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  1. Destroyers key up multiples at a time so if you have lets say 2 in the party that's instantly 2 points held especially with a fm or sum behind them. Cant really stay away. Telling people to stop attacking the destroyers means that all new or some well not so very good old ones have to listen. I have my tatics but I cant count on others tactics to open a point. Immunity needs to be looked at. All immunity skills.
  2. All it takes is a familiar, thrall or any person too feed their red spin active. 1v1 I have ZERO issues with them. kd and air combo is super easy to get off if there not standing in a group. Wall bang and air is easy to get off on them too. 6v6 is where it needs to be modified for. You always have ppl trying to spam and feed their spin. Maybe approach with topic using logic. This was directed at 3 classes not 1. These are the 3 classes most turned to for 6s.
  3. All PvP is almost dead. No more faction wars. No more 3v3. Small amounts of 1v1. Shackled isles gone. 6v6 is play 3 classes to get the advantage. Just duo up 2 destroyers ,sins or fms (all 3 need reworks on their immunities skills). Air needs to be tab able. Oh and PvE maybe that should get reduced to 4 dungeons so you can see how your PvP players feel with no content. Maybe PvP for certain PvE gear. Get 200 PvP cores to get top tier pve gear so you can come PvP 1000 times.
  4. We should test it to fix pvp first. Then use it to fix pve after. Grim its not pve or pvp that is their source of revenue. Its mats for gear and costumes. Never have I ever had to pay for a dungeon or pvp content. If you silly guys keep paying them to make mistakes they wont take you seriously.
  5. Let them fix pvp... If no players no revenue.
  6. @Hime wont respond. Maybe they will read. I want you to hop on a somewhat geared warden. I want you to approach a brazier or horn with q q then I want you to press v directly after press c then press then x then I want you to press rmb and f then I want you to hit e now q q z and want you to sword savo someone. You're still full health with a lil shield missing no worries though you can hit e again .(Meanwhile 15 times people have tried to trip knockdown or daze you) You've just 1 shot 2 people by now but your not done yet. Your resets happened I want you to press v and then c again press
  7. Its competitive PvP that requires you to buy gear and psych's to even participate. Based on that no one really does it anymore. A few clans do it for the bonuses and they roll specific classes and pay wall gear. What you are going through right now is what 90% of the clans in game go through by force of others. I remember being amazed at how skilled some people like Twizzy, Ohshotaboy, Jedi, Midday, Kamri and Nissam were. 4 of those people quit and the other 2 I see a couple times a season. They were scary in PvP at lvl 45 patch when gear or class didn't make you. Pvp isnt worth it currently
  8. At least confirm with us that you know. Sin 3rd spec, Frost spec Warden, Destroyer with eon badge and Lightning fm are all a bit overpowered 6v6 goes. Ive multiple matches with all wardens sins and fms. Funny thing is they are all duos @Hime
  9. Agreed I am called a hacker at points. I do not use xml edits or macros. Certain players are good. Certain players do cheat. More players class exploit though. Its easy to research and find out who they are. Just talk to the players that have quit and they will tell you what's going on and why they quit. More then one says the same thing do some research and it becomes all to clear. Its normally directed at the same group of people too. I've been playing for more then a few years now and I know certain people use xmls because they are using skills in a fashion that they cannot be used
  10. It is the players though. 3rd spec sin knows its bull that he can take the horn with total immunity so he does. 10 more follow in his footsteps. FM knows it is overpowered in burst / immunity . 10 more follow in his footsteps. Destroyer with eon badge(Literally presses typhoon the entire match un till shield and ember stomp come back) . Is another one that 10 more follow. Heres an xml edit it allows you to skip rotations. 1 person does it 10 more follow. Here is a way to make 30k gold in less then a day by a outfit bug. 1 person does so 30 more follow. The gunman is a player. Ncee soft is lik
  11. Lots of afk when match with 2 fms plus warden buff arrive. Why did you guys nerf bg dmg on all classes again? Id just assume buff bullet storm for the gunners. Give WL back their double air. Fix maelstrom to 3 second of immunity plus dmg on bd. The FMs I talk to say they know thank n cee to which my reply is if you know why do you use? Answer is a funny one. They use because you gave them the stick to use. I dunno how that logic goes because if you gave me a stick to use and said to hit my kids with it I sure af wouldn't beat my kids because someone else did. MAYBE you guys need to revise how
  12. Pvp is getting stale with un targetable, one shot airs, and immunities. Tired of the eon badge on destroyers especially. Tired of grinding 6v6 pvp. Gear is old and crusty on 6s or pvp wep wise. Have to pve to pvp.
  13. Whales leaving because empty promises like Unreal engine 4... Skitter scatter raids...Class to win payrolls...Having to farm harder for those class to win payrolls...xml edits be gone. ( somewhat)...
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