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  1. Open settings, at Game tab, under Camera section, there is a checkbox named "Keep Character in Camera Focus". Check/Uncheck the box and apply. See if this help.
  2. Go to Mushing Tower and do Yunsang daily, (floor 20). He is very annoying to kill for new players, you will just have to suffer through it.
  3. I have leveled 12 classes to level 60 and geared them to 2100+ AP. I can't say I know every tricks about leveling and gearing up in BNS, but I do have a lot experiences. Now I am leveling and gearing up a dual blade without doing C2A, I can tell you gearing up after UE4 patch is harder. With so many dungeons being removed from F8, dungeons weapon upgrade path is pretty dead. Raid weapon upgrade path is the only way. The best new players can reach is probably grand celestial 9. After that, they need to spend thousands of golds to buy carry runs. The dailies quests are fewer. Low gear players jo
  4. There is a way to get weapon with 8 gem slots early for new player or alts. Since Dawnrift weapon selection chest from Coin exchange merchants only costs 3 Naryu Silvers, you can buy and open as many as you can until you get a weapon with 8 gems slots. This will save you some golds and headache later. However, this method is not working for Dual Blade. I have opened around 30 chests for Dual Blade. all the weapons I get so far have only 3 gem slots. I also test this on other classes, their weapons can still have more than 3 gem slots. Is this intended or a oversight
  5. Defeat 9 dungeon bosses: Done Read the letter: Done. But why can't I complete the quest?
  6. This happened again today. I left immediately when I saw this, feel sorry for the other 11 poor souls who won't be able to finish the quest.
  7. Do NOT do Sandstorm temple and Blood Chamber if you are new or return players. These 2 places are bull craps. New and return players can't clear them in easy mode unless they are carried by experienced whales. They don't have wipes mechanism, but the damage and KD/KB/Daze/Stun alone will kill low health players. Even you don't die by damage, most likely you won't have DPS to kill the bosses. Try to do Cathedral Cliffs and above, they are actually easier.
  8. After UE4 patch, Koldrak sometimes bugged and can't be killed. Its health drop to 1% and all attacks on it aren't effective. From my experience, there is 1 in 5 chance this happens.
  9. AS topic! Can't kill Koldrak. With 1 million life left and it just don't die. So it's buffed to be unkillable now? https://i.ibb.co/JQsZRn5/bns-bug.jpg
  10. After 5th round, it becomes unplayable. I know it's Mushin Tower, but why put the event dungeon there?
  11. Are Zaiwei Raffle Gems still useful or I can sell them?
  12. I have a GTX 2070 super in my PC. At characters selection screen, my GPU load shoot up to 100% so as the GPU temperature and FAN speed. Once I enter the game, the load drops back to 30 to 40 percent. How is this possible. Does characters selection screen require more GPU power?
  13. Look like it. I am at east coast and disconnected right after I finished BT, Lucky me I guess. I pray for all the souls who are halfway through their Raids/weeklies when this happened.
  14. Stuned at 11/12 and waited 8 minutes to start Koldrak's Lair. I know this has happened OCCASIONALLY before, but since this event was started, this has happened much more frequently and waiting time has gotten longer and longer. NCSOFT are you trying to have an event to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off your player base? https://i.ibb.co/NVh1dPF/BNS-Screenshot-200808-000.jpg
  15. A 4G GC vs a 2G GC in max graphic setting matter a lot. For extra $30, he/she will get 5 to 20 FPS improvement. For me, it's a good deal.
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