirect me in generic fashion, back to the help pages. Customer service at it's finest. We know its messed up, maybe we'll do something about it later, sorry, have a nice day.
  13. @Thece, This isn't the right launcher. Go back until it shows New Launcher and doesn't ask you to reinstall the game. You can do that by pressing Ctrl F5 to hard resfresh the download site. then the page should look like the one I posted above.
  14. New launcher

    See my post here, and see if this helps you.
  15. Couple things I did that fixed the issue for me - 1. Do the refresh to get the correct launcher so it doesn't ask you to reinstall the whole game. Its should look like this - 2. The Blade and Soul shortcut still redirects to the launcher 1.0, you have to either update what file the shortcut points to, OR navigate to the NC Launcher 2 folder, in the NCSoft directory and pull a new shortcut from the NCLauncher2 exe file and use that. 3. The Launcher 1.0 has a tendency to attempt to launch the client, but the game doesn't launch in lieu of the new launcher update. This can cause the client to run at the bottom of you processes window, in the background and cause the update to throw an error. Close the launcher, run the task Manager, kill the client process and then relaunch the NCLauncher2 to reinstall the update. It should work now. (Doing a full power cycle on your computer would also likely work). Aside from the top one, none of this is mentioned in their troubleshooting steps, but this may work for you.
  16. Not getting prestige points

    Are you less than 5 levels over the npcs or characters you're killing? (anything over 5 levels doesn't reward prestige points). Say like, if the npcs or characters are level 30 and you're 40, you're too far over them, and you won't get points.
  17. You. Have. To. Have. Essence. Tokens. To. Spin. The. Wheel. (someone even said it above your post) What wheel are you trying to spin?
  18. best way to farm YUNSANG PRAYER BEAD?

    I would go 16-19 for the fastest run honestly. But yes MT upper deck is the best way IMO. Though there's some quests that give a few necklaces and the daily gives 1 bead
  19. Where to get GUNWON DAGGER?

    Wheel Merchant in Grand Harvest Square
  20. What’s this to Khanda Vihar quest

    It's a connection questline. You'll look for the Orange questline for Skybreak Spire and start it by talking to Junghado in the Imperial Throne Room, once you finish the first part of the main storyline and Yunma Fei is made Empress . Once you complete the questline, Naryu Sanctum and Foundry will open up to join,and the Skybreak Spire and Dawn of Khanda Vihar raids will also open.
  21. Jumping,Flying Quest

    If you stuck on this wait til you have to wall run to get Seriously though...I'm well known for my poor in-game parkour skills and I've managed to level 5 toons to 55 with no I'm awestruck by your inability to do so, and the tenacity by which you judge a game for your own failings.
  22. Raging Grassquatch glitch? Need drop for HM LMB

    ,,,and from the achievement vendor in Zeiwei
  23. Show off your characters!!

    White Angel for Mags
  24. Show off your characters!!

    New outfit, new axe, all awesome.
  25. I do get the dead dungeon part, but they may not be able to do this without affecting raid drops. You need 3 of each legendary accessory to awaken them to level 3, currently there are 3 accessories that do this, ring, earring and necklace, and you need multiple from BT and VT/SK for the tier 2 elementals and also likewise from TT, for the tier 3 elementals. So long as they can separate the two, I see no problem with what you're suggesting, though given that the loot bid system is already ludicrous and antiquated, I seriously doubt it will change.