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  1. Please address these classes

    @Hime wont respond. Maybe they will read. I want you to hop on a somewhat geared warden. I want you to approach a brazier or horn with q q then I want you to press v directly after press c then press then x then I want you to press rmb and f then I want you to hit e now q q z and want you to sword savo someone. You're still full health with a lil shield missing no worries though you can hit e again .(Meanwhile 15 times people have tried to trip knockdown or daze you) You've just 1 shot 2 people by now but your not done yet. Your resets happened I want you to press v and then c again press q 1 q opps you went out of your circle you should press your e and run back in. Aww crap someone tripped you no worries you haven't blown your tab in a minute. Press tab hurry up hit v again because we cant have that happening again we need to solo this point so your team can grab the horns. Oh everyone left and we have 2 horns @Hime no worries here though you can grab the horn and run down the map a little bit. Aww snap someone stopped you hit tab then v really quick then hit c press x then 3 there tabs blown that doesn't matter though so i want you to hit z and rmb them oh no worries savo still there if they got out of your range. You still got reset charms ? Ehh you dont need em. If ya want easy kills though Just wait in this here v and let people engage your target then hurry you cant miss it press z and savo them when they are cced. This is our game so far wardens are cancer to this game. If any class needs to be hit its this one. It has come to the point where people tell each other just play warden and you can rank and get hm coins. Slots are filled with 2 to 3 maybe more wardens per match. They dont even need solar flare to perform a hold on a point. Which no other class has but well wl. Wl though no worries they need a buff badly. I think whoever designs these characters needs to be thrown on a wl and shoved into bg and forced to play untill they see their own faults. I know its not your design but answer us for once @Hime. I haven't seen you answer a pvp thread ever.
  2. Bugged Clan bonus.. Again

    Its competitive PvP that requires you to buy gear and psych's to even participate. Based on that no one really does it anymore. A few clans do it for the bonuses and they roll specific classes and pay wall gear. What you are going through right now is what 90% of the clans in game go through by force of others. I remember being amazed at how skilled some people like Twizzy, Ohshotaboy, Jedi, Midday, Kamri and Nissam were. 4 of those people quit and the other 2 I see a couple times a season. They were scary in PvP at lvl 45 patch when gear or class didn't make you. Pvp isnt worth it currently and it should all be fixed. I know over personally 70 people who don't play anymore. Even more that quit PvP. At least 30 clans that dissolved. If you are not part of the solution you're part of the problem. Alot of people wont pvp and soon till just be a select few and it wont even be pvp. So be ready its coming. Soon well be a PvE game and 6v6 clan will be one of those things you key up for and never get in. Those ranks wont matter and those bonuses will be gone.(More then likely it'll be multi client ran :D kinda like how dungeons are soloed but have mutli account alts carried) 3v3 gone, Shackled gone, and Faction wars gone. 1v1 still has its issues also and its mainly the same people rolling on multis of the same class holding more then one spot or win trading. That's the BNS way. Its nothing new and not everyone chooses to do it this way just a select few. We got 3000 players max. I wonder why.
  3. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    Not that good.
  4. At least confirm with us that you know. Sin 3rd spec, Frost spec Warden, Destroyer with eon badge and Lightning fm are all a bit overpowered 6v6 goes. Ive multiple matches with all wardens sins and fms. Funny thing is they are all duos @Hime
  5. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    Agreed I am called a hacker at points. I do not use xml edits or macros. Certain players are good. Certain players do cheat. More players class exploit though. Its easy to research and find out who they are. Just talk to the players that have quit and they will tell you what's going on and why they quit. More then one says the same thing do some research and it becomes all to clear. Its normally directed at the same group of people too. I've been playing for more then a few years now and I know certain people use xmls because they are using skills in a fashion that they cannot be used in. BM and archer were known for skipping a solid rotation that have priority skills that come first but were not being used and totally skipped. You can defeat someone all day using these. However it doesn't mean that it wont be seen. Normally this happens. We see it and cannot replicate under an circumstances. So we research it and find out that its an xml edit. Or someone streams it and then its exposed. FACT: People still use xml edits and macros. Macros are easy to work around. Xml edits change the constant so they are much more un predictable because not everyone has the same abilities to do such. P.S everyone gets defeated that isn't the issue. The manner in which you get defeated that does. If you see a destroyer shoot a fireball out would you not question it? Well some of that stuff is that obvious because we have the same class and maybe we have been playing it for years.( To us its as obvious as that destroyer shooting a fireball because it cannot be replicated in normal game mechanics). MS has a big factor in the game. A lower MS allows for faster response time. It can be mistaken for a macro or edit by 80% of player base. Some defeats are MS differences. Some defeats are gear differences. Some are xml edits or macros, Some defeats are skills like fatal blade on bd or bm double airs. Some of these skills need further reduction or airs need to have tab enabled at anytime through the duration of the air for a timed escapes as long as its not on cd. It is the most commonly used thing that cannot be countered except wall bang. Wall bangs need to be addressed as well . Eon badge on Destroyer also needs to be addressed typhoon/ember stomp/ double shield rotation. Wardens block / Safeguard needs to be addressed Solar flare/ sword savo need a reduction in dmg. BD grab needs to be shorter. Kfms needs reduction in dmg to reflect reductions on other classes. PvE accessories need to be dropped from PvP. PvE soul shields need to be removed from PvP. PvP is PvP not PvE. Or make PvP soul shield and accessories applicable in PvE so that they too can perform in the same manner .PVP is always 1 step behind PvE gear. Literally go look lol. The combination of pve/pvp equipment has added the one shot dynamic that they are trying to avoid. Class swapping on top of that has greatly effected the match ups in 6v6 as well. Players have moved to what we consider top tier classes. While leaving other classes that cant perform the same way. Why hop on your WL main to 6v6 when your Warden can solo 6 people? Why hop on your SF main if your Destroyer can solo 6 people? There a few exceptions to this rule though hence why NA some of these lower tier classes. Its not one thing but a combination of things. I was speaking to the players who take advantage of 1 or more of these things. Most certainly to those using all of them. We can make a stand. Use your on clips with your names showing these faults and fill out a thread so they can gather feedback.
  6. SO fm killing bg like gunner did.

