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  1. Urban Legend costume set and 365 Premium

    Hey, gonna drop a link to a similiar thread in the bug report category forum. Though not exactly the same, its quite close to the issue you seem to be experiencing. Throw a reply at the end in case the issue hasn't been reported much yet. You may wanna start a support ticket like the mod told the Original poster to do.
  2. good event

    https://mobile.twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps/status/1220129518855376898 300 is down to 50, yikes
  3. Another whale exclusive event only

    Ultimately it rests on the community. The pvp toggle may or may not be an appropriate feature for this venue, but if no one turns it on at all, its like it doesn't exist. It could work out like SSP where pvp is largely ignored for better efficiency. Its most likely too late for the feature to be adjusted/removed before the patch hits. Or it could end up with people toggled camping the zone in, following other players until their zone in immunity ends and attacking them for pleasure. If you are looking for PVP only, hunters refuge is only open during prime time for 6's. Lets try to be respectful of other players. If you see someone being attacked, don't feel bad about piling on the toggled guy. If they were serious about PVP, they'd probably be in 6's.
  4. Another whale exclusive event only

    There was a quest to kill other players in misty woods, so you were encouraged to pvp other players in the faction zone, as well as prestige. There were still plenty of spite griefing interactions with Blackwyrm, like out of uniform summoners cat taunting Blackwyrm. Hunters Toggle has no motivation but to be spiteful to other players?
  5. Another whale exclusive event only

    6v6 has a damage reduction buff, and in best case, both sides are wearing PVP gears with some damage reduction critdef etc. I enjoy PVP, but goal focused PVP that is constructive. The Hunters refuge PVP as described so far sounds like a golden ticket to grief other players. Prime time only event window, 300 player limit, and participation based boss (10% goal participation is 10 people getting the best box at best, or more likely 0 hitting that target with 300 people gunning for 1 murkdrake).
  6. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    After 2 months, one can imagine that the pet stat irregularity (after ultimate hongmoon) is not something the the development team decided to/was able to spend time to fix. Maybe it is intended to be fixed, but will be rolled out with new pet stages in the future so did not warrant additional development time. Dunno.
  7. Will of Iron: Items and Systems Changes Preview

    How much will the npc vendor autofishing baits cost? If my math holds, 1500 baits to use 4.5k leisure points. Speculating 10sp/bait, thats 150g/day autofishing. I don't think my playstyle supports 150g of baits a day. I was considering a heart revert, but with the rebalance looking to be specifically not an overall reduction, I probably won't try for a revert. Not entirely thrilled about another item evolution shift to increased marketable materials.
  8. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    The 7 second mushin fights, where 2 seconds he's resisting, 3 seconds he's Fist of the North starring you, kind of speak for the instance. Combine with getting locked into combat to for a couple seconds to make the trip to the mushin respawner/dragon pulse that much more trying.
  9. Field boss spawn time/rate

    I believe very specifically its the turtles. I remember one of the little lore books mention livers, and that either the turtles or crabs didn't work. So I'd do the turtles to spawn the field boss behind the plogstead.
  10. Since they're giving 1 key per day(2 for premiorm), one must surmise the daily dash is being suspending during "Treasure Draw". The 11/13 end date of the dashboard makes a lot of sense that way.
  11. unpopular opinion but...

    Indeedy, I prefer switching to region only for recruiting at 10/12+ to weed out some of those guys applying from the middle of their outlaw island, den of ancients, etc.
  12. IIRC, those starlight pouches, with the fragments sellable for 6g/unit, you were slightly better off selling the fragments for gold, posting the gold on f9, and then combiing 10 fragments into a new pouch. Won't be exactly the same with these treasure coins, but make sure you do the math regarding rewards and what you could possibly do (exchange for gold, exchange for menu item, recombine into rng box) before jumping in too hard on them.
  13. Talisman Cost Adjustment and Crafting Changes Coming

    Can we expect those same moonstone/empyrian recipe alterations ratio's on every batch size? Without information the different batch sizes, I'm not really sure how this works out. EDIT: The tradable materials rations are the same multipliers for batch, IE, 6 batch to 24 batch, you use x4 the materials, 64/16/64/16, so the ratios could be the same on every batch size easily for the refund. I was thinking of the older crafting ratios where you got a discount for larger batch size.
  14. Suggestion for more Bound to Account items

    If you could hit every koldrak play time twice, you could potentially get it done x10 a day since it has x5 play slots every day. Generally I miss at least 2 of those with my standard schedule. I think account bounding them would be alright.
  15. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Could be wrong, might not be, way hard to tell without access to the secret actual leaderboard times.