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  1. Does anyone actually care?

    I will say a few things. First off, the Korean Law dictating that players have some sort of limiter so that they don't collapse whilst gaming is indeed true. As such, much of the events of BnS were moved to fishing, and of course because it requires you to afk, the intention was "by the time you get the cloths to upgrade this lamp, the cooldown will be done" Looking at it this way, it's not necessarily a poor thing. However we in the west actively game, we seldom AFK, only when we are sleeping or are working most times. However NCWest is under NCSofts foot, and must adhere to their word. NCSoft saw no value in changing the event, as the West team produces little income as is. Onto the expiration. I believe this is something that is rather fair, however as was stated before by you, this is the first time in 3 years something became unusable on the day the event ends. It definitely threw some players for a loop. Also it's not the first event to utilize cooldown, but I believe it's the first event with a set number of items, making the cooldown more apparent. Next onto all the people on the other side defending this crap. "well w-w-w-w-why cant you log in like me." Some people have their minds not so far up their asses that they would shove their lover, family, or work into the back of their mind because BnS. I know the argument that a true blue gamer always makes sure to get their crap done. But if I'm having fun, I'm not going to sit there and yell "hold the birthday party for a few minutes will ya? I have to log into BnS." People with proper lives put gaming at the back of their mind, not the front. Not to say you guys don't have lives, but clearly gaming is a priority in your life over being with others. That or you are genuinely having so much fun with BnS that it is where your mind goes to for a calm change of pace, which judging by your tones, is not the case. So do politely stop judging others for wanting to enjoy the real world because you enjoy the game world more. Back to the OP, one final thing that I will say to defend all these people who are saying "y u no do dis". This games events were only made as events in 45 patch. Once the major Soul stages were introduced, events became mandatory, not fun. They are not called events because they are special, they are called events because it's just another mandatory thing whose gimmick changes, similar to the literal meaning of event. That is why many people will tell you "you should have just done it," because you're not choosing to ignore something fun, but something essentially mandatory.
  2. Why remove non tradeable outfits???

    You all seem to be misinformed on a lot of things regarding companies, specifically mmos such as this one which utilizes the site itself for in game features. First off, why remove marketable outfits but not bound ones? This one I find makes even less sense then doing vice versa, because once something is up on market, it is a player to player transaction, giving 0 profit to the company, regardless of means obtained. Bound outfits on the other hand are only obtainable if you already have them via either events or paying. In other words, a player that receives the bound outfit 100% of the time would have to go through the company, while a player that receives the marketable outfit receives it has the potential of ignoring the company altogether. Secondly, mailing and marketing both have a common issue when deleting said things. They both go through the website, and can often be traced back to multiple characters. This means there could potentially be a layer of walls before they see "oh, this is illegitimate". Pet Pods even moreso, as you would have to look at where they came from, followed by how they were crafted, followed by what box (if one) the used pet came from, followed by was it an exploited box. This process, especially because they handled it so ignorantly, could take weeks, even months, due to the fact that these items could be used, or even sent to other players in the time they look for them. However I can still see the outrage in the fact that people who upgraded or changed pods to packs got *away with it* while people who simply had something from a year ago lost everything. Clearly this was the move of a big brain 1 8 9 iq employee who must have known where the remove all button was.
  3. MSP weekend double drop??

    Probably to avoid people getting those rng runes from stage 6. Low ball but they can't have a new system that doesn't require mega-grinding
  4. I'm hoping this doesn't mean to ignore mentally handicapped people, because let me tell you, I know a few people that had autism and they performed better than most "whales" today. In fact I know two of them used to be in Homra, which if I recall correctly Ocean was started by a friend of said clan.
  5. Say something good about BnS

