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  1. just asking

    assuming this is not a troll. No if it ever comes to EU its probably 2021.
  2. This patch might be the last straw

    Ever considered people who dont like PVE but are forced to play it due to the lack of possibilites to get PVP gear without it ? Thoose people dont want to run hardmode they just want to be done with it as fast as possible. I heared rumors that you need to do hardmode now to get legendary items (or 100 runs) that means a PVP Player is either forced to farm to really high gear or run 100 times. I see more people quitting instead of doing that. Atleast with Normal mode you could get some gold and legendarys in a somewhat reasonable ammount of time but if the rumors are correct we are even more forced to play PVE. Even if the rumors are wrong they still decrease the value of running the easy/normal mode which inceases the time you have to spend in PVE again same as 8 dayli challenge. The players didnt create thoose requirements completly by themselve. The whole reason to upgrade gear is to do more dmg and get faster through the stuff. Why should you slow yourselfe down with some low bobs ? I am pretty sure they intendet this system here in EU/NA cause in RU etc. you cannot see the gear of others which would remove the requirements people ask cause they cannot proof if you got the gear or not. Talking about myselfe i dont mind lower people in my group if i expect the group to do enough dmg for the boss i dont mind but i completly understand why people want thoose requirements. Its simple if you want to run higher dungeons with like 1.3K AP which might be possible get into a guild and do it with them ! What are the klans for if not for something like this ? They dont want things free or handed over they want farming spots. You should be able to reach max gear withing some months and not years. (talking about current patch not including stuff which comes in the meantime since you begin your upgrades) Wrote above why its not players fault only. All they have to do is remove the abillity to see others gear but alot of people including myselfe wouldnt like that cause you cannot tell if the specific person is enough. Alot of Raven 3 trolls would join WC hardmode or the new dungeon hardmode and you would have to restart the lobby over and over again till you get a decent group. This is time consuming and would lead to alot of people quitting again.
  3. Well NC is the only Publisher for them in EU/NA probably no one would take BNS if they discontinue it. NC should know their place and give them more stress since if NC really forwards all the stuff then the dev team is really lazy and you may have to switch your employees then. Thats why i dont shut up cause its NC fault for not caring how and if KR team works (they wouldnt have a market without a publisher so they have the power). I dont expect them to fix everything and implement everything in an instant. I just expect them to implement the needed stuff and minor stuff. For example: Performance and balancing are big things which need time even tho i dont think they work on it i accept it cause it is actully alot of work but Friendlist, Voice Chat, PVP Times, thoose are all things you dont have to programm something new just write 2 or 3 lines or remove 2 or 3 lines.
  4. Well recently i started only upgrading PVP Stuff and now i have enough to play in the top ranks. Still they can one shot and i need to do my pvp combos to kill them cause its still not max gear by far. Its actully more gameplay than it sound its not just one shot if you iframe correctly. but still i think gear shouldnt be needed i mean i payed probably like 40k already and i cannot one shot warden. Talking about BM getting WL aerial thats totally not true. Warlock couldnt 100 to 0 you in one untabable aerial like BM can. Even with Warlock aerial your enemy still had some percent left. I am talking about "If the player base really wants to see this happen, sure, there is no way we would not escalate this to the developers" sure this was about the wish of some player to remove 3 player que and bring 2 player que but it counts as a promise that they will do stuff the community wants what they simply dont do ! If its really something they need KR devs for what i doubt they definetly didnt forward it since it is something you can programm in minutes just remove some lines in the programm. "Wir leiten das Feedback an die zuständigen Entwickler weiter, um etwaige Vorschläge zu prüfen und möglicherweise auch zu implementieren." Which means "we will forward your feedback to the devs and they test your suggestions so they may implement thoose". Thats what the support wrote to me about this topic some weeks ago and still nothing happened. No information. 100% of players dont like thoose restrictions even the PVE guys i asked said thats crap.
  5. Game dying

