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  1. I hope that event bundles are fun and usable, and not full of things that my character will sell to the npc merchant for 1 copper. Perhaps the 30 transformation crystals in the jackpot could have been in a special account bound bundle.
  2. Why so many Jubilant keys?

    From my calculations, one can acquire Jubilant fragment boxesx28, 1x per stage from the jackpot 1-9, and then x19 at stage 10. Jubilant keys from the notes, x1 from 3/3 dc, so 7/week AND 3 from 4/4 weekly challenge(WC not mentioned in the notes, besides the removal of orb fragments being troubling), for 10/wk. x5 week event, 50 jubilant keys. Are there any other sources of jubilant fragment boxes besides? Thats before we ponder what to do on all the characters that didn't get the jackpot that are doing DC's and Weekly challenges. instead of having upto 22 extra keys, those cats will have upto 50 extra keys, which would have been orb of ascension fragments. Perhaps extra jubilant keys could be fused 6 into an orb of ascension? Kinda feels like this Jubilant event is taking systems that we kind of liked, and making them less good. Note: Please do not discuss how Jubilant fragment boxes are inferior to dungeon treasure selection boxes for acquisition of elder scale fragments in this thread.
  3. With the main ingame source of Orb of Ascension fragments removed(daily/weekly challenge, replaced with "Jubilant Keys"), and f5 listings quite inflated/scarce (NA is 4g/fragment, which would be 24g spent to complete a 12.9g HM daily quest) at the moment lets talk about the remaining sources that generate Orbs/fragments Daily Dash Merchant of Wonders (rare spawn, variable sold goods) And that was all I could think of. Be prepared to click like the wind if you see a HM group with orb in F8, they gonna fill up faster than ever.
  4. Warrior Token after todays patch

    Specifically, it mentions the specific warrior token in that specific daily quest for Jungmando, floor seveny of Mushman's Tower. So all other warrioty tokens should remain unchanged I would imagine.
  5. QoL Improvement to the fishing Event

    In a game vaunted for its action combat, afk systems can and should supplement the actively playing options. Unfortunately, the event currency sources favour afk play (49stars/week from fishing), over active sources (21 stars/week from 7/7 daily challenge completion, 12 stars from weeklies). I feel that lauding the afk elements over the active play is detrimental to the game and will lessen the player enjoyment of the event.
  6. The New AFK Fishing Event

    Over the course of the event (4wks) the significant amount of currency available through autofishing will add up to full vials. With the extensive redemption period available after the acquisition period ends, the account limit is somewhat moot, negating the need to combine 7/7 dc and weeklies currency for speedy acquisition to meet acount limits. 83 tokens, 1800 pearls per token, divide by 16.8 pearls/autobait aproximation, multiply by 0.10 gold/autobait cost, ~889g spent per vial? 83x1800= 149,400 pearls 149,400/16.8= 8893 baits 8893x 0.1= ~890gold NOTE: If you were somehow able to use normal bait for 5-6hrs a day, 8893x0.03= ~266gold. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT 3sp NORMAL BAIT BE INCREASED TO 10sp(Add chance of rare fish) AS A COUNTERMEASURE TO DISCOURAGE INAPPROPRIATE GAMEPLAY.
  7. Lower the cost of opening Lucky Guild Box.

    opening with sacred orbs gives you x2 the listed items per box. you only see one opening option if you don't have enough currency for the other.
  8. From bad to worse

    Pardon, "Cold Storage" and "heaven's mandate" are six player recommended dungeons.
  9. when it starts 3x Battle Points Bonus event ?

    A unfortunate aspect of this kind of bonus implementation, if your match queues near the end of the play period, and goes outside the play period by even a couple minutes, since frenzy is ended, there is no frenzy bonus on that match. @Cyan Could 1v1 and 6's frenzy bonus period be extended for 30minutes (while the play period remains the same) to cover this special case?
  10. Why are there only 3 Channels for Ebon Realm now?!

    Standard Channels are generated by current player population in an area. Expect more tonight as people park their autobattlers. That being said, we may not hit 7 channels again as some people will not return after their ebon remnants/wings are completed.
  11. when it starts 3x Battle Points Bonus event ?

    So it looks like the "x3" battle points is as follows: you get your base, thats 100%, or x1 and then they've juiced battle frenzy bonus up to 200%, or x2 so altogether, you're getting x3 battle points/beans. rank bonus (50%/100%/++ for silver/gold/++) old battle frenzy bonus (25% arena/50% 6v6) premium bonus: 30% Clan vs Clan bonus: varies from clan to clan, or 0 So you had anywhere from +55%- +280% already to your base 100%. The bronze, no clan no premium guy was getting 125% total previous arena, 150% 6v6, now gets 300%. The premium silver guy goes from 205 arena/230 6's, to 380% arena/380% 6's. Its definitely more than you were getting before.
  12. Ebon Realm - distance perimeters and a heads up

    Autohunting, warlock experience: While auto hunting in a remote spot, I have wandered like 70m from my startpoint chaining mobs. The key factor on ranged autobattlers wandering further out, is if the monster dropped a loot sack or not. If it DID drop a loot sack, my character seems to autotarget ~15m from after walking up to loot to the next mob, possibly in the direction AWAY from my starting point.
  13. Remnants useless without box?

