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  1. Iconic please abide by forum rules. For the same reason, harassing, bullying or defamatory content will also not be tolerated. Throwing around insults or targeting individuals or groups with malice has a negative effect on everyone’s experience in the forums. Harassment takes many forms, if we believe that there is an intent to bully other forum users or make them feel uncomfortable in this environment, action will be taken. Its not that the cheat allows them to pvp much better. It allows them to gear all their friends via skipping right to the end of the
  2. They all think they something lol. They been bugging and running tool to skip. They started all this to think they top. Now we have 16 ppl that play 6v6. People like that are never top I say they max everyone's gear in game currently since these people need to abuse programs and bugs. Or restartt them from the first bug /multi tool usage. Screw banning them take that gear off them.
  3. fix sin for 6v6 before you lose more people.
  4. Full whales running pvp on them now. Other then that its better performance wise. Pve dmg is the cause.
  5. We have to pve for all my pvp gear except 2 pieces. We have to farm all my mats except bloodstones, soulstones( which i got some 10k of those soulstone crystals through pve). Means we have to do like 1600 runs for both my pvp/pve gear. I dont want to pve like that. Im sure other people don't either. Moonstones and soulstones are so cheap right now it isnt even funny. Go back 3 years ago. Anyway they cater to pve way more then pvp. Go look at end gear tree and tell me which one is higher tier. look at pvp vs pve wep.
  6. They cant fix this error fast enough either. Its about time for a new game I think. I dont want to play a game that just is this much of a mess. Cant even score new players or hold on to the ones they got.
  7. Id say remove full immunity let each class have something that breaks it and goes on a minute cd. No reason for 1 class to be able to withstand attacks from 6 for 12 mins. this is what happens when that happens. They just back attack all other classes because everyone stops focusing on them. Warden is a huge example of this. Yes they can be killed. Their holding ability is unbelievable at max gear. There party dmg buff bakes it even more game breaking. I dont want a nerf . I want a fix twards balance. Best way is give everyone a skill that works for 1 sec vs immunity to rob them of it. Here we
  8. Good gift indeed. Wintrading is the normal now and we cant post videos on the forums to show it. Eventually theyll all move to another game. Hopefully...
  9. Play as you want to play. just keep in mind in imo was trying to help with his knowlage.
  10. Um if they pvp you will have clan bonuses. Even they are dead now. Discord is where ya wanna look.
  11. shadow is pretty bad ass man 1 air wipe.
  12. 3rd spec wl isn't going to be for pvp bud. Its pve like bd 3rd spec.
  13. As far as balancing Tab walk fm should go. Stupid af for 6v6. Tab 3 sin beluga cheese. Stupid af for 6v6. I think before they even publish these skills they should be look at in a pvp aspect and have them do different things in pvp. They skipped wl it dont even do wl 3rd spec same as bd( not 6v6 compatible . Like someone needs to be fired. Lets give a 10 sec immuntiy to this class and this 1 gets a 1 sec immunity. Prime example is summoner now. its got a long i frame not a 5 hit or 3 hit but lets give them seconds. Same with sin. Same with fm. if they reduce all classes to 3 to 5 sec i fram
  14. Listen the fundamental problem with 6v6 is the fact that it don't attract new players. What incentive do they have to pvp? So they can get mobbed or 1 shotted? Gear is the problem right now. Certain skills too. Buy to pvp was never the answer. What incentives do ppl have to 6v6 clan? None. Because a new clan cant participate if they do guess what totally wiped . No new draws to what I consider to be the best aspect that this game had. I go 6v6 I know in beluga there will be sin cheeses. Whirlwind I know there will be ill be fighting a warden or destroyer sitting on a point. Nova I know itll be
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