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  1. Agreed. Knowing that stuff would be awesome, so you could weight going on higher stages if that has greater drop chance than farming lower ones cuz they are faster but has lower chance. Its nothing hardcore, these types of info is good to know and good to make transparent.
  2. Agreed. At least there should be thresholds when it drops 100% like you made 50 / 100 / 150 runs. Or it should drop some currency that could be exchanged for accessories if you go dry for hundreds of runs you could buy it from some npc. I don't mind grinding, but getting rewarded along the way would be nice or at least know that there will be something guaranteed after X runs. Maybe just a pleb rant, but that would give more fun approach for us, that get on for 1-2 hours after work.
  3. yup, but we still have more than that until 11/9 and most of us have a few layers already open 🙂
  4. True, but most people have a few stages open already probably, and just to be save, stop selling it 11 days before, not like 25 days before... I'm still hoping that this was just a bug with IDs or something while disabling sale options and it will return next week for us plebs to catch up.
  5. Well from my perspective it should be possible to buy keys as long as there is time to redeem the chest, that's the whole purpose of having items in cash shop, if you didn't managed to get remnants / was too late to gather needed amount you can buy it for cash. Now as a returning player that just jumped at the end of the event I'm left behind while the same upgrades would cost thousands of gold and take huge amount of time (and I still wouldn't be able to catch up) while I literally see the chest in my inventory. Yes, maybe too late is too late, but that should be 11/9 when chests will be r
  6. Its impossible to get those after "official" event ended, but there was a possibility to buy from store which they removed for whatever reason, even tho chest is still redeemable until 11/9
  7. Agree. The option to buy keys should return @Hime @Sunshine
  8. I feel you guys. Now I'm stuck with level 7 chest, no way to get keys and I'm feeling so behind, missing out on so much "free" stuff. @Sunshine
  9. @Hime support told me to write in forums, so doing that 🙂
  10. Hello, Since Call to Arms chest can opened until 11/9, why Master Locksmith Bundle got removed from hongmoon store? There is even an banner for it still in F10. Now returning players that was able to open all 12 levels are left behind while there is time to open it. Please make a return for it.
  11. And they left the cta chest but now you can't buy Locksmith bundles to open it from hongmoon store...
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