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  1. Mushin Tower floor 1/5-8 So Annoying

    The 7 second mushin fights, where 2 seconds he's resisting, 3 seconds he's Fist of the North starring you, kind of speak for the instance. Combine with getting locked into combat to for a couple seconds to make the trip to the mushin respawner/dragon pulse that much more trying.
  2. Field boss spawn time/rate

    I believe very specifically its the turtles. I remember one of the little lore books mention livers, and that either the turtles or crabs didn't work. So I'd do the turtles to spawn the field boss behind the plogstead.
  3. Since they're giving 1 key per day(2 for premiorm), one must surmise the daily dash is being suspending during "Treasure Draw". The 11/13 end date of the dashboard makes a lot of sense that way.
  4. unpopular opinion but...

    Indeedy, I prefer switching to region only for recruiting at 10/12+ to weed out some of those guys applying from the middle of their outlaw island, den of ancients, etc.
  5. IIRC, those starlight pouches, with the fragments sellable for 6g/unit, you were slightly better off selling the fragments for gold, posting the gold on f9, and then combiing 10 fragments into a new pouch. Won't be exactly the same with these treasure coins, but make sure you do the math regarding rewards and what you could possibly do (exchange for gold, exchange for menu item, recombine into rng box) before jumping in too hard on them.
  6. Can we expect those same moonstone/empyrian recipe alterations ratio's on every batch size? Without information the different batch sizes, I'm not really sure how this works out. EDIT: The tradable materials rations are the same multipliers for batch, IE, 6 batch to 24 batch, you use x4 the materials, 64/16/64/16, so the ratios could be the same on every batch size easily for the refund. I was thinking of the older crafting ratios where you got a discount for larger batch size.
  7. Suggestion for more Bound to Account items

    If you could hit every koldrak play time twice, you could potentially get it done x10 a day since it has x5 play slots every day. Generally I miss at least 2 of those with my standard schedule. I think account bounding them would be alright.
  8. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Could be wrong, might not be, way hard to tell without access to the secret actual leaderboard times.
  9. Mao's Gloves

    hachi, machi, or mao, CAN drop gloves, but rarely do.
  10. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    @Cyan I had 2 pumpkins, you said I should have 8. So I expected 6 more, for a total of 8 in that claim line. My claim got 2 more pumpkins tonight, for a total of 4 in that claim line, counting the 2 that were already there. Still wrong from what you said. (4x,+4 for being premium for eight total) seeing 2 more in claim? weird and unexpected, and lowering my future expectations.
  11. Server Busy = Out of Stock

    What teams won the matches? It was at like 3am/4am for me and I needed to be asleep.
  12. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    If it was something that they had to ask the KR team about (sounds like they're staffed pretty light in the programmer end of things lately, so I assume they would ask overseas about it), with the time difference and NCWEST closing up shop for the day soon, we probably won't hear back until tomorrow at the earliest. If either end needs to get more info, etc, it could add more time to any response.
  13. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    I encourage you to reread the thread. The specific line of mine you quoted is a response to Cyans specific questions, and references the screen capture of my item claim directly above it. I'm not saying we should have gotten the ss/sacred, I'm saying thats what plopped into my claim instead. The tier description text I put together from players sharing their claim screen images with me which are included in above post. (EM) Mid Tier Top xx% --Category 1 (EM) Top Tier Top xx% -- Category 2 (HM) Top Tier Top xx% -- Category 3 Premium bonuses include the same text but with the word "Premium" in it Participation rewards look different Easy mode participation reward (Category 1 OR 2) Hardmode participation reward (Category 3) If you did not receive Category 2 rewards, perhaps you placed higher in 1 or 3, disqualifying you from C2 rewards. If you like, post a screen of your item claim and I can assist you with puzzling over which reward category you were in and such. In response to your concern about moonstone crystals, a major purpose of the thread is to demonstrate a problem with the below circled box , trying to demonstrate that ss/sacred crystals were given out in reality instead of the listed MS/Elysian.
  14. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Grabbed fresh screencapture with character name. Please note that the (EM) Top-Teir Top 50% award is soulstone crystals and sacred crystals rather than the ms/elysian (crystaled, you mentioned. Next, the Easy mode participation is just the x2 pormpkins, rather than the 8 you suggest should be there. Also, its awarding 20x the 20/20 crystal bundles, which may not have been intended. (the premium crystal reward is also being multiplied, in many cases if the chart lists xx of something, it ends up being xx BUNDLES of xx items). my friend who got top 1% category 2 has an image, where their (EM) Top-Teir Top 50% reward is not what you listed, but the same as mine EDIT: I hope my observations can help muscle out any flaws for the next speed run dealie in a week.
  15. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Heres a player with HM rewards image, supports the participation being lumped together