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  1. We all quit yooo. Not enough fixing fast enough. No feedback. No reward. Pve to pvp . To many hacks and zero compensation for all our time spent battling the stupid. No one liked that crap. You can blame That little multi tool and cheat engine yall were saying yall liked so much killed pvp. Hacking right through pve content to get full pvp gear via giga jump and gcd. New players cant contend with full gear everyone in 6v6 using hacks. It shuts them right off from even wanting to pvp. Point being that's why we all left at the end of the day. Zero new players. Its not just mismanagement. Its a
  2. This is AWESOME. Give him some time figure us and the game out. 🙂
  3. By rework you mean perma ban to set an example I agree.
  4. Ok 3 day. At least its marked down and I doubt the next one will be so nice. Get off your troll account too. Multiple accounts don't hide who you are to anyone. If you were smart Youd see what this crap did to the game and its employees. MR Discord Admin.
  5. Maybe they are investigating what's been happening in the ranking system. All investigations take time ya know. Might have something to do with all the stuff going down currently. Never know. Well know if a wave hits.
  6. I used to play bg all the time and arena. I just quit when they openly were using gcd and every other hack in the world lol. That was like a month or so ago. Koldrak sucks btw.
  7. If you farm manually great. If not sorry when it happens, and you get thrown on the chopping block with others. Some people are just to loud . Sorry
  8. They are not going to reward the people who were abusing that content and they more than likely are showing people what they are missing out on. As for the rest of us maybe they are hoping we turn against the cheaters since it kind of like a mass punishment.
  9. I so wish they would let us post some of the things that are done by people on this forum. Ill refer all or you to reddit, discord or youtube as far as cheats or botting goes. That little group is filled with people who show us what's being done ALL the TIME. They also give names too. All this mod has to do is join discord because you guys speak openly and show it off ALL the time. Smart people I'd say. I have been offered to do this stuff like 5 million times and I openly oppose it. All he has to do is act like one of you and then well damn ban wave. He can even just pay fake currency and wa
  10. Your whole deal is win trading. Mine is 3rd party soft wear. Both are against toa. You are not wrong about win trading. I am not wrong about multi tool. It has some good features. It has bad features as well. This is a topic on hm coin. I didnt not apply this feature. I am stating why the company implemented it. Win trading and cheating both apply here. Its a mass punishment. Its a clear message to the community.
  11. Its all on topic lol. I mean do you read what you're posting before you submit it. Go buy 16 laptops and trade win on those lmfao. Bet you its cheaper to get a free program.
  12. Its still a 3rd party program. It does have stuff that change the game values. It does go against TOA .. Now I want you to place 2+2 together. What's cheat engine in reality? Its the same damn thing. Botting is the same thing another 3rd party program. How can you punish one but not the other? On the severity level of it? Well guess what its all against the Blade and Soul Terms of agreement. So, either way you can't justify it. I want you to go try to make your own laws in whatever country you are in and see how that goes. Blade and soul has a clear policy.
  13. Cant... Have to ban 95 percent of players using multitool. Why do you think people posted all that on discord? They spread it so punishment was difficult. To gain leverage. Someone had a smart tactic. Most bought into it too.
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