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  1. Requests to change 6v6 gamemodes again

    This would remove a bit of the competetive nature this gamemode is supposed to have thats why i personaly dislike this idea but i wouldnt mind it. You already fight to get to have the first orb. Its one way to reduce the difference in points if you dont get the first ball.
  2. Requests to change 6v6 gamemodes again

    I can agree to your oppinion and accept that you think its fine with the porting others through the wall even tho i think it shouldnt be there cause there is no other class that can get through it. Its not the biggest issue of beluga anyway. About your oppinion on godmode skills sadly we know they dont give a damn about balance otherwise bm for example wouldnt have untargatable since 2 years in its iframe or third specs would be banned from pvp so i dont see them doing anything about this. This is also the reason i want them to increase the cap time in beluga so Sin can actully be stoped from taking horns. As i mentioned in my last sentence it would be better to punish the mid protecting team by making the ball appear after a certain time of not capping so people are forced to cap mid at some point giving everyone a chance to win the game.
  3. Hello, since NC seems to listen to like 1% of our complains now which is actully more than it used to be i request to change the core mechanics of 6v6 now. Whirwind valley is totally fine and i love the core mechanics of it. Beluga needs adjustments: Current cap time is what 3 seconds ? An Assasin can use godmode skills which exceed that time making it impossible to counter this class. I dont wanna complain about balance here we know NC wont care but this is a broken game mechanic. Solution simply make the cap time 5 seconds or whatever whirlwind valley has. Also the wall in mid where sin stleaths through needs to be changed so this is no longer possible in my oppinion. Nova Core: Remove the need to capture mid again. It was a nice idea to give booth teams a decent change to win instead of having rng in who is getting the first ball but it fails due to the balance of the game. Its safer for a team with alot of defence classes like warden, fm, etc. to protect mid so the game cannot even start, making the games way to long and people tend to go afk cause they know there is no way to win against this. Atleast you had a chance to switch the balls before but this is simply boring and probably the biggest reason most people hate nova core the most. Or another idea make the ball activate automaticlly after a certain time.
  4. You are probably trying to buy the cheapest ones which are locked cause they where created via cheating/exploiting a bug. If you want to buy them try the ones at around 300G or more they should work. Its not a bug its intended but as we know our dev they probably already forgot they did this just like they forgot alot of other stuff which gave us Western players trouble then. One big example they patched in a time restriction in 3v3 pvp for whatever reason and when we got a new daily challenge system guess when it was daily ? Exactly on thoose days you couldnt play 3v3 in the first place.
  5. Niedrige Fps und Lags

    30 fps wirst du nicht constant bekommen sofern du 64bit nutzt. Dein Problem mit dem FPS liegt aber an den Registry. Wenn BNS mal crashed passiert das oft. Es erstellt eine Datei und diese verhindert, dass du über 20 fps kommst. Ich habe gerade das Tutorial nicht parrat gibt es aber auf Youtube solltest du finden, wenn du low fps eingibst. 60 FPS kann man auch constant erreichen folge dafür den 32bit guide von Holo auf Youtube. Pass aber auch es crashed sehr gerne und sehr leicht. Raiden ist damit fast unmöglich und aktuelle Dungeons ist RNG ob du crashest oder nicht. Also Option 1 du hast 12 fps in dungeons und 4 fps in raids oder Option 2 du crashed alle paar Minuten.
  6. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    I have respect but no one managed to give me one single reason to why they couldnt manage it. The Forum is not only to support players and their oppinions its to discuss with other players and my oppinion here is NCsoft did nothing wrong here thoose players are lazy cause there are enough ways to get thoos fish pearls in this timeframe. BTW. Blade and soul runs well enough on my Pentium E5300 + 4GB DDR2 ram and GT 530 so even that is enough to fish without crashing. This is a PC atleast 12 Years old. Potato PC is simply not a good argument cause the PC is either to weak to run the game at all which makes me think why he is trying to get the fish pearls at all or it runs well enough and the player is simply to lazy to let it run in the background. I dont want to help them cause my oppinion sides with NCsoft. I am no NC whiteknight i write about them in a bad way alot even that much that they banned me twice already. (next will be permanent). If you are to lazy to do the event then dont complain its as simple as that. That would be unfair to all thoose players actully doing the event so no thx. Why ? Like i mentioned Office stuff needs very few ressources most PCs from the last 12 years should have no problems here. 1. put in better cooling, 2. dont sleep right next to the pc, 3. keep it running at day when you are doing something else. Thoose are 3 option there are more thou. Are you 24/7 playing ? if not there is enough time to afk fish. Please give me a good reason to why a human being cannot run this game in the background. Hardware is no excuse like i said if your hardware is really that bad it wont run Blade and soul in the first place cause it would be a single core PC. Not being able to keep it on at night is not a problem either cause you can keep it running at day in the background.
  7. Legendary Soul Badge for WL scourge

