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  1. at this moment, rollback is the ONLY solution. they cant ban everyone or just remove all the threads. People have already made tons of pods and upgraded their gears. So rollback is the only way to solve this problem. But as u mentioned above, the longer they wait, the worse and I'm pretty sure they won't rollback 1 week of progress. So they'll either ignore or announce random bans. Better to quit the game right now
  2. actually they just need to update old skill trees to do the SAME DPS as the 3rd spec. So you can choose the build you like the most, because atm I can't choose fire or lightning, my DPS is 50% less than using 3rd spec.
  3. Since the 3rd spec came out, we are all forced to change our builds, making old skill tress totally useless. And yes we are FORCED to change, because the difference of dps is huge, I had a fire BM but I had to change it, I was being flamed on pts cause lack of DPS, so yes we are being forced to use 3rd spec. It's really sad cause the game is getting stupid and boring, Imagine soon 100% of players will be using ONLY 3rd spec. We want a production note about it, if any balance skill update is coming in the future, otherwise i will quit it, because being forced to use only ONE build i
  4. Hey, im building a spririt fire BM, I watched some videos on youtube and I saw they using dragontongue really fast. But when I use dragontongue it's not that fast, Why? Am I missing some important equip ?
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