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  1. I doubt that should be possible. The charge up cone shot. If I shoot an M4 at you are behind something even if I aim it'll hit the cover you are standing behind. Now i do understand this is a game and all but that is really abused.
  2. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    I just think it needs to distribute buffs right. You get a party of 4 wardens and the other team gets none.
  3. Destros dont need immunities to be strong. They took male storm away and it was way less time then ember (3 seconds). They really didn't think the skill immunity through. In fact they gave it to another class and its just as op on them. I can kill both its just if I had immunity they would be crying for a nerf because I'm a bd. instead i have to wait immunity out for both classes.
  4. yeah kinda getting tired of dc at end of match and being punished for it
  5. DC report

    Server wide dc today. Got punished for cleary the server that dced 4 ppls at a time.
  6. That would be absolutely ok if they took immunity to cc away from them. Very short window to cc.
  7. Warden is new. It's broken. They have not fixed it yet. To much heal on their skills and double the life. Chi removal on pvp weapon dont work on them. No chi. They should remove pvp weapon effects on warden that involve chi removal or have a chance to steal armor in that case with the effects of our pvp weapon. Whichever one but they shouldn't be immune to pvp weapon effects.
  8. Set items :) the effects of the belt or more important then the belt itself. makes it a bit better then eternity. As for like reduction crit def works the best for pvp.
  9. Point proven. Warden is still in its trial phase. They will nerf it. Trust me like they did gunner and everyone was saying that it wasn't busted. However it was.
  10. I said that's why they nerfed. Scroll up. Your class was broken and that was at the time it was . Now it is fixed deal with it. Wl had too. Bd had to. Wardens will have too. Just expect it. Your upset because you cant relearn the class? Get over it go play warden. Another thing apparently BNS agrees with me. I wonder why that is? Hmmm.
  11. Nodah is not the only whale first off. Im pretty sure i have some gear too and I don't spend that much. P.s I'm not an fm silly. PVP is not just 1v1 if you think it is you're wrong. You have something wrong with you? Is your mind gone over a nerf? Did u whale out the class because it was broken? Upset huh?
  12. DC report

    correction 3 times now.
  13. DC report

    Lets show them that this is a problem just say when you dc. I dced last match 1 and then the very next match. Just put every time well spam them.