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  1. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Midnight Skypetal Plains 4-6 have a chance to drop hexagonal garnets from the personal rewards and The Shadowmoor has a chance to drop Heptagonal Garnet
  2. Aboslutely unacceptable

    That comparison was purely for the sake of pointing out how those small things make a big difference once stacked up. You seem to have missed the quintessential meaning of what I was saying and instead focused on that one line. I've accepted I'll be lower gear and chose to be f2p, not even paying premium, due to a lack of necessity of gear at the current state of the game. Ofc now I can try hard to catch up. But here's the thing. Even in trove Koldrak scales were seen maybe 1 in every 10 keys, and only one was seen at that. My issue here is that it's a paywall, which as a side note, if PvE is more p2w than PvP something is clearly wrong, but the main issue is that pay or not, these psyches are obscene to obtain and will not realistically be obtained before the next raid and it's ss are out. You had to abandon the argument and instead focus on a line meant to support the argument rather than counter the argument itself, so i suggest you take your little snobbish butt out of here.
  3. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Perhaps 80 static boss ap is not entirely significant, however you're looking at the smaller picture here. When the belt, gloves, new soul, and talisman came out they were completely trash tier upgrades, the accessories giving roughly 30k to near max players at the time, the soul hardly being considered an upgrade, and the talisman requiring a global cooldown for something that was trash until absolute max. Add em all together though and they became a noticeable dps increase. If you sit here and let this slide, what'll happen when they do this to more gear in the future? Forget p2w this game won't even be playable unless you drop 100 grand on it. I'll tell you this, we still have 3 more psyches left to come out, assuming I've heard right on the third one, and all 3 are rather significant. 2 give mystic while a third has a skill modifier (again, assuming I have heard correctly on the third one) which are all significant, especially alongside this. If we look at the smaller picture nothing matters how unaccessible it is, but now there's a 3mil dps gap between f2p and p2p players. So it's clear those smaller pictures came back to bite us.
  4. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Is that so? Well currently in KR they have posted videos of defeating the second boss of the newest raid. It is quite an interesting and fun boss. The issue? It has invulnerability as you're doing mechanics. The Koreans, which are sitting there with 12-13mil dps on average, killed it with roughly 1 minute left on enrage. Now, yes, they have quite a fair bit of stuff on us. Much higher unity, higher HM points and set bonus, higher collection bonuses, and so on. However NA will be in a tighter bind due to almost all classes having a ping requirement of some sort that is unsuitable for NA. This means we will have to min-max much more in order to clear said raid, even if it does get a nerf. Even moreso if they keep shoving things away that we should have had available to us for over a year. And alas, I could care less about garnets. Perhaps you missed the part where with this even it would take 572 days alone? There's no point adding in an upgrade that can't even be used. Normally I would agree with you, as you make some valid points often, Grimoire, but unfortunately "you don't have to get them" is not a valid point.
  5. Question about the "Classic" server

    The issue is there is currently a class out that never had a skill tree, alongside 3 other classes that were not in 45 patch, and you can add in warlock depending on how far the coding goes. This means they would have to do more than simply localize old coding, they would have to implement new coding and new skills, as well as a new system for classes that were absent during said time, all for about 20-30,000 players across 4 continents that make less money than a single countries localized server. If they didn't wish to go through with those expenses, indeed, they could choose not to, however that would simple mean 80% of the current playerbase could not play on the 45 patch server as their classes have not been implemented, and many current day tanks/pvp classes were absolute garbage back then. While it was indeed better than the game is now, it is an unnecessary expense for such few players to join on. In case you haven't noticed, the two servers that have anything like this currently are China and Korea, two servers in which players feel proud when they pay for their gear as it shows their status, thus netting much more money than a small or underpopulated server.
  6. Aboslutely unacceptable

