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  1. Blade & Soul Community

    I am one of thoose players that dosent care about the gear of my teammates if i know we can do it but i completly understand if you get kicked for having less gear than people want you to have. Its their own group if you cant deliver what they want from you its your fault and its totally ok to kick you and i would even go that far to say it would be wrong not to kick you since people like you expect to do every content out there while not upgrading their stuff. If you feel like you can manage the specific dungeon you wanna enter just open a group yourselfe with your own requirements! There are more than enough ways to get good gear even without doing dungeons at all but people like you are simply to lazy to do that stuff and instead you complain about how bad the community is even tho most players to my experience are actully helping and will tell you anything you need to know but carrying you through everything is simply wrong. The reason new players leave is usually due to the lack of knowledge and its not helping if they simply dont ask experieced player and simply expect to get carried through everything just cause NC put some event in that wants you to do certain stuff you simply dont have the gear for yet.
  2. Dailys are wrong

    Hello, ive waited for some days now cause i thought you would fix this since its so obvious. Sadly Korean devs dont know they`ve removed the ability to play Tag match on thursday, tuesday etc. but the current daily challenge includes tag match. Guess when tag match is in the daily challenge ? Exactly only at days you cant play this gamemode in the first place. So my request is: Either remove tag team daily from dailys, make tag team avaible at the days you have it as daily or change it to 1v1 daily since you can play 1v1 everyday. Once more this shows Korean devs create patches for KR and do not even look at what they patched into EU/NA themselve. You guys even said the whole idea of PVP time restriction came from KR and now this ? Sorry i am always so anti NCsoft i am just so disappointed in NCsoft cause of things like this. It obvious they dont care about EU/NA.
  3. If i write to support trove sucks do i get hm coins ?

    We are not complaining that they do it we are complaining how they do it. It depends 100% on the ammount of Ncoin youve bought in the past. If you buy Trove keys once you will not be able to get any HM coins from support.
  4. About VPNs

    Thats not true. Even tho its against the TOS to play EU/NA from certain places its not being punished by any means. You can do litterly anything ingame aslong as you dont hack gold or do something so broken like making ET Skills of mechanics avaible to use at fishing places. BNS dosent have any kind of Anti Cheat system and Support dosent care about anything aslong as it does not reduce the income.
  5. Hi, i know several people that write with support and say trove sucks (of course they bought some trove keys with Ncoin before) and the support gives them up to 40K Hm coins for free as compensation. Unfourtenatly if i ask the same i dont get HM coins for some reason (i dont buy alot of stuff ingame). I am sure you will ban me if i post a screenshoot of a friend who got hm coins so i will not do that but i have screenshoots. He litterly wrote: "trove sucks hongmoon coins please" and support wrote "we are sorry you are unhappy here are 8k hm coins." Ive also reported this once with screenshoot to the support itselfe. They said this is not allowed and they would investigate this. My friend still got the hm coins and nothing happened to the support staff for this.
  6. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    I just wanted to write it down here now since ive played enough against third spec destroyers now. NCsoft what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ? We thought BM third spec was the pinacle of unbalanced op ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Now you create a warden with mobility like Archer while having even more shields then Blade dancer to defend himselfe. All they had to do was test this class before release and remove for example godmode out of iron clad. I dont mind them being unstunable but they should need to iframe to resist dmg.
  7. Soul fighter gear? Returning player!

    Just get what every other class is getting. Only difference is you dont take raid necklace and raid weapon. If you have specific questions about current stuff add me in discord: EinFeuchterTraum#8747 i am answering everything for new players. It not alot of work cause most of them quit after 1 week anyway. I can help you with everything expect for Mechs of Eternal Temple and booth of the newest dungeons hangar 0 and the other one which got released yesterday. I am soul fighter main btw. I can even train you in PVP since i consider my selfe as one of the top SF in EU currently (considering this class is pretty much dead in high elo. only "non eu players" left).
  8. This auto farming + pvp ? Lineage 2 Essence

