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  1. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I have less gear and i do 1.9 Million in parse.
  2. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    1. i didnt write this but it was sarcasmn in the first place. 2. I play booth PVP and PVE in the last months i prefer PVE because awakening destroyed PVP. My PVP Gear: Dragon Forge 7, Frist Gen PVP Ring Stage 3, First Gen PVP Necklace Stage 3, First Gen PVP Belt, First Gen PVP Gloves, Nova Core 8 Set, Of course i wouldnt mind seing them adding a new way to farm moonstones but it should take much longer to farm it via PVE than PVP same as 1v1 with the soul stones. I get 38 - 64 Soul stones (dont know the exact number) every 2nd win in 1v1 thats 26,6G - 44,8G Soul stone plains takes much longer. On the other hand i would prefer them simply removing all PVE Materials from PVP so you can get max gear 100% by doing pvp. Since i prefer Soulstones boxes i cant get blood stones aswell thats why my PVP stuff is still so low. There is simply no way to get Bloodstones via PVE expect for crafting guild and have you seen how expensive that is ? Totally not worth it. Now imagine a player who wants to get max gear PVP or atleast decent gear before entering 6v6. There is simply no way to get Dragon forge and Accesories Stage 10. I really want them to add a way to farm Blood stones via PVE. The only reason i have Dragon forge 7 is cause i play PVP 1v1 sometimes and the Soul stone Boxes you buy there can contain like 1 Blood stone Fragment.
  3. How to Make 3v3 Popular again

    Thats exactly what i told nc multiple times there is litterly no reason to restrict us so much. @Baskerville i ask directly well knowing you do a good job but why are you and all other moderators ignoring everything about PVP ? If some players are furious about some PVE stuff you guys usually write something or try to speak to the department responsible for this stuff. Why are you and your colleagues just silent about everything if its about PVP ? I mean its definetly not me i am just one of the loudest ones who whines about this cause i have alot of time to be in the forum. NC announces PVP related stuff and you guys get to know pretty fast what the PVP base thinks about this well knowing it could worsen the PVP in this game even more. We told you not to release Awakening into PVP what did nc do ? they released it anyway and now they are like "Pikachu Face" and think its players fault. What do they do next ? restrict our playtime and then again "Pikachu Face". There are litterly only like 10 Players in PVP everyone else quited. why ? cause NC dosent listen to us. Again: @Baskerville i ask you cause from nc staff you are the only one i actully belieave if you say you want this game to be succesful. You are the only one i actully think plays the game and should know atleast a bit about BNS. Why is NC just silent about PVP and worsens the state of pvp with every pvp related patch ? Dont tell me KR makes the updates ! NC dosent have to take everything KR does they can just say no we dont want this update its probably not much programming to remove awakening from PVP.
  4. serious help needed

    Its time to get a new HDD/SSD your Harddrive is definetly broken soon it will not be reconized at all. This can take hours/days or months but you problem cannot be fixed. Is the HDD like really old ? then just buy a new one but if its pretty new use your warranty. I hardly recommend you to buy a SSD cause the prices have droped so much and you gain alot from having 4 times the speed of a HDD.
  5. Considering the game optimization thoose FPS should be normal. You can try some tweaks like disabling third Spec animations but i dont think that will help a lot. I know this CPU was advitised as "Gaming" but it actully never was the A10 was always a pretty weak CPU which cant even compete with an I3 from 2011. One thing you could try is a cheap used Nvidia GPU and some overclocking. I recommend the GTX 660 if it needs to be cheap (30€ max) and if you decide to overclock watch out for an option to only overclock one core some and crank it as high as your CPU and CPU cooler allow it. (please dont do this if you have no idea what the settings do in your Motherboards bios ask a friend cause it can destroy your CPU) If you decide to buy a completly new build look out for an I5/I7 or Ryzen 3xxx if you get a good deal the 2xxx add for example the GTX 1650 and you are good to go.
  6. Wartezeiten für Weiswahllagune und Co

