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  1. Either revert all Silversteel Stage 6 weapons or do not change the upgrade costs... Otherwise it's just not fair and the unlucky ones will be months behind.
  2. Yeah that's right about the titan fist skill, however, the new badge is supposed to return you 50 Titan Ire Stacks when it ends: https://gyazo.com/198916e94e79af22b1a3ddbf3502aeb6
  3. What side note? So tell me please, why is it working in korea? They get after the 2nd combo 50 Titan Ire stacks as well, proof: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/520864478?t=00h58m16s
  4. So there's either a bug or a mistake in the description of this badge. It doesn't generate 50 Titan ire stacks after the 2nd combo and with Titan Stance ends. Please have a look on this.
  5. Grundsätzlich schliesse ich mich voll und ganz diesem Beitrag auf Reddit an: Dabei möchte ich folgende Punkte unterstreichen: - Die Belohnung sind nicht gut genug, dass sich das "Farmen" dort lohnt. - Die Wochen- und Seasonbelohnung sollten klassenbeschränkt sein, da manche Klassen dort einen Vorteil haben. - "Spirit Wall" (oder wie das schon wieder heisst), macht viel zu viel Schaden. - Der Spassfaktor ist aber (zumindest bei mir) vorhanden und ich würde mich freuen, wenn das Battle Royal nochmal Fuss fasst.
  6. This was a suggestion. However, I'm glad you're not affected by this problem and you don't have this "inability" (till now).
  7. 1. It's there for 6 weeks 2. Before, there were NPC's for event dungeons too. 3. Like I said, it's something I'm not used to and many people as well.
  8. Hello. I would like to make a suggestion about a problem that has not only affected me. I think everyone knows that situation: You are doing dailys (maybe only daily challenge) you are accepting the daily from the daily challenge window or from the NPC and then you know, if there is no daily quest mark before the dungeon, you can be sure you accepted the daily. Well, except for one dungeon: Tower of Memory. Because I am just not used to accept a daily from "J", I have already forgotten at least three times to accept this daily quest and lost some event tokens. My sugge
  9. after more than 3 weeks ago since this post exists and there's still no answer from the NCSoft-Team? If you don't care about bugs, you could at least care about the community and give at least an answer.. #FeelsIgnored
  10. I'd also like to hear/read an answer from the NCSoft-Team about this bug @Bronn@Baskerville@Liinxy Do you even know about this bug? Are you going to fix it (very soon)? Some information would be nice. kind regards
  11. Bad computer/internet? If you have a technical problem u should probably contact the support, because there's nothing they can fix which isn't a global problem (I don't have crashs or laggs)
  12. Hello. Since the new soul came out yesterday, I wanted to ask for your opinion, which soul would be the best for earth summoner. Imo Cosmic makes more sense, because even with the transcendent we don't have a great burst compared to other classes (or wind summ), so to keep a constant high dmg, it's better to have all 8 seconds for 5 seconds the cosmic soul buff. However maybe I'm completely wrong and that's why I'm asking here :)
  13. Well if they can't fix this, they could atleast stop putting dragon pulses in upcoming dungeons.. A wall or a door which disappears after boss clean would be far enough (like asura first boss)
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