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  1. What's the problem with f9?

    Well stop using F9. Its long dead since the rate there is 1:1 but Gold is not worth that much anymore its not even half that price. Its as simple as that you cant offer something for 599€ if its only worth 250€. No one is gonna buy that.
  2. Cowards devs/staff

    Ah yeah you are right i made a mistake counting 6v6 only as one gonna update it above. Anyway getting HM coins is ez af and you dont have to be good to reach silver in 6v6. Yeah you are right i play since release and i would count myselfe as atleast top 5 sf from Europe so of course i have exp and its easy for me but if i can create a class ive never played in my life and still reach gold within 1 day or some hours i dont think someone who is playing their class as main couldnt do the same in 3 months. All you have to do is seriously play a bit PVP and dont give up immediatly. Maybe watch someone else play who is playing the same class and copy their actions. Of course you are not supposed to go into PVP lobby and magically reach gold after 10 Minutes you have like 3 Months time to learn your class and if you learned it once you will never have problems reaching gold again. I am not saying everyone should force themselve all i am saying is if you want something specific you gonna have to do the specific thing the game tells you to do. For example i want the new Glove can i get it without Hangar ? NO but if i want it i need to run Hangar the same to HM coins. You want HM coins ? Then play PVP thats all. P.S Everything is achiveble without PVP but not without PVE keep that in mind.
  3. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    I think so too which is hilarious since they dont even play their own game. I said it alot already but the streamer is HM 16 or atleast was last time i watched it. This is not even Mid game and they want to tell us how endgame is supposed to be if they never experienced it themselve.
  4. New Update - More Cheaters

    I am waiting for a proof. Show me a vid where i can 100% see this guy is cheating. Not like this one who used ET third Boss skills in open area this one is obvious of course but since you are talking about instant cast times etc. You may not know but there are classes which actully dosent have CD or can reset their CD like Soul fighter, Assasin, Warlock. While Warlock can be visually seen tho if he resets his skills a soul fighter for example can play so fast that you cant even see that he is using his reset skill he simply stuns you multiple times with the same attacks. Also there is gear if you are talking about 6v6 which blocks status effects and KFM or Warden for example have skills so they are immune to Status effects. Its just i doubt it since there is litterly no PVP Player i havent played against in BNS right now and there is only one group i doubt that they are playing legit. I will not say which group cause last time it got me banned for 24 Hours.
  5. Cowards devs/staff

    Theese HM coins are a nice boost you have at the end of season sure but the time spent in PVE would give you the same ammount of money probably its just no fun doing the same dungeon 24 hours a day. BTW. i actully think anybody can reach atleast 1600 just play a bit of PVP and train. 1v1 with 12 chars = 24*170 = 4080 HM coins 3v3 with 12 chars = Sorry i dont believe a new player could reach gold here. 6v6 with 12 chars = 24*170 = 4080 HM coins * 3 = 12240 So in total: 16320 HM coins So anybody can get atleast 16320 HM coins at the end of season and you dont even have to be good. Edit: with new player i dont specificly mean someone who actully just started BNS i mean people who start PVP thats why i calculate with 12 chars sure actual new players will only have like 1 or 2 chars but still if they play PVE and PVP aswell they will earn alot of gold which would bring them very fast to TT Gear. Edit 2: Cause i forgot to count 6v6 3 times.
  6. Cowards devs/staff

    My point is its their job to appeal to the community otherwise its a failed project. I dont play any of their other games althout i liked this Moba game they had for a short time. Looking at my gear i always wonder why i can only do like 4.7 Million burst and stable like maybe up to 3.3 Million while others with similar gear but better heart have like stable 5 Million. Soul is definetly not what you should be looking for.
  7. Using The Market

    The X is an indicator which tells you that you will not be able to use the item but for some reason the x appears for items you can use sometimes too. If you want to be sure you will be able to wear this outfit open F3 and search for the outfit. If you can show a preview of that specific outfit you will be able to use it but if you cannot show it for your race or cant find it at all it means you will not be able to use it.
  8. Cowards devs/staff

    The Problem with this statement is "Blade and soul" is profit oriantated. They wanna sell this game to their customers so they should appeal to customers needs instead of what they want. How it is right now its losing more and more income. Well there are enough ways to earn gold. In this example i assume you are doing your dailys every day and weekly every week. 1. Dayil 2. Weekly 3. 1v1 4. 3v3 5. 6v6 6. CBG 7. Getting into a clan who sells raids 8. SSP 9. Spaming the newest dungeon to earn gold from Legendary Drop 10. Playing the market Thoose are just some there are probably alot more ways thou. If you already play alot of PVE just play PVP aswell its giving good gold but you are forced to PVE sadly. I dont even do daylis just weeklys and still i do like 6K a week. I log in for like 2 or 3 hours at max per day. But he is right. I dont know a single person not accepting you to his/her raid just because you are at True Cosmic soul and not True whatever. You are not restricted by a soul or heart you simply need some AP and thats not a problem with the current gears ingame. Pet gem, Normal gems........... Fun maybe ? For being part of a community ? There are alot of people who just play BNS to play with other people. Thoose are people which dont care about gear etc. they just enjoy running dungeons etc. with friends. While we all agree this Event is trash and should be changed we already know what kind of dev we have so better make the best out of it they are not gonna change anything. Either quit cause this will happen in the next events aswell i am sure or live with it and make the best out of it. Sorry but this time i have to agree with him. Its not hard earning gold in this game and while Oils are nice in Events its not like new players are limited by this its still only like 10 oils till True Cosmic which is a pretty good soul already.
  9. Its like 11€ a month or like 6K -7K Gold every 3 months it has nothing to do with having rich parents. If you live in NA or EU there are very very few places id say think this is expensive and cant be bought. You just dont want to pay for a service i believe. 6-7 K is earned in litterly like 4 days or 5.
  10. New Update - More Cheaters

