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  1. More Channels

    Although the channel limit was advertised at 100, Stoneshell Island appears to be divided(those white transition portals between quadrants) into 4 separate zones. After experiencing the area, one would infer that an individual quadrant would need 100 people to generate a second channel, so technically like 100/quadrant or 400 people for a ch2 in each quadrant. That feels too dense. With the pvp toggle removed, we could use some more space as not to crowd each other. Thanks for looking into adding more channels permanently.
  2. Cooldown Timers on Halloween Haunt Items

    Wednesday, October 28. "The (18 hr) cooldown(s) on the Haul items (when opening an armory chest/arms race cache) are not intended and will be resolved during the next scheduled maintenance on." Read it with the context of the entire message and not literally word for word. Removing the cool down would have been a nice touch for F10 key bundle buyers still opening their armory boxes, with little effect on the overall time gating of the event, as players are still gated for the most part by the taffy acquisition.
  3. Armory Chest Event Suggestion

    https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-and-ghoul-events-preview/ It's your lucky day! ToO is scheduled to drop 10-20 oblivion fragments per dynamic chest in the "Blades and Ghouls" evento. I would save up some gold scales before the dungeon difficulty reverts as expected to on this Wed oct 21, and go with the scales+oblivion fragement option.
  4. Cosmic Horizon: Patch Notes and Overview

    @Sunshine very important, the talisman upgrade sheet that the patch notes links to has its permissions set to let viewers edit from what I've seen. If youse can delete the existing one (revisions history might still be viewable with all that nastiness), and can generate a fresh one and repost, that would be cool.
  5. Missing item

    But the outfit chest leaves f10 before maintence tomorrow, so we would need to buy extra chests ahead of time.. how many dawn emblems will the wings cost, please?
  6. outfits mailing between servers

    This is more about mailing between regions rather than between servers, as NA/EU are run as separate regions (each has a unique character/clan name pool, etc). As such, I feel like huge infrastructure changes need to be implemented to accommodate your request. For example, entering a mailing name, there would have to be a server/region select string so the parcel goes to jinsoyun-Steve and not yura-Steve. If future plans included making NA/EU a combined mega server, I could see this happening. Haven't heard anything to that end, I have no expectations for it to happen.
  7. new whale event

    Could be more like Ebon refuge rather than Hunter's, depends limited availability/drops. I'm not sure who/why/how auto battle got mixed up with pvp. I think the pvp aspect kind of cancels out the attractiveness of autobattle rewards. Autobattle for something, becomes autobattle for 10minutes, get killed and spawn back in safezone all night. Randomly respawning in the zone with autobattle still on could fix this. There are lots of ways to ruin an autobattlers experience without PVP toggle though. Dunno the thinking of the fellow who linked together the two things, autobattle and PVP.
  8. Looking forward, with this lastest trove still fresh in our hearts and minds, lets discuss alterations/improvements to make the next instance of trove more pleasant. DAILY FREE TROVE ROLLS ARE FREE= introduce a new tier of 0-star crits, with weaker prizes than one star crits. Bound mats instead of tradable ones, dokkaebi soju instead of imperial, etc, but have the cost be 0/1c for just about everything. Chance of 1-2-3star crit, but the majority of free rolls are 0star. Premium 0hmc key and NCoin keys guarantee 1-3 stars still. Perhaps HMC keys can roll 0star. ENOUGH CONSUMABLES TO USE= 5 field repair tools when most weapons take at least 6 to repair once? c'mon! C'MON! At least stacks of 3 Imperial Soju (stacks 3 times, when you want to use it, you generally use 3). Perhaps yield enough for multiple sessions of use, with total cost increased to match. (10 Imperial Soju for 30g rather than 1 for 3g). DON'T LET THE F10 SPECIALS BEAT YOU, TROVE!= As a limited time event, I feel like a trove roll should beat out the f10 daily specials for similiar items, either in quantity available or cost. I want each key you buy to be fun and feel rewarding and to not be able to look at the f10 specials and be able to say "Man, I could have got more soulstones cheaper if I had spent that NCOIN of the trove key on the daily special. I got scammed!" YAY I CRIT! OOPS, IT COST ME ALL MY GOLD= Some of the high end items cost quite a bit of gold. Example, high end gems and high end unity stones. Now for gems, I can imagine the high expense is due to cost of producing that gem through transmuting, and the ability to recoup gempowder through salvage. Awakened Unity stones are a different case. With them occassionally available in the F10 daily specials (HEY TROVE! WHY YOU MAKING THE F10 SPECIALS LOOK SO GOOD!?) and the merchant of wonders selling at a similiar price on the ultra rare occasion his list contains them, Limited time (fun) event trove could sell them for less. (Might be remembering wrong) This latest trove some of the mid tier nontradable cosmetics cost 200g, up from 20g iirc. I could empathize with 200g for a tradable cosmetic to make the f5 listing to be perceived as valuable. But for a bound costume that squishes to 1 fabric? Eh.
  9. About gold income. any better solution?

