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  1. Daily quest is just one of several earners.. I think the most simple solution would be to cut the chocolate heart costs of things in dragon express to 75% of the original (1/4 weeks missing, so everything could be discounted 25% from the original patchnotes).
  2. Will the Upcoming event costs(chocolate hearts) or the currency drops(chocolate hearts) be updated to reflect 1 less week of duration? Or will there be a week overlap of the chocolate hearts and next event so that chocolate hearts can run its full duration if currency is unchanged?
  3. This post hopefully will update with the info you seek, comrade player
  4. No compound potential listed, so lets assume you can't use it for that either (not that I would go out of my way for addt'l 220power compound items).
  5. Active farming zones: Celestial Basin, Moon Refuge Autocombat farming zones: Prime Egg, Ebon Realm Celestial Basin: Outdated. The unique, randomized(from a pool) objectives were engaging. Autocompleted, currency was dropped into your total with no hassle. Separate mobs/bosses, weather events, and special rewards from such were enjoyable. Good quest/currency style, but likely unapplyable over multiple farming zones. UI was a little clunky covering up normal quests. Separate objectives/good channel limits ensured reasonable mob density. Moon Refuge: Clunky que
  6. Although the channel limit was advertised at 100, Stoneshell Island appears to be divided(those white transition portals between quadrants) into 4 separate zones. After experiencing the area, one would infer that an individual quadrant would need 100 people to generate a second channel, so technically like 100/quadrant or 400 people for a ch2 in each quadrant. That feels too dense. With the pvp toggle removed, we could use some more space as not to crowd each other. Thanks for looking into adding more channels permanently.
  7. Wednesday, October 28. "The (18 hr) cooldown(s) on the Haul items (when opening an armory chest/arms race cache) are not intended and will be resolved during the next scheduled maintenance on." Read it with the context of the entire message and not literally word for word. Removing the cool down would have been a nice touch for F10 key bundle buyers still opening their armory boxes, with little effect on the overall time gating of the event, as players are still gated for the most part by the taffy acquisition.
  8. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-and-ghoul-events-preview/ It's your lucky day! ToO is scheduled to drop 10-20 oblivion fragments per dynamic chest in the "Blades and Ghouls" evento. I would save up some gold scales before the dungeon difficulty reverts as expected to on this Wed oct 21, and go with the scales+oblivion fragement option.
  9. @Sunshine very important, the talisman upgrade sheet that the patch notes links to has its permissions set to let viewers edit from what I've seen. If youse can delete the existing one (revisions history might still be viewable with all that nastiness), and can generate a fresh one and repost, that would be cool.
  10. But the outfit chest leaves f10 before maintence tomorrow, so we would need to buy extra chests ahead of time.. how many dawn emblems will the wings cost, please?
  11. This is more about mailing between regions rather than between servers, as NA/EU are run as separate regions (each has a unique character/clan name pool, etc). As such, I feel like huge infrastructure changes need to be implemented to accommodate your request. For example, entering a mailing name, there would have to be a server/region select string so the parcel goes to jinsoyun-Steve and not yura-Steve. If future plans included making NA/EU a combined mega server, I could see this happening. Haven't heard anything to that end, I have no expectations for it to happen.
  12. Could be more like Ebon refuge rather than Hunter's, depends limited availability/drops. I'm not sure who/why/how auto battle got mixed up with pvp. I think the pvp aspect kind of cancels out the attractiveness of autobattle rewards. Autobattle for something, becomes autobattle for 10minutes, get killed and spawn back in safezone all night. Randomly respawning in the zone with autobattle still on could fix this. There are lots of ways to ruin an autobattlers experience without PVP toggle though. Dunno the thinking of the fellow who linked together the two things, autobatt
  13. Looking forward, with this lastest trove still fresh in our hearts and minds, lets discuss alterations/improvements to make the next instance of trove more pleasant. DAILY FREE TROVE ROLLS ARE FREE= introduce a new tier of 0-star crits, with weaker prizes than one star crits. Bound mats instead of tradable ones, dokkaebi soju instead of imperial, etc, but have the cost be 0/1c for just about everything. Chance of 1-2-3star crit, but the majority of free rolls are 0star. Premium 0hmc key and NCoin keys guarantee 1-3 stars still. Perhaps HMC keys can roll 0star. ENOUGH CONS
  14. I was already doing weeklies on all of my characters for honing oil (after a certain stocking up point, you can rotate characters every week, no need to scrounge dc for additional, although solar energy is from dc almost exclusively). Full train with the gold nerfs was reduced in the realm of 60g iirc. Compound over 7 days, ~420g. x5 weekly would recoup. So if you were doing full purple train on 3+ chars, the weekly gold add is detrimental to you. For me, i tend to do less than 1 full purple train a day, but I'll round it to 1, once a day, per week. 420g loss from
  15. I like where you're coming from with this question. I was very pleased with that feb producer's letter, it had been some time since BnS had had such a structured preview of things to come. Since we have come to the end of the time period listed in the producer's letter preview graphic, it would be lovely to have another one. Of the June listings, the following have most definitely occurred: FM 3rd Act 11 part 1 Heroic Dungeon- Halcyon Hills New Pvp earring Which leaves a few left to ask about, whether what the item means or when we will get to en
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