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  1. Forum Thread after Live Stream Cyan

    3. Challenge mode rankings are quite limited. The 71st team gets nothing per week, and nothing for the season rewards. Doing 1 phase may not be enough to get your team anything but disappointment. NA has 71 teams ranked currently. 4. Unity Stones: Need more data on fusion rarity up with 8 stones for a better idea on progression on set bonus. 5. @amokk are we doing PvP for the season reward venture tokens for HMC to buy+ transmute petpods, or for bloodstones for the pet pod transmute? Transmute seems a little iffy on returns. (12 full bloodstones is a ton of beans/bp) HMC season rewards highlight the lack of petpod generation outside of f10.
  2. Bound to Account VT Badges

    I believe The Blade and Soul Twitter specifically cited that the heart/orb/medallion would NOT be account bound.
  3. Unity reputation limit per week not per day

    Especially Weekly quests, you can wait to turn in after the daily cap reset if you'll play less the following day (Except for Tuesday, weeklies reset wednes)
  4. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    We would like to do Cold Storage/Mandate daily on more than one character. Cold Storage at least allows daily and partial rewards without an Ascension Orb. I had enough white orbs acquired over time to do this for quite some time. I had enough demon spirit stones to transmute all of my ~300 evolved stones into oils, I don't really understand the lack of conversion with these. Frozen Orbs/Jinsoyun feathers not converting makes more sense with the new currency buying new Unity system stones. White Orbs had sources where they could be generated in farmable quantites(slowly) in the past: Zawei Ruins, Drops from winter mane, dynamic box of winter mane(before old changes). Also for Quality of Life, the standard cold storage merchant would be lovely to access outside the dungeon. After killing Kaari Lord you can't even spend the currency generated from the same run (door is closed to wintermane chamber).
  5. Shackled Isles feedback

    Shackleford Flaw: Summoner familiar tracking is very poor, with the cat getting stuck on terrain weirdly during the initial glide down, and uncontrallable/unusable/unfindable for the rest of the match. Workaround: carefully watch familiar icon on map/minimap, if it gets stuck on something, land there and make sure it comes with you.
  6. Warlock Bracelet is bugged?

    something similiar may have happened to wind Kungfusters with T1 bracelets, dunno.
  7. Warlock Bracelet is bugged?

    in the new system the t2 bracelet procs on imprison. However, both types of warlocks used to use the same bracelet in the old system. Perhaps Tiger bracelet is only for distortion warlock now.
  8. 60 Voucher icon menu hijacks game

    I was playing on an existing character, and i saw the lvl 60 voucher icon on my menu bar, so i clicked it to see what it was. The popup window with a confirm button, had no way I could discern to cancel out and resume normal game play. The emote wheel could be summoned though. I had to use taskmanager to terminate the taskprocess. Forgot a cancel button NC?
  9. Shackled Isles feedback

    Battle Royale probably needed an article explaining it, the powerups, etc. Team battle royal exists, with its own special red powerups (default 9 key), you queue in pairs of two, I think its under the same ranking, dunno. Duos take longer to fill because of lack of visibility for the mode and little patch explanantion. Rankings for the clan menu list different ranks for players than their personal rankings. ??? Solo Royale is a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind it as a permanent mode (I might want it lowered it to 3 queue windows a day instead of 5 in that case).

    Check this out! Yokomom misspoke about the gems not antiquing, and we will be powdered. Unfortunately though, with the time it takes for the NCWest to get changes approved by home NCSoft office, all but the smallest details ARE set in stone.
  11. Please make sure that entry time windows for Koldrak and Shackled Isles do not occur at the same time.
  12. Questions- Gems- Can you please list a table of salvage values for hex, hept, oct, triangle gild, and square gild gems? Talisman/Nova Related: With the heavy petpod cost, are any new sources of petpods being introduced or existing sources increased? Moon Turtle Island: We missed a screen capture of the rewards vendor, could you be so kind as to throw one up please?
  13. Butterfly Effect

    That one time they had the community vote sale where we picked outfits from a list on ingame surveys and the ones with the most votes came back to the shop. Something like that could see them come back if they did it again.
  14. Where do i pick up the 40k stamina wind walk quest?

    The 40k stamina quest becomes available after you clear act 9 iirc. The purple quest letter takes you to an area in viridian coast, also needs a crafted item to turn in there.
  15. Blade and Soul Wesbite

    This reddit thread sounds similiar to what was happening to you