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  1. Game is Failing

    If you have "discovered" the game is failing, please link relevant sources and information to back up your "discovery". Certainly there aren't the ~12 servers and login queues that existed at launch. As a free to play game, please enjoy at your discretion, and make the decision for yourself if the game is fun and relevant to you. Spend as little or as much as you like, and I hope you enjoy your Blade and Soul experience.
  2. Add accessible Cold Storage merchant instance

    A consolidation of merchants in Mushin's tower has been implented in other regions. Hopefully it hits NA/EU sooner rather than later!
  3. Russian Patch comparison

    Note: RU big patch bundle may have been rushed to them because of their anniversary, or other circumstances. NA/EU could possibly get a small patch or two before the big patch bundle hits. But our next BIG patch bundle is likely to have similar contents.
  4. Russian Patch comparison

    Historically, NA/EU patch bundles have been similar to RU patch bundles. RU next patch is expected to contain Temple of Succession Skillpatch RU anniversary event baleful/seraph/galaxy path removal boss drop changes exchange merchant changes season of liberty badge fuses those new selection boxes for soulshields reduced legendary element/jewel costs weekly challenge reward update other small changes Can we expect any big differences in our next EU/NA patch bundle? (example: we are unlikely to get the RU anniversary event/rewards) Have the Localization Writers finalized the name of the Temple of Succession weapon for EU/NA? source: (translation credits to muruyamuyamuyama)
  5. Localization & Translation Error List

    A couple times I or a alliance member have died very quickly to Unfaithful during ShieldBear. Not sure what its from though.
  6. Server Consolidation — May 1

    https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/server-consolidation-april-24/ https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/server-consolidation-may-1/ looks like they changed it to May 1st? This happened todayish, maybe they haven't got around to changing the daughter pages with the original 24th date.
  7. Listen your voice please.

    Cntrl+H gear advisor, our current max heart and souls aren't good enough for Burning Mausoleum. ET had been released with new badges/(neck many use prophecy over ET), additional tiers of soul/heart, players in KR generally have better ping (infrastructure/geography) when this event was current in the home region? Our stage 4 turtle and Burning Mausoleum have the same hp values/enrage times as the original event? No wonder we feel some frustration.
  8. 100 Sparking Starcaller Chests

    Did you end up selling your StarCaller coins to the vendor?
  9. Challenge Mode Rankings/Rewards

    I would really like to see the standings at the end of each season, not just for Dungeon Challenge, but across all modes.
  10. Mouse over the dungeon that was deselected in the list. The player(s) that cannot participate names should be listed in red text in the tooltip. Cordially use party chat to inform them that they are locked so that they don't get upset and try to spam rejoin. Kick them from party if they haven't left under their own power.
  11. Why is the event weapon the same DPS as my A9?

    Its a shame the 1-day weapon(supposed to be a bit more powerful than the 1 hr) isn't available for legendary orbs. Reward structure feels kind of off for the event, if lycan wings were legendary orb, TT slices 1-3 legendary orb (50-60 depending on slice), I don't think I'd mind being too weak/high ping/bad to participate on Longui stage 4 and the harder masoleum.
  12. Simple way to fix event

    @DFVWDSCX, sir, based on maths, 1 character can generate 1 orb shard/day, and 3 shards from weekly. 7 shards from daily, 3 from weekly/week. 10/shards per week. Now, if a group of 6 players were collecting orbs together, 60 shards/week. Thats 10 orbs per group. A group can use 2 orbs/day (before resets). 14 Orbs per week desired, 10 Orbs/week generated. So, 6 players efficiently working together can't generate enough orbs to go in each day for both event dynamics. Resets stress orb supplies even more, and many were given out in those f10 packs last week. Without some sort of outside stimulus to the orb supply, don't expect to go in those two every day as more and more players are looking to go in daily using someone elses orb.
  13. Forum Thread after Live Stream Cyan

    3. Challenge mode rankings are quite limited. The 71st team gets nothing per week, and nothing for the season rewards. Doing 1 phase may not be enough to get your team anything but disappointment. NA has 71 teams ranked currently. 4. Unity Stones: Need more data on fusion rarity up with 8 stones for a better idea on progression on set bonus. 5. @amokk are we doing PvP for the season reward venture tokens for HMC to buy+ transmute petpods, or for bloodstones for the pet pod transmute? Transmute seems a little iffy on returns. (12 full bloodstones is a ton of beans/bp) HMC season rewards highlight the lack of petpod generation outside of f10.
  14. Bound to Account VT Badges

    I believe The Blade and Soul Twitter specifically cited that the heart/orb/medallion would NOT be account bound.
  15. Unity reputation limit per week not per day

    Especially Weekly quests, you can wait to turn in after the daily cap reset if you'll play less the following day (Except for Tuesday, weeklies reset wednes)