    It is the players though. 3rd spec sin knows its bull that he can take the horn with total immunity so he does. 10 more follow in his footsteps. FM knows it is overpowered in burst / immunity . 10 more follow in his footsteps. Destroyer with eon badge(Literally presses typhoon the entire match un till shield and ember stomp come back) . Is another one that 10 more follow. Heres an xml edit it allows you to skip rotations. 1 person does it 10 more follow. Here is a way to make 30k gold in less then a day by a outfit bug. 1 person does so 30 more follow. The gunman is a player. Ncee soft is like the cops. They are not good cops but they do not pull the triggers. You do have a choice. Don't follow them. The game is a game with glitches, bugs and exploits. Stuff that hasnt been worked through yet. The ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that's abused shouldn't keep being replicated. It's the player who is your gunman. Its the bm that switches to 3rd spec because he cant kill you( generally from the back while you're busy pvping in the wait what warlocks double air which was removed ) or the Warden that presses his block q q e v c block the entire match just to hit solar flare and sword savo on you when your engaged with someone else because they interrupted the fight. Id say if they want to fix anything they should bring back the counter break on all classes. However that hasnt happened. Instead we get these players who class exploit since the release of gunner. Guess what to since the release of gunners the player base of blade and soul has heavily dropped. It wasn't just 1 player but a group of them ( lots left too when they seen this filth come). Now dont get me wrong N cee hasn't helped its always its working as intended un till the nerf. It is still your players a certain few who class flip just to do this. Ive been around long enough to see their so called mains vanish into the next class exploit. The defense is this ''This is what my character is allowed to do''. Wait where's your main? Oh I stopped playing it because it got to weak. So you moved to this bugged ass class. Yeah why not n cee allows us to. Well its not n cee that choses for you to move your class just for an exploit. Its you and or your friends thinking you are getting one over on people. Until your game vanishes. Which is my game to. Thanks Ill see you in the next mmorpg.
  7. Lots of afk when match with 2 fms plus warden buff arrive. Why did you guys nerf bg dmg on all classes again? Id just assume buff bullet storm for the gunners. Give WL back their double air. Fix maelstrom to 3 second of immunity plus dmg on bd. The FMs I talk to say they know thank n cee to which my reply is if you know why do you use? Answer is a funny one. They use because you gave them the stick to use. I dunno how that logic goes because if you gave me a stick to use and said to hit my kids with it I sure af wouldn't beat my kids because someone else did. MAYBE you guys need to revise how you guys release new class or specs. Stop giving people set stick because they obviously will use it ill mannered and smack your player base into the dirt. Oh and p.s Stop trying to make waves of cash rather then a constant flow. If you do this right youll bring people back to our game. The players wont fix it themselves because they enjoy thinking there is someone else to blame. The players are to blame though after all they spend the most time on bns.
  8. I don't want to play this anymore.