    Thats not the problem i dont dislike running dungeons if i only run them once per day. What is taking all of my motivation is that i need to run certain dungeons hundreads of times to get one single item while having alot of lags with an I7 9700K. I mean the performance. FPS. Ping. Etc. with such an auto combat function all of this wouldnt matter anymore in dungeons. Achivements are not something people brag about. They simply need to be done to progress further instead of farming your actual mats etc. you farm something you only need as a key to get the specific item and its not like 10 times which would be ok but up to 600 times cause you also need the cores.
  9. This auto farming + pvp ? Lineage 2 Essence

    i have to disagree. In times of unoptimization like this i even whish they put in auto combat for dungeons. So i dont have to farm a dungeon 600 times (yes the current one) just to bore myselfe. Of course only Easy mode or some kind of mode with reduced drops so you can farm your achivement with this kind of system.
  10. PvP Summi, FM or SF?

    Decent yeah good no. Summoner really weak right now since its very easy to predict what a summoner will do next. Its pretty much you see KFM, SF, litterly anything that can block and you can go AFK or you are atleast as good as kellyqq for example. Obvious ? yeah there are no tournaments other then the private torunament i am holding on 4th of april (btw everyone is welcome to join). Soul fighter is in the top 3 of best classes even of best specs id say and most people ive seen (actual PVP Players even top 5) agree that sf is atleast on 2nd place right now. Force Master on the other hand is pretty mid tier just like summoner cause other than wallbang they got nothing.
  11. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    I dont like PVE and i dont want to PVE but i am forced to PVE. What about this ? PVP Players are asking for the removel of PVE since years now and nothing happened. If you dont need to win it means people will just afk there but one of the reasons for such a thing is probably to get some players interested in PVP. While you may dislike PVP other people might like it but havent played it much yet and they might get interested now cause alot of players play PVP in this Event. Its not like Bronze is going to be hard anyway i mean even nowdays you get completly garbrage players in bronze they are litterly brain AFK and just spam their buttons now imagine all the PVE Players going into PVP for this Event its not like they are any better than what i just described. Its gonna be really easy to get the wins you need for this quest. P.S most good PVP Players dont have any chars in bronze anymore.
  12. Impossible to consistently farm rare elements

    You get 1 for each run of SST for example (RNG). It is farmable but same situation as with aynthing else it needs ages to farm so you rather do something else ingame thats gonna earn more. Current way to earn the most: 1v1, 6v6, (booth assuming you actively play PVE since without you cant farm there) and recent newest dungeons.
  13. Sins

    We may have misunderstood each other. I was thinking about people that active play this game so i didnt include people that log in for maybe 1 hour or 2 to play a bit. With people overall i dont think its gonna reach 8k aswell considering what Path NCwest decided to go recently.
  14. Sins

    I dont know where youve got thoose high numbers. looking at BNS buddy which counts the players that use it, we have between 2.3K and 3.2K Players at the same time. Now keep in mind BNS buddy dosent care if you are EU or NA it counts you as a player so we have around 3.2K at max in the west. Considering not everyone plays with BNS buddy but most people, i would count maybe 1.8K at max aswell for non BNS buddy players which means 5K Players in EU and NA together. Again we need to think about the time it will take till we would get UE4 in theory and how much players might quit in the next time due to the increasing Pay to win etc. I am definetly sure it wont be near 8K players.
  15. Please add class change voucher

    Thats not the issue here. Back when Soul fighter and Warlock got released the support actully changed the class for them or rather they send everything to the new class the player asked them to even soul shields etc. (Of course only for hardcore whales). They can do it by hand which wouldnt be a big problem if they charge enough money. Its simply they dont want to put any effort into this game and if something is wrong with the game they blame KR even if they are at fault with alot of stuff. They have Administrator tools they can create any item with any kind of stats in this game. Thats the problem here. They fired way to much people to be able to offer such a service i believe. I agree too. I quit PVE and there are only a few things that could bring me back: 1. give me to option to play LYN ! 2. give me the option to change class ! (not gonna farm unity stones etc. again) 3. fix the game so i can play raids without disabling players at 60 FPS even if all of them play Destroyer third spec.