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  1. Battlegrounds Balancing

    Just play kfm buddy. Its the best at survival. It has the most I frames. You can easily beat classes above your gear set if they don't know how to fight vs your counter and its the most forgiving in battlegrounds because people just spam attack into your counters. You'll basically i frame a majority of the time and drop a few tremor or 2 and you'll be all set :). P.s farm some pvp acc from the IF and above dungeons on your kfm. Don't take long bud. You'll have your first piece of gear in less then a week. Bracelet is easy to get with event stuff. Grab that too. Mushins tower holds the key man. When in doubt press p go to the pvp tab and search out your class top tier pvp personal and look at their skills. Make sure they have pvp gear and acc on or else youll get a pve tree lol. That and a lil trove you could be end game in no time. Most of these players do it now anyways so dont feel bad. Its common in this game to just teleport to the top of the mountain instead of climb it. I saved you alot of stress trust me :p
  2. ITs nerfed play something else until they fix it. To many ppl where complaining about the spin and frames. They buffed everything else. warden and wl doing good now a days .
  3. Battlegrounds Balancing

    I mean look I grind and have pvp gear. Not whaled out at all. Theres ways to do it. Trove is what these ppl pay money for. I mean thousands at a time. These ppl like to get paid for their job too. I dont work for free. No one does. There is a mode similar too battlegrounds like fortnite. Balanced as far as gear... skill a different story
  4. Battlegrounds Balancing

    so what should they spend money on?
  5. Battlegrounds Balancing

    See here's the problem with that. They spend money to keep game up and running. duh
  6. time to up bd escapes

    Also if your having trouble with a bd maybe its your skill level in question. I play bd and its relatively easy to kill other bds. As for gunners they still wipe ppl and battlegrounds quickly if the come in and support. Most bad ass gunners do this. p.s big hint is try to not burst a bd by spamming skills. Whipline and wait for your i frames then kd and air. hint hint. Cant parry an i framed target.
  7. time to up bd escapes

    I dunno research me though. I don't just play bd tho and I can tell you this. Certain classes have more survivability with ascendant and zero gear. With a kfm or warden I can def survive more by either spamming 1 and camping tremor or pressing v c x z and spamming 1( spamming 1 cost me zero focus). See bd receives dmg every time it gets hit except during its frames q e z tab F and if successful deflect. BD deflect 50 % of their spin and can be kded.
  8. time to up bd escapes

    Point being is everything got buffs except for bds. They got nerfed. Hard. BD dont have an immunity either bro. Go read the skills u can still cc during it. Ill help ya out and just say kd one and you'll find out that's not immunity. Rule of thumb when vsing a bd is just kd it blow tabs and f and then use other ccs like stun when its kded. Class is real easy to fight. Id say that and gunners easiest in the game to kill. all our other escapes suck and only work when gripped. Thats an easy work around with wall banking. I can explain more in detail with the other classes if you like.. The only solid thing it has is a parry spin that is chi reliant. Burn BDs chi no more counter. Avoid soaring falcon that all. Each spin cost 2 bubbles of chi. I can spin 5 times and only deflect for half the time Im spinning. so don't just spam skills at it and your fine. time it.
  9. time to up bd escapes

    Dmg reduction spin is not deflect spin you get one or the other. There is a lil reduction spin tho. Second most know about .6 sec kd most classes have more then 1 kd.Destroyers have immunity silly butt even after spin its called ember stomp. Spin counter is the only gripe i always here about unfortaintly bd isn't the only one with it in fact we have the weaker version of it. What else has a counter you don't like? What about kfm counters with a 1.3 sec cd that raises def and gives them frames for 1 sec wait there's more. How about shadow dance that resist dmg up to 5 times and for .6 sec during that it resist ccs and dmg ( mobile).How about footwork? Thats heals hp and gives resists (mobile). oh wait I'm not done retreat resists for dmg and cc for 1.5 seconds (mobile). p.s the class has 4 escapes. I don't think you need me to name them but I will if you need me to. Shall I move to destroyer now? I guess I will just to show you what I mean. Destroyers have Hurricane that resist stun daze and knockback( mobile counter). Thats a spin with parry for . 5 secs. there tab has an immunity attached to it called hurricane bash. it also releases all immobilization from all attacks purges deep wound. Searing strike which is resistant to cc. Leap Back which also resist dmg and status effects. Typhoon which does all this. can be used up to 4 times. Pierces defence and parry skills. during use it resist dmg and status effects. Has an 11 m Knockback. Stone shield which is a party i frame that heals and is time dependent not up to 5 times. (Immobile) . Iron plating which is a resist. The class destroyer has 5 escapes. I can name those too. Maybe I should move on to bm you let me know guys.
  10. Everthing else has multi cc escapes.
  11. What class is good for pve?

    KFM just counter spam and you can pve/pvp skip right through mechs.
  12. You guys going to ever fix this issue?
  13. Go to twitch and watch what they do if your to lazy to play. Anyone can spam a counter and wait on tremor.
  14. Pvp is extremely dumb atm.

    KFM still takes over bg. Many higher paying players will swap classes because they know destro and kfm run the pvp game. For the 1 time whale he just quits the game and moves on. Blade and Soul don't mind this because more toons generates more revenue. Its sad but fair business strategy . They want the same payers to buy as a recurring consumer.However the consumers who are like this feed the games death. People dont want to pvp against a class that rolls every class.( buff this class this now/buff this class later) So they leave especially if there main was a waste of cash. They should be appealing to a wider consumer base. That's my opinion to why people are leaving BNS . I'm more worried about trade swapping between matches.(matches where people don't participate because they want to help a friend rank up so they swap/ rig matches) So you get someone who goes out and basically feeds kills or hands a cap point over.Most people don't but a few elites do it. That makes the game even less appealing to players. BNS is not responsible for this though. Its your elites who have lead the way.