    If you played Blade and Soul in 2016 you should have hardly had that feeling at all, as getting the cap gear was fathomable and surprisingly relatively easy in comparison due to the Hongmoon Weapon and Hongmoon accessory system. Rather, you were constantly upgrading until the final couple tiers, and even then, in order to get the materials needed to upgrade you knew where you had to go based off of what the game said itself. It wasn't until was it late 2017 or early 2018 that they removed the upgrade trees and made it a slow ass grind, even just to get through story. That's the issue, and I feel a lot of people would agree on this, you can easily talk about the good aspects that "were" in BnS that were removed for the sole purpose of adding the aspects you just mentioned. Of course people would dislike them.
  6. I'm amazed this is even a question truth be told. A lot of high geared players flak the lower geared players saying "you no do 5mil dps, you make run slow" when the dungeon requires 500k dps per person. A lot of people are now unwilling to "carry" as they call it, or as it is in any other mmo that doesn't focus on only the top dps playerbase, "boost", people through even the lowest dungeons, claiming "you make my run 2 seconds slower" Before Steelbreaker people could solo CC in about 5-10 minutes max, so tell me why people are now recruiting for that 5mil+ dps for a party of 6 for the same dungeon? It makes the dungeon itself like 30 seconds faster since most of it is running anyways. Has anyone ever cared? No. "You no high gear, get kicked pleb" was the mentality of some stupid elitists for a longgg time because they didn't want to do mechs. Now you don't have to. And instead of helping low geared players it's still "I want fast daily." While every dungeon req is now over 500k (including VT which is what would get you to 500k funny enough) just to clear by enrage. In the end you get flak because all you've done is you've made it take longer for you, for those high geared people in those party, and potentially screwed over a mid-tier player trying to catch up so they can contribute. Recruit an extra 5 minutes just so the dungeon can take 20 seconds fewer is unfathomable and inefficient, but not for BnS players, nono. And no I'm not saying you're like this, but this is the general consensus of many because that's how it was treated by the higher-geared population.
  7. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Can confirm nobody in my clan and their alliance did the exploit, still lost outfits they got ages ago. Not pets or pet pods, but outfits, yes.
  8. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    The only thing that was even remotely correct asides from the OP was what Imouto said about "if they did it earlier, it wouldn't matter so much." You all can't seem to get things through your head. Restoring items is something you do by going back in the server logs. Now if you do a rollback, this entire last week doesn't exist, therefore the items can no longer be "restored". To put it simply, what they would have to do is they would have to take the current server, view every single little item that was obtained this last week by each individual, view the specifications, gotta make sure it doesn't break the code, then they would have to manually add each and every little item to every little character. Even though there's so few active players, the logs will show tens of thousands of players, though checking if they were offline this entire last week wouldn't be the worst. Then there's the issues of rankings in PvP and PvE. A rollback would then completely remove those rankings. And they can't do a thing about that, because if they were to manually set placements and made an error, then they themselves would have breached the code. Achievements as well put towards runs. They'll have to go back and look and manually copy each achievement over, as well as completed storyline such as Steelbreaker or even main storyline. And there's still more they would have to *manually* do, and this is just common knowledge. You don't need to work as Cistco or be the CEO of Nexon to know this kind of stuff. It's business 101. A roll back over such a large time frame would require so much work, and with the small staff in the west, it would likely take a week to even finish. Imagine all the baby-raging at that.
  9. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Just because the buff is not on the toolbar does not mean it's "disappeared", it's a low priority refreshing buff that lasts for roughly 1-1.5 seconds at a time. Warlock has some of the lowest defense and base hp in game so if I was able to survive pre-patch then you all are genuinely just Awful at this game if you're getting smacked up by one or stalled by one, or even have to 2v1 one to get the kill. You're right about TD sanctum, I had to take a look at that again, but still, it's resetting iframes and heals. V is continuous and funny thing is, a lot of people like to aerial me while it's going, so it hits them and still heals me. Not to mention it *cough* is an aoe *cough* and tends to hit mutltiple people cause they all want to gank the lock but don't pay attention. There's many other continuous attacks that are the same in that perspective. And again, as I said, the sanctum lasts for a second to a second and a half, enough time to eat a good amount of the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ from aerial since there's not too much extend aerial since everyone had to cry like a little ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it until it was on BM then they all had a nut. So all in all, try learning the reality, even if it is still a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ one, before you go trying to preach about it.
  10. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Alright after playing 6s again I see the major issue. It's not a matter of just gunner nerf, it's a matter of damage nerf period. This'd be fine if not for one thing. Healing was *not* nerfed. This gives melee a massive advantage over ranged classes, especially those with spammable q/e. Even with my damage debuff applied and soul procced, I couldn't outdamge the 5% heal on resist due to defense. It makes SwirlyWind Valley and Beluga Slagoon completely counterproductive. Beluga might be able to scrape by but ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ all if this'll work out in Swirlywind.
  11. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Okay a Warlock is not all that good a PvE class but even before do you know how bad a matchup it is for gunslinger? Probably not because most people quit like you when awakening rolled out saying "Warlock is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ pogchamp can't kill a thing" Yes I am a Warlock btw But a good warlock can survive even a BM one-shot aerial at mid-tier gear, let alone a gunslinger pre-nerf. Reasons? Well let's have a look Warlock V - Wingstorm. Continuous 3 attacks that have life drain attached to the first, healing for 10% of damage. That's a lot Warlock C - Sanctum. This changes depending on if it's Frost or Shadow. Frost will use the TD one, which reduces the cooldown of party members inside while reducing damage taken by 25%. Shadow will often spec Healing Sanctum which heals 20% hp over a period of time and reduces damage taken by 25% Add to that pet procs, potential emerald procs, weapon procs, accessory procs, and more, I don't see how a warlock that's geared would die to an undergeared gunslinger, as you stated yourself. Not in one aerial that is. Even most BMs have to proc their second aerial unless all their buffs proc at once. That said I don't know about how much they actually ruined otherwise, just that Warlock itself, bad matchup. Don't judge your damage based on them.
  12. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    Let me in on the shitfest, me me! You PvP white knights are dumb af. I think it's common knowledge by now that the next set of PvP accessories are, gasp, obtained through PvP! The weapon and ss have nothing to do with PvE as well The Bracelet, Gloves, and Necklace are all locked behind *solo* PvE rn, and tbh, depending on your class only the neck is worth getting. The earring is from DST, that takes you half a day to get the runs for The ring is from TSM, I can't even call that dungeon PvE anymore, cause you literally ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up everything to win. More like EvE. Only the belt is obnoxious to get. Now for all of you who are saying PvE is getting sooooo much. I don't think removing the relevancy of dungeons and increasing the amount of time you need to run one dungeon to 500 times is considered a lot of PvE content? Call me silly. As for your events, and this whole *we control 1 of 3 mats*. Well fun story, 2 mats are PvP, 2 mats are PvE. The PvP mats are much more abundant and are *not* rng loot. Sooo, ye, PvPers got the advantage there. Also note, PvP isn't the only thing getting ruined with each patch. Boy oh boy I sure love staring at a screen while i put a brick on my mouse and hold w for 200 hours haha. PvE is awesome! Be serious here, neither PvE nor PvP are getting benefits, cry me a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ river. And one last thing. This was brought up and ignore. It's mind blowing, absolutely stunning, entirely unheard of. It'll change the world! Ahem. cough cough PvPers aren't PvPing PvPers in this event. They're killing randos rq then going back to ahem. Oh right, PVE
  13. 3rd Spec Tree