    I watched the stream but i didnt see anything about having to do hardmode. As much as i understood they just renamed it. Easy is now normal mode and Hardmode is now Normalmode. There shouldnt be any difference expect for the drops we already have. Its just a simple rename of hard and normalmode as far as i understood. If this is true and you are forced to do hardmodes wow even more stuff to hurt PVP Players than i already knew but i doubt it.
  6. I am posting this cause of Tag Team the part which made the most fun to me. You see more than enough groups and you can actully find pretty quick matches (assuming you search in a 3 man party) but since they restriceted the time people have better stuff to do. You can only play between 20:00 - 23:00 + Monday/Wendsday/Fryday so in total 9 hours a week. Results: 1. Alot of people miss out cause they are not focusing the time or have to raid at thoose times. 2. Top Players (top 30 and top 5) are not able to rank their twinks fast enough so around 1500 you will mostly only get rank 30 to rank 5 players. 3. Balancing killed the PVP sure but there are still some players and the restriction of times just forces them to not play. I am just so distatisfied like people who read my pvp related stuff here in forum should already notice. I mean every patch they do stuff for PVE without thinking about PVP. Newest Archer Patch for example: You need to do 6 quests to get a PVP Key (soul stone box for 1v1/3v3) so you need to do 3 more quests to get the key. What if you dislike PVE but want to play 6v6 PVP ? Of course you want to do the bare minimum of PVE but now they force you even more to do PVE !
  7. I was just watching your current stream about the archer patch. I asked the whole stream "what about pvp restrictions when will they be removed ? you promised". Why is no one answering ? back when you introduced it people where complaining and you told us you`d change it if we dont like it ! So what about it ? its clear no one likes this. It destroyed the 3v3 Tag que completly and 1v1 cannot be played in the night ! why ? 6v6 i can kind of understand it but it was always regulated by itselfe. People knew they are not gonna get a que at a certain time so why did you have to patch it at all ? Simply put: No one likes this restriction and there is nothing to justify your decision since everyone knew it will worsen the state of the game i am sure you guys did too ! You guys are not dumb or atleast i want to believe that. (probably getting banned for this) Remove the restriction completly ! Thats probably one of thoose things you dont even need the KR Team for it.
  8. PvP is dead, what do you do about it?

    1. This is already ingame. Higher enemy gives more points and loses you less same for lower enemy. 2. This is talked about since 2 nearly 3 years now. NC simply dosent care that we want them to look at the IP and only rank the highest char of the specific class. Its definetly not impossible and its probably really easy to programm. (Had programming class once and this seems like a really easy thing) 3. People complain about this since they introduced the gear. It will change for the newest gear but guess what you have to do for that ? 6v6 and guess what you will have to get before you can farm the newest upcoming stuff ? yeah all the stuff you get from PVE. NC probably sees a loss of money in it so they will not do such a thing. 4. The rewards are good already. Assuming you do PVE too you have enough keys and can earn easyli thousands of gold via PVP each week. PVE only people have it really hard to earn that much but on the other hand most PVP players who actully enjoy it dont want to play PVE at all and if they dont PVE they will not be able to even earn 1 Thousand gold per week. How are thoose supposed to get 6v6 gear ? 5. The balance is overall trash and people where begging them not to give us the awakening patch since this is the patch which destroyed the game to a point its no longer esports ready. People told them it will kill PVP and they gave us the awakening patch. Probably cause PVP Players dont invest as much money as PVE Players cause Awakening is pretty nice for PVE. Simply. it dosent matter what you suggest it was already suggested a long time ago. NC made clear they dont want us PVP Players. If they patch something into the game PVP related it is something to even worsen the situation. For example the upcoming patch of the archer will force us to do 6 daylis instead of 3 to get the needed key to open Soul stone PVP Boxes. There are no big things they can ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up anymore so they keep searching small stuff to worsen it.
  9. Damage related rewards

    Thats fine but like 98% of players at riftwalk will not be able to sustain 500k its more like 130 - 180K. Now calculate mechs into it and it may be like 85 - 130K. Sure you are still able to do so but 95% of thoose players have no idea about the mechs at all.
  10. Damage related rewards

