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  1. BD and bladeguard

    We haven't liked the skill why make us have it? U have a spin that has no cd deflect. whats the point of one that dont do anything and has a super delay? Just the deflect? its on like 5 different trees. balance it
  2. You banned Force Master from PVP

    wtf lol. fms are pretty strong.
  3. you going to force us to use blade guard instead of sidewinder on 2 skill sets. The skill does nothing in pve and pvp its totally useless. No one wants the skill. We don't use it. Your forcing us to use something dumb that we didn't want before the patch. Make the skill do something maybe. Or abolish it maybe...we have spin....same damn thing
  4. Please fix warden already

    Its getting a little bit ridiculous with this new class thing. Make it op so people spend more cash lol. Kinda destroys the other classes that this game has created. So far this has been the thing with both new classes. One more thing bns make air tabable or make every ones air a 100 to zero.
  5. All they do is qqvce z click click click and a whole group is dead( if you dont die they just use cycle all over again). They all know it too. Takes 6 ppl sometimes to fight one even when we are all using the same gear, Immunity and solar flare plus click and they right back to full health. Remove something already. they are way worse then gunners were. You all know that though. We should all just play warden.... I bet that be a fun game.... wait its like that already 3 wardens per group
  6. Buff FM for 6v6.

    Pve sheath needs to go. Only class with a 10 sec immunity to damage that can fully heal/ reset makes it 20 secs . Also breaks cc far to much. FM so broken. Put any class except warden next to a fm and the fm will outlive it. They just pump sheath q and e drop shadow grasp, sheath inside grasp and meteor. all 6 party members with same gear can be stalled for entire match in bg. Someone didn't think the fm or warden skills through.
  7. I think the only skill I really hate is vine whip. no cc all life gone. Everything else needs cc to kill.
  8. They need to let summoners cat get cced when the summoners are cced. They share a bond. Or remove their ability to air period.
  9. I doubt that should be possible. The charge up cone shot. If I shoot an M4 at you are behind something even if I aim it'll hit the cover you are standing behind. Now i do understand this is a game and all but that is really abused.
  10. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    I just think it needs to distribute buffs right. You get a party of 4 wardens and the other team gets none.
  11. Destros dont need immunities to be strong. They took male storm away and it was way less time then ember (3 seconds). They really didn't think the skill immunity through. In fact they gave it to another class and its just as op on them. I can kill both its just if I had immunity they would be crying for a nerf because I'm a bd. instead i have to wait immunity out for both classes.
  12. yeah kinda getting tired of dc at end of match and being punished for it
  13. DC report

    Server wide dc today. Got punished for cleary the server that dced 4 ppls at a time.
  14. That would be absolutely ok if they took immunity to cc away from them. Very short window to cc.