    Kommt auf dein Rating an und die Uhrzeit. Spielst du Abends sind es eig. max 5 Minuten. vor ein paar Patches waren 30 Minuten aber totall normal, da es nunmal der Pay to win Modus ist, wo du als Free to play Monate farmen musst um da eine Chance zu haben und da ist das PVE Gear nicht dazu gerechnet, was du auch farmen musst. Die Kreditkarte hillft aber immer sehr.
  7. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I get your point but it is supposed to be an event for mains and 500K is DPS you can expect from an alt since it needs nearly nothing to get to this DPS. On the other hand i still agree with you that 1 Million is a bit to much (even tho its way less than i expected) i would love to see the requirements droped to 650K while doing mech so people who parse like 800K can participate but 500K is like playing on an alt and this event is clearly not intendet to be for alts. So what about gearing up a bit ? if you like PVP you can easyli earn houndrets of gold a day the soulstones are at a high like never before but if you dont like PVP well do whatever PVE players do to get money. (Seriously i have no idea where you farm like a lot of gold ingame without PVP most of my Gold comes from Soul stones and Moonstones. ) I parsed yesterday and i am doing 1.9 Million just to tell everybody who thinks i would whine cause i would do low DPS in advance.
  8. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    Actully i do this too not with that much chars but with some its one way to earn alot of money but i am one of thoose who told NC aswell to change it i rather get bigger rewards on one char than to rank 6 chars to get 6 small rewards. And again i have to tell you we told them to change this like 2 years ago but nothing has changed not PVP playerbase fault we just wanna farm the money aswell its not abusing its using the system as intedet. Most PVP players would actully love to the such a restriction but the rewards are still way to good to not farm them up.
  9. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    Sorry to bother you but the PVP Playerbase did their part. Not only me but like every PVP Player told them what they have to do even some PVE Players wrote some pretty nice things here in forum. I wrote this already like 20 Times here in forum but PVP Playerbase told NC not to release Awakening into PVP we told em right after KR got this update. I am pretty sure if they had seperated PVP and PVE Balancing the PVP part would still be alive. After that they decided to punish us for leaving the game and restrict our playtime in PVP which got us more people leaving and again right after they announced it litterly every PVP player said "this is the wrong step" what is NC doing ? it litterly saying ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off ! Its our game ! "We dont care about some people who baerly buy things in our shop" cause lets face it most PVP players dont invest a single penny into this game. They could atleast speak to us before blindly adding the stuff from KR.
  10. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    well most pve players dont wanna farm. And yes PVP is a way to farm i dont wanna farm wc aswell but i am forced to nc will not give me another way to get the belt !
  11. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    I hope they dont add anymore ways. I like how expensive they are currently cause i dont need em i have thousands of crystals i can just sell the tradable ones. ^^
  12. Can't uninstall the game?

    Search in your HDD/SSD usually on C: there is a folder called programs(x86) and another one just called programs. Search in thoose folders and delete everything you can find about BNS. If you have BNS installed on another drive search on this drive aswell.
  13. Designwettbewerb 2019

    Wieso gleich so brutal ? Da kriegt mein armer Lyn Gunner und Lyn Warlock ja angstzustände.
  14. Scaleburn

    Since you wrote that, i asume you know where that naryu Coin guy is located for example jadestone. He sells a Box for 5 Naryu Silver this box contains either Dawnforge 3 or Riftwalk 3 depending on what you choose. Most classes get more damage out of Dawnforge but if you are BD for example Riftwalk is the way to go. The mentioned Scaleburn weapon is no longer avaible to get in game as far as i know since they nerved the Upgrade cost alot. Back then you had to upgrade Scaleburn to either Seraph or the dark path and upgrade it from stage 1 to stage 12 after that you had the option to upgrade to either Dawnforge/Riftwalk or Raven. Now the worst weapon you can have is Dawnforge 3/Riftwalk 3 just buy the box i mentioned till you have 8 slots avaible on the weapon its pretty much the exact same weapon as scaleburn but 15 steps upgraded for free.
  15. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    Well look at the playerbase. They even had to make one server for everyone which tells us there are not enough players for 2 servers. (I dont belive them that it was due to better technologie and upgrading) You cannot LFP most current Dungeons and PVP is played by like 5 - 10 Players. It even takes minutes to get a party up if you search manually. Do you really think this game is gonna survive till UE4 ? Which will come like December 2020 probably if it ever comes. They announced a PS4 version in 2017 aswell btw. have you ever heared anything about this after 2017 ? It`s not only them not fixing bugs they dont listen to the community aswell in terms of game improvements or if they announce stuff which like 99% of the community dosent want. Would have loved to play it on Console thou if it would run like Tera does.