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  1. XML Edits in PVP what do they do ?

    Xml editing isn't part of the game. If there is a chain or sequence skipped in a combo to increase dmg that is a poor use of bns buddy. I don't even know why bns buddy has xml editing or mods as a selection for people to participate in or change the value of certain things .Skills are set as priorities for a reason and that's the way the game makers intended it to be . I get it you can increase latency values for better game play. You're still reworking the values to gain an advantage over other players to better your own experience. It is known fact players used xml editing/mods for the sole purpose to gain an advantage over other players in pvp. I have seen it myself. So have many other players that pvp. I can post a video here of how to xml edit this game. I have seen it on twitch with people who play today still. Once I seen what you can do and get away with I wanted to leave the game indefinitely. I surely do not play as much. Just like lots of other players. We know for a fact that people are looking to unbalance the game more or gain an advantage in the pvp content of this game. Not everyone wants to xml edit and mod to gain an advantage over the pvp system. They want to play the game as it was intended to be. PEOPLE do CHEAT using bns buddy Grimoir. Look at the history of it or go watch twitch.
  2. They don't ever say ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about pvp....Its all pve.
  3. Hey there mod. When you going to acknowledge your pvp forums? I haven't seen one post acknowledging the other portion of your players. If you know stuff about this game then you know of the pvp situation correct? Make some sense of it and bring back all our pvpers.
  4. Derp. Great pvp atmosphere. BG seriously just reroll ranged burst. Everyone else is.
  5. So yeah even support has admitted that the classes are unbalanced. I saved 3 years worth of data and showed it to them.( Including videos.) I got this for an answer. I have reviewed this case and I do understand you on this situation. I have already encountered Archer class on the Arena and I must say, battling with them is really frustrating, specially with their burst. As a player like you, PVP is one of my favorite part of Blade and Soul to play and I understand that one class can outplay almost all of the classes. Unfortunately, as a staff of Support Team, I am unable to provide more information why these implementation was done in the game since we are not part of the Development Team. What I can do for this case is to forward your message to the proper department for proper review. Again, thank you for taking the time on sharing your thoughts about the game and for reporting these issues. Don't pm support. They can't do anything. Neither can ncsoft west. There developers have no clue what they are doing. Take for example the tournament. It was basically all sf and summoners. Anything else got wiped lol.They also stated that people can not use the new class. I wonder why? This game would be fine if it let people play the class they want to play. Its not like that though. They cannot release 3rd spec at the same time for all classes. They cant even manage to separate pve and pvp gear. BG right now is filled with pve gear/ pve ss. Some classes have immunity some don't. Some classes have buff like solar flare and others don't. Some have heals and others don't. The parties are random. Ever fought a team full of fms with a warden? This isn't pvp anymore its reroll your class and dominate. There is no balance at all. SO what do we do now? We call out the moderators of the forums and they don't speak because they already know. What about a strike for us pvpers before we lose all of our pvp player base. If they lose 300 players in a day maybe they'll listen. The moderators on these forums are cowards straight up. Yes I am calling you out. I haven't seen one of you guys answer. Tell these people you can't do anything and stop ignoring. All pvp content is dying. 3v3 is gone.Shackling isles is gone. Faction is gone. Soulstone plains content dead. Misty woods content is dead.I mean really why do we still have faction outfits lol. 1v1 is ok. Bg is dying quickly. Its now the same 15 people. All this proof is in your na servers. EU how you doing?
  6. BAN5 - 8 set pve ss from battleground

    The point being is they claim to be good. If they can find someone to blame they will. Poor sportsmanship. The pve ss should have a reduction like the bracelet. All pve should and vice versa. Balance should be a priority for the current state of pvp. Pve is fine except for the reduction in gold lmfao. I've been playing the game for a pretty long time. Since I could weave wind and lightning lol. Back when 45 was the cap. I have no gear and the people above and below me have full gear. I have some skills a lot of them don't. They kite their 1 shot and can't fight when there is pressure on. I do it to meme really. Otherwise id quit the game.
  7. BAN5 - 8 set pve ss from battleground

    SO before you state things you think you know. Go join. Learn. I Can post a video of me being absolutely destroyed by an fm. Class balance there is none. Its all rng right now.
  8. BAN5 - 8 set pve ss from battleground

    So dont pvp. Gotcha. Wrong that's how you lose your player base and pvp players. That stuff should be bared from pve. People that have no pvp ss can go pve to get it. Like in msp. You pve to get pvp gear right. (Circle of Sundering,Den of Ancients,Shadowmoor or other pve content) So why even have pvp gear? Why not remove it all or all gear for that matter in 6s? There is nothing that can fix the current state of pvp. Or better yet just re roll fm like everyone is doing right now. You take and look at the current state of your game. Ask yourself how many people on your friends list won't come back. Ask yourself why every match there is 3 or more fms. I guess id have to link you my rank huh.
  9. Can you tell the Korean devs to fix BD?

