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  1. What toll does it take? You argument is entirely irrelevant. As I said, faction content is No Longer A Thing and therefore faction chat, which purpose was for factions to plan out or call out to each other, is useless by your definition. If more people spend time in lobby, then fewer people will talk in faction chat because it cannot be used. If you're referring to the weekly spam, there is no lobby for weeklies. Region chat being the only option is not better than the alternative because it will only cause more hard crashes as several hundred people are loaded into one area. And more times than not when I talk in faction chat, funny enough we overshadow the party recruitment spam. And lastly, people say this game feels dead because what more is there to do than run the top four dungeons? It doesn't feel dead cause of a chat, it feels dead because it is dead. Because there's nothing to do other than spam the everloving god out of 3-4 dungeons, get smacked up in pvp until you throw in enough money to smack people up in pvp only to have your class nerfed or to get a job and the time lockout cuck you, and wait for weekly and daily lockouts to reset. It isn't cause people recruit in faction chat.

    In what way will Ue4 fix gameplay? I've heard this everywhere, is it gonna make the game less grindy, make it so we run more than 4 dungeons a year, balance classes, make pvp relevant, make pve relevant, make openworld relevant? I believe that is what is meant by hameplay, not how the game runs.
  3. It would not give players more incentive because, fun fact, in lobby you can't use faction chat. Well guess where most people are? If they aren't afk botting, they're likely in lobby. And again, faction was never meant to be a social chat, it was meant to be a regional competitive to plan out against the opposing faction - which doesn't exist anymore. So if we go by your argument of relevancy, faction chat should just be removed. Not saying that to be mean, just sayin that's how it is. People make use out of it by recruiting, so it serves some purpose. And you did not address the fact that regional would cause a massive toll on the game. Not that there's much to address there, it can't be denied it already is for some people, the server merge already made it's point, and making recruitment region-locked, again, would only serve to further worsen it.
  4. Archer RMB

    I agree it never should have been allowed, the main difference was it allowed archers to spam their q/e from what I hear and gave people a near 20% dps increase. Most xml edits are like...3-4%, a nicety. But when you smash people in pvp and pve, and it's beyond noticeable, yeah, they're gonna do something about it. That's their rule - we don't care unless it's easily noticeable by everyone.
  5. You say that but a lot of what's said in faction chat is grotesque and honestly a waste of time to even look at. There's usually 2-3 people flooding it with their god awful "jokes", your usual hateful people, and the off beginner or two that no one answers because they feel it's a waste of their time. In that case just remove factions chat because - fun fact - faction content isn't a thing anymore. They won't do a thing about it, it make's it so you don't have 15000 players camping 2 areas in the game. Ever thought about that? We don't have 16 servers anymore so if we all have to conga line at weeklies this game is gonna hard crash way too much for most people to even find it playable.
  6. Events need vast improvements.

    Honestly events aren't the problem in this game. They're a bit too grindy as they don't scale with levels, which is a key concern, but I seldom ever see a game anymore without an event going 24/7, especially KR mmos. The issue I have is that a week worth of our "event" rewards is like a daily challenge reward in any other region. It makes little to no sense, especially as our server decided to add an insane amount of pet packs to the talisman and who knows what else they may add. They're not fun, they're not optional - events are necessary and that just makes them...rotational dungeons basically.
  7. Revert patch changes please ....

