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  1. well good work with bringig back our venture tokkens in daily dash..... will we still get aditional premium member changes u mentioned on live stream? @Cyan
  2. well i talked last night with them on live stream on twitch, and they told me to write my feedback and ideas here, so im doing it :) btw it was nice stream, and it would be nice to have more of those, just to casual talk with them, and ask them for their opinions and stuff... its much better then just write here and have low chance of getting any answers :)
  3. Good job on patch that is coming, it will help lot of new players! i would like you to talk with your team about events...becouse if you use same events over and over again, lots of ppl are going to be disapointed... its not that hard to make new event, u have all time u need, yet you chose to bring same things over and over again.... and now i would like to talk about spec ballance... in almost every game, u get class balance and dmg ballance. this part is really important becouse u got lots of classes in this game, some have 2 specs and some have 3... now u force pl
  4. well i dont know what to say then else :) i think only ppl who do main wl and play it every day can really understand how i fell but ill pm u direct msg becouse i want to talk in private some details of my gear....
  5. ok , well they must have rest better gear than me, becouse they do ET raid i guess... What do u think with their gear , how much dps whould do some other class?? my guess is 1m dmg more or even 1.5m @Grimoir
  6. i say wl needs to get buff dmg, it is lowest dmg atm.... i have tt weapon, and accs and im decent geared.....1750~~ap and i do from 1.1 to 1.2 m steady dmg.... sometimes even less.... and other classes with my gear do lot,lot more dmg... and even classes with lower gear can easy outdps me, like warden, archer, kfm ,bm... i rly try to get good gear and farm a lot, and im not much complaining.... just saying its rly low pve dmg atm, that is why no one wants wl in party....
  7. well as much i doubt it will ever happen, i say why not?? i dont understand you at all... you can play game how you want , if game is also on steam it means u can also play it there or not... u can chose what launcher u want and it does not affect you or your gameplay in any way... i just wanted to suggest it so we can get more new players.... if you dont like steam, just play it regular from nc launcher ff it happens o____0
  8. UE4 date confirmed to come out end of this year for KR and 1-2 month later in EU in russian stream so @Cyan @Hime can we also get some news from your team? you should take ths oportunity to also conisder moving game to steam, to add more players to base.... or advertise more , try to share news.... let ppl know , more ppl will play if ue4 is comming!
  9. i didnt know that :) but it sound like bns xD i dont know bout economy much of bns i dont play market, but res of game is bit screwed xD so if they buy games near death, sounds like they are going to buy bns too then xD
  10. Well as title says, as archage unchained is going to be released, it will be buy to play... What u guys thik about bns going same path?? u buy it once, and u can play it, but unchained version must not have trove or f10 pay to win elements... shop can have only cosmetics, and nothing else.... I would not even mind subscribe, just if they made it whitout cash shop....
  11. well it is going better way now, changes are on its way..... i would much more like for us to have test server from now on or even atleast try to comunicate with us more, ask us for opinions..... as for new changes, we will see after patch is updated... but overall ty for listening us
  12. I rly think they do not care about ping, tbh.... look at fps that we got now, its rly bad.... and no fix for that :D so if day comes to merge na and eu it will all be same as this... no one will be able to do any thing except write on forums as now and watch how we dont get responds
  13. i just hope all of our hard work here helps this game i hope they see how much we love and care for this game we had rly good number of ideas here, and i hope to get some answers from them soon.... i dont mind much cahs shop i know they need money to run this game, but u dont need to millk it to bone and ruin this game... i wont tell you add this and remove this in cash shop, but u dont have to destroy f2p players on your way... u nerf old stuff u say its outdated and all, and what about our gear??? is it outdated? hell no u add more stages every few patches, or every patch..
  14. imagine doing blackram narrows again *_______* it was first purple dungeon that u entered as old player :) u farmed it before for accs and weapon to get your gear better :) also mech there was fun :) boss had 2 stages :) i can imagine myself doing it reworked :) insted of just ignoring all dungeons that are old content better rework it and add ppl chance to play more dungeons.....
  15. yeah it looks nice i like it u did good job i like idea u made it could be really fun, like timewalking dungeons in wow they revork ol content, i think its not much hard..... those dungeons alredy have mech and mobs and all, now they only need to increase hp and change loot.... or make all players that enter lower its stats like old poh event....
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