    I am talking about people with Story gear joining Warped Citatadel for example. I dont wanna see thoose people be allowed in current dungeons. Its not hard to get BT Stuff at max atleast.
  11. Damage related rewards

    I think the idea is good but it would destroy the whole reason to why you gear up at all. Its to do more dmg and get stuff done faster. Unfourtunetly if you are forced to run with Low bobs you will be slower by alot. Depending on the dungeon i would like such a system but my oppinion stays the same i dont think we should allow everyone to run everything. Gear exist for a reason and it dosent take long to get TT Ready gear or atleast TT 1 - 2 ready gear. If you want to run any content get a group or a guild you can run with dont expect everyone to carry you !
  12. This game to toxic .

    New Story Gear people 1. dont know their class 2. they will not do the maximum dmg they can which can be a problem in some dungeons since you need to do mech then 3. They do not know the mech. Now imagine having a party of 6 with Riftwalk 3 maybe not even 8 slots and not even hexa gems while having generation 1 Legendary items and no badge. I doubt thoose people can do even Shadowmoor alone not even Sandstorm. Dont get me wrong i dont mind people using LFP to enter dungeons below Dreamsong since usually you have people who can do theese dungeons alone without the need of people dmg wise but you need to consider not everyone is like this. Well the requirements are by far not up to date. I asked them several times to update them but they simply dont.
  13. This game to toxic .

    1. Play with an alt yourselfe like raven 3 and nothing else. Alot of parties will still wipe. Since i have more than enough gear to do thoose dungeons alone i usually carry some low people but when i see how thoose guys play there is definetly a need for some gear. 3. Sure BNS is unoptimized ashell but FX xxxx CPU will run much worse than some gold I5 2400. Hardware still depends to some extent. I want a voice chat. RU etc. got this years ago but we do not.
  14. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    Yeah most people hate it. I actully dont mind the gear anymore but it should be cheap enough so you can get it in like 2 weeks since this mode is meant to be competative aswell. When i play with my trash twinks (first get legendary pvp stuff stage 1 and ascendant 3 while Nova or Ivory Soul shield) i see alot of people i get into cc combos for like ages but i cannot kill them. One example where i can see Gear >>>>>>>>>> Skill. 1. Awakening patch destroyed the whole balance. I am not the only one who thinks like this pretty much 99% of all PVP Players to my knowledge. 2. PVP times. There was no reason to restrict it that much. (They said if the feedback is negative they will change it but they dont) 3. Third Spec. While KFM is trash in 1v1 and 3v3 in 6v6 its to strong and third Spec BM shouldnt exist PVP wise. 4. Wallbang (exist longer than awakening but awakening made it really easy to wallbang now) 5. BR rewards are trash. 6. Not giving PVP only players any way to farm mats. You can only open up to 2 1v1/3v3 Boxes a day and 1 6v6 box. We can argue what is pay to win for a long time but enough people did this already. There are different oppinions about it. I call everything you cannot reach in an reasonable ammount without money pay to win too while others simply dont but lets not argue about it since it was done alot of times already.
  15. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    The problem in PVE is not completly on players site. Sure some want stuff just for free and thats way to easy of course but when you reached a treshhold like GC 9 Tiger soul etc. it takes weeks to get 1 or 2 ap. Thats way to long ! You should be able to get progression every week in my oppinion. Unfourtunetly for example between Awakened Tiger soul and True Tiger are 42 Oils = 19530 Gold. Thats 2 or 3 Months farming for a normal player. Way to much. Thats the time id want to have max soul. (If you focus completly on soul and use not even 1 gold for anything else.) PVP Gear is another story. I payed 15K Gold recently and i dont even have all accesories. Not even max Weapon. Since my class is dead i am in top 5 of ladder currently but PVP gear is something you shouldnt have to pay alot ! You cannot expect people to use their gold for PVP where even max gear dosent protect you from getting one shot.