    Whew buddy. This thread could have been so good. Almost got my hopes up This patch screwed up several things. Easy mode, mat farming (thought just barely), untold removals. Talk about a big meme. Easy mode seems to be coded to KRs normal mode. Uh Oh. It's honestly not much more difficult, only for those who are either low in gear or don't understand mechs past DST. But of course, easy mode, or novice mode as the party mode is translated, did nerf the rewards, the gold, and thus should have nerfed the bosses. Had they been like "yeah we're removing your dumb cheese strats" but still given rewards, okie doklie. What has me dumbfounded for dc. How. How in the love of god are you all whining about moon refuge. A daily chance at 23 gold every day? That's worth the 10 minutes compared to the 3-4 minutes waiting in a conga line in basin. It's a better source of income than almost the entire purple train. Also a tip, kill the bloody elite mobs, the purple ones, around the crystals. I finished it hella quick running between those and the trees. For the past few days it's been about a 60-70% drop rate for me. Monkachrist. Just cause one man says it takes a wee bit longer doesn't mean he's white-knighting, it's true. If I say I like WC and CC, am I white-knighting? Cause they get defense shields so it takes "longer than 2 minutes to burst" cmon now Yet no one mention the fact that the day we go back to 8 dailies is the day we have the 2 most difficult hard modes in the game. Can you skip them? Yes. Will I? Yes. For 3 toenail fragments, suffering through WC and CC hm is not worth it. Not when I can run CC nm and get 4-6 times that in one run. And then that bracelet. Thank poggers bracelet. What is the point on putting a 2 to 6 month lockout on bracelet and then REQUIRE another bracelet to swap it? By the time I get a bracelet to swap for third spec - assuming it comes out for whatever class im playing - the next bracelet will be out. That makes this tier of bracelet for anyone who plans on swapping or has a third spec coming out pointless.
  8. I don't mean to stick up for anyone here, but honestly, what you said is a bit...ridiculous. This game is meant for people 18+ right? Recently however it was promoted as a teen game or something. But let's forget that for a moment. If you're age recommendation is 18+, there's a good chance you will get people who go to school. School, is by no means cheap. You can't sit there and work a well-paying full time job very easily depending on what you're taking. And the internet service may not be optimal wherever you live. If you take into account upgrading internet, your hard drive, graphics card, cpu, and ram, it comes out well beyond a thousand dollars, especially internet which is not a one time payment. That would be rough on people trying to progress in life, support their family, or that just wanna play this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game for what it should be, a G.A.M.E. Now back to the teen topic. "Oh well just buy a new graphics card monka" what 15 year old is gonna have that kind of money to just blow? I don't know about you, but when I was in high school, my main concern was how i was gonna feed myself tonight, not whether I should upgrade to a 1080 or upgrade to a 2 terrabite solid state drive Edit: Forgot to mention, you can't "upgrade" your internet providers, simply what they're giving you. If you don't have a good set of providers, then what. You gonna tell em to move to Dallas before you pick up the game?
  9. Arena/BG times...

    I can't understand this. The frenzy bonus before was the major restriction. If you missed the time frame, you wouldn't get a 50% bonus. Pretty big deal, and that made people play more during those hours. But people do play beyond that and before that. The two reasons being Clan 6s. It runs for 2 hours during a 3 hour period for frenzy. The second being raids. A lot of people host their raids at 9pm-12am EST, which is pretty much the entirety of frenzy time. From the looks of the schedule, it'll be a good amount of simply just pvp, and will make it highly difficult. What's more this can become pretty restricting for people trying to get their pvp gear up, or trying to get basic mats cause we didn't get anything new to get them. All this will do will make players choose between pvp gear, or materials. Instances, or 6v6. None of which are bad but I mean, the pve in this game isn't exactly all that immersive, and only 6 man dungeons give you gear needed for pvp. I feel like the major problem with this isn't "can you pvp" it's can you pvp AND meet 11 other people's schedules. Cause if not, one or the other is going.
  10. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    Actually, there's likely a reason behind this event being farmable, and this does create a minute problem. The highest tier gem we can now get without the aid of events is a hepta gem. Prior to the Legacy of the Hongmoon update, you could obtain the lowest tier, hexa gems, by doing daily challenge, and then salvage it to get gem powder. Albeit a long route, it made upgrading gems possible. Now not only did they remove the ability to salvage hexas (I find this fair as the cost was reduced, and they're given out for free, so kudos), but you can no longer salvage heptas either. This being the highest tier means there is NO SOURCE of GEM POWDERS. So, yes, boo-hoo, the market on gem powders is crashing unless there's someone geared enough AND crazy enough to farm the living ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of turtle. I feel this needed to be addressed at least before you go saying "who cares, it's just gems." The people who will kick you for being 2 ap under their requirement care, and yes, those people still exist. Now since mostly everyone is saying the same thing, I believe it is time to address another topic. People hate. Hate hate hate the story to this game. They despise running through it, taking the time to complete it, it is something they can not stand. But yknow what? Story was arguably the second best thing about this game, prior to a certain update that god rid of every damn weapon and accessory to upgrade. "Oh but it saves so much time and money" That's not the point of a game. You don't sit there and assblast through the game itself to sit there contemplating how to get gold to upgrade your gear to meet the stupidly high standards people have now set for dungeons (aransu 3 for HH and up, monkachrist. I cleared TT with A6, you saying HH is near as hard as TT?). The point of an mmo is to progressively play through the game and story, with this games concepts of raids being "side stories" which i DO like, whilst interacting with other players. Nowadays the only interaction you get is "whos 2? Im 2. You're 2? Where tf was 2". Of course that doesn't apply to all people, I've had plenty of nice chit chats and memes during raids and dungeons, but usually that requires prior connections. Another issue with removing the previous weapon upgrade path and accessory, of course, is that it remove well over 70% of this game's content. Field Bosses are avoided like the plague, there's no point in doing green dungeons, only achievement farmers do blue dungeons, and even many purple dungeons are now skipped over because they are useless, and that is a fact. And as a result? No more blue dungeons, no more field bosses, no more open world content. Is this an mmo or a dungeon crawler? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, elsword has more openworld content, and THAT is saying something. While, yes, many changes that people are displeased with are unpreventable and perhaps necessary, albeit not the best, you have to ask yourself. Is an mmo that removes it's own content then denies new content a good mmo? Say the dev teams are working hard as much as you want. Stupid is still stupid.
  11. Premium events