    Sorry to tell you this but its not obvious at all. If you played the game for years you have all your movements saved in muscle memory and if someone knows how to play PVP now this would result in combos a normal player thinks are not possible without macros or any other cheats. Cheats are most of the time very hard to see and even harder to prove. If you disagree show me one vid or Picture ingame (not from some stream) where you can 100% see this guy is cheating.
  11. Cowards devs/staff

    Not everyone is like this. Like some know already i am offering new players to add me on discord to ask any kind of question they have. Its always like "what do i do next" ? or "where do i get this" never "how was it like when". Its something new players simply either dont care about or dont know about so this cannot be a reason for them to leave. Unfourtunetly i have to say thoose players also quit mostly right after they farmed their starting gear in Moon refuge. Its to much grind to get reasonable gear for low players. I would like to see the upgrade to True Ascendant drasticly reduced and Heart aswell till first legendary stage but i dont want new players to start with like Aransu stuff etc. its not alot of grind to get to Aransu gear and its the entrance to the game currently. Well NC is still a company and they need to earn money. Due to some mistakes (yeah in the beginning i am sure thoose where mistakes) the players reduced alot which decreases the ammount of players paying money for this game. Sadly they are forced to get as much money as last year or even more to statisfy their employees (Probably the Dev) this is not possible without Pay to win ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ so they need to go this path. Increasing the ammount of players would bring more money in the long run but it needs more ressources (additional cost) and it wouldnt bring money immediatly which would result in bad statistics and the employer might be angry about it which would result in people getting fired to save cost. This is just an assumption so it may or may not be true i am not from NC so i can just assume stuff like this. All of this wouldnt have happened in the first place if NC staff would test their patches and think about the consequences thoose could have on EU/NA. For example Awakening which is the biggest reason alot of people want a Classic or Private server. Community told them months before this is gonna destroy the game but it still came without changes to EU/NA or all thoose cost "reductions" if they played their game they would have seen that thoose are cost increases nowdays.
  12. Man muss auch wissen, wie man vorran kommt. Dies wissen die neuen Spieler natürlich nicht von alleine also müssen diese Erfahrene Spieler fragen wie es geht. Ich habe derzeit 5 Leute aufgenommen (Discord), die mir jederzeit alle Fragen stellen können, die Sie brauchen. (Jeder andere darf dies auch gerne EinFeuchterTraum#8747) Hier schreibe ich gerne nochmal auf wie der Verlauf eines neuen Spieler ist um schnellstmöglich Gear zu bekommen, das für alles bis TT reicht. 1. Story abschließen 2. Moon Refuge farmen für Handschuh und Gürtel (Derzeit kann man auch einfach das kostenlose Third spec Paket auf F10 nehmen) 3. Black Tower Ring und Ohrring holen 4. Täglich Dailys rennen und Wöchentlich Weeklys. 5. Vortex Temple für das Badge und die Kette rennen. 6. Waffe langsam Upgraden (Vorraussetzung 8 Slots mit Naryu Coins freigeschaltet) bei Aransu 3 erstmal stoppen. (PVP nebenbei machen hillft beim Gold verdienen) 7. Langsam den restlichen Schmuck erfarmen via Dungeons rennen und nebenbei die Seele mindestens auf True Ascendant Upgraden. 8. Nightfall Sanctury für Ring und Ohrring rennen. (Kann auch eingekauft werden bei irgendeinem Klan geht bestimmt schneller) Dies alles kann natürlich mit einem Klan bzw. einer Person, die Neulinge durch Dungeons carryen kann beschleunigt werden ich würde die zeit auf maximal 2 oder 3 Wochen schätzen, die man braucht.
  13. Not enough Event currency.

    NC can control their shop otherwise we wouldnt see emergancy maintance, when F10 dosent work or them changing stuff by themselfe which already happened. The other question is do they want to give us hearts so we dont have to fish that much ? I dont think the devs would just look away then.
  14. Cowards devs/staff

    Its even more expensive now for new players which do not have True Cosmic yet.
  15. Returning player

    There are some tweaks but you will not reach stable FPS in Raids and 6v6 PVP dosent matter what you do. If you where talking about this.