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  1. Most likely they are just holding down simple mode and not using the skill. On 3rd spec the breaker skill feels like part of the rotation since we used to use it at the end of god mode. The Fire FM breaker skill was just a skill for deep wound before they added breaker so the ones you are playing with most likely just arent using the skill.
  2. ? Who are you playing with? The breaker is not grab its short fuse to fill the bar. I main the class...how are you trying to explain to me how to play the class when I've been playing it for years and Im an end game player.
  3. Ok so I mained 3rd FM since it came out and didnt swap to fire until recently. I can tell you that fire fm even with the nerf still does over 10m more damage than 3rd spec FM. Also as far as breaker its actually the same. Short fuse fills the breaker bar half as much on cast, but it has half the cooldown of ultrashock. So in reality they are the same. If you are in groups with a Fire and a Light FM doing the same damage, then either their gear arent equal, or the Fire FM isnt playing the class to the potential its supposed to be, whether its because of MS or not doing the rotation right. It's
  4. I dont really care that you guys took away hongmoon coin from 6s rewards, whatever makes these people who couldnt climb feel better. But the seasonal rewards need to be changed in both 6v6 and 1v1 to something that is actually rewarding. It may be small but you still have people who do enjoy pvping on this game. You stated your reasoning as to why you moved all of the hongmoon coin the PVE, but its going to be the same thing. Only the min-max geared players are going to dominate the ladders just like always, just like the small portions had the ladders in PVP. As it is now, you guys took away
  5. Wise word of advice as a player whos seen many and many patch notes. Never trust them. Just get the general breakdown from Alice discord and then just find out yourself whats going to happen after the patch is out. They actually these days give less patch info than they used to because of the typos in the past.
  6. Holy, you guys just assume everyone is cheating just because you are unable to do it yourself. Its literally impossible to bot AD for xp because they are doing such a high floor. You would literally die if you tried to bot it.
  7. So, I get that you guys have your hands full currently but @Hime can you at least acknowledge that you guys understand this is even a thing.
  8. Bro its not the same thing along with there actually being good items in F10, I dont understand some of you players. Majority of the time theres Yunsang beads and useless TOI tokens but they have literally been putting 50m in exp charms and 1.5m in unity xp charms and you guys are comaplianing.
  9. Sorry friend but this post isn’t about gameguard. There’s already 30 other posts about it. It’s about items essentially being unattainable because stages were removed in an update.
  10. Because the accessories have becaome stageless just like before with the older ones, there is currently no way to get the pvp accessories from the agitator box. There is no option for them along with no other way to get the pvp equivelent from other content. @Hime
  11. So you just make dumb threads back to back huh
  12. ? They are making the game easier for newer players so they can go do hard mode or demonsbane. What are you actually complaining about. This is a change for the better. Theres still time to just delete this.
  13. ? You dont need to pvp to get pvp gear, you pvp to upgrade your weapon once it gets to a certain tier and to get the best in slot soul shields. The rest you get from PVE, these people have no intenion on upgrading and are wanting a free carry.
  14. As the title says, this shouldve been added into the game so long ago. These people are mass queueing on no geared 200k hp characters going into 6v6 and afking/just turning dials to get credit hoping for a win. Majority of the games these days have at least 1-2 people doing it. In the lower games its more like 6-10 with majority of the time it being the same person doing it. I wont say the name because you guys will just lock the post. Everyone on this game, both NA and EU knows who Im talking about when I say 6-10. Theres also no point in sending in tickets on the person becausue hes been get
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