    The best is currently Wingrise the best single one is songbird. To get Wingrise you need to fuse Resurgence with Songbird this means you need to get 70 ressurgence Token (from Tower of infinity) + 70 Liberty Tokens (F5 oder sometimes F10). Total cost to get this badge should be around 4k gold.
  8. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    Sorry but i still dont understand why it has to be 32bit you are running in the background.
  9. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    I dont blame them for their pc cause the game runs like crap no matter your PC. I have 12 fps in Naryu Sanctum for example even tho a system from 2012 should be able to run it with 60 fps. We all know how lazy the dev is. Dosent change the fact that i will encounter the same problems. There is something called "running in the background". Why should they not be able to run in in the background and also why cant they run it when they are sleeping ? when they are away from home for whatever reason ? Sorry but office work is no problem with even 1gb of ram what kinda pc are we talking about ? if they have even below 4gb of ram they should think about playing another game in the first place since 4gb was even in DDR2 times not alot. Sorry i do not cause till yet no one could provide a reasonable reason to why they cant run the game when they are sleeping with 64 bit. The only reason i could accept would be you have even less than 4gb of ram but if you have even less than 4gb you shouldnt play this game in the first place it would be like complaining why you cannot run Battlefield 5 on ultra with some GT 210.
  10. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    No you get something wrong here. Thoose are actual legit players but they have several accounts with 12 chars of the same class which is another problem but me and alot of others asked for a fix even back in 2016. Wintraders with dual client are only taking rank 1 - 10 at max. Well they have to keep in mind. The playerbase is already super low and starting from gold already you will get problems getting different players. What do you think will happen if they ban players now ? I want them to get banned or atleast restricted but i dont see them doing this. Nah PVP is actully decreasing their income. Its a wonder they didnt remove hm coins from PVP yet. If your focus in on PVP you will most likely not spend money in this game cause gear is not needed but if your focus is on PVE you dont care about the state of PVP since you will not play it anyway if you dont have to. Guess where you need to gear up to be viable. Correct in PVE. They actully do since what do they do ? 1. They provide the community with stuff from F10 which is needed like Gem powder, 2. They sell their gold to what kinda people ? Hardcore PVE people most likely 3. What would thoose hardcore PVE People do if gem poweder would be 40g instead of 10 - 14G ? Yes they would complain and some would even quit. This solution is much easier for them then simply giving up options to farm this stuff and its more convenient since its still F10 as the only spot to get gem powder so if you dont wanna pay Golds as a whale you still have to spend real money. The big difference btw is we are the only region with hm coins in pvp. Nc could simply remove the hm coins and the problem would be solved thoose guys would probably stop playing but the other problem would be most of us EU Players would quit too due to the balancing issue we have for 2 years now PVP is no fun for anyone but thoose top class players and even they are complaining cause its to easy. Personally i only play cause of the weekly rewards and season rewards just like probably 90% of players.
  11. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    I have I7 9700k + RTX 2700 and 32gigs of ram it runs like crap on 64bit but since i dont crash on 64 i use it. 32bit sadly crashes and this is a known issue not addressed by NC for years now so people either play 64 with crap performance or they crash 24/7 its peoples own decision. Another solution is simply quitting the game which i recommend everyone complaining about FPS in this game. Dailys are like 1 hour at max per day and weeklys can be run at weekends. If you do it with multiple chars its not NC fault either you dont have too and also you mention people have work so why cant you leave ur PC on and fish while you are away ? i did the same just like most others. Just dont play 32bit and you dont crash. Sorry but people had 3 or 4 weeks to get the stuff. If they extend it why not make it an permanent event cause after 6 weeks people could complain too cause they where lazy. There is not a single game making events without ending them. So if you ever played a game like Call of duty, Dead by daylight, or litterly anything which does events sometimes you should know. Dont tell me BNS is your very first video game.
  12. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    Dont play 32bit then. play 64bit then. Its still a mmo you are supposed to have no life. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah You write in the wrong forum and wrong language. Even if they would care about EU/NA they have a team (NCwest) who is supposed to forward our requests but we can doubt that happens cause of several patches which included stuff community said enough times they dont want it for example the time restriction in pvp this was EU/NA exclusive back then btw.
  13. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    They will never do anything. Players have reported several wintraders for multiple seasons now but even the ones getting reported say nothing happened. If they dont do something in a timeframe of now probably 2 years of constantly reporting they will not do anything ever. Best solution dont tryhard anymore and only play to top 30 with ur chars wintraders only take rank 1 - 10 usually. Its not about how hard it is its about whats their preferance and PVP is certaintly not interesting to NC since it dosent give them alot of income. The biggest problem is not really the wintrade cause people who need to wintrade are usually not top pvp players the problem is our ladder is infested with people from another region i am not allowed to write down. Thoose people have thousands of accounts mostly given to them from players that do not play anymore. They are playing theese chars to rank 1 - 30 to get HM coins which they can use to buy Gem powder so they can sell it and get gold to sell this again and get $$$$ or €€€ or whatever currency. The funnyest part is its written down their region is locked out of EU so they should get insta ban when they login. I asked NC about this if they are serious about their rules and guess what the support told me "they have no idea if they are region locked" even tho i copied them the link to their post that certain region are locked out of EU.
  14. Also there is stuff ingame which you open with your main and there is nothing i can use it for. My 2610 ap char has no use for them but my 2nd main (now gunner) would be able to use them but cant due to the limitation that i cannot send them.
  15. can't accept One on One daily challenge

    Maybe cause you still have no clue how to play ? Gear dosent matter in arena. Max gear char has the same stats as a char just created.