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  1. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    A 4G GC vs a 2G GC in max graphic setting matter a lot. For extra $30, he/she will get 5 to 20 FPS improvement. For me, it's a good deal.
  2. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    Take a look this video. I suggest upgrade your video card to 1050Ti
  3. Cold Storage lockout

    I know this, but not every one knowm especially new players. Even for the people who already know, most of us won't pay attention. I usually never join an existing Cold storage group. I am asking what can be done to this kind behavior. I know there are no shortage of a$$holes in online games. But if they keep getting away from griefing other people, how can regular people enjoy the game?
  4. Cold Storage lockout

    Some people intentionally recruit people after the first boss die and hope the new comers can bring orb to summon the 2nd boss. Of course whoever entered will be locked and can't finish the daily. This has happened quit often recently. Anything can be done about this?