    The problem is BD needs to be full gear to be effective where as other classes like BM,FM,Warden,KFM,Gunner,SF and Archer do not (only in 6s). There also is a lot of things that pierce the BD spin and do dmg without deflect effecting skills, Full gear they are pretty bad ass.(kd is not your friend) You just have to kite your bubbles right and run from fms. Yeah that's right you have to run from a ranged class as a BD. Their go to is tornado,shadow grasp kd and kill. Which all hit you at the same time and they are still mobile and fully capable of attacking. Lots of ways to escape ccs and they have a solid state frame which can out tank melee classes.( That's right the fm can tank just as well as a warden) Kfm is pretty much just timing. Don't hit into there flurry and they will die. Look for animations like tremor. Iframe and lift kill. Destroyers like to typhoon alot and weave shields. Just rolling typhoon them and bust outta range when they do that red spin. Wait for them to be done spinning. Let them kill whoever and then kite the red spin until they stop. Of course they will use their shields/pots to regen. Grab and wallbang and wipe be careful of their tab ( Grab Badge is useful in this situation). SF will just try to evade tank and burst. just move outta range as quick possible. Return to burst. BM well that's kinda a hard one get them while they are busy from the back. just keep wallbanging them otherwise they will just air you to death with 3rd spec. There is alot to look for when facing bm to much to explain here and id have to go into detail about how to set up airs from the back or mid animations but its really doable because they are one track minded. Get that air off. SO yeah most of them don't understand others skills or tech chasing. They just go for the easiest class to play. Two classes that are are most effective in bg id say. SIN and FM. A sin just uses counter. Which should be removed or fixed. It takes them right back to stealth and is easily the strongest pvp skill in the 6v6. They kite the counter out and stall 6 people. Or freeze to cap a point. Basic fix for this is not to touch the sin class but raise the timer it takes to place or change switch to longer then ice mine freezes. FM just as bad on the stall. CC removal on q and e and there solid stade frame which cant be punched through. They being mobile when spamming aoes rather then stuck in one spot untill that animation is finished allows for an advantage over melee because our animation req us to participate in the skill. There animation is done as soon as the skill sets down. Its still attacking with dot dmg while they can still attack using the skill bar. So say for example im using flicker. My flicker does not continue to do dot dmg when i use my dual strike. Both req and obvious animation which is true time. Tornado isn't true time its effects surpass true time casting . They cast and it hits like dot dmg burning frames. Id rather it go right through the frames and leave the bubble still there. Because then i can frame that kd they setting up.
  10. BG still in game, why?

    Times are set. so if you q outside of the timeframe you wont get in.
  11. Totally can stall and wipe. I mean we should just all play these 2 classes. 3 fms 30 tornados wiped teams :). Archer well ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ if i could frame and aoe like that i get nerfed.
  12. Reaper Class

  13. Reaper Class

    Sin/ destro weaved into a class. Destroyers immunity plus sins stealth. Uses a scythe. Cool idea. Id play it especially in pvp.
  14. Simple fact bro is they don't really care what eu/na have to say about pvp in bns . Lots of their game have gone down this same path. They hook you with a good game and then destroy it by getting to greedy. People will pay to be the best and they exploit that. Hence why there is a trove. They empower the people like that and they get a shitty community because of that. Most of the good players are going because they see the lack of skill and its not fun anymore. They are not fixing it my friend. Its only getting worse.
  15. Imouto. All you have to do in pvp battlegrounds is sit back while someone blows frames f rolls and tabs. Catch them from the side and cc them then do a 1 shot. It pretty lazy really. You don't even have to time your f rolls or tab like you do in 1v1. That's not really that hard to do. No matter your skill lvl. In that case you are just waiting for your opponent to tab f roll then exploiting the fact that they have exhausted their abilities to debuff them in one shot. When it comes to that aspect certain classes can burn i frames on multiple toons in the surrounding area to be aoe to death. Ever seen a whole group die by tremor? Ever thought that fm set up that kfm to tremor with the shadow grasp,avalanche and tornado combo (it still attacks when they are cced. Also they can move and do other skills while these skills still are attacking)? They know its broken af that's why they use it. Also the point on the wl wasn't that it was a 100 to 0. It was the fact that its a double air that was removed from them for a purpose. Now bm has double air. :)