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  1. What everyone's thinking?

    I play PVE and PVP mostly PVE thou since Awakening Update (this Update sucks) i do agree that we need more PVE avaibility i simply think its wrong without giving PVP Players the same treatment. Even if Elysians and Sacred orbs are cheaper than Moonstones and Soul stones together you also need way more of them. So PVP Players probably would need to pay way more to get their mats then PVE Player but again i didnt calculate it yet. P.S sadly i always have to write this: PVP Players are forced to buy/Upgrade PVE Gear to farm their PVP Gear while PVE People can just completly ignore PVP so PVP needs way more mats then PVE.
  2. Item that can seal

    Just move over the item if you see there is written you can seal it then you can seal it. I am not sure about IA Gear but you can send any kind of accesorie to another char just like every weapon up to Thronbreaker 6. Soul and Heart is a bit tricky you can definetly seal them but not every stage just move over them with ur mouse and you will see. Soul shields, Unity Stones, HM skills, HM level, Achivements for example cannot be sent to another char which makes changing class atleast for me unatractive. Also keep in mind not to seal third spec accesorie ive heared multiple time you cannot open the box on chars without third spec if you do.
  3. Have to disagree. Atleast in EU there is only 1 Destroyer that even plays as good as you let it sound like. They are broken and totally op thats true but atleast in EU there is a huge lack of good Destroyers if you know how to play against them its pretty easy. Expect for this one Destroyer i mentioned it dosent matter if you know how to play against this class if you encounter him he will just use godmode skill and burst you down. As if its new tag team is not attractive to new players. If you are a new player you dont have enough knowledge to even beat top 30 players even top 100 might be a problem but in 3v3 you will encounter top 5 players and RU Players on a regular basis. (This is not an insult to any region if you know PVP in EU RU means players that come from Russian server and are top 5 there they are usually even better than the EU Players). BTW RU Players are forbidden to play on our server at all cause it is supposed to be locked for them. (TOS) This sounds like you are triggered for some reason. 3 Classes for exapmple Destroyer is a disadvantage for them not advantage. They have global cooldowns on Party protection just like BM or Assasin. You always take Destroyers as example and its simply not true they are super strong but you can beat them while Assasins are another story but again there is a huge lack of super good Assasins too litterly 1 player in EU but of course with 200000 chars. A team comp like: 1. Soul fighter, 2. Blade master 3. Assasin is way stronger than 3 Destroyers. If we ban team comps cause they are to strong why not ban every team that could work together since teamplay is even more broken than 3 of a class.
  4. Suggestions for Systems & Items changes

    If you change your class/char you will not be able to sent over: Soul shields, Unity Stones, Achivements, Hongmoon level. I think if you want to play another class and already have to pay thousands of gold to sent over your stuff you should be able to sent your whole stuff. Thats why i never changed my class even tho i wanted to. Now i simply play my 2nd class as 2nd main and give it some Gear. Most free to play People are HM 21 - 23 most casher are around HM 25 - 27 and hardcore cashers (only seen 2 yet) are around HM 30 - 35. I think its definetly the case we should get the XP requirement put down so you can actully reach HM 35 in a humans lifetime without cashing. Or atleast they should reduce the cost of transforming 1Million Xp charms to 5 Million Xp charms + removing the 24 Hour Cooldown. I am HM 23 and the Account/Char i play is 2 Years old.
  5. Enough is Enough

