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  1. who said a month of playing? Again you have no ideia what you talking about. You have such a small brain that dont even get what Im saying, but try to read again and understand my point
  2. I have all acessories endgame and my friends too only soul pets heart etc.. because to reach that u need to go FULL p2w and spend tons of dollars. But even with all acessories endagme + SF waepon and a mid-game soul,heart etc... We don't have enough dps to clear floor 51+. Because the boss has 66b on floor 51, and thats because they copied from KR, but again KR is ahead of us in terms of dps and gear, thats just not fair
  3. plenty of people? u have no idea what u talking about. The boss has around 66b HP. You think everyone is FULL p2w?
  4. Why would you bring a new DG the boss has the same HP as in KR? Did you guys forget that in KR they have tons of DPS ahead of us? Specially for floor 51+, only 0,1% of the players in NA/EU have DPS to be able to finish those floors. When you guys will learn that we are behind KR in terms of DPS. You should think about it before briging a new DG and nerf the bosses's HP to match NA/EU dps.
  5. lol the most broken class and he is not glad, he wants to go full broken and have 3 pieces of gear that increases its most powerful skills. Nice!
  6. @HimeWhy boss 3 in iron is still possible to bug? Why did u fix it then u bring the bug back ? just fix it again is it too hard?
  7. because not all people care about dps, they junt want to play a new class to enjoy the game like me. I want to change to db not because of the current dps, its because I enjoyed and I think its fun to play
  8. Since KR got the voucher for class rerolle last week. When Are we getting it? is it coming next month ? this year?
  9. Another half-brain who cannot even read my post and understand what I said. Dude im not even talking about myself. Im saying that if u compare a BM with SAME gear as other classes the BM has tbe the lowest dps, compared to astro, sin, archer, bd, sin, destro etc.... I'm not talking about my BM or my gear or the way a play. It's general, the dps is unbalanced and there are clearly classes that do MUCH more dps than others with same gear
  10. I think u didnt read my post at all. There is a big difference in classes DPS, BM dps is low compared to most of them (same geared). It's not about being good, there is no secret in BM's rotation and like I said in my post, u can check parses on ocean discord for example. BM with same gear has the lowest dps compared to astro, bd, archer, fm, sins etc..
  11. I would like to know if the game is going to balance the DPS in PVE, because right now its ridiculous. I have a main BM with good gear, and I dont have enough dps to join the new raid because my class dps in ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ compared to others. If I had a BD with the same gear in my BM I would have enough dps. It's stupid how this game went so far as to make people not be able to do a content just because they dont care about balancing the classes. (by the way if u check the most geared BM dps and the most geared BD, the difference is almost the double)
  12. the skill lift off says it airborne target, but I stunned the boss and pressed my F (the lift off skill) but the boss was not launched into the air. Does anyone know why?
  13. at this moment, rollback is the ONLY solution. they cant ban everyone or just remove all the threads. People have already made tons of pods and upgraded their gears. So rollback is the only way to solve this problem. But as u mentioned above, the longer they wait, the worse and I'm pretty sure they won't rollback 1 week of progress. So they'll either ignore or announce random bans. Better to quit the game right now
  14. actually they just need to update old skill trees to do the SAME DPS as the 3rd spec. So you can choose the build you like the most, because atm I can't choose fire or lightning, my DPS is 50% less than using 3rd spec.
  15. Since the 3rd spec came out, we are all forced to change our builds, making old skill tress totally useless. And yes we are FORCED to change, because the difference of dps is huge, I had a fire BM but I had to change it, I was being flamed on pts cause lack of DPS, so yes we are being forced to use 3rd spec. It's really sad cause the game is getting stupid and boring, Imagine soon 100% of players will be using ONLY 3rd spec. We want a production note about it, if any balance skill update is coming in the future, otherwise i will quit it, because being forced to use only ONE build i
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