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  1. Its no issue to experienced players so its no issue for NCwest. The sad part about this is new players occasionally want to buy thoose and think they are pretty cheap but then see the Sale has already finished everytime they try to buy. New players simply think either their game is broken or they are doing something wrong.
  2. Simple answer: No there is no way Reason: Back in 2017 i think, they wanted to make it faster to farm certain materials thats why they created the Crystal versions so they can give us more materials without destroying the Market. This is also why alot of players have for example 30K Soulstone Crystals or 10K Moonstone Crystals and have no use for them.
  3. 5 Posts already thats more than we expect of a community manager in a year here in forums. Sarcasmn aside. I think he/she means cause the community expects certain things from you like activity and informations about certain stuff for example why wintraders etc. are not getting punished but you guys are most likely forbidden to answer thoose questions and have to keep silent which lets it look like you are not doing ur job and community is getting toxic towards you. In the end this can result in a burnout or something like this making you quit. So please dont take anyth
  4. Yeah but we dont need a ban for them simply remove them from the leaderboards if they are cheating. I am simply not liking the idea of banning players if its already hard to get a 6 man group for dungeons. For Arena we need Class based leaderboards (1 class per account) and a ban for everyone connecting from a country which is supposed to be region locked cause they have their own server. If you play or played Arena alot then you know what i mean. For BG i think a limit to 1 class per team would do the trick already. There is not a single cheat ive seen so far that make
  5. 11312 but i sent you a link to a FAQ. You should join the BNS Acedamy Discord there are any kind of guides, macros, addons etc. you need to play ur class.
  6. Sure there are things that are easy to track down but you let it sound like they should not punish other stuff. Even if its just insta open boxes its edititng the game which is prophibited by the TOS and can result in a ban in theory atleast. Personally i want them to act as they have written it down in TOS. The biggest cheaters are looking into the gamefiles each day to find new stuff and this stuff needs to long to be noticed if they dont ban for any kind of game editing stuff. Since i think this game is probably unplayable without thoose changes i can totally underst
  7. For PVP its everything on 3 expect ur hooks thats on 1. So it should be 33133.
  8. Me a sf i do 1v1 in BG alot against destroyer cause i know they are no threat if they stop spinning for me and i am useless in a teamfight against force masters but he is not hitting me nor am i attacking him he dosent seem to have a cooldown at all on red spin. Its usually like this: I come, He red spin, i evade his spin via iframe till he stops, he attacks for 0.5 seconds and goes behind his shield, i have to wait cause i have nothing to break through, he gets out of shield and repeats everything. I dont hit him nor do i get hit by him. If you disagree tell me how is this accapta
  9. Dont get me wrong i hate NCwest (west not KR) but i have to write what would result in banning all cheaters. Have you ever tryed to run dungeons ? Have you ever tryed to play PVP ? If you are an active PVP Player you probably know every single player by name cause the playerbase is so low and dungeons are often hard to get 6 players for nowdays. Its forbidden and banable to use any third party software or edits in this game making like 98% of players cheaters and if they ban all thoose it would be more logical to simply turn off the game completly. There is no anti chea
  10. The Battleground Vendor who you can find for example in: Mushin Tower or Jadestone vilage. Easiest way would be to simply buy it when you are in a match cause the vendor is there right before a match starts anyway. You need 28k battle points which is around maybe 50 matches considering you have a winrate of around 50%. Again it is RNG what grade of amulet you get Legendary is the best you can get with thoose 28k to my knowledge but Awakened exists.
  11. Was just talking about air cause it would be the easiest way to simply give us the old warlock back cause it would be litterly like current third spec bm just with less defence. Please stop with all that range protection. It makes no sense. There are several projectiles that even go through this even tho they shouldnt. I dont like the idea of range protection at all. What about making his Q (the thing where he stays in air) not use a hook so its actully an iframe. Just what i am always saying. It has to much dmg to be as tanky as it is. My class (Soul fighter) has big su
  12. Well you can Acquire them via Events usually but like 90% of events are aimed towards lvl 60 players so there is no way for you to farm them yet. If you are lvl 60 they are useless aswell just like you wrote already. They heal for what ? 15k ? Even the worst geared char has atleast 200k health and thoose potions have a cooldown. Also you have to use your event currency to get them which is even worse cause you have to decide either get potions you will never need cause its not even healing 10% of your health or get stuff you really need to upgrade your stuff.
  13. Actully its more like 150 Rating right now or even 200 sometimes very rare thou. Thats not correct sadly. This would increase the times you get matched against the same player and if you get farmed 3 times by the same player even if its only 2 points you will get annoyed and thats another reason to simply not play pvp anymore your idea would simply make it so we can play against him like 10 times or whatever making pvp even worse than it is. Easiest way to make it more new player friendly is in my oppinion this class based ranking and making it impossible to que against the same player
  14. this would help new players in their very first game but it increases the suffering by alot if you are simply lucky and win some matches. 6v6 is RNG after all. But i agree it would make the que a bit better but also it would probably make it harder to get a match in low elo at all cause even less people would be in que there. Your idea is basically "make low elo dead so high elo can have bigger numbers at their medal". What is the reason for thoose top 5 players to play in such a low elo ? they cant find matches above 1700 and they want to earn Soul stones. You wont increas
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