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  1. Another whale exclusive event only

    To take part in gear Based PVP you dont need max soul, pet etc. aslong as you got your accesories, weapon, soul shield you are fine all you need is skill now. Sure you will do way less dmg than max gear but you can fight them. I am far from max gear but even with my gear ive not seen a single player who could survive one aerial of mine expect for one Warden but thoose are special anyway. The cost to have a chance is like 30K probably and this is very cheap. I mean you can earn this in like 10 Weeks if you only count CBG if you do PVE aswell its probably like 1 Month.
  2. Another whale exclusive event only

    I agree. Since they want 300 people to join (which i doubt will happen after day 1 cause thats more than 10% of the whole playerbase) they shouldnt create anything which could prevent players from joining. I adressed that above. We currently have around 3000 - 5000 Players i believe and this is NA + EU so per server maybe 2000 - 3000 Players. One thing i have to agree with Grimoir its really not a huge problem getting Decent PVP Gear. Sure you will still have a very hard time against max gear but ive never seen attacks which one shot me since ive got gear. My gear is current PVP SS 5 Parts and 3 Parts Avenging, 4 PVP Accesories of current gen, 1 Glove last gen, Dragonfang 3 my HP is around 500K. You litterly spend like 30K Gold once and you are good to go for quite some time and my class dosent have skills which increase defense alot like Destroyer or BD.
  3. 1. People use Smurfs/Alts cause either they play a different class or they cant manage to find any que in the higher ratings. 2. Mostly PVE Players run scrpts theese days but its true some rank 1 players do so too. 3. It dosent matter how you win aslong as you dont use any third party stuff its totally legit and you have the right to brag about how good you are if you actully are good. 4. The respect about leaderboard is there the problem is its the best way to farm gold for PVP Players. A PVE player wouldnt stop farming TSM just cause someone else says "you abuse this farming method !". I mean everyone got the chance to get atleast top 30 in rankings which is still giving a good payout. 5. People leave cause its obvious NC dosent care about PVP if its not 6v6 or any other kind of PVP where you have to pay lots of gold beforehand. Now i just wanna say theese issues where adressed several times not only by me but everything NC answers to theese problems is "PVP is currently not very popular" without thinking why is it unpopular ? Solutions which the community asked for: 1. Create a Class Ranking per account instead of per char. For example you have 3 Force master on your account. Instead of having 1 FM in 1500 Rating, 2 in 1800 Rating etc. you have all of them at the same rating your highest one belongs to. 2. Simply use anti cheat programs but nothing like we had before cause it reduced our FPS even further and if you manage to sent legit proof that the other player uses scrips the support should ban thoose people. 4. Like i mentioned in 1. Community asked several time for a class ranking so people cant create 20 FMs and take all the top spots of course they would have to increase season rewards then. All of this was just related to your text of course there are several other issue with PVP the community bragged about but in the end PVP is not a porfitable gamemode for NC so they make it worse with every patch. Worst Patch so far was Awakening second worse was when they created a time lock so you cannot play 24/7 anymore. If they had not done theese patches i am sure we would have enought players to run tournaments with actully different people even today.
  4. Revival Charm CD Time & Reset

    The only reason theese are still used to this day is for skipping some kind of mech via Exploit and since NC is not even fixing stuff which is gamebreaking they will definetly not fix something totally not needed litterly one player wants cause of quality of life.
  5. 4th anniversary pack

    Yeah PVP is probably the fastest way to earn money if you PVE aswell cause you cannot get the keys to open the boxes in PVP. Talking about Playtime: 2 hours CBG + maybe 0.5 Hours for dailys + 0.5 Hours for Weeklys (just calculating you do it everyday so its easier). Now we are at 3 hours a day that should be enough for atleast 4K Gold per week. Now put in another 1 or 2 hours PVP time and you probably reach atleast 8K per week. I know alot of people hate PVP and 6v6 which is the most profitable is totally trash cause even if you pay like 30K or more gold for your PVP gear you will have a very hard time there but still cause it can earn so much money i recommend you to Upgrade some PVP Gear atleast current gen PVP Accesories and Stage 9 Incenerator.
  6. Dark Emissary Set fake Promotion, FFBF

    Sorry to tell you but thats your own fault. They announced this when the shop opened. On the other hand i agree with you the shipping cost is way to high so its a huge turn off and even tho this is a Digital Item which cost them 0$$$ to produce its still a raffle you have to pay like 30$ for. Its like they dont want us to buy their merch.
  7. Even tho Des is litterly the class with the most advantages against Warlocks expect for BM. Its always like this people flame you cause they have no idea about the actual ranking of classes. Sure this is heavily influenced by oppinion but we all tend to have a similar oppinion. Some say Soul fighter is the strongest while some say BM but everyone to my knowledge says atleast one of thoose is the strongest classes while everyone i know says Warlock is the worst class currently. I am one of the few people who even think Warlock was totally ok before awakening hell even when Warlock had double aerial (expect for Tag team this was op). I even thought when he had SB with Skill reset Warlock was fine but now its 1. Boring cause there is no 100/0 combo 2. Litterly no skills to fight against enemy Defences unlike every other class. My oppinion: Blade master, Soul fighter, Assasin, Force Master, Blade dancer, Destroyer, KFM, Archer, Summoner, Warden, Gunner, Warlock While others might rank it different its still similiar for everyone BM is somewhere in the top spot, Destroyer in the middle and Warlock is always at the end. Keep in mind i am like everyone else influenced by the classes i play aswell which are: Soul fighter, KFM, Assasin, Gunner, Force Master, Warlock, Blade dancer (knowledge of Warden but dont have one currently).
  8. Rare Elements

