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  1. Great move

    Soul reduction is amazing and i am so happy about it. This was one of best moves u have made , i hope u will continue to do stuff like this, not only in reduction, but as in getting us better changes overall... Good work!

    as title says is simple mode good fore ice wl? and if not can somemone tell me what is now good rotation for ice? i use simple mode cuz in raids my frame rate drops rly low like 20-25 frames..... i got ryzen 1600 and my settings are on minimum all but still it is bad... pls share some info with me cuz i want to use my wl as best as i can...
  3. Garbage new event

    well i think event is good... if u want more new ppl playing game u need to help them lvl up gear.... cuz lots of ppl kick low geared players from f8 and we want to see lots of new ppl playing this game this is fine to get your ring and earing leveled up :) also neck from VT :) i salute all new players, enjoy this event :) dont let toxic players ruin your day <3
  4. Is there any need for f8 now? We are just 1 server now.... i dont know about you, but this game has become cross server istance.... isnt just better to go from one dungeon to other? we still can rec ppl like in old days.... i guess there are lots of lazy player who will not like this idea..
  5. Where are we now?

    sometimes i miss launch of this game... it was fun and alive :) yes there where trains of destroyers with profane weapon but ppl where diferent... for example u would find easy party for poharan near enterance... gear was not much problem, all could do it... but now...1.5k+ in f8...yeah in f8 couse u cant find party near dungeon :) bosses with bazilion health and trove for gg swipe to win :) but i still love this game...and it hurts... i know there is no back, but i will play this game in my head.... lvl 45 content was best...and ppl nice and good too...
  6. Where are we now?

    Get ready for the launch of Blade & Soul on January 19.2016 Blade & Soul launches in Europe and North America at 12:01am EST, January 19! To help prepare for launch we’ve collected together as much info as possible to ensure you’re ready to rise, strike, and avenge! Servers We’ll be launching with a number of additional servers, and we recommend coordinating with friends and clan mates before Head Start. North America Servers Europe Servers Master Hong Ebon Hall Iksanun Windrest Mushin Cardinal Gates Jiwan Wild Springs Poharan Starfall Crater Yehara Hao District Hajoon[DE] Frostgipfel Old Man Cho[DE] Bambusdorf Soha[DE] Windweide Juwol[FR] Dokumo [FR] Ogong [FR] Hogdonny and now down to 2 servers....i ask u nc soft, do you really think u did good job on this game?i ask players do u think they did good job?
  7. its been a while since we got some news about this :) i was wondering will pc and consoles get same server , or consoles will have new and start all from begining like us..... if not, and they will play game on patch we have u will need to put back blue quests for new ppl if u want them to have full story.... it would be nice to get some news from bns team...we need more ppl playing this game....it is not same like in begining...so emty now.... i hope for better future....
  8. New server?

    yeah ill keep dreaming :D it is nice to dream xD maybe they will get us new server when unreal 4 kicks in xD but damn i miss lvl 45 end game , poh was fun :D we need more open dungeons like poh and msp xD nc soft give us vanila server 45 content xD
  9. New server?

    I think its time to get new server for blade and soul,cuz all ow the whales :D jokes aside, maybe u will get more players cuz everyone loves fresh starts :) i think it would be fun,lots new players leveling and helping each other,not just posting 1,2k ap min aransu 6 in chat..... life could be better for new players so they would stick more in game,not getting turned off cuz of their lack of gear or maybe give us vanila server lvl 45 like at release for some old veterans :) that is just my opinion, what is yours guys?