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  1. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    1. We had one Event where you had to play 1v1 and 3v3 just one match. It was really fast so i doutbt much PVE People cryed about it and the rewards where atleast as good as today. 2. I am talking about the second DPS Event. I agree that turtle was to much but 500K was even at that time really low and everyone who didnt manage to get 500K DPS cant be playing more than 1 week. It was an event for players who didnt just started the game. It was an Event for people who actully play the game and enjoy it that much to kind of be active. Plus while we had this event we had a second one aswell for Twinks, alts and new players. 3. Master vs. Master was a bad game itselfe and i tryed to compete with League and Dota of course it couldnt its the wrong dev for something like that. Just imagine a Moba where something is unbalanced af and it will never get fixed that was the future of Master X Master so no one wanted to play it anymore. My favourite event was the one where you earned some fish fooder in a dungeon and went to jadestone to fish a bit. You got alot of oils, pet pack and divine grace stones this way.
  2. Gold Vault

    The Problem is this is a feature litterly no one needs and nearly no one wants cause its useless. For NC this would mean Programming which cost money and guess why we cant have nice things in BNS ? Programming cost money ! If they ever decide to invest a lil bit of money in programming i would rather like to see some stuff the community wants since 2016 but dosent get than something 1 guy asked for in Forum in 2019.
  3. Gold Vault

    1. Its really rare to find someone who is trying to scam you off in dungeon bid. 2. Usually you can just leave the party so you dont have to pay. 3. If you dont look at what others bid its ur own fault ! Its as simple as that if you dont want to spend any money than dont do it !
  4. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    Why not give us some PVP Events ? (cause NC dosent care about PVP) Why no turtle event where you need xxxx dps to beat it ? (Cause some nubs cryed cause of this "wah i cant do 500K wah") Why not give us a bigger ammount than 2 casher keys if we have to do something as boring as this ? (less F10 money) Why not asking players what kind of events they want ? (cause they would have to programm some new events if they did) What about an event which takes place outside of BNS and can be done by anyone ? for example with some mobile app ? (BNS 2 or whatever thoose apps are called) What about an event without the need of running dungeons you are not able to run if you have story gear ?
  5. f8

    I disagree. Low gear people should either find a guild or LFP the lower dungeons on the other Hand NC could do something about it aswell. Alot of players run dungeons till DST solo why ? cause of psyches and outfits. What about an option where you only search for players who dont want any stuff ? So lets say a high gear player can open a lobby where only people can join who accepted beforehand that they will not be able to get stuff from the drops ? Sure there is alot of stuff high gear players dont need anymore so it should work like raids. New Players simply have no need for psyches yet and outfits can only be obtained once (or atleast it dosent make sense to take it twice) this means the only thing new players wouldnt get this way are psyches which they dont need yet anyway.
  6. Gold Vault

    Or dont bid on items if you dont want to lose gold ?
  7. f8

    between 09:00 - 01:00 i have no problems finding groups either.
  8. Hi, first ive never used any kind of game manipulation and i am not going to but i want to know what do the XML Edits do ? yesterday i played some tag team and i had a Player (not saying his class cause people will know who it is) that was plaing in worlds he said "enemy x plays with xml edit and enemy y does too". For BM he said it removes some global cooldown and for archer it makes him shoot faster which increases the insane dps archer already got. He also said its banable but atleast the bm (who is posting alot that he is using xml and got reported multiple times) dosent get banned. So my question what exactly do XML edits in PVP ? As far as i know Summoner, BM, Archer use XML edits and maybe gunner. And if its not allowed why are thoose people not banned ? Seriously i hate NC for what they did to PVP and there dosent seem to be any intention for them to change PVP a bit so people will like it a bit more again but still this would be a new high for NC to ignore changes to the gamefiles !
  9. Cross-Server Lobby 'Channels'

    Makes sense must have read to fast since i am usually at work it can get stressy writing here. (work is boring sometimes.) I just have to agree to Necro this was possible a solution they created to decrease the spam on screen when the game launched but it never got changed like alot of things this game needs changes for.
  10. Cross-Server Lobby 'Channels'

    I think you accidently wrote a bit to much 0 into this number. Its between 2.1K and 3.4K in BNS Buddy now considering that there are players without bns buddy i would say we have around 5.5K Players at peak. (i think its probably even less like 4k but i dont have any statistics for this.)
  11. Hong Bracelet was more expensive back then aswell but they reduced it since it got really old. In my oppinion the Imperial necklace is pretty cheap with 25 tokens. You are supposed to run this dungeon not ignore like you would if you just instant get this.
  12. Hauptquest

    Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher aber ich meine das war das Ende der Story. Du musst warten, bis ein Update mehr bringt. Edit: Ich wurde darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass es AKT 10 ist wo es endet.
  13. Kann man das starter pack nur 1x kaufen?

    Das geht nicht es geht nur mit Ncoin.
  14. Downloading updates dont save?

    It works like it works with all the mobile games. Imagine 100% is 1000MB so you downloaded 73% which is 730mb and 270mb is left. Now you restart the programm and 270mb is the new 100% now you start again with 1% but 10% are 27mb now instead of 100mb.
  15. [Suggestion] Nova Core

    1. we had this when the switch didnt exist yet. Its not a good idea cause whereever the ball lands this team will have a higher chance of winning since protecting is alot easier. 2. Either that or allow player to quit the game if the gear difference is to big. I prefer surrender of course since quiting can be abused easy. (Will never happen cause whales wouldnt have a way to find low players to insta kill and have fun which would result in quitting paying customers and you know what NC dosent like. )