    I was already doing weeklies on all of my characters for honing oil (after a certain stocking up point, you can rotate characters every week, no need to scrounge dc for additional, although solar energy is from dc almost exclusively). Full train with the gold nerfs was reduced in the realm of 60g iirc. Compound over 7 days, ~420g. x5 weekly would recoup. So if you were doing full purple train on 3+ chars, the weekly gold add is detrimental to you. For me, i tend to do less than 1 full purple train a day, but I'll round it to 1, once a day, per week. 420g loss from the nerf, 12x150, or +1800g, so I'm generating ~1300g more than I did previously. So the fix they picked was exceedingly pleasing for some people. For people who were doing full purple train on 3 or more characters, or who do less than 5 sets of weeklies, they will not be as happy with it. Note that the weekly 50g tiers are not boosted by premium sub like the quest golds were, if I were to complain about raw gold income, that would be the only thing. OP-Autofishing- I feel your concern with this, but I envision a solution that involves a bait/autobait cost reduction rather than an increase in daily gold generation. Many of the large chunks of gold were from the mid-high end dungeons that can be intimidating for lower equipped players to join/clear. With how valuable the bound material gathering can be for these newer players, I felt the daily expense for fishing ammo was too high even before the full purple train gold nerfs. I'd like to see autobait/bait go from 10sp/3sp down to ~60cp/60cp (the equalization is to encourage script fishing less). 1500 autobaits for 4500 leisure points @ ~23g/day sounds like its reasonable income bracket to me.
  10. Clan Renewal

