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  1. The patch notes as well as the Dark Passage preview page (https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/dark-passage-items-and-systems-preview/) did not include a mention of Mythical Weapons only being sealable at stages +10, +15 and +20. With that, I have upgraded my weapon to mythical stages lower than +10 and now I cannot seal it to send it over to my Astromancer. I contacted support and they are unable to revert my weapon back to non-Mythical version or even "manually" transfer at the cost of a Mythical Sealing Charm. The lack of documentation around it has gated me from rerolling entir
  2. @Hime Kindly check support cases #23608271 #23597706 The restoration performed did not include any currency -- be it from transmutation costs or gold spent in F5/Faction.
  3. Still hasn't received my compensation nor the gold back from the deleted pods I purchased from F5/Faction.
  4. Your workaround was super bad then because this isn't true and you know it.
  5. So no positioning about the gold used to buy pets from F5 or Faction chat? That's the biggest issue for most people... Reading it again, it is actually worse -- people who bought get no gold back but the sellers who kept gold from sales also have the money from transmuting back. Lmao this is a joke, right?
  6. Are you returning gold we spent from buying items from F5 and Faction during that week too? There are two problems with this so far: I bought my stuff from the in-game sources (F5 and Chat) and still had my items deleted (yes I did touch the NPC before the forum notice came up); The players who, possibly, exploited and sold items keep the gold and go unharmed, but buyers have their gold and pet pods deleted;
  7. To the ones asking, yes boxes still give 100g. The drop rate was significantly reduced (source: EU server already have its opening).
  8. Nothing is what I expect. Fix the amount of players entry back to 300 (so that instead of 10k per player we can get 500g per player) or nerf the rewards. This is the ONE TIME I am asking NCSoft to nerf something cool they make because honestly, this is on Private Ragnarok Online levels of BS
  9. We have three prominent clans in the game (read: uber whale and top-ranked in clan pvp) doing agreements to control the entire map now that people figured they can make tens of thousands of gold in a single day (literally). Can anyone from the staff reckon this event is a problem? I thought you guys were introducing gold sinks, what is the point of adding an event that only people swimming in gold can make 5000g per hour? There's no amount of spending someone can do with this RNG Box that would make anyone catch up, this is not encouraging people to spend money either now that pet
  10. Hunter's Refuge page does not state that PVP stats (PVP AP, Crit Defense, etc) will function as they do in Battlegrounds. Can anyone (preferably from NC lol since players know nothing) confirm if PVP Stats will be in-place or if we should be prepared to occasional PVP but geared up for PVE exclusively?
  11. Yes but you are missing my point. Income has decreased and prices have increased. If income had increased by 10% and cost of items have also increased by 10%, then it would be the same cost value per item. The point about venezuela's inflation was a joke if that was too hard to grasp, by the way.
  12. Inflation is normal and that's not the exact point I tried to bring up. If inflation was the only problem this wouldn't really matter, but the gold income has been decreased and the cost of most things have raised in a way that it hasn't since 2017 (last time Moonstones were worth 10g each). The increase from 4g to 6-7g we had in the past year is normal and it is expected -- people also have a lot more gold so it doesn't really matter, but in the span of a month everything skyrocketed and our income has decreased, it's not a natural or expected way. It's just like comparing a real-lif
  13. Of course oil prices are tied to Elysians and Moonstones. Sacred Orbs are just cause-effect analysis since you need to spend Sacred Orbs to get Elysians from MSP.
  14. I don't spend a whole lot in this game. I sell raids that I run (1 ET, 3 TTs and 2 VTs) and that makes me enough money to """""""whale""""""" my character in staying relevant. In reality, the problem you are complaining doesn't even belong in this thread, so I appreciate your input but it's completely irrelevant to what I have raised in OP. Have a great day
  15. This is a recent problem. Market and economy had been fine since I returned to the game (when VT/SK was released) until just a few weeks ago. Their last few changes is what unleashed mayhem. They did acknowledge it in their social stream last week, so hopefully we'll see something done. Better late than never.
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