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  1. Issue you people aren't seeing: the game is already "sort of" balanced, just by the KR developement standards - not by EU/NA trash community standards. It's impossible to balance the game out if people are cheating with rotation altering xmls and reduced GCD, which boost some classes significantly, and others, not so much.
  2. It's actually funny that spineless XML Andys consider everyone who plays legitimately as a newbie who doesn't know how Koldrak works.
  3. I think you, and people alike, forgot that this is a Computer Game. It should be Entertainment. Mildly competetive, but still ONLY Entertainment. Not an online equivalent of an IRL rat race. It's actually quite depressing when you think about it.
  4. I don't think Ancient system is even close to being The most unhealthy upgrade mechanic in BNS. Remember, past half a year or so forced like 500 sacred oils for basic non-rng upgrades on us. Any reasonable human being should consider +11 as a cap, and if you have access to rank reward stones it's doable with time and no real P2W. That said... Yes, there should absolutely be a reliable non-6v6 related way to acquire them at a reasonable pace, that shouldn't even be a discussion.
  5. 100% ? For crying out loud 10-15% increase from an xml ( and this is the lower end of the spectrum some of them give ) is already HUGE. 100%. What a joker. Good arguments bro, flawless logic. If not 100% then not op.
  6. Yeah seriously, it is only people with high ingame ping that benefit from GCD cheat, it doesn't give any advantage to people on normal stable connections at all, you're totally right! There is plenty of actual competetive e-sport games where cheating was/is possible, yet their communities reacted to it in a different manner than in BNS. You are a big part of the problem. Don't for a second think you're not.
  7. Your concept of balance in this game is warped. BD 3rd spec itself isn't OP. It just happens to be strong AND greatly benefit from the Global Cooldown hack running rampant in the past weeks. The same idea works for other classes. Take away summoner awakened XML+GCD and they drop from S tier to bad. Take away soulfighter dragonfury XML and they go from great to mediocre. Same for infinite titan surge KFMs. List goes on. How can the balance team (if there is any) achieve any goals within this structure if the intended mechanics are being circuimvented? ps. the idea tha
  8. Short answer to your question is: No, they can't ban them or they'd go out of business. Since users on this forum are mostly newbies oblivious to what's going on: There's a wide spectrum of cheats including Global Cooldown modifications and XML edits that allow for impossible skill rotations that are used by the vast majority of endgame players. This is not an "oh that guy's a cheater, that's uncommon" type of situation. It is widespread. There's not more than 1-2 (if that) legitimate players in top15 ranks per class on Mao. Legitimate playerbase on whole EU server, we would have a
  9. I understand that this gaming company wants to make profit. Retaining / expanding customer base makes profit. Losing customer base does not make profit.
  10. Soul. Keeping it bound to character is a mistake that cost them their playerbase in the past and will continue to kill the game in the time to come. Soul is -THE- item of the game, indicator of a players commitment and/or real money investment. With the exception of the most notable of "whales", noone will evolve more than one. Commiting resources to Soul upgrade on a character locks the player into it and heavily discourages rerolling / playing alts. And I can't stress the word "discourage" enough. I know plenty people (me included) with 900+AP alts who simply stopped
  11. F key skill priority is a HUGE qol improvement. Double stun on Ram is something that would have been cool a year ago so Des wouldn't have to beg other classes to start with double stun for grab, but in the world of quad+ CC requirements and no grabs, it's "just" an additional stun.
  12. GenericNick

    Des vs BD

    There is none. In every aspect other than equalized arena Destroyers were, are, and will be the joke class of the game efficiency-wise. They will briefly peak at Mediocre when VT comes out, but as usual EU/NA will get skill "balance" patches ahead of schedule and those always made Des weaker relative to other classes. Even ncsoft employees admitted that the only reason to play Destroyer is "to smash things with big axe" and nothing will be done about it. If you are below raven-level gear, didn't invest in your soul and care about Efficiency over Fun, reroll asap.
  13. This is the part where I have to tell you: tough luck. You play this game with bad latency conditions. Ok I get it. But you're in the minority. The majority plays with a reasonable ping allowing smooth gameplay. I'm all for this option to exist in-game as suggested. That would be fantastic. I am myself on the far spectrum of "smooth" gameplay at around 60 real / 120-130 ingame ping. Having this option would increase my chances to compete with 20-30pingers (yes, those do exist, imagine that). But the fact that people are getting screwed out of their season rewards by blata
  14. I like how all of you selectively omitted the part how this can be abused to break the rules of the game. Also, I like how the author of this video dedicated so little time to it. Internet objectivity at its finest.
  15. It's been proven that in the vicinity of 100ingame/40real ping (which is not high by any means) certain classes can fit in more certain attacks in a given timeframe by using that. There are multiple videos showcasing it. You should do your research. It is a cheat. It is creating advantage for people using it. It creates real, tangible loss for legitimate players in both gaming experience and monetary value. I guarantee you that the vast majority of people defending it here or in other communities don't give a damn about Australian players.
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