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  1. my friends quit bns

    I spent in Troves of past.. This Trove.. I refuse to spend anything more.. they have me as a paying patron, the rewards are not enough for me to dump any more into this game. Ive got better things to do with my money. Its a miracle the gaming commissions of the EU don't shut them down fore scamming the general gamer on the gambling chests & Trove. I suspect they will eventually will file some sort of class action lawsuit. but for now I am reserving the right to not pay.
  2. For years we have collected Demon Spirit stones.. and frozen orbs to exchange for various items in Cold Storage. Now we sell these for gold.. have to begin collecting more of these new orbs.. that is all well and good except, I make oils with my orbs.. why not exchange these for the new orbs? I have to exchange my 98 heaven mandate reset stone for mere gold?
  3. F2 Fix

    Its been more than a Month.. since F2 worked.. when will it be fixed?
  4. Soul event

    My main did not need one from the event.. So I saved it until one day I saw the sealing scroll had gone from 399g to 99g and there was 4 of them.. so I bought them.. what a deal.. I sealed that soul after I upgraded it with oils from this last event, and sent it to my baby alt who was not able to get in on the soul event.
  5. So I ran into a odd issue.. one Ive probably run into before but never gave it much thought till tonight. So they changed a bunch of items.. and one of those items were the SSP instance items.. the flower and petals. My main character had 1650 plants and over 11500 plant pieces.. Now I have 5 full stacks of the green shards.. 9999 pieces each.. and I can only sell 1000 back to the npc.. so.. I made contact with the Devs by submitting a ticket.. and they suggested I do it here.. Ok.. Here Iam .. Since they increased stack size to 9999 they really need to increase the stack size sold to the npc's.. to 9999.. cuz it only make sense.. it is too increased.. Fiery
  6. this is how broken this game is

    ut you know.. many people have left the game for the very reason your post is about.. NC will not do anything that does not make them more money. Optimization is not a profit generator. It could be but Investors want immediate payback. Its a fact This game will not likely be on the net for much longer. Newer and better optimized games are in the works 2019 looks promising I run a i7 3.4ghz oclocked to 5.2 ghz (stable) with water cooler. GPU is just a single Nvidia 1080 xtreme gaming 12gb ddr5., 64 Gb Vengeance Memory, Samsung 870 Pro series 1 Tb M.2. Most times I am 35-55ms and 85-110 fps in a raid setting. Blade and Soul runs fine.
  7. this is how broken this game is

    Its not the game its your Potato PC. Solution.. upgrade your PC, get a M.2 main drive I use a water cooler on my CPU and GPU's the only heat producing item in my PC is the Power Supply and DDR 4 - 3733 Memory
  8. gota complain about something. a bit over 1g isnt bad.. Sending jewels costs much more.
  9. Funny.. is this a precurser to what will happen tomorrow? game froze @ apprximate 7pm PST on Zulia. Im in the character selection screen with a grayed out "START" lolz
  10. Producer’s Letter – December 2018 Update

    I have played Blade and Soul for going on 3 years. This will be my 3rd Christmas Trove.. I wont be buying into the Trove this season.. Horrible month for Trove.. Since most of the regulars that keep buying into Trove's.. knows how bad Troves of past have been. hows about Blade and Soul.. give everyone in the game a 100 key present.. Every account gets 100 Trove Keys, special thanks to the Blade and Soul company. This way it wont feel like "Blade and Soul is the Grinch that stole Christmas". I found this one the web about the financial end of NCSoft.. According to NCSoft enjoyed a strong Q1 2018 with revenue up by 98 per cent, and income spiking by 585% According to the publisher's latest financial report, sales were up year-on-year $439 million USD. The reality is Blade and Soul was also down both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year, seeing a 24 per cent drop from $41 million USD in Q1 2017 to $31 million USD in Q1 2018. Korea accounted for the vast majority of revenue with 71 per cent of NCSoft sales coming from the region. By comparison, Europe and the US combined only represented around eight per cent of the publisher's total sales. How low must it go before NCSoft drops Blade and Soul from the EU & NA regions. The reality is profits have fallen to record lows.. Blade and Soul is dieing on the EU and NA servers. They are milking this cow.. with Troves, RNG boxes and consume boxes. They will not promise anything, nor will they build a old wore out game around a new engine if the finances are not there to back the investment. If we had everything the Korean Servers have the likelihood of a failure on the EU and NA servers probably would not be a thing. The Developers and investor's have known for the entire 2018 year BnS is failing. I as a consumer - investor, decline to spend any more of my money on a failing game. Its long over due, the game owes to its consumer base a big Christmas present.
  11. This is a cash shop game.. you notice oils and PTS every week in the store.. I still need more than 150 more to max my soul out and another 300 (insert swearing) pet pods.. and that is my main my 4 other alts.. well they are (insert more swearing here) out of luck because I am not going to buy them.. its beyond stupid. The population on the NA and EU shards have fallen.. continues to fall.. one day it will be like Devilian they just closed the servers.. and I suspect very soon they will close these shards and only be a ONLY Korea game There is no one that really cares what the state of the game is in. Their bottom line is not the players or the game.. its what flows through the store that counts. People paying sums of money for what exactly? basically dots n pixels.. You cant hold what you just bought.. you cant take it and place it in a drawer.. or on your desktop.. so what exactly did you spend that $300.00 on? Entertainment is the common excuse..
  12. Silver Scale

    Since the patch where Silver scale fragments and Blackstone fragment were increased from 10 to 20.. the farm rate of scale has not increased dungeon reward boxes still give 4 fragments while Blackstone increased to 10 pieces. All accessory upgrades to the highest tiers require Silver scales. The top tier heart is 75 scale. It is going to take me years to farm all these scales.. Increase the reward rates equal to the Blackstone rates and increase the dungeon drop rates, please.
  13. Since when was a gaming company listing store stuff as black Friday deals.. More and more this game is pay to win.. NC Soft & Blade and Soul is screwing itself into a hole, least on the Western and EU servers. Blade and Soul will never be Korea Blade and Soul. I refuse to spend another cent on this company when my subscription ends, thats it.. no more.
  14. BnS Buddy after update

    my two horse bits of wisdom.. Funny horse-schit. I dont know why people complain about lag, lag pockets n such.. if the game just is down right too terrible to play or causes you to rage out on your monitor or toss the mouse through the window.. U.. know.. plain n simple.. wtf are you doing with your life.. its just time to find another game.. or get on with your life without dumping half your life.. cash wise and time wise into a pit.. that is really what this game is turning out to be.. a stinking hole in the floor that has no potential.. Look at how Korea is and compare that to the western servers.. cant be compared to.. they.. BnS and NC are milking this cash cow for every penny.. Is it getting any better.. NO.. the overall game play is worse now than it ever been.. every 6-8 weeks they post another cash money pit called Trove.. this enables them, the gaming company to suck more of your money.. for the people who just can not stop gambling for better costumes its the best its ever been.. the reality it isnt.. but their too addicted to this horse-schit game to call it quits. For me its easy.. Im disabled.. and this is my life.. probably will have to bury me with my computer.. Other people what is your excuse?
  15. Ultimate Cuddle Bird.. pet It looks like an Angry Bird. You may want to check the validity of any infringment with Angry Birds.. change its looks.. simularity is really simular.. simular enough to cost a lawsuit.