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  1. Update F11 menu: Active character with previous seasonal participation: gets that "retrieving info" box that turns into the "cannot retrieve info". Menu does not open Fresh Dualblader: can open F11, I see 8 players ranked overalll for WWV, most look like fresher characters, none ranked for 1v1 overall. Going to ToI tab, Shrine tab, possibly other tabs, brings the menu into the "retrieving info" as above, and breaks menu until relog. Please PM if additional character names/info, timestamps, or anything else would be helpful in coming to a solution to an issue affect
  2. Update: Spectral Shrine Testing with a grizzled done everything sort of char, and a neglected 60voucher Dualblader I was able to enter spectral shrine easy mode on the veteran, cleared it once. Afterwards I was no longer able to reliably enter any mode of spectral shrine. Newb Dualblader could enter easy. Was not able to clear. Update: Arena Veteran grizzled character that definitely did a couple 1v1 matches previous season (without ranking gold), was still unable to queue. Newb Dualblader could queue successfully. Update: Den of the Ancients Bo
  3. NA server, 1/21 after maintenance, Trying to queue for WWV
  4. No change. In fact, Fri's emergency maintenance seems to have disabled MORE f11 content (Spectral Shrine and Den of the Ancients, both of which haven't even had active ladders for months and months). Things that are broken now: Queuing for F11 pvp: Arena 1v1, 3v3, Battleground 6v6, Clan battleground Entering solo dungeons Spectral Shrine and Den of the Ancients Opening f11 menu (box says "retrieving season info" and shortly after "Failed to retrieve season info" Seeing the update rewards in f11 (used to say no season in progress, now cannot open the
  5. "-Ranking (F11) rewards have been updated. " This patchnote would suggest that f11 ranking rewards and system would exist in this patch. Unfortunately, on NA live we cannot see any seasons nor are we able to queue for 6v6 or 1v1 matches. I personally have tried on wed for nova core and 1v1, and in both cases, i got the "Failed to Queue" message the original posted shared. Thankyou for taking the time to check in on this issue for us.
  6. I am concerned by this issue and hope for a timely resolution.
  7. Northern Silverfrost, take the Northreach town windstride point
  8. @Hime If player clients properly running Gameguard cannot access the f5, it would be logical to assume that players who have made f5 transactions since maintenance are in some way interfering/bypassing/disabling gameguard, no? Perhaps the NCwest teams just got a big list of accounts for smol vacations!
  9. I think that the season reward vendor contents after preseason ends could very well solve some of your problems. Looking like jan at the earliest to see the good stuff.
  10. Originally, the threshold for 6v6 rankings was also 1600. I feel like the threshold change to 1400 got a lot more characters involved. Maybe a change like this could help 3v3 become more popular. A different approach could include an incentive to queue, say the participate 3 matches reward increased (either with event stuffs or just more beans/etc, maybe a special pvp stuffs bundle like in those battle ration pouches previously). Beware, participation rewards can encourage people trying to get through the matches as quickly as possible and this can lead to skewed competitive ra
  11. looks like it opens(after maintenance) into a (random color)tradable bundle of 100 crystals that are used to upgrade Aerosmith accessories from the new Aerosmith dungeon. Get it before the maintenance, shouldn't matcher which since tradable bundle.
  12. of the game modes, 1v1, 3v3, and 6v6, which do you feel is most heavily taken advantage of for wintrading? are there any specific aspects of the mode you picked that you feel make it particularly vulnerable to wintrading?
  13. I was able to solve my perpetually loading F2 issues by switching to google dns servers.
  14. yup, play button going into splashscreen is pretty iffy
  15. So going from Supernatural to +1, cost is stated as 5 enchantment stones(based on cntrl+i listings) Old max mythical pet is asking for 5 enchantment stones to upgrade into the supernatural stages, for a total of 10 enchantment stones spent (5 for the initial mythical, then 5 to go to the new supernatural stages). For perspective, the max tier hearts and souls start costing 10 enchantment stones to +1 after the tier jump (lower tier mythicals require another 5 stones to enter into the new stages, so either way you spent 10 stones). Conclusion: Supernat
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