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  1. Character slots are easy to get. You can just do ladders for hm coins and save those for getting character slots.
  2. I don't want to do this in the forums, but it seems like the GMs are incapable of handling tickets of players mass reporting players that are multi-clienting griefing in the battlegrounds. So how come every time someone brings up issues in the forum that get reported to support just get turned away when support doesn't even do anything with the reports they get? There's a certain player that is constantly multi-clienting his characters in the battlegrounds and manipulating the matches to make sure no one gets credit or rank up if they win or if they lose and the match s
  3. That's only to lfp into a dungeon party which is almost unheard of since practically all of the recruiting gets done by joining a party that gets posted in the dungeon lobby, not lfp'ing into one in the dungeon lobby. With how dungeon recruiting works in NA and has been working for awhile, then not being to lfp into a dungeon will only be an issue if you happen to want to join an in-progress party. I agree that they have to rework lower gear progression since they actually made it harder to upgrade your weapon in certain ways despite being able to get to gc3 fairly easi
  4. We would like to see wintrading go away as well and for reports to actually be taken seriously as well especially if they're mass reports. As much as they're starting to try to tackle the issue of cheating, now the same treatment needs to be given to wintrading. If they can't do anything about that then you'd might as well not even have an anti-cheat if double standards for moderation is still going to exist. There's even a specific player that has been reported on for griefing games in the battlegrounds as well on multiple account/character in one g
  5. UE4 may have brought some hype, but we still have issues that need to be addressed one of them being how bad the servers still are. Having random ping spikes at the worst time can lead to unnecessary wipes and lots of wasted time for no reason and this happens CONSTANTLY!. Any other MMO doesn't have issues with ping spikes compared to BNS. Let's not forget that disconnects also happen frequently upon changing characters! I don't know if NCWest is just gonna milk the hype or actually continue to actually improve upon the issues we keep addressing. I'd rather it be the la
  6. We're aware of that, but you only get 1 per month of farming hard mode and most players don't even have alts that can readily farm Spectral Shrine compared to Koldrak and a ton of players still don't have the gear or know-how to do hardmode. It'll be 9 months by the time you get a glided penta. You're time-gated by being able to only get 3 hard mode dynamics in a day. So farming Spectral Shrine barely solves that issue.
  7. Since the hard mode dungeons drop octagonal obsidians and garnets at a low chance, then I'd say to at least bump the solar energy obsidian up to a hexagonal obsidian. Even with 6-7 months of farming solar energies, then it's only enough to get one glided square obsidan when the highest obtainable obsidian is a glided hexa. If they were willing to buff Koldrak for Garnet Farming by that much, then at least buff obsidians or leave the previous available farming methods alone.
  8. Nightfall Sanctuary drops Silver Scales too and the whole raid is pluggable. It's just boss 3 that everyone need to be wary of and share damage with people that get aerial'd by the mech phase or aerial'd players will keep dying. Most raids drop 3-4 of their respective tiered scales per boss. Right now Onyx Scales got shafted since they removed them from dungeons not in the F8 rotation for who knows what reason.
  9. You can get martial tokens from the Koldrak, "The Final Training" (Mushin Tower Floor 7 Quest), and Mid Bummer's Night Dream Quest in Moon Refuge. If you plan on farming martial tokens for awhile, I'd suggest getting the resets for them in the Hongmoon Store (F10) everyday before daily specials reset at 8:00 PM EST.
  10. The aggro for bosses in Soulstone Plains is bugged. There's players that have hardly contributed any damage to a boss fight that are taking aggro. I've been using War Cry to increase my threat, but I lose aggro to only one attack that a ranged player uses. I would suggest that the devs take a look at this if possible.
  11. I've actually had that happen to me when I was duo'ing SK with a friend of mine on my BD. After killing the phase adds, the boss ends up using the cross aoe skill and I couldn't press anything at all because all of my skills were grayed out and I didn't even get cc'd, pulled or anything. Me and my friend ended up dying because of that and he confirmed that he couldn't use any skills as well at that instance. I couldn't even use my bubble because of that, so I can confirm this happens in raids too.
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