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  1. It's no secret why/how people stormed hm40 (or are in the process of doing so) past month. This can't ever be caught up on by normal players. You've cracked down on Eva botters, why is there radio silence now, even though this is a much more considerable epidemic? @Himeor any other NC staff member?
  2. You underestimate how much time people spend not learning their class, but researching and perfecting their cheats. You overestimate how many people are actually capable of doing aero 61+, even while being xml/gcd carried.
  3. Unfortunately, removing HM coins from rewards would only matter against the wintrading alt farmers, it wouldn't have mattered for most people who xml/gcd/speedhack on the regular. Because the sad reality is, they're not competing in ladders for HM coins exclusively. Haven't you met people who spend literally days adjusting their gcd cheat values to macro delays just to flex higher f12 dummy parses? Cheating their way up the ladders in an online game is their only way to compensate for their inadequacies. It's an Ego thing.
  4. If cheats are removed, game gets rejuvenated. Cheats are only "engrained into the culture" of your circlejerk community. There are plenty of us who don't use them. And most, who rather wouldn't, but feel pressured to in order to "compete". As much as I'd love everyone bypassing GG to be banned, noone's stupid enough to think that would actually happen. Best case scenario is for NCwest to fire off severe warning shots and repeat them if people don't fall in line. As for the people who reported having access to F5 without bypassing GG; not even for a second have you thought th
  5. NCWest practice to ninja-nerf drop rates 1-2 weeks after a dungeon release isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a pretty well established fact. That said, I don't think it was the case with AD since people report similar drop rates to launch week.
  6. Again, any comment from an NCwest staff member? Acknowledge the issue? You have the solution on the plate here.
  7. I disagree. Gameguard itself is great and for the vast majority of people did not affect performance at all. The issue is the bypass. LUCKILY ENOUGH people who bypassed GameGuard accidentally self-reported by using F5 marketplace when GG was blocking it. This is where NCWest can actually come in and parse the marketplace logs for accounts that bypassed.
  8. Then you have no idea what's really going on. AFKers are few. Actual farmers you will never encounter, they're not doing it in f8 with randoms. They're doing it alone or in private multiruns, speedhacking/jumpinghacking 1 carry to finish the job.
  9. Battlegrounds are still dominated by cheaters. Aerodrome rank is dominated by cheaters. Challenge mode is dominated by cheaters. Speedhackers mass farming event evo stones on multiple accounts. Us legitimate players couldn't use f5 for a week. @HimeNCWest has the data necessary to punish people who bypassed GameGuard on day 1 by using F5 marketplace logs. Why isn't anything being done?
  10. As much as I'd prefer the game to be purged from all cheaters, I'm very well aware this won't happen. However. NCwest doesn't need to do that. If they wanted to fix the cheating situation, all they'd have to do is provide an "example" by executing the few biggest culprits to give people a signal.
  11. And people doubted a bypassed Gameguard can be an effective monitor tool, eh? @HimeYou have the data necessary to weed out the toxicity out of this game. Not all, but at least some, and that's good enough.
  12. It's pretty ironic that for someone who keeps belitteling other people's brain capacity your logic is clearly flawed. HP in KR relative to EU/NA does not matter. We could have gotten hp x4 of the current KR version and it wouldn't have mattered. You would have beein doing lower floors. But same spectrum of lower floors as anyone else in EU/NA. You are not playing with KR people. You are not competing against KR people in ranks. KR gear/dps expectations mean nothing here.
  13. Hunters refuge would have been dominated by speedhackers / C engineers. You wouldn't profit a diddly squat from it. It's better it never returns in the curent state of the game.
  14. Balance in pve? "lel stop crying about pve" Cheats in pve? "lel stop crying noone cares about cheats in pve only pvp matters" It's funny how the pvpers consider themselves 200IQ alpha brains, yet they have issues comprehending a simple fact that 95% of the playerbase doesn't give a damn about pvp and considers bns a strictly pve game (with occasional bruteforcing 1400rank in BGs for season rewards).
  15. Random weekday 1am. Go do shrine daily before sleep. See a bot train running to the entry infinitely. Wonder why @Himeor any other NCstaff didn't take a stance on this yet.
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