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  1. Ignore him we have tryed to explain to him how PCs work and how Motherboards are not the bottleneck and probably never has been atleast for gaming.
  2. Unlikely they will ever start banning them cause its safe to assume like 90% of players uses some kind of cheat either cause its needed to have a okish performing game or cause they actully want to cheat in TC or whatever. Aside from that the most obvious stuff the wintrade is not getting punished either showing us there also dosent exists even the slightest interest in removing cheaters from this game. Personally i am at a point again i do 5 dailys and thats it game is not enjoyable anymore. PVE is litterly run the same dungeon thousands of times and pvp is unplayable unless you p
  3. Not a glitch, cheat, or anything. Its simply SS while you are still in air this changes your stance to ice and you can use 4 Stun while you are still in air.
  4. Community figured out whats the big issue years ago too and NCwest actully found a solution to heavily reduce crashes. The Premium Windwalk Effect results in easy crashes if you play 64bit Version go into settings there is the option to remove that just like pet animations. You should remove as much stuff as possible till we have UE4 in EU.
  5. Well they are not avaible for Ncoin they are only avaible for 0 Hm coin.
  6. Well while PVE people can obtain anything expect the Royal Zen bean which is 4.5k zen beans so around 15 matches maybe, PVP people need to do the following. 1. Get good enough PVE Gear to run the latest dungeons imagine you are a pve player and first have to get full pvp gear before entering dungeons would you do it ? 2. Do your runs of the dungeons to get the accesories for example dollhouse has 3 accesories. You need up to 300 runs per accesorie depending on class you need whole stuff or just glove and 2x neck 1 or 2x Ring thats up to 1500 Runs for 1 dungeon alone wh
  7. I wanted to post the same cause i die at stage 7 due to several seconds of freeze time but since UE4 comming soon i dont think they will boother even looking into it. My PC: Intel Core I7 @stock GTX 1080 32GB of Ram Installed on NVME SSD
  8. You cant take Soul stones as an argument since you get it in SSP which yes is pve cause its super rare someone actully does pvp there. Same for Moonstones thoose are farmed way faster via pve than pvp. 4.5k beans is nothing compared to like 1800 runs of dollhouse alone.
  9. Last season ive still gotten 24k hm coins even tho i didnt really play much. Thats peanuts compared to the wintraders but thats still 300€ worth of F10 stuff.
  10. Ive writte it dozens of times but the issue are not the godmode skills in general its how easy it is to get thoose ready. A Force Master for example is consideret to be the strongest class in 6v6 right now cause its godmode skill has like 36 sec cd or whatever. If we ignore the tab walk which is what i want to be nerverd for FM then FM wouldnt have much to fight back. So all we need for FM to be balanced is a cooldown on the tab walk. Theese are very small changes needed to fix most if not all classes but NCsoft is unable to do this for some reason.
  11. touche an item you buy once which is farmed in 15 matches. While you have to litterly to do each day your pve dailys to even get some elysians.
  12. There is no need to do pvp at all in this game there is nothing thats being locked from pve while there is litterly everything locked out of pvp so if you want booth to be equal pvp rewards need to be seriously buffed or can you tell me one item thats not avaible in pve but is needed in pve that is availble in pvp ? The system i wrote about didnt care if you are pve or pvp it cared about if your account is created before date x meaning you cant just create 1000 new accounts and get free lvl 60 chars. I dont ask them to ban pvpers i ask them to not make it easier to wintrade.
  13. This is my point why would someone need this packet they give us with all this crap if you get same or better stuff right out of story. For VT Badge id need like 20 minutes to get it as a totally new player. This packet is supposed to give us stuff to help progress. Hime even said that in stream. Dont get me wrong i think its a nice gift too but there are no restrictions to it at all. Once we had a free lvl 60 ticket but you had to have an account x ammount of days old to register at all making it way less problematic. Of course but this also includes that the player has to lvl
  14. I just looked over the patchnotes and i just want to know some things. 1. Reaver Reinforcement Package: Its supposed to give a start to your new character but you get a free lvl 60 ticket. Do you know what you get from story ? This packet is useless its giving worse stuff than story. I cant think of any way this could be useful to anyone dosent matter how long the player is in this game its useless. 2. 1x free lvl 60 ticket: for anyone no matter how old the account is. Looking at the state of pvp thats the last thing that should be done ! we already have a huge huge pro
  15. Social Clans where never alive. They came to this game at a point litterly everyone and their grandma already had a competetive clan cause nothing else existed back then. Social Clans are entirely used for alts to get some lil benefits and make it easier to lvl with friends etc. but when you reach lvl 60 you want a competetive clan cause 1. it gives more bonus, 2. the option for Clan Battlegrounds exists, 3. People are in thoose with their main.
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