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  1. yup, play button going into splashscreen is pretty iffy
  2. So going from Supernatural to +1, cost is stated as 5 enchantment stones(based on cntrl+i listings) Old max mythical pet is asking for 5 enchantment stones to upgrade into the supernatural stages, for a total of 10 enchantment stones spent (5 for the initial mythical, then 5 to go to the new supernatural stages). For perspective, the max tier hearts and souls start costing 10 enchantment stones to +1 after the tier jump (lower tier mythicals require another 5 stones to enter into the new stages, so either way you spent 10 stones). Conclusion: Supernat
  3. The taffy prices were weird, the relationship between legendary and enlightened elements (both originally 1 taffy, where as you can directly exchange 1 leggy element for 3 elightened elements ingame) seemed quite out of place. I'm happy that the taffy cost changed(seemed kind of taking advantage of uninformed new players who don't know any better with the original costs). 10 Taffy feels a little overpriced, but it was a quick kneejerk reaction to the mistake, so, take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Opening transmute menu: 1 click Scrolling through new bloat in transmute menu: 1 Click Clicking Transmute: 1 Click Using fresh 5mill charm: 1 Click So 5 clicks down to 4 clicks, paying gold to save you 1 click off the small batch transmute.
  5. @Hated From the patch notes, all the dynamics between Serpent's Den and Twisted Serpent, share the same name (although not the same exact rewards, so they may have different quest ID's or whatnot). Maybe the table accidentally meant Serpents Den dynamics only, and it was just a misunderstanding. If this was the case and you thought the Twisted Serpent dynamics counted rather than Serpents Den, can you let us know what support says when they get back to you? I hope support can help you out if you cleared Serpents Den both dynamics and didn't get credit. Names of the dungeons
  6. I'm not sure about this, support does not share the actions taken against the suspicious player, so I have no idea what happens any of the time. I imagine that the NCWest team is quite busy with the big bundles of patch builds coming in so fast, and any help you can give suggesting where to look for suspsicious ladder rankings is helpful as a place for CS to start their investigations. Shackled Isles was removed due to low play, maybe its time 3v3 had the HMC removed from the rankings, possibly replaced with pvp anima or some or pvp centric reward.
  7. The report feature ingame works very specifically. It can "report spam", or "report bot", and I believe both are handled automactically (ie, enough spam reports, you get squelched and possibly someone eventually reviews it for futher action-- think old gold selling sites in faction and frozen stinger scam gm impersonators) and bot (50 destroyer bots walking in and out of gloomdross lets say, all moving the same, wearing the same stuff, etc). If you have any other issue with the other players conduct, you need to submit a CS ticket. Videoclip, timestamp, screenshot, give a g
  8. Certainly, as SSP has little to no incentive to PVP. Fighting other players to steal their prestige creates a negative experience, and doesn't even have a quest objective (Moonwater faction camps had that kill players quest, they had a reason to come at you). No prestige or quest credit is directly generated by interacting with enemy players. NPC's are the direct source of prestige, there's not really a good reason to stop the other faction from killing your friendly terrors and whatnot. As long as the mining doesn't get interrupted early, PvE style prestige farming is better for both side
  9. Remember the Purchase Gift from the https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/slithering-shadows-hongmoon-store-update/ is NOT supposed to include ncoin codes, and runs through 2021/04/14 (with a x3 limit per account). Perhaps non US players could take advantage of the direct purchase promotion (imo is better for 4k ncoin recharges, upto x3) rather than awaiting a regional amazon discount on ncoin redemption codes.
  10. The dailies that count are the 1. Mining- 6x Hog captain, 3x Terror caption 2. Crimson Anti-Mining- Both tower guys then the striker captain. 3. Cerulean Anti-Mining- Both tower guys then the striker captain. Feasibly, you can complete 1x daily per day per character for your faction. (Having the weaker faction win a capture so that they can do a mining and you can do the anti-mining as the dominant faction is unlikely). Tips for completing an Anti-Mining as the weaker faction- wait until ~5min on mining timer, you want the grindpig to spawn at th
  11. Spawn waves during mining phase, as well as the whole mining/capture/battle parts are kind of slow paced and full of waiting. Meteors giving the daily box w/out chance of venture tokens is a bit lame. The berzerker bosses do spawn more often than I remember them to, that seems fun. The beastly soul coin off the berzerker/battle phase bosses/dynamics is somewhat lame as the same warring faction coin can be purchased with just the prestige at the mining tower merchant (which has much better mat bags too). I can't find this unity chest that was li
  12. Daily quest is just one of several earners.. I think the most simple solution would be to cut the chocolate heart costs of things in dragon express to 75% of the original (1/4 weeks missing, so everything could be discounted 25% from the original patchnotes).
  13. Will the Upcoming event costs(chocolate hearts) or the currency drops(chocolate hearts) be updated to reflect 1 less week of duration? Or will there be a week overlap of the chocolate hearts and next event so that chocolate hearts can run its full duration if currency is unchanged?
  14. This post hopefully will update with the info you seek, comrade player
  15. No compound potential listed, so lets assume you can't use it for that either (not that I would go out of my way for addt'l 220power compound items).
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