    Honestly I thought the new storage was a bonus, what would have been nice for premiums is if they gave back chi recovery tbh. But they do get hongmoon coins as is, double hm coins from venture token, increased gold rewards, increased sales amount (I've actually hit cap quite a few times), instant windstride (bt btw, still no quests at the location). A lot of the benefits premium has are taken for granted because people have had them for a while, then when one non-premium comes along. "Oh jesus they're running, kick them" Honestly I'd have no complaints for the event currency if it wasn't so damn annoying to get last event. Not many people would willingly take a raven 3 pleb alt on a moml, unless it was theirs, so I paid a lot for their souls. And it may not be the best argument for some, but when you have a mortgaged house, several family members, medical bills, and more, albeit it is cheap, premium is not something I can willingly invest in. Tbh a month for premium is about a week of lunch, all things considered. Edit: I said punishment because I didn't really know what else to say. Perhaps Repercussion would be better? Events are my main source of items, and what i have as a main concern is that it'll come to the point where you get next to nothing unless you pay for premium, seeing as it's quickly moving in that direction. It'd be one thing to add in one benefit at a time, but they shoved so much in there in one patch it's not even funny.
  12. Premium events

    So it came to my attention last event, however I let it bypass assuming it was a one-time thing Now the majority of event currency you get is from daily login rewards. Premium of course get 2 more. What is the purpose of these events anymore? Am I gonna have to pay just to play the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ game? I have responsibilities as an adult now, with many bills to pay, a family I'd like to take care of, and food to buy in order to feed people. Why is there now a punishment for EVENTS for not being premium?
  13. Raid Nerfs

    In all honesty, mechanically raids were almost never difficult in this game. Arguably the most annoying raid, and I say this with a grain of salt, was the sudden move to 12-man for BT and VT. The main reason being, especially for BT boss 2, it really ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed with mechanics. It became a bit more class dependent, requiring certain double ccs. But that was about it. TT used to be fun, and normally I wouldn't agree with the nerfs, especially on boss 1. But now they've taken away warlocks rescuing capabilities, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they did this with the rest. Boss 2 is a joke with almost nothing that can kill you, while boss 3 is literally just know when to cuddle and you good. As for VT, I appreciate the sentiment, but why would they only just NOW force you to learn mechs for boss 2? That nerf should have been added long ago, to force people to actually learn how to do the raid. The lack of conduction for boss 3 is useless, simply making it a dps boss and nothing. And the orb eating for boss 1...well I have mixed feelings on that as someone who's colourblind. All in all this game is pathetically easy, the hard part about is it disabilities. So no, I do not agree with these nerfs save for VT 2 and perhaps TT 1 now that they're going around messing with kbs,
  14. New patch issues

    It's not a bug, vampiric drain honestly is just a skill you would never go to and as such was not put in simple mode. I can use it perfectly fine, but would I? Nooo, not really. It's pretty bad, and requires you to use quell then hit v while it's still up Also requires a target
  15. Rest in peace FM

    For the most part it's less that they nerfed fm and more that they buffed other classes. Basically before FM had everything. HP, stall, healing, 10 second iframes, and many many many instakill cheeses. Now you can either spec big damage or big stall. Big damage, or fire spec, no longer get's that 10 sec iframe, but they get either a 5 sec iframe that allows them to be mobile, or an insanely busted move that requires no target but pops a lotta damage (i did 300k on general moyun on a raven 3 with no gems or procs using that move) Ice fm meanwhile gets the majority of the healing iframes, but don't get as big damage as fire would. They have to be in a hittable range in order to hit others which is....only fair really. Fm still has nothing to complain about Bd's and Destro's got a bit of a buff, merging their spin to deflect and reduce dmg i believe, as well as a few other things that aren't exactly all too casual friendly.