    Personally i am fine with my ping probably cause i live in germany but i think your argument is lacking. If they simply increased one or 2 server locations ping for most players would be way better. Why is this impossible for a multimillion dollar Company but Indie Games released on Steam have no problem ? My point is simply Ncsoft can do so much to better the ping but they wont due to cost savings probably. I do agree here but most people or rather not a single one i asked thinks there where any good events in the last probably 2 years. I think majority thinks so this tells us something. Thats why some people requested bots in Low ranking up to 1600. 1. People would have a chance to actully learn their classes cause New players will not encounter top players on a regular basis. 2. Que would be alive to atleast 1800 probably even 1900 Rating unlike 1700 like its the case now. 3. Top Players would be forced to play up there so there is actully potential people reach Diamon on a daily basis. 4. It would decrease wintrading. 5. There is a certain RU Bm (this is not against a group) thats playing like 10000 BMs just like a certain EU Destroyer. Instead of 20 chars in top 30 they would have like 3. Overall i do understand your concerns but i dont see any downside in making a class raking instead of a char ranking. Worst case: Game is dead in another rating region. Best case: More players get interested cause they actully have a chance to reach decent spots in ranking and whole PVP is alive. Not exactly. If you just started the game even Sandstorm temple can be a challenge. But most people dont think about it cause even one player with like Aransu Gear is enough to solo this dungeon.
  6. Enough is Enough

    What about a title or some kind alteast ? But i do agree totall unneccasary. You cant use simple mode. For Soul fighter just as example i need Simple mode otherwise i lose millions of dps cause the game will not register if i press V its already not registring my Z skill when i use it alot of times so i lose alot of DPS from that alone. I just want to say F12 is different to real world combat cause of this + you cant really parse since your playstiyle is different in real combat. Havent seen one since atleast 2 years. Sorry its not. If every other game works but BNS is having huge MS its not ISP or someshit. If BNS would be perfect server wise everyone would get like 200ms in Counter strike aswell and if that where the case i doubt this game would have been such a huge success on the market. NCwest can improve alot thats what i want to say here. Majority does have problems while some are lucky that dosent mean others are just stupid or something. For example i have I7 9700K + RTX 2700 + 32GB ram and the game is installed on my NVME SSD. I should run this game at 120FPS no matter what happens in this game but i get around 35 FPS in Hangar 0 if i turn of players and around 20 or even lower in raids. Thats also the reason i dont do raids anymore i just buy my stuff. 32bit just crashes 2 seconds after i start the game. Even if you run Hardmodes majority of runs will only contain like some scale fragments nothing more. They could create a class wide ranking instead of a char ranking like alot of PVP and even PVE Players suggested starting in 2016 already. This may decrease the ammount of players in low rank but new players will have a way better chance of winning which will motivate them to some degree. This way we would actully be able to play against different players instead of getting 5 - 10 times the same players we may or may not have a chance against at all. If new players come into pvp and get smashed like they are some NPC its not motivating for them they will rather say "nah not gonna play this" then "lets train and someday i will be as good". Instead just use Faction chat way faster this way. But its the same as F8 you probably dont know most of the guys you are getting. But this game has unnecasary loading screens of doom.
  7. Arena Wintrading

    Just live with it. I reported them multiple seasons already and once i even kept replying to my ticket so they cant close it down till they refused to answer me anymore. They are like "stfu" if you dont be quiet and accept their computer generated answers. Just for example there is a certain Assasin on Platin who even admitted he wintraded to this spot. Everyone laughs about this cause we know this guy is hardstuck in 1650 rating even with third spec Assasin. Ncsoft dosent care even thou its in their possibilitys as NCwest to ban thoose people. Thats why i personally flame NCwest for every PVP related thing in this game not NC KR they are not the ones at fault if NCwest is not doing their job !
  8. I was bored and looked over the NCsoft site then i saw it. If you want to apply for a job you need to tell them if you are white, black, Hispanic or what ever kind of flavour you are. Here i am asking why is this important ? I am definetly no snowflake who is hurt by everything but even i think this is tasteless no matter what reason NCwest has it will not justify this question in my oppinion.
  9. habe da mal eine frage zum Paktierer

