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  1. I can't remember the last time I disconnected. This doesn't appear to effect everyone.
  2. And the ability to spend Armors Remnants has also been removed.
  3. @RynaraI am playing with a shadow spec Destroyer, and I have not experienced any lag at all on any stage in Keabi Village.
  4. They told us when the event would end, why save them?
  5. I can only access 2 of my 13 characters.
  6. I see that there was another update/patch to the game this afternoon. What was it for?
  7. I agree, there is definitely something different. I haven’t seen it in hm or cs in a very long time
  8. I do. Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes companies make mistakes. It happens. I believe that they aren't all sitting around a table plotting out how they can make us unhappy.
  9. It looks like MSP has been fixed, so there's that.
  10. I just tried DST, BC, WC, and CC, and they all still have insta kill mechs on their first bosses.
  11. You should be using your emberstomp. While in that you cant be cc'd. As a destroyer I find KFM's and BM's to be really easy matches. BD's on the other hand are straight cancer.
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