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  1. Why did u scam contest winners?

    Well i got some help from gm ticket, he said my outfit was in some lost item tab, i finaly got my outfit...
  2. Why did u scam contest winners?

    Last week i talked to them via mail, and they told me i will get my hm coins and outfit by end of last week, i talked to bnscomunity via mails... I got my coins, but didnt get my outfit, and i want to know what is hapening. Or do u think i shoud just be silent and wait 3,4 weeks or more and all will foreget about my reward outfit? Im not here to be salty and argue i just want my outfit prize i WON. is it too much to ask? is it that hard to send 1 outfit?
  3. Why did u scam contest winners?

    I understand it was weekend, but yesterday was monday and no one even try to contact me or even say what is problem. Is this really going to end whitout me getting my reward? Im sorry if i bother u ppl here, but only here ppl read and respond, at bnscommunity i got almost 0 help.... Ill give it till friday and if i dont get my outfit, i will quit this game... IF this is way how you treat your bigest fans, who participated and gave love to bns art, i dont wanna be part of this anymore then.
  4. This post is my last try to get my outfit. as one of runner ups i had chose what outfit i want.... I talked, here and there, with gm-s and nc bnscommunity2@ncsoft.com.... Last week u said it will be till end of week.... this week u said it will be by wensday.... And today is saturday and i still didnt get my reward? How do you think i feel?? At least have bit honor and say, u wont get your reward, or say we are in some other work and dont have time for your prize, u will get it in 2 or 3 months....
  5. Info for a Noobie Newb

    as warlock player i find this post bit disturbing xD is wl so much trash he is not even on list? x)
  6. Why is giving rewards so hard???

    well i got some answers, from them... i wanted to share it to rest of ppl who didnt get rewards.... So this is what they said: Apologies for the delay—the Hongmoon Coins will be delivered before the end of today. Thank you! and for outfit: Aiming by Wednesday end of day so we can deliver it to everybody.
  7. Why is giving rewards so hard???

    Are u going to ignore this?? I demand answers!
  8. Dear nc members... i know u all have lots of things to do... but if u say u will give rewards for ppl who participated in design contest by 23 august...and now is end of day 25th... can u at least tell what is problem? That question is for my fellow members who participated, i talked with lot on reddit none got 2 outfit chest u promised them... As for me im one of runner ups, and u told me ill get my prize by end of this week...and this week is done... I also talked with some runner ups on reddit they didnt get any reward yet...topis is here also And now for your design team....If u want to contact those ppl , well u will have better luck to put your hand in fire and not get burned... I sent 3 mails to them and got replay after 7 days, and replay was not good, it was like some spam mail.... Contacted your gms via ticket, now those ppl do their job, they responded i few hours, and tryed to help me...but it is not their job to deal with this thus they send me back on designer e-mail... Is your company that bad it cant even send out 2 grand prize to winners and to 20 runner ups??? And 2 chest to other participants ??? Is it really that much of job??? At least say something to ppl let them know what is hapening, give some feed??? Contest ended in 15 august, and your them isnt capable on deliverng prizes 10 days after??? DO you need maybe 2 months , becouse you know its like u are sending all ppl in bns chests?? Oh wait u did it alredy manualy with blazing chests....its not that hard i guess...
  9. Event upgrade materials limits

    This hit me so hard i almost fell of chair :D laughed so hard, made my day lot better :D
  10. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    If they wanted to make more money they sould just add 20 more outfits in store, if u have more options more ppl will buy..... we all love fasion in bns, they shoul use that to get money, or some other way that doesnt spit f2p players in face... this was really wrong move, it is even more made player rage becouse they didnt put it in patch notes... I guess they where thinking, ahh these p2w box is not bing game changer...not even worth to put it in patch notes.. yeah it is small change, no one will ever notice it...
  11. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    This move they made, sneaking in p2w stuff made me rally sad.... I farm feathers like every other player to buy stones...to buy blue stones from CS..... And i see they sell now purple in f10? That is slap in face for f2p players who work on their gear and stuff..... Not to mention u can buy gem powder,and octa gems, and scarlet flowers from last raid???? Like wtf last raid was almost new release and its still endgame raid, now u sell mats in f10??? is that normal? This i big slap in face, and im very tilted... I was hoping ue4 will come and more player will join, but now i can see lots of ppl leaving before that.... INSTED OF FINDING WAY YO MILK MONEY FROM F10, BETTER MAKE US NEW EVENTS! DONT GIVE US SAME EVENTS EVERY FEW MONTHS! ALSO GIVE US SOME NORMAL PLACE TO FARM MATS, NOT SOMETHING THAT IS DEPENDING OF YOUR GEAR.... LIKE PPL WITH 1.8-1.9K CAN FARM FAST (MSP) GIVE US SOMETHING THAT ALL PLAYERS CAN FARM AT SAME LEVEL... SO NO ONE WILL ASK HIGH AP, AND ALL CAN PLAY TOGHETHER....
  12. Design contest rewards

    oh, ty i got mail few hours ago also... but tnx 4 reply :)
  13. When do u plan to contact runner ups from design contest? It has been almost week and no one is telling me anything....didnt get my reward yet..... i dont know is it some mistake, but i dont know where else to ask. Can i get some answers?
  14. Im always sad when anyone leaves from this game, but if it is good change for u i give u my best wishes! i hope u have good time on your next job and be happy with it, cuz its all that matters :) we will not forget u :) u have special place in our heart like rest of ppl that left from here. u will alyways be true hongmoon warrior <3

    I also like ur clock theme, and it looks nice. and i would love to see your bow theme for it :) but my point here is not for someone to type liking or disliking. there is voting for that. my point was that no bow was ever mentioned for this contest. and i regret that i didnt make one...cuz i was thinking if i made one i will be disqualified... So u set rules, and dont folow them... i am happy that i am in top 5 but i would be even more happy to be with all 11 designs , so ppl can vote on all. not only top 5. this thread was created cuz i want response from NC and not some critic salty ppl wo say its ugly thus i wont reply anymore on it, cuz im better person than to argue. ps. sorry for bad english.