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  1. This topic turned into several topics, so let's try and take em one at a time, and I'll input my personal responses with them. "Why keep nerfing KFM" Honestly, I don't know. 3rd spec got a decent buff, but nerfing triple kick is just a dumdum move. Is it game breaking? No. In the first place how many classes are theres that can't even be cced while using an attack animation? A lot really. It might matter in 1v1, not so much 3v3, and most certainly not 6v6. But unfortunately with certain "buffs" thrown out, a lot of ccs have become...difficult to execute. You could argue that's why you nee
  2. Didn't even notice since I finished mine, but it is indeed gone despite the banner still being there 🤔
  3. I don't require dungeons for most PvP gear, so if I were to pay, it would definitely be faster. Cause all tiers of weapon except the last take bloodstones. Buy some gold, buy some mats, craft, ez Dfang 9. Now, you do have to go through a gold seller so...what can NC do. But then the only way to get the upgrade material past Dfang is either through pvp like you said, or just wait for the month long cash grab boxes. You can definitely pay to win for those. Most agitator accessories, if you've paid for premium, or paid a lot of ncoin, you have from fortune's favour. They'll probably still bri
  4. Reread the second quote, they did indeed say that. Although that is untrue. Over the course of 2016 and early 2017 content did not line up true and blue. There were several things that were different, and even dungeons, albeit they were still the same dungeons, were released in the incorrect order in NA. Story as well, originall KRs story was vastly different from ours, even factions was I believe. What's more you are quoting what they themselves said in a 2016 stream to counter a point people started using in 2019 - that was what "people did not use that back then" meant. Thought it was pre
  5. Correct, this is the current observation of BnS as a whole. Originally, although NCSoft still had the final say, NCWest would push for ideas or their own form of development based on statistics that NCSoft would approve. While different from the Chinese servers which were for the most part wholly independent, NCSoft left certain affairs to West (like upgrading, since westerners statistically disdain rng upgrades, NCWest proposed the idea of higher cost guaranteed evolution, and Soft gave the okay). Now it's a puppet company unable to make any propositions and is just another building for NCSof
  6. Wait hold on I have to recollect for a moment. I talked about west and soft, somehow Tencent got mixed in on the quote, I thought you were talking about the publisher in West because you said West had no involvement with development, but either the publisher or West themselves assuming they aren't the publisher had to have involvement in development since our game to start was very very very different from KR, and the early western development still shows today. Right, Tencent is the big company that bought a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton of companies and other investments. So they're irrelevant. Let's rem
  7. Wait yeah, you're right. NCWest would be the middleman for Tencent to get permission and clarification from. The arrangement still has validation, NCWest would still make demands, development and most of the ideas put to the plate would be Tencents though. Still, West is meant to make arrangements for the wider audience via their own publisher, said publisher would go through West, ask about changes, what they could do, how much they could do, then West would go to Soft saying this is what they want out there, can we have them do it? Sorry about that, forgot Tencent was the publisher in the
  8. Normally the westernized company will have some leverage over the Korean, as it's....well the majority of the worlds population. They won't be the boss, but they can often make demands of their own. Their relationship was originally developer - developer for the masses (in order to expand profits, the westerns would change certain aspects to make it more appealing), but in classic NC style, that got dumped to Devloper - ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ relationship.
  9. This - time and date, look at that, 2016. Just an fyi, people did not use that back then. In 2016 not only did NCWest have a proper team, but the KR Devs were entirely different. In 2017 the original lead developer for KR was replaced by the (current) one, and from there things started plummeting downhill. Two community leads left NCWest, only to be replaced by some kids that left not even a year later - now it's currently being run by someone who I don't even think has posted a thing on here in over a year. I know it's not Hime. Meanwhile our other teams are simply...translation. If you're
  10. If F2P means Free to Pay 👻 Although some people make the argument, but idk. Two-three games can be bought with 1 year of it.
  11. Difference there is the company that developed Soulworker actually was in disagreement with Gameforge. NC is not. Matter of fact West for the most part just listens to KR.
  12. They are partially correct - that was actually the method to obtain pirate princess for some time (not sure if it still is or if it's a drop). But yes, you are 100% correct, after 4 man was gone so was Red Pirate Princess. What confuses me is why they keep putting custom gang into these realmrift events which was an f10 items, alongside something that can currently be obtained without obstructing event reward, instead of putting in the alternate f2p version that was removed.
  13. Each tier has slightly better rewards, but the big thing is not the festival coins, it's the wishing token I believe. Regular gives 5, t2 gives 10, t3 gives 15. If you open all at the highest tier, you'll get 900 wishing tokens total, which can get you 90 purple unity stones which is massive for anyone that's still working on getting unity.
  14. I mean that's not a class variety issue is it? That's a race locking issue I'd say. Although the 3 blade masters is a bit much.
  15. Oh nono, the 5 is how many polishing cloths you need to make a top tier lamps. If you can open...3 lamps a day, which will be a 10 hour period, you can open the lamps within 20 days, which means even if you just now opened stage 1 armory you could still finish the lamps, since this is a 35 days event. Since you did get a late start, I recommend logging in first thing in the morning, opening one up real quick, then when you do dailies open another, and just before bed open a third. You still have a great shot.
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