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  1. Let's talk about clan control over Hunter's Refuge

    Doubt they thought that this would happen. They prob thought itd be like panda village where one person may kill everyone, not 4 clans with 260 people locking the place down. Still unacceptable though. Is an event for everyone, not the same 260 people every single slot.
  2. Any statement to the current situation ingame?

    You’ll have to take that up with the eastern side of the company. Ncwest has no control over how the game is developed or run. They only localize And publish the game for our region. If you want the game to be passed to a different company, try contacting ncsoft kr or cn. That’s why ncwest is unable to fix these modders running armpit with the ‘unintended’ skill use. They can’t fix it, they only publish patches when they get them. And until ncwest receives a patch to apply the temporary fix like cn had, ban hammer is their only option. I feel they should have done it with a physical person and not a bot detection though.
  3. Performance Problems

    The game runs fine for me, definitely better than it did pre-patch. Have yet to encounter a shadow bm though.
  4. [B&S] Blade and Soul Performance Issues

    As they said, it varies from pc to pc. Mushin's Tower is pretty smooth for me. Used to look like a slideshow, now no more frame dips. We'll have to see after each maint though since those usually make the game run worse over time.
  5. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Maybe remove cross-server for dungeons? Would be nice if people ran them on the actual map. Would feel like a real MMO instead of sitting in a lobby. The party finder in the world would actually be used for the second time since lv45. Also, f8 would still include Arena, Battleground and challenge mode though.
  6. New launcher

    No, its gone. Old launcher in cdrive and game folder in gdrive. It was even the new downloaded installer... like tf. Used private broswer and cleared cashe...
  7. New launcher

    Update: I just downloaded the launcher. Upon open it prompted to download and update the launcher. I complied. Upon loging into the launcher. There was an option fpr me to search for the downloaded game. Looked for it in my games drive and it looks as if the launcher deleated everything(the game) .Even the old launcher folders. It req me to patch. Clicked it and now I jave to redownload the entire game. Thanks ncsoft. Great way to start of the evening
  8. New launcher

    Is it required to download the new launcher/updater off the website to be able to play the game after this maint? do you have to re download the entire game? Or can you just find old installation files?
  9. Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan: Patch Notes & Overview

    Yeah, probably one of the bigger things people want to know for sure. but it was conveniently left out... omegalul
  10. Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan Events Overview

    No, they did this soul event before. Multiple times. There won't be a return on stuff. It's mainly for the new and returning players to catch up.
  11. Event Soul Obtainable?

    It's 3 orbs a day x 28. =84, not 72. 116 total orbs
  12. Do you know if it applies to all hm gems? trove,transmute,&merchantofwonders gems
  13. Will all gems be antique-able for a return on gem powders? i.e. transmuted gems and trove/merchant of wonders gems. Gilded tri, Octa, & Hepta's will be antique-able for powders, but will hexa's also be on that list? If so, how much powders is a hexa in return?
  14. Patch update typo for bm skills?

    https://imgur.com/a/2ZbUvoQ Patch notes says that the 3-piece beluga set for bm, was changed from "five point strike" to "soaring falcon 20% Cooldown reduction". When ingame it went from "Soaring falcon 20% cooldown reduction" to "five point strike 25% cooldown reduction". Is this intended? or a typo? If it was, this change literally made beluga set worthless only good pvp set for bm now is nova core, what a shame since you need to grind your ass off to but even 5set novacore.
  15. Character Info bugged in F8

    Gunner's BT/VT/TT Soul shields is whats bugging out the f2, unequipe your soul shields and itll work again.