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  1. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Id: #23597291 Character Name: Aldra Server: Jinsoyun(EU) Pets i BOUGHT legitimately in F5/From people, Soulstones i spent on them+the gold i spent for transmuting and all my classic outfits that i had for years, totally gone. No reassurance that you'll give me back the stuff that you stole from me which i bought legitimacy? Doesn't feel good to get robbed. Totally lost my motivation to play after this move, very low blow.
  2. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    @Hime I lost outfits that i got the legit way YEARS/Months before this "exploit" happened, I had most of them already from buying it with Hongmoon Coins or buying from other players with gold(ncoin gift) and its very disappointing to see that i lost some of my favorite outfits like Rosethorn, Saberfang, moontide(yes even this i had before the exploit) etc cause of this exploit. Here is a list of all costumes, i didn't have all of them but 90% of them i did and im not even sure what i lost or didn't lose + accessories for them: Ascension Boss Mode Business Casual Commitment Dark Specter Light Specter Lights out Mercy Pink Velvet Resilience Savannah Silver Saberfang Silver Saberfang Hairband Silver Saberfang Mask Silver Saberfang Wings Soulmate Cold Soldier Demon Maw Devotion First Step Lotus Niblesse Pioneer Rising Sun Rosethorn Rosethorn Crown Rosethorn Wings Rosethorn Eyepatch Shadow Guard Strange Allure Technomancer White Hot Wild Stallion Auspicious Cold COmfort Courtesan Dazzle Fair Weather Field Day Formosa Imperium Kindred Soul Midnight Detective Ninja Tortoise Ninja Tortoise Headband Ninja Tortoise Mask Ninja Tortoise Adornment Outlander Coat Snapdragen Wintertide Corporate Climber Crimson Butterfly Downtown Feral Fury Freshman Mechanika Moontide Moontide Hair Moontide Earring Moontide Adornment Mythos Oracle Renegade Royal Rebel Stark Distinction Taskmaster Velvet Rope Ashborne Azure Dragon Azure Dragon Horns Azure Dragon Wings Crane Maker Day Trip Final Cut Informer Innkeeper Master Class Nevermore Phantasm Shock Jock Street Smarts Sweet Emotion Tempting Fate.
  3. Oil event when? On a serious note, this situation was handled horribly, hire some staff or something for next time.
  4. If it wont happen then why do they even make this change? Cuck everyone who was unfortunate enough to not get the weapon mat yet? Either you completely fix this degenerate mistake or you don't touch it and leave it as is.
  5. Are you kidding me? A lot of people already upgraded to stage 6 IA for free and i was unlucky to not get it yet, was probably gonna get it next week so now you are telling me that all those people who upgraded to stage 6 got to upgrade it much cheaper and faster than intended? How is that fair? You better revert the weapons of everyone who upgraded or I'm out, cause i sure as hell ain't waiting 4 more months before i can have a stage 6 IA weapon. Peace out!
  6. FM burn is bugged!

    Hello, I've found out fm is bugged and cannot apply burn skill on enemy this is a serious issue please fix it fast. Edit: actually, it works but not on Mushin Tower dummy.
  7. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    i guess you dont know how big clans work and how stuff is planned out when we hear about upcoming changes from the game developers/publishers themselves. Things move fast and this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤s us hard. Why would it be the same people posting on different accounts, please stop your insults and face reality, this is a horrible revert.
  8. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    Good ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing job, this has to be the biggest ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤up in MMO history and I've been playing since Ultima Online. You ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing trolled your playerbase, me and my clan personally planned and made adjustments for the upcoming 12man raid size and now you go back on your word. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that, you guys can not be trusted at all and no one will ever take your word for anything again. Damn, im so angry right now...
  9. New to BM, need a PvP build!

    Hi, I main a KFM called Aldra and would like to know more about BM PvP :) I'm completely new to BM and am currently level 41. Have been doing a bit of PvP while leveling and have won every game so far against level 50's but I've noticed that it's starting to get harder now cause i have just been using my PvE fire BM build(LOL), but i would like to get a bit more serious. What is like the main PvP build that people tend to go with at lvl 50? all i could find online on like BnStree etc are outdated lvl 45 builds so any help would be appreciated. I even bought a second skill tab just for PvP as you can see!
  10. Why you quit?

    I haven't quit.
  11. Lag spikes + Disconnects

    It's not on my end either, i have wire, not wifi. I've played the game since early beta(Master Founder Pack) and i never had any issues before, this only started happening like last month and it's been getting worse over time. This issue only happens on B&S, have no problems with any other software.
  12. So whats up with the game lately? i have a 1000mbps down/up connection living in Sweden, everything is fine except for this game where i get lag spikes(5-10sec freeze where i cant do anything), most of the time the lag spike results in a disconnect, sometimes i manage to stay in the game and i have no idea why it keeps happening. Today when i was doing Asura 4 it happened 2 times to me always when the boss was about to go down making us wipe... This is the message that i get when i disconnect
  13. Best build for Tower of Infinity?

    Cool, I'll look it up thanks!
  14. So what build is best to use for Tower of Infinity? I've been using my PvP 3RF build and I'm not seeing that much success, i just managed to get to floor 32 as my highest. Feels like an other build would do much better but I'm not sure what to use. This is my character:
  15. Legendary Weapons..

    @Yamyatos It's true that we don't always need to be gear capped to be able to do the content we have, but you have to look at the pace other regions(say Korea) got these content patches at, all those other regions had plenty of time to upgrade their gear before next content patch was released, we on the other hand are not getting that time and are being rushed, as a fix for that i simply suggest reduce the amount of materials needed equal to the amount of time we get(aka not a lot). Also(and this is not related to the topic) you say that you quit every other MMORPG since Ragnarok Online before B&S, well what will you do when we have fully caught up to other regions then, time to quit? if so wouldn't you prefer to get content at a more steady pace so you get to play the game for longer before we reach that point?