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  1. Hello, I was wondering if I am the only once that finds it weird that Red Pirate Princess isn't in the new Poharan teamed event, since even the red-black hairstyle is in it. As far as I know this costume has been since forever in f3, yet not obtainable yet(correct me if I'm wrong) I think it would have been nice to also put the costume in the event , since it's the second time they brought the event back, yet still no Red Pirate Princess
  2. @HimeAs I can see you resolved the issue with Silver Dragon pretty fast. What about the Samurai costume though? It was also exclusive for premium member buyers, yet it was put in trove. What are you gonna do about people who spent money for that specific costume? I even messaged your support team during trove, and all I got for an answer was to check out the forums and see if there is a topic about it. And now that I found a related topic, I'm asking you, what can be done? Since support didn't do anything for me, neither was I refunded for the crit meter not working while trove, when I bought
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