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  1. SF growing problem

    Wanna become a believer? i seen it wipe a whole party of incinerators
  2. SF growing problem

    SF needs a rework too. I see them bursting full gear people to zero when they have ascendant weapons and slacking in gear. Their attacks do way to much dmg for the gear set they have on.
  3. KFM Fiesta?¿

    Sf the same. Watched an ascendant burst a whole group to dead lol. An incinerator party :). I don't think devs play anymore.
  4. Kfm shouldn't have that kind of frames period.
  5. If you record people afking or tradewinning i think the account should be banned perma after a few warnings. People do alot of that tradewinning because their friends are on the other teams.
  6. Why should my party make them stronger? :/
  7. New PvP skills

    Best bet is not to nerf. Make the other classes stronger. If your going to take i frames away from a class don't throw it into another's skill set. If you do give every class something comparable. On another note add debuff defense into gear. One shots are lame af. No skill to blow a tab and f roll. Its a skill to be able to survive after it. You shouldn't just die from one hit. call of duty is for that.
  8. TERRIBLE Clan battleground match making

    No you really cant bud. The ''whales'' swap or afk for each other. I am normally in gold tier because I know how to cc. They'll just gang up on ya lol most cannot fight without that gear or duo. Most of them play classes they know can stall or frame weave which they know has the advantage in bg. I would recommend this if your having trouble. Grab a classes like this for your party. Destroyer for the stall. kfm to back up that destroyer while hes shielded kfm can move without suffering much dmg due to counter. Next get yourself a gunner to burst aired targets and make sure he runs if he starts getting pestered. Now you will need some kind of buff. I recommend warden it can stall and pull( wipe whole groups even). All good for aoe set ups. FM for the wallbang or aoes. They can seriously hem up targets and make it so they just continuously are being wallbanged. Skills are greyed out during that unintended issue. they can aoe one shot if set up right. Then a sf. The burst is ridiculous they can just walk up to a preoccupied group and wipe it with its burst of ice. It can kill pretty well durring a lift to and it has i frames similar to a kfm.
  9. New PvP skills

    The whole game is unbalanced lol. They trying to give ppl high dps and forget that it just so happens to effect pvp. They remove stuff from classes and give other classes the same thing but in a stronger form. I remember when maelstrom was op lol or so they said. Yet they give destroyers a double shield and immunity to cc (longer then 3 seconds). Id rather fight against maelstrom when it was ''broken'' at least it ended relatively quick. They basically gave it to kfms for double the time. Maelstrom and its 3 second immunity/ frames. How is any different then weaving counter shadowdance counter and footwork? Oh thats right Maelstrom is way shorter and had a way longer cd. If all classes had a type of defense comparable to Warden, Destroyer , KFM or SF it might be fair. Not going to happen This game favors destroyers and KFMs for pvp. Has for a while.
  10. If your going to give kfm a 1 spam. f cancels need to be back.
  11. New PvP skills