    Running Dungeons. Depending on the Dungeon you get up to 1 Rare Element per run. Otherwise you need to wait for Trove etc if you dont have tons from before the patch.
  9. 4th anniversary pack

    You either do something wrong or you are pretty new. It dosent need that much to reach 1.9K. Just do CBG as much as you can and do your normal farming you get atleast 3K Gold per weak by CBG alone.
  10. Returning

    It would be usefull to know exactly what accesories you have. Are thoose from far far back then when Hongmoon Accesories where a thing ? Than salvage them (if maxed) and get 30 Legendary Juwels now you can get first gen Legendary Accesories litterly for free for example in Mushin Tower from NPC you can skip this step aswell and just get your second gen legendary stuff. If you have First gen Legendary stuff already and Black Tower Stuff you should keep it and start getting your second gen Legendary stuff in Moon Refuge.
  11. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    Totally agree that thoose classes need the most changes. Fm: remove frost stacks from attacking him so he actully has to attack you to freeze you and remove Wallbang or atleast drasticlly reduce the dmg of it. SF: maybe reduce the ammount of Skill reset he can have. Currently he can reset 15 secs every 36 seconds maybe reduce it to 10 Seconds or to every 2nd Focus chi. Warden: Make Knockback avaible even if he is in Blade ward. BM 3rd spec: reduce the dmg output in aerial. He can aerial you with multiple ways and its does up to 60K i believe even in 1v1. But every class got ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ i want them to fix expect for Gunner and Warlock thoose rather need a buff i believe. Sadly this was written alot of times already and nothing will change so you shouldnt get your hopes up at any time. NCsoft is not known for making their customers happy.
  12. He talks about 1v1 and sadly Warlock is trash there. You litterly only have to run or use blocks Warlock will not be able to fight you. Since Wl cannot stop his Dragons after he activated it or his Thrall he attacks most of the time and now imagine playing against: KFM, SF, or whatever with a block. You will hit into it and it will give them godmode thats the whole reason Warlock is so trash nowdays you cannot counter defences with the current warlock and if you manage to do so you lose so much potential dmg. Not a single other class got such problems. Warlock either stalls for time which can be hard if your opponent is good or you AFK. The only Class Warlock is good against is Gunner cause Warlock can just 24/7 use defences while spamming ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  13. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    It should be clear that they dont care about PVP cause there where no balance patches since March 2019. All they did was buff the classes which are broken in the first place. In my oppinion the easiest way to balance the game a bit would be reducing Aerial dmg alot depending on class. For example BM shouldnt do 100% dmg in one aerial more like up to 60% if they do a perfect aerial but gunner on the other hand should stay like it is right now cause it dosent have any other offensive skills. This would remove most 100 to 0 stuff the second thing would be making tab escape avaible at wall. You have tab up but cant use it. You just wait till your health is at 0. Very balanced. Either give every class a way to 100 to 0 in untabable stuff or none ! NC made clear they do not want to support the PVP part anymore so we have 2 options either you quit PVP or you shut up since it dosent matter what you do NC will never give us nice things cause this would mean less €€€ for them. This is the oppinion of SF main (very strong class currently).
  14. I love you BNS

    We all do even if we are burned out and hate this game most of us still love this game. New Computer dosent mean better performance. But if you dont care you can play with 8 FPS i dont mind. There is a subscription you can buy monthly. They are not gonna make it pay to play cause this means less players than we already have and they still would keep up with trove etc. So the only difference would be 1. less players 2. You are forced to pay monthly instead of having an option. Well there is a reason to this and since you only have 5 posts here i guess you didnt read alot in forum yet. 1. Devs ignore everything players want. And if they decide to give us something they cut out something else which is usually far more important to us than the new thing. 2. Bugs, Performance issue etc. are constantly being ignored which is losing us alot of players every day. 3. No communication or wrong communication. Unlike any good Company you need luck to have correct informations at a time where you can react to it. 4. More and more Pay to win added into the game while they said back in 2015 that this is not gonna happen. 5. A support which makes huge differences between casher and non casher and this support is not banning people for cheating etc. 6. Constantly finding new ways to make the game less enjoyable for PVP Players. Most of theese things are not Blade and souls fault as a software but NCs fault as a company but since you cant have one without the other Blade and soul gets hated. OP talking. (She should know who i am ingame ignore this if you are not crina)
  15. What is the standard AP?

    Than it may be cause of your gems. Tri and Quad just like fused Quad are usually worn by people who play for a longer time which means 1. more DPS cause of knowledge and 2. Knowledge of mechs even tho they dont exist anymore. You have to keep in mind how long it will take for a new player to get tri or quad gems. They will probably stay at Hexagonal for a long time cause there is no way of farming gems ingame expect for Reallife money and gems are the biggest AP Increase currently.