    I'd like the call to arms token to be a bit higher up on the list, so I don't have to scroll down to the most used option on that shop menu.
  14. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    @Quang12345 Cyan went ahead and answered some player questions about the patch on reddit(Thanks, Cyan! Appreciate the extra time you took fleshing out some of the details for us). This particular branch of the conversation covers your question about the limits being weekly resets or duration of event(Cyan responded that the limits would NOT reset from his understanding).
  15. Scams in Daily Hongmoon Store

    Pet Gem Bundle Available March 4 – March 18 Purchase Restrictions: None Bundle Contents Price (NCoin/Hongmoon Coin) 1199 Multi-Faceted Pet Gem Chest--1 Oblivion Fragment --1 Hongmoon Gem Powder Pouch--1 (3-7 gempowder) Special Hongmoon XP Charm--1 Not a huge difference, but overall, definitely the petgem chest would have been been better(disregarding the gamble aspect) as an f10 offering WITHOUT the petgem specials going on. You are getting slightly more value off the bundle, for 1ncoin less, without the 1day flashsaleness and limit of 2 purchases. Hugely poorly timed, the f10 petgem slot is a waste of a space. Selection chest technology exists, and we like those better than weird gamble chests. Nice to see some costumes in the f10 specials. Would like to see costumes, weapon skins in there more regularly (maybe devote a slot for 1x of each/day?). There was a ingame survey(system no longer in use for the mostpart) one time for choosing costumes for a player choice sale in the first or second year. That was neat, if it takes development time that will not be allocated to do the same thing again, maybe a web/forum based survey could be implemented in a similiar fashion.
  16. I would attribute this to a name change (Especially since searching the char name brings up the wrong class).
  17. NPC that buys gold

    Brilliant sealing charm f5 listings(originally acquired from f10 as sealing charm fragments only) are also convenient to calculate a "true" ncoin:gold rate compared to the 1:1 capped f9 exchange. If you can, look at the previous sales completed rather than the ones still on the market that haven't sold.
  18. Are these times for Whirlwind still applicable?

    Currently, 3 maps are in rotation W Sat-- Nova Core TH M-- Beluga Lagoon Fri Sun Tue-- Whirlwind valley Each day is time limited, i would check on your ingame time scheduler (click on the time clock on y our minimap) to get an idea of when the 6's queue availability and bonus period start and end each day. EDIT: since there was a UK in your link, I assume you were specifically asking about EU timings, which I am not really super familiar with.
  19. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    Whats a "Clan renewal"?
  20. Cowards devs/staff

    My best soul was awakened Brightwill 1, second best awakened tiger1, and i had two souls around awakened cosmic 4-5 that I was looking to true cosmic when the soul changes were anounced. When I was leveling the awakened cosmic previous patch, and i hit 5 on one and the upgrade was suddenly 5 oils, I thought, "Wow, no oil usage to suddenly five, thats kind of a big jump". I can appreciate the gradual use of oils in the new patch (although I think the usage in some places should have gone down some). Not having the patch changes listed out specifically was a bummer, going in blind to whether to bump the second awakened cosmic up a few levels or wait for patch. I probably would have boosted them both to awakened cosmic 5 in hindsight. Vial/Oil usage includes currently supremely expensive evolved stones and limited tradable materials to produce transformation stones, besides bound crystals.
  21. Starting off, most of the time I base these decisions off a f9/gold/hmcoin ratio, nudging prices up if things are only available via ncoin. For today's "Don't Buy" Verdict, I don't have to, since we're comparing an f10 hmc/ncoin special to a f10 hmc/ncoin bundle directly. 1-- 5/5 HM gempowder(x10), for 160 fixed. or a one time purchase of 50 gempowder for 800 ncoin/hmcoin vs 2-- unlimited purchase of 60 HM gempowder for 799, with average yields above 60, and % chance of significantly higher yields. Honorable mention to the liberty tokens the other day, 350 nc/hmc for 10, while the f5 listings NA were around 4g each.
  22. next event vial price?? :D

    @Zuzuzuzuzu the ~ 400g number you are using is roughly HALF the tokens for a vial. If you consider the full event, ~400g each week for half a vial, 4 week duration, you have paid 1600g in bait for 2 vials, which is 800g/vial. so remember, your not paying 400g a week for a full vial, you're paying 800g over 2 weeks for 1 vial. If i was short just a few dark hearts for w/e I wanted, I wouldn't mind angler pearls to make up the difference. If you are going for vials with event currency though, doesn't look to be worthwhile to use angler pearls at all. @prietess instead of spending gold on bait for fishing for angler pearls to dark heart exchange, if you just set aside that gold for savings, after two weeks you could use that gold to buy ~1.5 sacred oils based on NA market prices. Its not worth the pearl exchange on even 1 character, so no need to worry about it on multiple characters.
  23. next event vial price?? :D

    I think your daily pearl is a bit overestimated. (i feel like i tend to get around ~25k for a full set of leisure points/1500 bait. Perhaps you use current leisure points and fish through reset to use more than the 4500 pool?). Using your numbers, 420g/week is 8.57g/token. This works out to 711g vial (I feel this is a bit on the low end). Check out this calculation from Pandana i believe Pandana estimate to be more in line with my fishing results ingame. BUT by either of your maths, don't spend on autobait, and use the gold savings to buy an oil off f5.
  24. Please reduce the fee of mailing gems.

    Popular opinion- Please add accountbound stash. Mailing things to your own characters (gold, gems, materials, bound materials, etc) is annoying.
  25. 2020/02/08 Today's Specials, a solid "Don't Buy"

    Thats last seasons pink tokens, up earlier this week. With the Resurgeance(new blue) being bound as Arohk mentioned, can't judge the value.