    KFM does need some fixing. Legitly ppl with no skill spam and it spams counter.So yeah makes the class harder to kill. Why should I be punished in 6v6 because my party is lacking. They are easy to kill solo just air it. Party wise though they just play off your party, counter and tremor all night long. They have the ability to stall a whole party who doesn't know what they are doing. Now destro is a bit of an issue too. 0 to 100 heal. Weaving immunity, spin and shields make it stall super hard. Might just wanna skip that point and go to another. Which if there is 2 max gear its game over. Dont even need to pvp you just stall and as soon as target goes to flip brazier,triggers or horn you just attack and weave immunity and shields again. My biggest issue with this game is immunity skills. Some classes have a way longer immunity weaved into their skill set. Which is a factor to why we have imbalance. There is a lot of reasons though like exploiting FM tornado grab wallbang then char. FM grabs will hold through cc. I have kd one before grab and was still held in the air in its phantom grip during nova core which is a narrow area. Its time being cced was over so it threw me into the wall and charred me to death which has Knockback. Cant tab or ss a wallbang if your being wallbanged constantly by Knockback. All you need to know is how to take advantage things that are not intended by blade and soul. Yes it is their fault for producing these faults. Players are responsible as well for exploiting it. It doesn't mean you are good if you exploit something that was not intended. A kfm will exploit his counter mechanics by running into a party and spamming 1.Reason being is its counter will be hit constantly by either aoes or mindlessly spamming on it. Its one hit just so happens to be tremor so it waits till its off cd and tremor your group. Normally if the are smart they will kill what can solo them first. Then kill the rest. Its just the way or things. FM will exploit Tornado, Phantom grip ,throw and char. If they mess up they'll use their multiple escapes and retry the same tactics because they know you'll be locked into a perma cc that was not intended. Your skills are greyed out if your character hits a wall. A destroyer will capitalize off total immunity. You can kd it but immunity don't go away if you do. Itll get back up and cc you then wipe you if you dont run away. Then it also has shields that give back health while receiving very little dmg or none at all. Not enough damage to take its ability to heal through it away. Itll exploit shields to heal itself. It will use its spin to stall and deflect. Worst of all itll use its immunity and exploit the fact that they can cc and you cant. SO with that being said you cannot say players don't exploit certain aspects or things that their class has as far as skill sets. Its not just a gear issue . Its the mechanics of certain skills that are more developed into what blade and souls views are (wallbang and air really still need fixing though. Id rather be thrown from the arena or map and die because that means I can do it too). BM is becoming the same thing currently. KFM aswell. BD is soon to follow. The game wont get good again until all classes are up to par. Thats the problem they are doing it a class at a time and allowing the skills on other classes to become more advanced into the future of the game. While others are stuck waiting for their turn. The classes I used above are just examples there are few more that exploit certain aspects of this game. PvP is unbalanced and im hoping the future will fix that. I think the game was at its best before the release of gunslinger. Some issues like soulburn resetting all skills and amplifying dmg. They fixed it fast though and time distortion was born lol. Other then that it was really balanced and 1 shots did not exist.
  12. blade and soul

    Can you send me a link please and ty grim.
  13. blade and soul

    Hopefully if not im done lol.
  14. blade and soul

    I would like to pop up a few ideas that may fix your current problem with pvp. 1.Take and make 4 modes for battlegrounds. Two of which you can use full gear and soul shields (clan and normal). Geared clan and geared solo/duo. The other 2 with Zero gear and a fixed rate of hp ( no skill items like in shackled) pots and charms still useable. This would allow for skilled or free to play winners to participate with minimal spending while attracting new players. Non geared clan and solo/duo. 2. You guys really need to look at a class revision of all classes. Ill leave it at that. Everyone battles about their class or are sick other classes. This is because of the counter class motions you have set in play (Gunner > Warden, FM > kfm, Bd > Gunner) We all know that battlegrounds is unforgiving and how it chooses. You may get up to 6 of the same classes. So counter class mechanism doesn't really get to have play here. It kinda sucks for all of your players when gear has no relevance and the matchmaking which is outta your hands does. 3. Stop with the over powered new classes. No one needs to wipe a whole group based on switching to a brand new class you haven't worked the kinks out of yet.I know they spend a lot of money to up the class but overall it kills your game. % ppl vs the % of ppl who spend massive amount is a big difference and you have to appeal to all players not the top 10 spenders. I fully understand why its done though you guys work to make money. We all need to eat lol. You need for the word to continue to spread about blade and soul. If 300 non spenders tell 5 friends each. You will potentially earn at least one spender per 5 ppl. Thats 1500 new people. Thats already 300 new people that would spend money and the game grows. 4. Make 2 modes of 1v1. 1 with gear to bring your power players back to 1v1. Gear changes the whole dynamics of pvp. Right now they are just making alts and climbing the top of the ladder using what classes they know that works. Then camping up there to retain reward. I do it myself. Others do as well. The other mode we already have implemented and continues to work. Im never keyed for to long myself 5. 3v3 you can actually make more then 2 modes of this. 3v3 tag which we already have. 3v3 open which would all 3 players fighting at the same time. 3v3 geared tag. 3v3 geared opened pvp. For the rewards for some of this id do like a outfit design that is rare. Something designed by someone in our community of players. ( or just fire 3v3 tag and make in 3v3 open.) 6. Grey out cc skills when target is immune. Immunity is one of this games killer downfalls.
  15. KFM is trash.

    huh all u need to do is press 1 more.