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  1. Show off your characters!!

    moar screenies (*´꒳`*)
  2. Hey Mitra, ich habe es jetzt über einen anderen Browser versucht und nun hat es mit dem Link tatsächlich funktioniert. Die Bestätigung habe ich auch bekommen. Ich freue mich auf das Paket \(*ˊ▾ˋ*)/ Vielen Dank für eure Arbeit! LG Niri~ ( ●˘ ³˘)❤
  3. Hallo ihr Lieben, erst einmal vielen lieben Dank, dass so ein Paket ausgeteilt wird - besonders auf das Outfit und natürlich das Steinchen freue ich mich sehr ٩( *‘ω’* )و Jetzt meine Frage: habe ich meinen Acc damit automatisch angemeldet wenn ich mich hier einlogge? Der Link führt zwar auf die Seite, bestätigt mir aber nicht wirklich (auch nicht wenn ich eingeloggt bin) meine Anmeldung zum Erhalt des Pakets. In der Beschreibung klingt es ein wenig so, als müsste ich auf der Seite quasi noch etwas ausfüllen. Könnt ihr mir evtl. helfen? LG Niri~ ( ●˘ ³˘)❤
  4. Happy Holidays from us to you

    merry christmas and happy holidays ♡
  5. The Urban legend bundle

    yes, i support this! pretty please do so (*´꒳`*) ________________________ wanna visit me? ❤
  6. Show off your characters!!

    2 of the pics i took with a dear friend of mine (•ᵕᴗᵕ•) ________________________ wanna visit me? ❤
  7. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    hellu everyone! ^this is what i think, too. i played alot of mmorpg's (i just returned to bns about a month ago) and it's sad to see that the bns comunity became one of the saltiest. but i watched the forum for a little time now and to me people sometimes appear to enjoy complaining about every last little detail and make an unbelievably fuss out of it (like yeh, you need to wait 2 or 3 sec more until this or that door opens - what a drama >.>). of course we need to point out serious problems or what could be better, our feedback is important and necessary. i know some of us are really angry and disappointed about how bns changed. but being toxic and rude doesn't make anything better. i just wanna say, it's about how you say things. ...don't eat me now, nyaah o.o''' i just had a nice encounter with some randoms in starstone mines last time. this was my very first run. i watched a video before and was really nervous about the mechs and all. i warned them, that this dungeon is new to me and that if i make mistakes they should tell me. but they said it's okay, and explained in friendly way, that it's not necessary to be afraid, there is only one bigger boss but we shouldn't need mechs with our gear score anyway. and now i was calm and happy. so be gentle with noobs (like me \(*ˊᗜˋ*)/), don't shoo them away by yelling at them. new players should definitely read/watch guides but experienced players should also take the time to explain things. why do i feel like now comes a wall of text proving me the opposite? ...ahahah *hides* Lots of Love Niriko ( ●˘ ³˘)❤
  8. Show off your characters!!

    changed back to white kitty ~ sry for the spam tho (◍´◡`◍)
  9. Thank you, dear, i'll watch out for it if there would be one "9" less i may be able to buy it, ahahaha *poor as hell, sigh*
  10. amg rly?! i didn't see it in the box from dragon express o.o which box do you mean? i rly need to know Lots of love, Niriko ( ●˘ ³˘)❤
  11. Show off your characters!!

    needed to post some shots of her one more time (>ω<)
  12. ooooh gosh, i'd rly love to see the mirage outfit in f10 or as reward for some event back in my day (cough) it was never available but the first time i saw it via korean pics i wanted it sooo bad! as you can imagine i do have a soft spot for oriental outfits (•ᵕᴗᵕ•)✧⁺ it seems there already was a chance to get it in may 2018: Lots of love, Niriko ( ●˘ ³˘)❤
  13. Dawnforged, Riftwalk, ...what?!

    @Hyunkel how kind, thank you so much for your support ♡ @ImoutoMaster & @Shuchin oh noes, i already picked dawnforged >.< guess i have to live with it now, ahaha ^^' but thank you very much! hopefully this thread will prevent other nub sums from making the same mistake wow, that progression window rly is great! now i know what kind of upgrade mats i'll need. i rly appreciate you mentioning it! I think after finishing the storyline i'll take a look for a nice guild, who can explain everything in detail. Thank you all! Lots of love, Niriko
  14. Hellu everyone ^-^/ I'm a returning player and i rly enjoyed catching up to the story so far (not finished yet). But now i got this chest which contains the dawnforged staff or the riftwalk staff and the pretty window doesn't allow me to view the stats of those... i'm still using my beloved true scorpio staff / stage 10 from the good old days but it seems the hongmoon weapons are a little outdated by now ^^' (all the wind and earth sum stuff is confusing me anyway >.> ) If i look at the fancy sum's gear all i see is aransu or raven or storm dragon or whatever (i also saw gloves as part of the gear for the first time, nyaha). So i guess it doesn't rly matter if i pick one of these cause my actual goal is another staff? I'd rly appreciate an answer ^-^ Lots of love, Niriko
  15. What Animal ears are these?

    hi luna alot of the lyn ears/tails (of course not every style) refer to different varieties of rl foxes. i think the ears on this picture are supposed to be fennec fox ears - just with a supernatural blue color ^-^''