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  1. Fire FM

    This is a normal german ping. In the real world you have like 25ms or something (ingame BNS is wrong). I have nearly the same ping there are only 2 things i cant do with that ping. 1. Escape or do any kind of skill during BD/FM Grab 2. Tab alot of Summoner aerials (they are super fast so you need to press it super fast aswell but not possible without god ping)
  2. Fire FM

    Well he is one of the best BMs RU/EU. Of course he knows some stuff you dont. Its either your ping or you do something wrong cause i encountered one of the russian bms (pls no ban i dont flame the russians here) in tag team he did this so fast our tab didnt even show up. I am from germany too for some reason i have worse ping than russians. Pls take this with a grain of salt cause i am really no BM main and nearly my whole knowledge comes from playing against BMs (i only play third BM) but BM does have several skills that boost ur dmg like C i believe does this. In this vid it was to show how broken the current patch was they did not intend to do a serious match but i can assure you this is perfectly possible to do in a normal match too (mostly tag team) but its kida hard just like FM Fire comb the difference is Bm does have way more Defence abilitys.
  3. Launcher für unix-systeme

    Wie mein Vorredner schon schrieb. NC hat in dem Spiel mehr als genug Baustellen und keine davon wird bearbeitet. Einen Launcher für Linux wirst du also nicht sehen zumindest nicht für Blade and soul. Andere Frage: Was hält dich davon ab eine zweite Partition zu machen mit Windows 10 ? Man muss es nichtmal aktivieren und selbst, wenn du es aktiviert willst das sind 5€. Es wäre viel Logischer, wenn die Linux Leute sich einfach Windows für das Game installieren als, dass der Entwickler für 10 Leute das ganze Spiel nochmal schreibt.
  4. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    There is a difference between TOS and actual law. For example if your company is acting from the US your TOS might be correct and you are safe but since you have customers in other countrys too your TOS need to be changed and i doubt they have TOS for every single country depending on their law. This means some of the stuff written down in the TOS cant be used in some countrys for example germany or even better Belgium. In germany they atleast have to give you back the same currency as you paid but from events happening in the past we know they would give out Hm coin instead which would be against the law. If you argue with some special offer they had which resulted in you buying ncoin for that purpose you might even get your real money back since you cannot buy this special thingie anymore. This is also why i was seriously impressed that no one sued NC back when you could buy unlimited Xp charms off F10, people bought alot of them but got HM coins as refunds. Long story short: If TOS are written for a company in another country you dont have to take thoose TOS 100% serious since law is always above TOS.
  5. Fire FM

    Than you do something wrong. And to be honest ive only seen 2 Bm actully do this in EU yet. Mostly in 3v3 cause they simply use HM Z and insta kill u in half a second. I am no BM main so they could be playing light aswell have no idea but i know they one shot you faster than FM plus they use HM Z to do this making it impossible to evade their 100 to 0 attack cause you are dead before your tab escape button pops up, while you can still see a super long animation in terms of FM before they do their attacks. Since you complain about Fire FM i believe you are silver player or close to silver which means you`ve never played against actuall good players cause thoose BMs can only be found at like 1800+.
  6. KFM is definetly not op by itselfe but theese gems make them impossible to kill please remove it or give the other classes the same kind of gem but for their respective ways of iframe.
  7. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    Which is also against law in some countrys cause they would give you hm coins not ncoin and also they would have to give you an option to pay thoose ncoin to real money again cause the service they bought was not delivered. They wouldnt care to be honest. We had examples in the past. If we lose playtime due to NC they dont care about our prem. If they had done it quickly the rollback would have been the better option for them. Since sunshine posted it there where definetly some people working at that time they should have seen this and simply turn off the servers. Hahahahahahahahahahah its ncsoft if they give out a gift its gonna be 1million xp and some super ugly outfit litterly everyone already has. Thats no issue for ncwest as we seen in the past with alot of updates. You need to be Mentally challenged to not understand certain updates will result in a huge ammount of players quitting the game even tho a ton of players warn them every single time. (Probably gonna get banned for this sentence)
  8. Thats something completly different cause in this example your neighbor got harmed but this bug harmed no one not even NC themselve cause this is a digital thing they can just focus on pay to win some other way. Maybe cause everyone had the chance to use this ? maybe cause thoose pet pods where still not free but just cheaper than usual ? Maybe cause you need pet etc. for pvp which makes it a pay to win item and you finally could get it with free to play too making the game more fair ?
  9. How to get started

    There is no guild for crafting outfits. You can craft the guild specific outfit but thats it. I rather recommend you to simply ignore the guild in terms of outfits cause its faster and easyer to get them from a randoom appearing merchant in the dungeons.
  10. Fire FM

    This may sound op but its really not. Look at the defence abilitys fire fm has. Fire FM is very easy to beat. If you wanna complain about dmg of some class complain about BM. Fire BM can output more dmg in this short time than even fire FM does while having a very strong defence.
  11. Fragen zur Unreal Engine 4 Update?

    Es war 2017 angekündigt und anfang 2019 sollte es kommen dann wurde es verschoben auf ende 2019 und wieder verschoben auf Anfang 2020 dann wieder verschoben auf Ende 2020. Ende 2020 wird das sicherlich nochmal verschoben ....... Die meisten Spieler glauben an kein UE4. Der Technische Stand des Spiels hätte 2016 schon UE4 gebraucht es wird aber immer weiter verschoben.
  12. I don't want to be WL anymore

    We are mostly looking at pvp i believe and while wl is fine in 6v6 cause of its survivability its total utter garbarage in 1v1. Before patch you could do aerial if you played correctly and kill any class this way. Alot of people say wl was op personally i dont think so cause it was really easy to know what wl is going to do next. After awakening: Wl dosent have any abilitys to aerial expect for rng thrall aerial. WL litterly only spams dragon calls now which he needs to have a target for. Even if you are a godlike warlock you will not be able to beat even 1800 kfm, bm, assasin, fm, ............... The reason for this hard nerve was cause wl was considered op but look at bm now. Bm is the old Warlock but with more resists, range protection, more ways to stun....... and now look at the last balance patches we got. BM buff, bm buff, bm buff. Light bm now got a 3 hit iframe on its range protect for some reason.
  13. The people at NCSoft West?

    If they want us to respect them they need to stop ♥♥♥♥♥ us every single patch. Performance ? Balance ? Pay to win ? Farmability ? PVP time restrictions ? Cheats ? Thoose are just some. This bug actully removes alot of the pay to win thats why i think this should be an official event and the same should be done with sacred oils in the future too just like xp charms.
  14. They people just need to learn a bit pvp. I have alot of guildmates that try pvp cause of this "Event". They cant reach gold rank thou and expect to just pve everything down while having animations turned off complaining about other classes resisting and i always tell them how are you going to improve like that ? This might sound arrogant to some but i cant understand how anyone is not able to atleast reach 1600 even if they just started the game it may take a bit of playtime but silvers are litterly like bots they dont tech chase, have no idea how to do dmg on their classes and evade nearly nothing.
  15. nerv pvp !!

    SSP macht schon lange kaum bis keiner PVP und man wird aufs schlimmste beleidigt, wenn man es auch nur versucht. Daher ist es bei Definition zwar ein PVP Gebiet kann aber nicht mehr als solches angesehen werden. Selbst ohne das gibt es beim Merchant of Wonders nun Mondsteine und Seelensteine also könnte man auch einfach Dungeons farmen und nebenbei Mondsteine/Seelensteine bei dem kaufen.