    What is this Soul Shield Psyche Garbage? I've known it was coming for some time due to knowledge of KR psyches, however for there not to be a rework on koldrak, this is unforgivable. For anyone uncertain on these psyches, let me do a recap 4 new psyches will be introduced (2 for pvp, 2 for pve) Koldrak's Psyche - used to augment SoulShield pieces 1-4 with 2~10 boss ap and 4~20 additional damage - Cost: 100g and 30 Koldrak Scales Smouldering Psyche - used to augment SoulShield pieces 5-8 with 2~10 boss ap and 4~20 additional damage - Cost: 100g and 30 Koldrak Scales Warlord's Psyche - used to augment SoulShield pieces 1-4 with 2~10 PvP ap and 4~20 damage reduction - Cost: 100g and 20,000 Battle points Dueler's psyche - used to augment SoulShield pieces 5-8 with 2~10 PvP ap and 4~20 damage reduction - Cost: 100g and 20,000 Battle Points The prices for even the PvP psyches are outrageous, do not misinterpret me. However they are farmable to some extent, thus I will be skipping them for this point. Here's my gripe. Koldrak rewards and drops will be doubled during the period of this event That's it? You understand that you only get 2 koldrak scales a day correct? Meaning we get 4 a day for 28 days. So let's do some math In order to max a Single SoulShield Piece you need 150 koldrak scales, which is 75 days. Due to this event, we can knock off 28 days since rewards are doubled This means we can remove 28 days from one SoulShield, so let us do some math 75-28 = 47 75 * 7 = 525 525 + 47 = 572 It will take 572 days to get one tier of soulshield capped Seeing as raids tend to be roughly 400 days apart before the next is released, this is unacceptable. At this point, it doesn't matter whether you are one of the elite 1% that's always max or the 80% that just play this game, you'll be stuck at the same wall no matter what you do. A dev team should never punish players for not doing outdated or irrelevant content, yet here we are, now.
  7. Pvpers need to strike

    If they lose 300 players in a day it'll be nothing new to them. They'd probably laugh in fact. Currently there is no proper development team for NCWest exclusively, to my knowledge. Even if there was, the issue with PvP isn't class imbalance, it's statistical imbalance. Currently in KR 1mil hp is common in 6s, so even a shitty class like Warlock has a chance to do something before getting blasted into oblivion by a summoner rosethorn or fm rmb. Meanwhile we keep getting the gear curve that KR is getting, in an attempt to keep up with them and allow for income in order to upgrade and prepare for the new raid. Support has never been able to do a thing involving base game, they're simple able to go through and revert items with the power of GM editing, entirely different from xml editing. Much as you want to blame them, all they told you was the truth. They have no idea what's gone through the developers mind. Hell I'd be damned if the development team even tells them about patch notes. And as far as gear goes, is that really a surprise? I highly doubt any game could, when the player can simply hit the swap button, and bam ss is PvP, then right click 4 items in their inventory and suddenly that aransu 6 became an Incinerator 9 with imperial accessories. If you want to code it to read each persons Indivual inventory, storage, premium storage, and current equipment box by box go ahead, take a gander.
  8. Garnet and Obsidian Suggestion

    I was more pointing out the irony that one of the two PvP badges they decided would have no involvement with ToI.
  9. Idk why people are saying Kero is supporting NCWest. Let me read it for you New content based on Unreal Engine 4! And we are introducing a new Frontier server! They consider them two separate introductons, meaning no, it is not for Frontier server. What Kero was smoking though, I don't know. I want it whatever it is lmao. "they'll update the game to be on UE4 starting with level 50 patch" No, they're going to update it all the way. You can not have a game run off two separate engines like that, and again, it says new content based on UE4, meaning the latest and greatest shall indeed have it. Will Ncwest be getting it though? Hell if I know.
  10. Garnet and Obsidian Suggestion

