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  1. Better late than never: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/680-warden/
  2. Hallo @Morrighen, Newsletter-Abonnenten sollten ihre Belohnung morgen im Laufe des Abends / der Nacht erhalten.
  3. Hallo zusammen, solltet ihr euch für das Paket des wandernden Schwertkämpfers angemeldet haben, könnt ihr dieses nun in der Account-Verwaltung einlösen. Geht dazu auf diese Seite und klickt auf „Einlösen": https://shop.ncsoft.com/myshop/applyacode?serviceCode=54 Die Gegenstände werden euch dann ins Spiel geliefert. Und vergesst nicht: Im Hongmoon-Shop findet ihr einen kostenlosen Gutschein für einen zusätzlichen Charakterplatz. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit dem Beschützer!
  4. Hi, Thanks for pointing out this mistake. I've added the links, but due to some technical reasons, the updated articles won't be live until the maintenance has concluded.
  5. Hi, The server should be available again. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
  6. Thanks for the reports of the latency spikes. We've forwarded this information to our technical teams. As for such incidents: We usually don't post an information about such an outage in the News section in the forums. You can find an information in the Dev tracker of the main site, our Ops Twitter and here. Right now, our investigation is still ongoing and I still have to ask for your patience.
  7. Hi, We are currently investigating issues related to Jinsoyun. Right now, we don't have an ETA, but we'll let you know once we have new information. Thank you for your patience!
  8. Frozen Firing Range Event Dungeon arrives tomorrow and patch notes are now up! Check out the overview article for a full look at all the changes coming right now. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/frozen-firing-range-event-dungeon-arrives-tomorrow/
  9. Hi @Reyzen, That's correct.
  10. Hi @Reyzen, You do get most benefits when purchasing the 90 day Premium membership in-game. There are 2 exclusive bonuses for the 90 day recurring membership, though: the Hongmoon Black Feather and 200 Hongmoon Coins. Since this recurring membership requires to set up a subscription, it is only available via the website. Here you can find more infos: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/shop/premium/
  11. Hallo @Malia, einer der Gründe warum diese Truhe sich im Shop befindet ist, dass sie einen Anreiz schaffen soll NCoin aufzuladen. Sie ist dabei vom Preis her auch ein Bonus täglich ins Spiel einzuloggen. Die Art, wie die Geschenkfunktion von einigen Spielern genutzt wurde widersprach diesem Sinn und wir haben die Geschenkfunktion aus diesem Grund entfernt.
  12. The weather is heating up, but you can cool off in the Frozen Firing Range! Head into the Frozen Firing Range event dungeon for new cosmetics and consumables, and gain increased Daily Challenge rewards during the event period. Read more: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/frozen-firing-range-event-dungeon-opens-august-15/
  13. The Blade & Soul: False Idols patch notes are up! Check out the overview article for a full look at all the changes coming with this update, including two new raids, an in-game event, additions to Premium Membership benefits, and much more! http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-false-idols-patch-notes/
  14. Uh oh. Looks like they had so much fun last year that Kegleg Jeg and his crew decided they’re going to try to turn this into an annual party. Head back to Fortune Falls, put an end to the party, and earn some awesome rewards in the False Idols update arriving July 25. Check out the event details and how to earn the rewards: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/fortune-falls-event-returns/
  15. The Blade & Soul: False Idols update goes live in just over a week, and with it a number of impactful itemization and systems changes are being made. Check out the highlights in the linked article, and stay tuned for the full patch notes going live the day before the update releases on July 25. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/false-idols-items-and-systems-preview/
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