    Pvp is getting stale with un targetable, one shot airs, and immunities. Tired of the eon badge on destroyers especially. Tired of grinding 6v6 pvp. Gear is old and crusty on 6s or pvp wep wise. Have to pve to pvp.
  9. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    DID not exploit. Did not lose anything.
  10. 70% of the whales are now quitting

    Whales leaving because empty promises like Unreal engine 4... Skitter scatter raids...Class to win payrolls...Having to farm harder for those class to win payrolls...xml edits be gone. ( somewhat)...
  11. East coast down?

    Cant log in. Status says game is offline.
  12. Balance your darn game

    Remove an i frame when everything has immunity to our ccs .Fatal blade lmfao dont get hit with it. Its a long animation and its not aoe based. If bd can get that off on you then u do need to practice. As a wind bd I dont not feel fatal is a threat at all. We have been nerfed so hard since start. Maelstrom gone 3 sec immunity to dmg gone. f counter break gone. Spin does nothing for any class with an immunity to cc. Wind air nerfed. i frames being not resettable. Spin req chi when every other class like kfm can just press counter over and over again. Almost every bd is gone to pve only. cept for 1s
  13. Unbalanced 6v6 2020

    BDs left the game for another reason lol. Most of its because 3rd spec is kinda taking over on immunity purposes and cc is not really a thing when you got a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton of immunity on classes that can cc heavily. Bd isnt a no brainer class and spin is not effective when you have classes that simply can go into an immunity phase. When you play bd you have to run you find yourself running un till the immunity phase on other classes is over or you are forced into being cced until you die. In turn you cant cc unless as often as your opponents can unless you kite the scenario and run. Fine and dandy an all however its a melee class and it runs from fm,sin,bm,des,wd,kfm and sf. Now I am not saying they cant be killed because I effectively kill lots of people. BD have been nerfed the hardest without any come up. Such as maelstrom and f counter break. Nerfed air like mad. Bm still has the air capabilities. 1v1 is a different story. BD is difficult to beat but so are some other classes as well. As a 4 year player of the game I have played BD and its melee that I want to play as. It just so happens I chose bd as my main from the start. I enjoy the class. I dont like having to run all the time to pvp. I feel like a ping pong ball having to back of and re engage targets .I also don't like that my rmb dont do anything effective when I'm in stance. Its a dying class aside from a few good pvpers and if you ask them what they hate about bd they will tell you this... BD isnt hard to beat if you know how to fight it. Its rather simple especially in groups. When you see a class tanking 6 people because its immune to everything and you are not its kinda depressing that if 2 or 3 ppl come it can be the end of you quickly. It is effective solo but for groups pvp/pve it has nothing to offer buff wise. 1v1 isn't the only aspect of the game thus in turn is less effective then just running on another class. Currently I am 1724 in 1v1. 1601 in wwv. 1658 in beluga. nova 1534. Nova being the hardest because you are forced to pvp in the middle and you dont always get a SB or Solar on your team. WE DONT BRING BUFFS AND WE ARE NOT TOTALLY IMMUNE .Making us one of the most ineffective classes amongst team play. What we do have to offer is a 5 hit i frame and that's burnt quickly. For pve we have the same thing to offer...nothing.
  14. I'm not going to say I haven't seen a sin like that because I have lol. I also like getting zapped in the ass by an fm that cant be cced and is floating around like the messiah. Warden has immunity(cant cc them inside v and other circumstances). Sin has Immunity (cant cc them during god mode). If you cant cc them they are immune to status effects.
  15. Unbalanced 6v6 2020

    BD is really easy to kill lol. When it spins kd it or grab it. When it tabs kd and it will f rolls tech chase with stun or daze and wipe. It only has 1 tab and 1 ground counter. F roll generally fatal if your facing a pvper. Destroyer only real bad if they cheesing with typhoon, ember and stone shield. Thats mainly because of the badge resets and ppl standing in typhoon. Also BM is pretty bad to fight in pvp. 3rd spec bm has a double air, tab, ss cc removal, ground counter, auto block and so on and so forth.3rd spec anything kinda not fun to fight especially if your class still has second spec...Unfortunately many bds have left the game pvp wise. There are a few that are good or even great. FPS and MS is what you need to play bd. Id prefer to play as a warden or bm in 6s period but I'm not rerolling to pay bns money. Instead I learn the players I fight. With a little bit of skill and brains you can kill just about anyone.