    I like where you're coming from with this question. I was very pleased with that feb producer's letter, it had been some time since BnS had had such a structured preview of things to come. Since we have come to the end of the time period listed in the producer's letter preview graphic, it would be lovely to have another one. Of the June listings, the following have most definitely occurred: FM 3rd Act 11 part 1 Heroic Dungeon- Halcyon Hills New Pvp earring Which leaves a few left to ask about, whether what the item means or when we will get to enjoy it in the NA/EU region: Clan Renewal Pvp Renewal ( may have been the large skill patch included wide adjustments to PVP modifier, or it might mean something else we have to look forward to) Accessory Enhancement System It would be quite nice if a new producers letter jumped in to let us know where we are on these items in limbo. Note that far reaching previews such as the feb one are almost never set in stone, as situations change at the organization, patch bundles get divided up differently, etc, and the BnS fan should enjoy them with a certain flexibility of expectations.
  11. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    @Hime Thanks for answering my questions, comrade! Gold changes upcoming vs current gold sinks Auto-Fishing/Fishing-- 4500 leisure points means 1500 bait, at 10sp auto 3sp normal, 150g/45g a day. The discussed gold changes don't align well with auto fishing. If the dungeon gold changes go in, I would like to see the bait costs go down to 3cp for auto/normal bait (due to problems with people scripting normal bait that I won't go into). Autofishing is best for newer players who don't have the opportunity to do hard mode dungeons for the additional gold chance, so the quest adjustments take the opportunity out of reach with such a lower gold income. Weapon Repair-- Relatively more expensive, but I think still in the realm reasonablility vs the change daily quest gold income. Unity Chest Opening-- 1g at the blue level upto 5g at the awakened, attempting a 7 blue fuse to purple(which usually is another blue), costs several daily quests worth of gold to do after the slated change. Please remove the gold cost from opening unity stone boxes if the Merchant of Wonders selections- 2.5g elysian crystal, 7.5g bloodstone becomes more than a daily quest's worth of gold. Most things could go down by a factor of 10 with the slated quest gold adjustment. Legendary Jewel/Elements- 20g off dragon express, with a vendor value of 5g (which will be more than most dailies give now). With accessories taking in the realm of ~120 legendary jewels, at 20g (we'll round to 4 daily quests, imagine the remainder goes to buying weapon repairs) thats 4x 120, or 480 dailies(the good ones that do 5g), and 1g per to put those jewels(120g/5=24dailies) for a total of 504 daily quests worth of gold, before we calculate in breakthroughs. Treasure Trove selections- These have been skewed for quite some time. With F9 at 1:1, Trove is only worthwhile for exclusive cosmetics, and otherwise very limited acquisition resources (sealed gold scales, evolved stones, awakened unity) with poor rates on those, but otherwise very limted/unavailable. 1star pages are beatout in value rediculously by things like f10 specials, and in some cases autofishing for crystals. Its very nice that the HM dungeons have a chance at additional gold(I would even consider putting it in your systems preview article as its linked with the gold income reduction, migrating some of the gold to HM to give more incentive to run HM). I feel like possibly the rewards are more aimed towards the 3 tier beginner/normal/hard mode, where you can complete a daily in beginner with very little effort and nearly no chance of dying, and as such may not be entirely appropriate for NA/EU's normal/hard system. The additional scale fragments would be better suited for the dynamics rather the the dailies in my opinion, as people spam these dungeons daily for the fragments. SUMMARY: Quest gold reduction too high compared to goldsinks. Move Scale Fragment increase from daily quest to the dynamic. KR 3 tier mode or keep 2 tier mode with less of a goldcoin adjustment than currently slated.
  12. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    @Hime 1.My first question: Was the table in the systems article a compreshensive list of dungeons with significant gold reduction? What about the following quests? "Trial of the Ancients" Den/M'ao, currently 14.15g(18.39g Premium) "Sundered Reflections" CoS/Hong, currently 8.42g(10.95g Premium) "Rose From the Past" Heaven's Mandate currently 9.95g(12.93g Premium) "In the Dead of Winter" Wintermane, currently 4.95g(6.43g Premium) "Rage against the Longui" the MSP daily, 9.66g(12.55g Premium) 2. My second question: The rough translation of the RU preview mentioned in its change list a chance of gold chest/bag drop on HM dungeons(Dynamic or Body unknown). With how similar our patch bundles have been coming out of NCsoft HQ, is that something that is happening to NA/EU hardmodes (Besides Pink Hulk in the Gumdrop Forest HM)? Edit: I see that i didn't read properly, and that Pink Hulk HM lists an "Extraordinary Goldcoins box". My bad
  13. Whats the opinion on solo/duo party maximum queue for 3's? Would it spice up the queues and liven things up, or make it easier for premades to climb and crush the casual guy? EDIT: I remember back at the start of 6's you could only queue as a solo or 6man team, and that got "enhanced" by the duo party max(although clan 6's got added later, letting the player enjoy the original 6man premade option).
  14. Been awhile since the Arena was a part of events, and the 3 participations quest is so low key, I felt a lot of players did it. The season boards were flush with players from what i saw compared to previous seasons. How did everyone else enjoy it? Did you feel it was positive experience? Would you like to see it in future events? Would the 3 participations as part of an event be helpful in populating other modes? Did you have fun in the matches? What did you think of queue times/board competition/weekly+season rewards?
  15. I have requests.

    I feel it might be easier to understand your requests if you could go into a bit of detail on each point. 1. In what ways do you see BnS as pay to win? What steps would you like to see taken to remedy this? How would you change the f10 marketplace to keep NA/EU profitable enough to continue running? Things like that for this one. 2. What kind of feature is Auto-Quest generally, what does it entail, and how could it be applied to Blade and Soul? Is this autocompletion of quests, like when you finish a celestial basin task, applied to dynamics and dailies? 3. What do you feel the UI is lacking? What changes would you like to see to the UI to make it more friendly? Remember, your feedback needs to be picked up by the NCwest, and chosen to be forwarded to the KR NCsoft team if the NCwest thinks its good (still might not get implemented). The better you present your opinion, and the more detailed and convincing argument you make, the better chance(even if small) that this could happen.