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  1. [REQUEST] Korean client for our playerbase (optimized)

    If you want to hang up the game, here's two easy places: Spoiler relates to act 10, chapter 2-4 Does anyone do that and the game not freeze for a second?
  2. If the beginner mode of dungeons for NA/EU follows the pattern we know of in KR and other regions, Beginner clears should count towards clear count(but not hard mode clear count) Daily quest gold reward heavily reduced, migrated partially into Hard mode dynamic quest, since the beginner mode counts for daily completion. Next to nothing for beginner mode clear(think 1 core if premium subscription is active). Take any speculation/info with a grain of salt, localization for EU/NA could modify any of these aspects greatly.
  3. How to Make 3v3 Popular again

    At one point, the ingame surveys were used to collect information. (not the leveling surveys, there was f10 shop costume vote survey at one point, for which costumes players wanted back in the f10.) This would reach more players, but it would get surveys from each character probably, and the survey itself would need to be very specific/thought out to not bias results.
  4. So DEV's how about to finaly keep your promise...

    Thats just people using the bns buddy no? I'd imagine thats less than half using unofficial third party software(technically violating the ToS) to launch their game.
  5. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    In the event article, its listed as "Limited to one purchase per account per day." More importantly, it has the asterisk as being achievement locked. So after xx kills on that one character, you could kill it easier for 2hrs for that one character per day for the 4/4 dual currency. A final factor to consider is the temp weapon from the Ring of Reckoning event, which had similiar base stats to gc, but the stack effect was radically different, with significantly fewer/longer weapon resets, making it somewhat ineffective for some classes (other classes that rely less on resets were able to use it advangtageously) with mid tier weapons. Perhaps the livestream will demonstrate the temp weapon in action.
  6. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I'm not sure I understand the intent of the temporary weapon being locked behind a (10 final kill) achievement. Is it to troll in 6's for 2 hours? Tower of infinity climbing run? Since you killed it 10 times already, seems unnecessary for the event instance. Temporary weapons like this, would be best in my opinion only usable inside the event instance. Don't know the stats of the weapon, and what classes can utilize it better/worse than existing weapons. Please feel free to correct me if I have any specifics misunderstood.
  7. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    If more of these are implemented in the future, I'd like to see them with much longer enrages, but mechanics that make it harder(but not impossible) and harder to stay in the fight, like Taikhan's black water debuff in shattered masts, or to a lesser extent CoS and DoA last boss bleed stacks (they wear off, wouldn't quite accomplish my goal).
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Conversation is getting pretty salty just talking about a REGULAR clear, not even a speed clear for title/exclusive cosmetics. If the fancy stuff was just the top 10 (for each class? seems rough mixing all the classes together for a ranking, with their wildly different styles), maybe more people would just give up and there not be as many complaints about the high damage output floor. Lets all hold back a bit on the overall opinion until we get the list of items, speed clear achievement time, confirmed enrage timer(3 minutes/6minutes), event currency sources (dual currency? daily quests/login/dungeons or Mujin only), and what role lesser geared/newer players can play. Hopefully that article shows up speedily.
  9. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    I'm pretty sure account sharing is against the ToS and bannable, Grim. However, when/how/if NCWest chooses to enforce their policy is upto them.
  10. Whats the point of the event baits?

    If fishing had achievements like "complete fish pokedex", "gold medal all grey rarity", "gold medal all white rarity", etc with titles/unlocks/one time rewards the bait might be more desirable/entertaining. On the other hand, adding more stuff to a system thats kind of sketchy is a bad idea So, maybe if they add an auto fishing feature ingame, we'll see the fishing system fleshed out in a more engaging way.
  11. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I had heard that the enrage for Hae Mujin. was 6 minutes. If the enrage is half the original time, how does the boss only having ~20% less HP square up with half the time to kill him? Was I mistaken on the original enrage time? Shouldn't the hp be at LEAST 50% less if you only give us half as much time to kill him to retain the original difficulty? Info as written sounds like its even HARDER than KR version( more weapon stages, more soul/heart/talisman stages, generally superior ping, no translation matrix slowing down their client).
  12. Victory Tokens

    Enhances Strangling Roots Strangling Roots inflicts 15 sec Ivy Poison on hit with the first attack Strangling Roots deals 200% of Attack Power as additional damage on hit with the first attack Strangling Roots heals the user 100% of the additional damage dealt I'd use as a single badge over the long PVE combo pink fuses. Recommend me some other badges please.
  13. Victory Tokens

    Summoner, Sin, BM, possible choice for WL, possible choice for Destr EDIT: OP sounds like they just want access to the Season of Victory Badges (genesis and the other one). Victory tokens are generated infrequently and at a low rate (trove, f10, merchant of wonders). A secondary source of the badges (koldrak vendor like in KR for koldrak scales, or a new methoud bp/bloodstones/incinerator/zenbeans of the bg merchant) would make these standalone PVP or pvp option badges actively obtainable.
  14. Game improvments

    Loading in dead. Stops you from reconnecting to 6's, forces multiple loading screens to get back to your raid party, increases the loading screens on a poorly timed "escape" option. Weapon Skins account bound. With the brilliant sealing charm fragments for adventure equipment, adapted with weapon skins(maybe with outfit stamps instead of the charm fragments?) Selection boxes/nested boxes. Too many prompts/clicks. Getting a 5 Daily challenge Unity stone box open is an epic amount of clicks. Y/N prompt at of the bottom of windows. Opening loot windows, the prompt does not work on multiple items (highlights the # of items, instead of the y/n buttons) but the item #'s to open still doesn't take the input, forcing you to mouse click. Y/N prompt button to the overflow inventory. With how the inventory overflow logic works, many, many, many times when you have plenty of open slots, stuff still goes into overflow. Being able to hit Y to take all would be stellar. 2) Breakthrough items- Lock behind an achievement # for that instance, and put on a merchant for (draken/hellion/imperio cores, naryu silver, material crystals, or solo instance dungeon currencies, as appropriate) 3) Account Bound storage would be AMAZING. At least 8 slots for a set of gems please. If this isn't feasible, how about making the gem slots account bound, and the weapon only takes advantage of a gem in the order the slots are unlocked. Example: I have 8 gems equipped on my account, by my new "hunter" class character only has a story weapon with 2 slots. Only the stats/effects of the first two gems on the account activate. 4) It might be fun to have an limitedevent Gear equalized 6's. Set some equalized stats, and a season of "Ultimate WWV". Maybe use the time slot of 3's on days 3's aren't up.
  15. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    I believe automating gameplay with third party software is against the terms of service and can result in your account being warned/suspended/terminated/banned. Some of the arguments used: The rewards aren't very good, so its okay if I automate-- provide feedback that the rewards are lackluster. Suggest reasonable additions to the vendor/prizes. Its not interesting/engaging, so its okay if I automate-- provide feedback that you are unhappy with the current system, ideally with ways the system could be made more fun to actively participate in. its only 30minutes-- if its a monotonous and unpleasant 30min that not many are choosing to spend their play time properly participating, maybe the system should just be scrapped at the end of the day. Please don't put your account at risk by automating fishing. Edit: (enhancement suggestions)Maybe add ingame autofishing for premium subscribers? (Maybe let us fish on LFP queues in xserver?)-- this could make fishing AND long queues less boring.