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  1. People blame bnsbuddy but yeah at this point you should know that this goes far more than a simple dude glitching skills , there must be a lot of cheats/glitchs out there but people isnt streaming about it like XMLAndy (He broke the new patches 9 hours ago). Get over it and wait until cheaters glitch gold and start trading people on mushin 100k gold so we can actually play the game. Im pretty sure there is gold glitches actually , people sell gold for real money duh.
  3. Some Skill damage are hurting straight to hp bar , ignoring the resilience phyisical skills yellow/red ones. DoD Damage still going to resilience. This is working like this since like 2 patchs ago i had no time to post but there it is.
  4. @Baskerville Hello , some updates ago we got these badges available in the dragon trader npc you can get them now for 30 Bloodstones Still kinda expensive but Yeah is farmable now :).
  5. Sent my ultra whale gems to my new archer alt and later find out that my trove money(gems) is stucked on this toon cause new level cap for sending a message which is lvl 36 now. Anyways besides the cringe i feel , just want you to be careful , dont stuck your gems. *Why i can send my gems to a character that is below level 36 <<<< this shouldnt be possible since you capped this at lvl 36...(TOP Baiting)
  6. + fix this potatoe kfms pls they playing on god mode for years >_> This is the 2nd KFM spec which is broken on general pvp (6v6-1v1) they broken everywhere tbh Problem is that the class never die if you have 40 IQ even if you 5v1 a kfm they wont die unbalance comes when you have a class that is basically god mode and give this stupid damage i think you should make this class a straight tank or straight dps cause actually this work as both. +This class have unlimited iframes , stun , kd / pulls(this pulls wipe 3-5 people 1 shot) / annoying air combos / party buff etc.
  7. @Baskerville Sorry for delayed response , i play Guardian Warden for both PVE and PVP , well if u are more than 20 years and can actually read you will notice that some of the "older badges" are A LOT better than new badges. Problem is that some older players have these badges giving them a stupid advantage over other players on Battlegrounds. Making these badges available again will open a new way to PVP or PVE for every class on the game. Makes no-sense to keep these badges just for some lucky players and giving new players no way to farm them. if dont play a warden or even p
  8. i dont get why you dont add these tokens to the exchange NPC like every other token(Any Token plus elysian crystal = Your desired token) , and yes posting this topic again. there is no way to get these today and this badge make a huge difference on PVP playstyle. If you are a NCSOFT employee you probably are not qualified for this job so im gonna make things a little easier for you NPC : Gang Chiwon Location : Mushin Halls - First Floor Add Victory Tokens to the exchange option Liberty Token(Current Season Currency)+Elysian Crystal = Victory Token Please Support t
  9. NICE You maxed out your TT Acc now grind 48.640 gold to upgrade your soul then farm 50.000 more gold for a heart
  10. Can you make any way to get these tokens again? just add them to the merchant Gang Chiwon same as other tokens(Any Token+Elysian = Victory Tokens) i need this badge for a full pvp gear which is impossible to get nowadays. i know u dont give a about your pvp community but this could be helpful for a lot people.
  11. Actually invincible class at any gear when fix? im not even going to talk about geared KFM's
  12. Nerf this potatoe on pvp please (god mode+1taps+pulls = Unbalanced class) make them inmortal or just make them a bruiser both of them is nosense.
  13. Dumplings are not recovering resilience after patch. doesnt work on open world , dungeons , 6v6.
  14. As the title said im getting a soul flare Stutter/Freeze for like 3-5 seconds After the awakening patch. Asked some ppl in faction chat and some of them are getting the same issue. i leak some of my Graphics/Camera Spec , so u can tell im not playing on trash toaster. i've trying some mods to remove these textures but no one them seems to work. If u have any working UPKS please add me to discord @ddobled#3692. As a warden im exasperated with these freezes i cant tank properly like this. https://ibb.co/cvLckpp https://ibb.co/9YQFGT6
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