    As much as I agree with the statement on spectral BM overshadowing all it's other specs, wolf kfm, although good in PvP, proved to be lackluster in comparison to fire. However DpS wise the difference between the two is indeed rather large, and they get that invulnerability making wolf heavily favoured for PvE. On the other hand Destroyer third spec was shockingly lackluster. Sure it has good damage, but compared to 3rd spec BM and KFM it's not as much of an increase as you'd have originally thought, and PvP wise it's absolute trash next to earth Destroyer. Emberstomp is gone, red spin is gone, I believe they don't have spammable stone shield/personal sheathe either, and in the first place if an earth Destroyer got a hold of you with their badge proc, they could ani-cancel your ass into the ground quickly. Seeing as a lot of people that play Destroyer simply like to PvP, not much rerolling involved.
  14. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if an SSD over an HDD was the only issue, then I should not load in faster than anyone on this server. I used to play this game on my SSD but because they didn't remove any old files from the game, BnS now takes up over 70gb for me, so I had to shove it onto my HDD, albeit a bit better of an HDD than your basic one. Even still, I'm normally the second or third person in a dungeon, plenty of times even the first, so either your vast majority of players all play on a low-grade HDD, or there are other factors involved in load time.
  15. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    Okay I had to log in just to comment on this cause this gave me a huggeeee laugh. I'm hoping this was a joke, because if it's not then clearly you're on the toxic end my dude Using wrong gear - asides from pvp gear or being undergeared (which is p much only possible in 2 dungeons rn, or hm), having the wrong gear is very difficult to accomplish. Unless you mean being under the gear of the recruitment message, in which case, fair Not using buffs at the correct time - I'll have you know after doing CC, WC, and BC that buff timing is irrelevant. Every party demands buffs at different times. On my wl, I've had people ask me for BW during shield and I give it to them, the next party? You're stupid if you do that. Buff timing is entirely situational anymore, so this one is up for debate, as not using it at all when you know you can I can agree is annoying. Having too long loading screens - fund people with irl money if you care? I know plenty of people that are in debt or are in college and so, shocker, play on a laptop or budget setup. You're telling people how to live their lives, not how to play the game at this point. This is the only one I have to say is the dumbest ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I've ever heard. There's no excuse for toxicity in it's proper definition. Irritation is one thing, and that's what you're talking about. I don't see that as being toxic, but rude if you shove it on some random stranger.