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  1. New launcher So I deleted everything like a foo. When i went to reinstall the new launcher, it pulled that "run old launcher" shenanigans. After looking into it, I came here, downloaded the link attached to here. So far everything is going smoothly. I'll update as, unironically, my game does. but so far I have yet to meet any issues where I once did.
  2. Character Look up

    Not sure, but it seems to be a lot of players. Hopefully it gets adressed soon. Been persisting for too long as is
  3. Get gold

    Worst part is they're justified now. I 4manned NS, did 170k myself, and we barely met enrage timer though we were stunning. Though i had the highest gear, everyone there was likely pulling 60k+ since i had blackwing
  4. Right. Honestly I'm discourage to even gear up my summoner, who is already raven 6. Just getting to VT from BT is expensive as hell, i can only imagine baleful to TT. I initially planned to go stormdragon on my main and swap over to aransu immediately, but the sudden increase of blood pearls threw that off. Now that they're starting to settle, they too, alongside scales, seem to have a somewhat lower drop rate. And these are....3? of the 7 dungeons where you can get tradeable mats. Pretty sure NF down dont give them anymore, unsure about NS.
  5. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    We'll just have to see what's stated in upcoming maintenance. There's a lot they have to fix with this update, so much it's not even moderately funny. Hopefully the soul will be addressed, if even to tell people why you can't seal it
  6. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    Ahhh, i can't explain before. I can only make sense of why you can't now. Granted this was supposed to start May 2nd. There were a lot of errors with this patch, so i'm uncertain if that was one of them.
  7. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    Its not a bug. To prevent players from trying to reap rewards by using this event to obtain and seal awakened souls, the new minimum is True ascending/cosmic Dont know if its long lasting or for the duration of the event, but this is what i believe at least.
  8. NS - 4.50 NF - 1.50 DT - 1.50 EC - 1.50 SL - 0.8 below - 0.15-0.5 silv EC- NS is 9g Add in all the dungeons below that, you look at 3g Im excluding yunsang because that's more of an experience thing rather than a level. But these are the dungeons most balefuls are semi-accepted in. Though recently, im seeing em kicked super often. weeklies, you get about 30g. BT, perhaps 45? By the end of it all, you look at 160g a week? if you cant find bt, thats still 110g. I think its actually reasonable for this event. Now what i DONT think is reasonable is that it's gonna be the ones who are higher up that will truly benefit from this event, but theres nothing you can do about that stuff. However, point is, 12g a day is, yes, normal for a baleful NON-PREMIUM member. Go back and look at all the dungeons, i was shocked to see how low they are
  9. How are Low Levels Supposed to Upgrade Now?

    Well no, i'm not saying you're wrong that getting into those dungeons is difficult, i'm saying even if you do, there's no point getting your hopes up. You probably won't make much from them now anyways. So it's not just low geared players, it's anyone that wasn't ahead of the game that's in a bit of a bind (for example, one guy posted a thread about how he went storm 3 and cant roll back. now he needs 78 he says, but actually need 103 blood pearls, which is roughly 10-20k)
  10. How are Low Levels Supposed to Upgrade Now?

    Not entirely true. They seemed to have removed strongboxes and safes, or nerfed em hard, which was the main source of gold for gamblers/tier 2 players. You're limited to daily g, which isnt much for non premiums, and playerbase transactions, regardless of your level. Sure its hard to upgrade as low level, but it scales to be about the same if you're still a casual player later on. Why they nerfed the silverfrost dungeons to not drop treasure pouches anymore though, i have no idea. It seems you have no choice but to run legendary mat dungeons anymore
  11. this isnt re balance, this is MADNESS

    Cause i got tired of clan drama and don't have a clan i can do it with. Ez.
  12. WL Skill Patch.

    OIOI YOURE ARCH buddy whats goin on, its kila
  13. WL Skill Patch.

    No pls. no marking mechanics Dont make things more difficult when you have to run a 30 min dungeon for 1 ely crystal /shy
  14. WL Skill Patch.

    Yes. It's probably to avoid anything harsh on the graphics card, assuming it isn't a visual bug
  15. WL Skill Patch.

    its a visual bug. It does reach 20m, can confirm