    @Anie Ich als Top 30 Warlock vielleicht auch Top 10, wenn ich die Klasse mal mehr spielen würde, kann dir sagen Warlock ist die schlechteste Klasse im 1v1 derzeit. Mit einer der schlechtesten im 3v3 und im 6v6 (Gear basierendes PVP) ist sie ganz inordnung. Spielst du im 1v1 gegen Leute, die wissen, wie man ihre Klasse spielt kannst du afk gehen. Es ist nicht möglich als Warlock einen Erfahrenen BM oder SF zu besiegen, wenn die dich ernst nehmen nur mal als Beispiel. Im 3v3 kann man wenigstens noch stallen und dem Team mit Skill resets helfen und im 6v6 hat man halt suvivivability du überlebst sehr lange kannst aber auch nicht wirklich kills machen. Deine Auswahl mit dem Gunner als Option ist aber auch nicht gut, da dies die zweitschwächste Klasse ist im 1v1 und 3v3. Im 6v6 ist sie wiederrum auch ok aber nur, mit extrem viel Gear. Willst du im PVP eine starke Klasse Spielen nimm den BM oder den Destroyer super einfach zu lernen und extrem stark. P.S du kannst gerne gegen mich üben ich habe viele Klassen und spiele mit allen mindestens auf 1700 Niveu. Sehe ich du machst Fehler mache ich dich darauf aufmerksam. zb. insta tab escapes oder fehlende Tech chases etc. etc. #8747EinFeuchterTraum. P.S ich spiele 9 Klassen.
  10. Something Trouble

    Dont get your hopes up. they are Female only which means their race only consists of females which would mean they are lesbian and not interested in males or what i personally think is the case, they can switch between booth genders like a frog. So they might be male but if you like this ok, everyone got a different taste.

    Talking about turning off animations via BNS buddy. I started using this for PVE some weeks ago but since i play PVP aswell i always had to turn it on for PVP. After 1 week of usage my account got banned for 3 days cause of suspicious behavour. There are only 2 reasons i could have been banned for theese 3 days 1. Animations getting turned on and off at a dayli basis 2. cause i log into my account form home and work. I think its due to the ip adress change but to be safe i dont use the option to turn off animations anymore.
  12. Which class do you play ? what gear do you have ? Actully i have to say "yes you are probably noob" or "you have to low gear" i can carry a team in Bronze with ease and in most silver games aswell. I dont even have max gear.
  13. ToI Floor 110

    He wrote in discord he only reached floor 69 and this appeared. Since he is also rank 1 while there are people that reached floor 100 its not a visual bug. I do trust this guy that he did not cheat and it was actully just a bug cause he wrote that in Discord channels. I guess you guys gave him the HM coins for rank 1 without even looking at ladder again thou.
  14. Where can we obtain Orb of Ascension shard now?

    To be honest i agree with him even tho is arguements are bad sometimes. Alot new players to my experience die in Easy mode dungeons it dosent even matter which dungeon they simply die cause they have no idea what attack x or attack y does so they dont evade or they dont know everything about their class. People that already play this game for a long time cant understand it but there has to be a reason why they die in Easy mode. For us its like you need to be mentally challenged to die in easy mode cause its so easy but they have no exp, they dont know how to play etc. they still die. In short new players may die in low dungeons but there is no way theese are impossible for them cause every pleb group you get in F8 will be able to do most dungeons cause there are only 2 dungeons you cant solo nowdays as high player the difficulty is extremly low for a whole group.
  15. Sorry da hast du wohl was falsch verstanden. Hörst du von dem Support "poste das doch bitte ins Forum" heisst das übesetzt "toll interessiert uns nicht". Desweiteren alles, was du angesprochen hast wird seit 2016 kritisiert es ist bis heute nichts passiert. In Korea haben die, die selben Probleme selbst dort interessiert sich keiner dafür. Es gab seit 2016 ein Q&A Video und dies war irgendein koreaner, der einen Text abgelesen hat, welcher für EU/NA bestimmt sein sollte. Dann kamen da jedoch Sachen vor, die mit EU/NA nichts zu tun hatten zb. Battleground, welches wir in NA/EU nichtmal haben unsere Fragen kommen nicht nach Korea daher macht so ein Q&A auch keinen Sinn.