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  1. La mise à jour du 24 juillet apporte plusieurs changements aux fonctionnalités et aux objets. Pour en savoir plus, lisez notre article :
  2. Am 24. Juli erscheinen zahlreiche Änderungen an wichtigen Spielsystemen und Gegenständen. Hier findet ihr heraus, was euch erwartet:
  3. There are many changes to the game’s core systems and items coming July 24. Make sure to read about them here:
  4. Fraktion gibt 100 Gold?

    Hi @Rumpeldiepumpel, so etwas gehört nicht ins Forum, schon gar keine Links und es gibt es auch keine Diskussion darüber, ob man diese Links verbreiten darf. Das sind ganz klar Accounts die gegen die Richtlinien verstoßen und potentiell dazu da sind, um Accountinfos zu phishen. Somit würden wir euch bitten diese Accounts dem Support zu melden und zu blocken.
  5. Designwettbewerb 2019

    Du sollst dein Design beschreiben und wie du dazu gekommen bist, nachdem du es fertiggestellt hast, nicht vorher und auch nichts anderes.
  6. [Question] Character account change

    Hi @AkuNo We understand that this is a feature that many of you would very much appreciate, but there are currently no plans for introducing such option, as (A) this would cause serious problems in the game (character trading) that would need to be taken care of, and (B) this is currently technically impossible.
  7. Designwettbewerb 2019

    Wir nehmen das nicht so genau, dir steht frei die Beschreibung so lang oder so kurz zu halten, wie du möchtest, solange es kein Manifest wird. Du kannst beispielsweise erzählen, wie du zu der Idee kamst, was dich inspiriert hat, oder du kannst ganz einfach die einzelnen Elemente beschreiben.
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Hi all, I think it's time to cool down a bit. Please always ask, we are happy to answer your questions, but do not draw the wrong conclusions based on other regions' statistics. You cannot compare the South Korean version with ours. I was referring to the HP of Sacred Longgui Stage 4 in comparison to Admy Hae Mujin, which is roughly 22% lower: As Cyan noted before, we are really looking forward to showing you what awaits you at the event on the Roots of Malice patch preview live stream later this week, so make sure to tune in.
  9. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Hi all, We can't go into exact numbers but the event difficulty was nerfed due to your feedback. While the enrage timer still sits at 3 minutes, the overall HP of the last boss was reduced by more than 1/5 and thus you will require less DPS to finish good ol' Hae Mujin. Given those changes and the fact that most players should at least be slightly better geared than in Legends Reborn, we expect a smoother experience overall. Please keep in mind that we are currently still testing some aspects of the Roots of Malice patch and until all testing has been concluded, changes are not final, so take this with a grain of salt.
  10. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    Hi @FinalLight, There are different departments involved with finding solutions to problems in the game and actually creating new content for the game. Regarding performance, I posted here yesterday:
  11. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    Hi all, We have heard you. Please never think for a second that we would ignore your feedback. Sometimes we are actively discussing issues in the background while we are waiting for feedback from the development team. In these cases, it is sometimes difficult to comment until there is something more tangible and substantial to talk about. The performance issues are not only the biggest concern within the community since the latest update arrived, rest assured these issues are also on top of our priority list right now. We are sorry that many of you cannot experience Blade & Soul as we would like you to. We are actively discussing with the developers how to resolve this for you and since there is not only a single issue that needs to be addressed, but the game performance in general, at this point in time, we can't go into the nitty-gritty. Please be assured, there will be adjustments coming to address the most severe performance related issues, and we are working hard to bring them into the game as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can't give you a date yet, but we are working on having those adjustments being introduced in the next update, which we have not yet announced. We acknowledge what you are currently struggling with in-game, and we would like to thank you for your patience and your commitment to the game. Please bear with us, we are planning to make an announcement relatively soon.
  12. Angeln? Enttäuschung macht sich breit.

    Hi zusammen, Zuerst einmal gibt es nur eine westliche Version, Europa und Nordamerika unterscheiden sich nicht. Darüber hinaus kann man die verschiedenen Versionen von Blade & Soul nur mit Kontext vergleichen. Beispielsweise kann man die Angelbelohnungen nicht isoliert betrachten, weil es zum Beispiel grundsätzlich Unterschiede zwischen der westlichen und der chinesischen Version gibt, weil unter anderem das Geschäftsmodell anders ist und weil sich das Marktverhalten im Spiel auch anders verhält. Daher werden sich die Belohnungen fürs Angeln in der westlichen Version von Blade & Soul wohl auch in absehbarer Zeit nicht oder jedenfalls nicht signifikant ändern.
  13. 365 Premium Membership

    Hi @Zair, We are glad everything worked out and your issue got resolved :)
  14. Producer’s Letter – Summer 2019 Update

    Thank you, I've forwarded this. Since the preview costume 1 does have a normal breast shape, while preview costume 2 does not, this seems to be an actual bug, but right now I am waiting for our QA to investigate. For the other issues, I think it is best to wait for UE4. We don't entirely know the full scope of the changes yet and how this will affect character models, especially since the Engine Upgrade is still work in progress at this point. Imaging being my colleague and shot at in the office with Nerf Darts all day long. This is called affection, embrace it. Sounds like me at work. Jokes aside, it is fine that you don't like them, but others might and probably do quite a lot. If this comes up, we can incorporate this as feedback but I would not count on a change if it is not something the community as a whole would like to see.