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  1. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    So compared to the 3 difficulty KR system, We're going to a 2 mode system. KR system- 1-- Beginner mode- heavily reduced (none besideds dst boss 1?) wipe mechs, no mat boxes, no boss drops. 2-- Normal Mode- Kinda the stuff from our normal modes, slightly reduced wipe mechs possibly in line with dungeon nerfs over time(some of these may have leaked live already like they sometimes do) 3-- Hard mode- Outfits, legendary psyches, gold chance in dynamic box(daily quests reduced gold, since completeable on baby mode). With only 2 modes coming to NA, Hard mode one of them(though no mention of dynamic gold, so maybe not exactly the same), The second mode, NA/EU "Easy", is either KR Beginner, KR normal, or an entirely new beast of its own. KR players have posted screenshots of KR beginner cliffs mobs to compare to the Easy Mode cliffs on the NA/EU livestream. Thanks Alice! The cliffs mobs hp in NA/EU easy lined up with KR normal. This supports the KR2 mode 2 being our "Easy" mode (or a new hybrid between the 2). Ru players have posted screenshots of RU dynamic from "Easy" cliffs (can't say for sure, since it wasn't a dynamic of an released dungeons) that looked comparable to live NA/EU current rewards (mat box, 3 fragements, etc). Thanks Tsuki! This also supports the mode 2 being our Easy mode or something new. As a sidenote about the name choice, calling it easy instead of normal is probably good, normal has a tone about it that infers its a standard difficulty, stops players from pushing into hard, since normal is normal. I feel this may be a good change of naming going forward.
  2. Suggestion: Bonus drop rate for 'team' Hardmode Runs

    When KR released beginner mode, much of the daily quest golds were migrated into a chance o f gold bars in the harde mode dynamic boxes.
  3. Removal of fm TORNADOS from pvp. Also

    I would use the example of the newly released "Hunter" class arrowing someone to death in what looks like 1/2 an aircombo during a 1v1 arena match as the lack of interest in PVP balance.
  4. Shackled Isles

    World Qualifier season is complete. Those players were queuing for quite a few games, thats a significant decrease in pops. F10 box promotion for logging in every day is finished. Big decline in casual queues from that. Rating system changes(???)-- I haven't got a queue pop, but in discords with shackled isle channels, people who have played are saying that the ranking system has changed from the qualifier season, with some sort of afk logic like 6v6(damage dealt or deathblow req or point loss) or overall gains are down. Spent 20minutes in queue without pops a couple of times, so I can only speculate on that game reduction vector, but I logged in because I WANT to play, not sit in chatroom queue.
  5. Lets put in some context to start. For 3v3 season ending 8/14, ~101 characters(reminder, multiple characters may have been registered to the same player) were listed as ranked for season rewards overall. With upto 300 slots of rewards FOR EACH class, (11 classes->3,300 rewards), there are seriously some empty slots. Daily challenge Removal: I'd would consider putting the 3 match participation on the daily challenge list for days with tag playing window open. 1600 score threshold: With the very limited play windows, low queuing participation, losses at the end of the deciding period discourage casual participation (either from the gap to reach 1600 from where you stopped, or the threat of losing and dipping below 1600. A 1400 threshold (6v6 originall had 1600 threshold but was altered to 1400 quite readily) sets a lower bar for less competitive, while encouraging them to play a few more matches to stay in the top 300 for their class or to hit the more achievable 1400 target. (Thi ELO gain/loss tweaking: Very limited play windows, the points for a match loss could be eased. Rewards: Increased frenzy. Queue party composition: Limiting tag party max size to 2 players (something similar was done with 6v6 from its initial implementation, removal of 6party queue option) could help break up some of the premade domination that discourages solo/casual queues(some skill gaps between players/matchups can mean a 1v3 win still). Restricting Third specialization: with 3rd specs banned from shackle (and it working successfully in keeping them out), its quite odd that 3rd specs are allowing in 1's/3's. I hope that my feedback is constructive towards attracting more players to 3v3. (at least 2 players were removed later that day)
  6. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    If the badge exchanger termination was mentioned in the Hongsil event post that came out last week(or if it was part of a preview stream), maybe sealed dgs wouldn't have hit 600g last night. Thanks for the ingame economy nudge, NCWest?
  7. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Will accessory specialization changeover at stage 10 also be removed with this patch? IE Stage 10 darkstorm neck (destructoid gunner) converting to stage 10 darkstorm (undertaker gunner) neck
  8. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    Oof, less than 24 hrs notice on the removal of badge exchange. Give at least a week's notice next time please, or preferably warn us a full patch ahead of time. Whats up with the victory tokens? No other token has expired like the victory tokens are sounding like they're going to expire. EDIT: Badge Exchange was a very good quality of life feature, consider adding it back in the future permanently.
  9. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Event Launches August 21

    Can we look forward to Justin and Hime doing a livestream on thurs? I hope we can =).
  10. This forum is in serious need of Moderation

    Looks tons better with last years pins unpinned! Thankyou! Next step would be to copy/paste some qualify threads/news threads/ intel championship links pinned in the general/news categories to the esports, maybe a link to the bns esports page. Keep up the good work!
  11. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    From the known issues: "Weekly Challenge Weekly Challenge quests are currently not counting for the Weekly Challenge rewards." Can this be expanded on to let people know to not be worried? Something like "Weekly challenge reward claim counter is not showing progress/allowing claim on wednesday. Credit is still accrued for quests completed on wedsnesday, and players are able to claim their rewards 24hrs after maintenance." To the production teams credit, this issue went up very quickly, before time had passed where they could observe the workaround.
  12. Blade and Soul 2019

    @againmaintenance What is "full pj"? What do you mean "must be full"? what is "putting the code"?
  13. Hae Mujin Event - Opinions/Feedback

    Weekly limit--They can do the character limit for event menu prizes(wings are char limit), so thats a plus in the new system, and would remove the clarification/weirdness around the question, will the limit reset each week after the event ends, but the redemption period is still happening. So going forward I hope to see fewer weekly limit and more char limit things, as you would. Login rewards- first time in an event that I wasn't psyched about bonus currency in them. But, as Grimmy said, you can reset Snowransu School for an extra x7 each dynamic (if you really wanted to, x3 for each halls). At least we're getting the kind of dual currency thats most bottlenecky and we have ways to snag more of what we need to use the Crisis coins from login.
  14. This forum is in serious need of Moderation

    Could you see about updating the pins with relative 2019 info(links to the qualifier info, shackled islands, KR intel tourny, etc)? Seeing the old pins from 2018 while the 2019 regional thing(weird public qualifier? I guess theres no US/EU regional tourney this year?) is going on is disturbing.
  15. Where the sunfire boxes at?

    @Hime Thankyou for the response, we appreciate you getting back to us.