    The reason we're at the point of requiring 6s is exactly because of that. We were officially denied that area. Back on topic! They forced it so that your ToI tokens that you worked ever so hard for that were *meant* for PvP were removed, and weren't even compensated, so you had to start from scratch and get 30 bloodstones. This mean only PvE badges are relevant to ToI. The soul shields have also been removed to my knowledge, least I've not seen one in forever. It requires PvE tokens in order to get an additional badge to run ToI, and the bots are easier to read than bosses. Your additional stats in there are even ap increase, crit chance, and so on. Again, PvE stats. Going by this, it can be considered PvE. The only basis for it being PvP content are the garnet/obsidian and the fact bots aren't demons. I'd say it's a more difficult middle ground.
  11. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    4 player party mode was not removed until after foundry, around the release of Naryu Sanctum I believe? And even then, when they removed 4 man after Naryu Sanctums release, mechanics were still around. I remember grinding that with my friends all day long cause I loved the light/dark mechanic and the varying ways you could tell. After that came SSM and HH? SSM was not all too hard, but HHs instakill pizza for hard mode prove semi-challenging for slower classes, albeit not much. If RT was just a hack and slash why did people wipe to a mechanic in which you had to drive a pizza from soul sep and then conduct? Ofc at this point I would not call it in-depth, but I wouldn't call it hack and slash quite yet. ST just kinda said f you to half of the party, but meh, it was sorta a hack and slash, and people came up with so many methods of attempting TSM HM, even NM which wiped many parties, so you can't say that was a hack and slay. After TSM though came DST, which many people never even got the chance to see mechanics, and BC on reused block mechanics while the others were dps. This is what I was referring to in which mechanics were no longer a thing. Hold 1, pewpew, congrats you win.
  12. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    You're right, the difference between you and me is indeed massive. First off, I've made no presumptions like you. You learned hard mode with friends? I learned that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ with pugs up until WC. You ran TT since it came out? So did I, and I was doing many-a-mech on my slow ass wl main because speedygonzales couldn't do it. Your clan runs 4? Congrats? I didn't know your CLAN running more meant you knew mechs better than I do, especially considering *they don't change* Yes I never got the chance to run Challenge Mode, but that's cause I never had any tight knit circles. However I had several people teach me what would be done in CM and executed it. So what changes? Last I recall on boss 2, the mech was everyone hit spacebar to match, kd, then hold w and spacebar. Boss 3 was hold w at the right right time, block your missile, and the norm stun. Boss 4 was hold w to your designated point and get cced there then spam tf out of kds. None of this can be denied. As for ET, yes it is easier, did I say it wasn't? If you know your English and learn how to read, you'd learn the answer is *NO*. That is an N followed by an O, meaning the opposite of yes. I simply mentioned the point at which mechs were either removed entirely even BEFORE nerfs, not post nerfs like most dungeons, or were recycled to the point of being the same, to further prove my point that even before your "em made things even ezier boohoo" ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, this game already WAS too easy.
  13. Hongmoon Master Scrolls

    Can get it on alts, but bound to character, not account
  14. free premium

    Is it? The site said it would be there after the Wednesday maint. Well, I'll keep the ticket up just in case. Best to hear from them directly.
  15. I hate 'easy' dungeon

    This game has been "pewpewpew" for a long time. The game used to have in-depth mechanics, ones that forced you to guide and direct many thing in the environment. But with the introduction of DST and above, it was a meme. No one bothered learning DSTs mech because it was so astoundingly difficult - I would argue it's perhaps the most difficult one you'll find to date - especially being that if you didn't have a supremely fast class or 3, you were boned. So people were like, yknow what. Let's just take GCs only. Then Brood Chamber came out. First boss mechs, block orbs, while one person "pewpewpew" ten times then jumps on the people that blocked (gunner freelo), while boss 2 was hit spacebar and then pewpew the boss to an egg. WC was just a colourblind yet more coordinated RT boss 1, though boss 2 was more in depth. Yet the depth was taken out because pizza didnt kill you. So it was just jump on mites, block orbs. Gee where have I seen that before? Hmm... And since you're crying about TT, I assume you cleared Scorp within the first 2 months? Or did you wipe to his hold w mech? How bout boss 4, where you had to hold w and stand in one place? Or boss 2, where you had to hold w and then stand in one place? Only boss 1's mechanics were truly difficult, boss 3 was moreso difficult due to the sheer amount of people needed at first, while the other 2 you just had to not get smashed by the bosses attacks, which were left to your tank and party iframes. As a veteran player, these nerfs really just mean I don't have to be scared of my teammates and I can sit back and relax and not try to save up 20k to get thornbreaker just so I can pug.