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  1. Reaper Class

  2. Reaper Class

    Sin/ destro weaved into a class. Destroyers immunity plus sins stealth. Uses a scythe. Cool idea. Id play it especially in pvp.
  3. Simple fact bro is they don't really care what eu/na have to say about pvp in bns . Lots of their game have gone down this same path. They hook you with a good game and then destroy it by getting to greedy. People will pay to be the best and they exploit that. Hence why there is a trove. They empower the people like that and they get a shitty community because of that. Most of the good players are going because they see the lack of skill and its not fun anymore. They are not fixing it my friend. Its only getting worse.
  4. Imouto. All you have to do in pvp battlegrounds is sit back while someone blows frames f rolls and tabs. Catch them from the side and cc them then do a 1 shot. It pretty lazy really. You don't even have to time your f rolls or tab like you do in 1v1. That's not really that hard to do. No matter your skill lvl. In that case you are just waiting for your opponent to tab f roll then exploiting the fact that they have exhausted their abilities to debuff them in one shot. When it comes to that aspect certain classes can burn i frames on multiple toons in the surrounding area to be aoe to death. Ever seen a whole group die by tremor? Ever thought that fm set up that kfm to tremor with the shadow grasp,avalanche and tornado combo (it still attacks when they are cced. Also they can move and do other skills while these skills still are attacking)? They know its broken af that's why they use it. Also the point on the wl wasn't that it was a 100 to 0. It was the fact that its a double air that was removed from them for a purpose. Now bm has double air. :)
  5. Yes sir hence why all the players are leaving. Its total crap lol. If you notice all the stats are way off too. Pve has broken pvp. What does 20 to 28k pvp def mean lol its should be 79.35 percent reduction I still get 1 shotted without debuff. You can add 25 pts into debuff and it does nothing. Crit def does what lol. Oh nothing. You don't even really need piercing anymore. Just pve belt and 3 pieces of thorn breaker set and youre 1 shotting people because youre getting hit with over 1900% pve dmg. Or better yet some have 3rd spec and others only on their second tier. With this next patch only 3rd spec gets bracelets. SO basically since you didnt roll that class you're getting screwed. Been this way since release of gunners. Not to mention the pve versions of skills can be used in pvp so lots of broken going on there. Some classes more then others. Whoever is developing the game is truly ending it. Nothing goes together anymore. I see full pve sets in bg on gunners lmao justa waiting on airs. Its basically has became a game of who can attack from the flanking to get that 1 shot off. 1v1 no reason to even play top slots filled with bms. All rolling that double air that they took from wl. This game is full of a bunch of alts who flop between what is currently the best class and its getting old. No sport in it just who has the most time and money to be the best. They don't even need to be good Just wait for the next broken class and flip.
  6. I wont lie to you man its really bad atm. Lots of people wont play because of the balance factor and they made it worse with 3rd spec bm. top 6 classes bm. same person lol.
  7. So you're telling me melee should run from ranged? Fine keep tornados remove solid state ice frame and turn it into i frames of 5 like bd. Remove ice buff that freezes melee and stops approach. Give yourself 1 tab like a bd and remove q and e cc break.
  8. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    Well yes 1v1ish ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lol .Bg warden just hits ya from the back. I dunno man id say bm is pretty bad right now considering you can use your ss as a tab now.
  9. Please rebalanc destro and KFM!

    Fatal you need stacks for lol. so yeah not really a 1 shot. Now the other 2 are true 1 shots.
  10. good pvper with practice. insta wipe burst
  11. Oh they do that so people will buy an alt lol. That's nothing new. Gunner and warden were op af once. Bulletstorm kills 4 people in like 2 seconds back in the old day. So we had 970 gunners to que with.
  12. 3rd specs in pvp

    They want you to alty up to spend more money :). 3rd spec on kfm or bm makes the pvpers swap so the can be the best and tell you to git good son. There's already a few classes without third spec that people play because it's easy to pvp with. Swapping toons and gear has made this so easy to do. Somethings broke just move your stuff to it and go do what you've seen done to you (there is a few exclusions like badges that ncsoft worked into it). 1v1 and battlegrounds is where most of this bullcraps shows. Sin, FM, SF, KFM , Destroyer, and last but not least the new 3rd spec BM. They don't balance at the same time for a reason. They do try once in a while but they don't think their skills through . Hence why there are so many new complaints on the revised classes. Instead they have allowed this.There is a way swap within your own account ( Sealing charms). They don't want to take care of that issue. Get rid of toon voucher and remove gear swapping and make it character bound. Make them have to spend way more time and money to move to broken. Bring insta wipe mechanics back to all dungeons on normal so you can't just have our friends dps you through it and fly you through achievements. ( reduce dps greatly during mech stages) They tried this once though and everyone complained because of how the players treat one another. Your trash because you don't know this type complaint lol. Not really the games fault lol more like the peoples fault pve/pvp wise. They know when something is broken so the use it :)/
  13. Oh right NC West can't do anything about that. Fine give us a forum for NC soft in Korea. So they can read all their players complaints. Or man up and take responsibility or hire someone that will.
  14. Ranged multi attacks that hit you after you rez? Are you serious? Burn i frames on surrounding targets with more then 3 tornados? I challenge you guys to look into that. Also its to much for pvp. 3rd spec bm and kfm need removal of third specs badly unless you guys plan on releasing it for other classes . Quit you pve nonsense. Forcing people to run alts as well.
  15. Most range can hit air of done by another person. Melee not so much has to be done by them. Why is that?