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  1. What he said, @Hime please fix
  2. So maintenance is now done at anytime, why wasn't previous issues like the pet gems sorted in a similar manner? Or any other major game breaking issues like crashes during character changes? Why should we wait for maintenance week in months to get things fixed? Also, removing items for exchange that was only due to be removed in some weeks is a very uncalled for move. In the future just state "Everything can be removed tomorrow so don't waste your time hanging onto stuff!" While you at it, why wasn't the Locksmith Bundle's removed from the F10 store!?! There are also some Armorer R
  3. no mods and using nclauncher, disconnect almost all the time when changing characters. with UE3 64bit I could go with multiple character changes and running the game 24hrs or more without any disconnects. This is just getting ridiculous.
  4. click on Esc bottom right, click on "Change Character" CCRRAAASSHH / DISSCCONNNECTED click "Confirm" Open task manager, right click Blade and Soul process and End Task In NCLaumcher click Begin Login again
  5. @Hime For the love of all sanity, now that we are on the long awaited UE4, those patches to "fix" the game and make it playable should come real FAST! Korean already had several from their launch, why was that not rolled up into our launch!? Are fixes really only rolled out with game updates!? Keep the "Anti-chest" out of this game until such time you can call it "stable", if such a term even exist! More like beta release or worse, whatever this can be called. Players already have to use 5-10 mods and multiple "fixes" just to make this game "playable". And for the
  6. Could not logon for 30min now. @Hime EU is really laggy!! Please FIX
  7. You do it a few thousand times and see if it gets annoying when you trying to do dungeons fast. Esc is now event slower with UE4. Getting really annoying. Once you done the story a few times and dungeons a few thousand times, those cutscenes are really not needed anymore
  8. Can we please have an option to disable cutscenes?? Its the most annoying part of daily dungeon runs! Just an option to disable it would be great.
  9. Please double check your NCLauncher game install and download paths!!!!! Game downloads to the installer path and installs to the download path! It is swopped. 😩
  10. Just had the same message come up at 09:00. @Hime please explain changes made to trove!?!? What rates have been "improved" and what changes was made!?! Does this give new key buyers an advantage!? Is this just an advertisement?
  11. 260 keys no 3 star crit. Guess they nerfed the poop out of it now.
  12. Sorry to say, crap event dungeon. No joy in grinding like this for combs. Tried it once not wasting my time on this. I'm out.
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