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  1. I understand that this gaming company wants to make profit. Retaining / expanding customer base makes profit. Losing customer base does not make profit.
  2. Soul. Keeping it bound to character is a mistake that cost them their playerbase in the past and will continue to kill the game in the time to come. Soul is -THE- item of the game, indicator of a players commitment and/or real money investment. With the exception of the most notable of "whales", noone will evolve more than one. Commiting resources to Soul upgrade on a character locks the player into it and heavily discourages rerolling / playing alts. And I can't stress the word "discourage" enough. I know plenty people (me included) with 900+AP alts who simply stopped playing them because having that stage 1 soul and being aware it will stay that way forever is just a poor gaming experience. And this is a real issue for the game. Currently, with slower progress and expanding time between updates, people don't have much to do. A big chunk of the playerbase logs in, does the dailies within an hour or two and logs out or socially AFKs even though they could (and would be happy to) commit more time into actually playing. An account-bound soul would grow F8 like no content update ever before, both for dungeons and 6v6. And, what's even more important, it would help NCwest to retain their customers who did/will leave the game permamently because getting bored with only one main character "is a thing", and evolving a second soul is not.
  3. Finally some real improvement to Destroyer

    F key skill priority is a HUGE qol improvement. Double stun on Ram is something that would have been cool a year ago so Des wouldn't have to beg other classes to start with double stun for grab, but in the world of quad+ CC requirements and no grabs, it's "just" an additional stun.
  4. Des vs BD

    There is none. In every aspect other than equalized arena Destroyers were, are, and will be the joke class of the game efficiency-wise. They will briefly peak at Mediocre when VT comes out, but as usual EU/NA will get skill "balance" patches ahead of schedule and those always made Des weaker relative to other classes. Even ncsoft employees admitted that the only reason to play Destroyer is "to smash things with big axe" and nothing will be done about it. If you are below raven-level gear, didn't invest in your soul and care about Efficiency over Fun, reroll asap.
  5. This is the part where I have to tell you: tough luck. You play this game with bad latency conditions. Ok I get it. But you're in the minority. The majority plays with a reasonable ping allowing smooth gameplay. I'm all for this option to exist in-game as suggested. That would be fantastic. I am myself on the far spectrum of "smooth" gameplay at around 60 real / 120-130 ingame ping. Having this option would increase my chances to compete with 20-30pingers (yes, those do exist, imagine that). But the fact that people are getting screwed out of their season rewards by blatant abusers is unacceptable. And yes, this does in fact happen, especially since last weeks when the whole thing blew up in public.
  6. I like how all of you selectively omitted the part how this can be abused to break the rules of the game. Also, I like how the author of this video dedicated so little time to it. Internet objectivity at its finest.
  7. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    It's been proven that in the vicinity of 100ingame/40real ping (which is not high by any means) certain classes can fit in more certain attacks in a given timeframe by using that. There are multiple videos showcasing it. You should do your research. It is a cheat. It is creating advantage for people using it. It creates real, tangible loss for legitimate players in both gaming experience and monetary value. I guarantee you that the vast majority of people defending it here or in other communities don't give a damn about Australian players.
  8. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    This is pointless. Invalid arguments on the "but I have high ping" hype train. Total disregard for the fact that this cheat creates obvious advantage for people using it over others. Pathetic.
  9. How are XML editers not banned yet?

    This post alone contains so many fallacies that I actually didn't know where to anchor as for creating an argument against it (as much as I wanted to). Instead, I'll just say this in the general subject: You guys are vastly overestimating the amount of people that use those edits (or macros for that matter). It is a really small percentage of the overall playerbase. They remain unbanned not because NCwest actually fears the loss of that piece of their revenue. I think the issue lies within their capability to pinpoint bannable offenses - collateral damage is something they truly dread.
  10. hows destroyer atm

    Destroyer was, is and continue to will be the worst pve class in the game. Before perfect current endgame gear calling it trash-tier would be an understatement. With current endgame gear it's trash-tier With endgame gear coming with the next patch destro will peak at mediocre. It's also worth mentioning that actually getting the perfect endgame gear will take a Des more time than any other class. Yes, its super fun to play, but unless you're OK with progressing considerably slower than everyone else don't roll one.
  11. Soo.... The assassin provides taxi / bluebuff / party iframe The BD provides a party iframe Destroyer provides nothing and is still under them. What did you want to prove again ? Meanwhile, people like you are still too simple to understand that people who stick to destro actually LOVE playing it, they are just fed up with being useless in group setting. And the worst in solo farm setting.
  12. How is it "nice dps" if a player of every other class can pull off higher numbers (while contributing even moreso through class utility) if they play their class correctly. Explain. No, I don't. Korean developers aren't responsible for lack of class balance atm. NCwest is, because they kept pushing out skill change patches ahead of the content they were designed for.
  13. Is there a legitimate reason why you would post that irrelevant screenshot as a proof to your blatantly false statement then ? Didn't think so.
  14. @Suna People like you are the reason game developers stopped listening to community feedback long time ago. You got severely outgeared and/or didn't play properly. Destroyers can't pull off equal numbers to other classes AND at the same time provide the worst raid utility (at this point it's also worth mentioning that running with a destroyer in 4man content is a party hinderance as well even if grabs can actually be executed). No matter who plays it. There is no "player>class" in this aspect.
  15. You want the truth ? If you aren't a part of a BT clearing clan by now, your chances of getting into a successful raid are slim to none. Nevermind the server. Because you're a destroyer. A clan run will take a destro player because he's from clan, they'd probably know you well by now and could decide whether or not you're a bt raid material (on point mechanics-wise, trusted not to do dumb stuff). A potentially successful pug will not take a destro player over any other class that's availible. You don't provide any utility, and the "filler dps" slots will be rather taken by summoners and SFs (superior dps + heal). Deal with it.