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  1. Do the M'ao gloves even exist any more?

    I sure did get them that one time they dropped... on my 91st alpha token emblem fragment. Having them on the vendor for xx alpha tokens, 2 or 5 or w/e, maybe locked behind an achievement to kill M'eow (1x/10x) might encourage people to attempt to kill/practice killing her more.
  2. Weapon "reductions"

    Other ones that were concerning: Shadowfrog-> Grand Celestial, especially premium stones increasing from current live Shadowfrog->Wingstrom, also especially premium stones increasing from current live
  3. Outfits to bring back / QoL / Premium suggestion

    Dead Reckoning(the cream hue recolor of quickdraw, possibly sharper than the original imo) was gunner release iirc Some of the signature release costumes were added to/are still available from merchant of wonders Temptation (warlock release) Pistachio Dream (soulfighter release) I wouldn't mind seeing some of the other release ones in either event currency selection chests or on MoW Endless Fury- Warden release Ascension(?)-- Awakening Release Secret Keeper-- Act (??) release Archer Release With Archer released, it would be fun to see weapon skin resealing (doesn't sound impossible since actual weapons can be boxed with brilliant sealing charm fragments now) or otherwise past limited edition weapon skins available for archers and others.
  4. Outfits to bring back / QoL / Premium suggestion

    I would super like the unity fusion chance for 8 blue rarity stones to guarantee a purple rarity on fuse. Tied in to premium membership? maybe, maybe.
  5. New Daily Dash

    New dash: Cons Hongmoon hept selection box -> Random Oct nonhongmoon box. Jewels and elements down from x2 to x1 2x slots of x5 1k reputation charms, 24hr cooldown. 1soulstone+2g to transmute to not have to use over 5days(probably most of six if you can't line up the cooldowns perfectly. Kind of a trivial amount of reputation, unless you hit the squares 50x and transmuted with greater expense to a better charm. Hongmoon brilliant keys, HM unsealing charms, rare elements removed (if you liked them). Each dungeon selection box (even at x2) gives less materials than the former dash squares. Former dash was full blue scale, or x2 silver scale. Current selection boxes don't have the highest tier of materials. EDIT: Players have reportedly received sacred vial(s?) for the premium spot suprise prize. Pros Selection boxes mean less materials you don't need (unless at the highest tier of gear), or access to more raven feathers/blackstones if for some crazy reason you wanted them. x2 green venture token on that one venture token spot. Single liberty token fragment, rare elements, HM brilliant keys, HM unsealing charms removed if you didn't want them. Recommended new dash changes Update Raid/Dungeon/weaponupgrade selection boxes with the latest tiers of materials (blood rose, elder scale, scarlet bloom), while slightly increasing the older tier material quantities in the boxes. Currently with the selection boxes, if I hit all FIVE x2 stacks and picked blue scales, the x3 fragment quantity would total 30 fragments, or 1.5 blue scales. Old dash was 2 boxes of x1 full scale. Thats an going from 1 scale per square, to 0.3 scales per square landed on, keeping in mind that a new tier scale is now released. Replace crappy gembox with hongmoon hept selection Increase Jewel/Element to x2. I would also accept x3 or more A higher tier of reputation charm. At 500k cap, and 5k for most dungeons, 10k for mandate/CS, with unity lvl taking 1.1mill and up per level towards 105, a larger charm would be useful, in a quantity I don't have to pay to transmute. I'd either leave these unclaimed until I had enough for a 50k charm, or more likely leave them in claim forever. This is the kind of thing I saw in trove for 1g that I wouldn't even bother to buy. The account cooldown, character bound, and small quantity makes them worse than the 10k green xp charms.
  6. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    My metrics for Judging the relative value of trove selections: What would a roll of a similar daily dash square give me What would spending 49 HMC/NCoin on daily special of a similar item get me F9 values and F5 sales values, which are heavily player influenced, and vary over time and region quite a bit. The acquisition source, quantity, and difficulty of an item, as well as use. Soulstones/Sacred orbs/Moonstones-- usually a scam, especially in 1 star crits. Higher quantities would make it less of a loss compared to spending on f10, bring it up to daily dash amounts, and work better with the increased materials usage caused by soul/pet revamps. F10 specials will sell me 120 soul crystals for 49 HMC/Ncoin, or 10 Moon crystals for 40 HMC/Ncoin currently. Jewels/Elements--For Jewels and Elements@5g/1, A player just spent a 49 HMC/NCOIN key, and it got them the equivalent of 1sacred crystal and 1 elysian crystal. Scammed. Meowharan Coins- Priced at about the cost where getting 20 for the PVP bracelet to vendor for 100g breaks even. Somewhat trivial to obtain. Hellion Cores- DC dungeons that give hellion cores now spit out 2 boxes per dynamic. Moon refuge gets almost the same stuff, but with much less effort(besides bracelet). Giving out as many as a dash square of hellions is the bare minimum, or take them out of trove completely, better yet. Honquilty/Alpha Emblem-- A lucky Sundering/Den run will net a player a salvageable item for a full token/emblem. Minimum a full emblem please. F10 will sell me ~2 Hongquility emblems for 52 hmc/ncoin. Consumables-- quantities of at least 5 please. More would be better. If I can only get 1x a consumable for 49 NCoin/HMC, i am loath to use it short from stopping an apocalypse. Trove is a temporary, limited event, so I would like to feel like 1 star crits are a good thing, rather than a failed, non winning slots pull. Don't let the other f10 sources be more efficient and rewarding when you compare f10 specials and dash to trove.
  7. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    2. -- Since the zone doesn't have shifting quests like basin, its repetitive grinding nature makes it vulnerable to bots. I'm not sure why they moved away from the dynamic quests of Celestial basin, I also preferred playing that system myself.
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Did the dungeon changes in 9/25 patch link up with the right modes? Since we use a 2 mode system on NA/EU, pethaps the 3rd mode that is not currently active was accidently tweaked? Seems truly odd that players cannot detect changes in dungeons on todays patch list. @Cyan is there anything helpful we players can do? Would it be helpful if we compiled a list of conditions/effects etc that instantly killed in the new easy mode dungeons?
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Gold income has previously been reduced, for most recent example, gold from SJF and FAS weekly quest was reduced when Titan CHamber/Dr. Grubbus was released. At other times when new dungeons were released, or hard modes removed, daily quest gold has been removed. I think it may have been a mistake in trying to link/justify the gold nerfs with the new naming structure of "easy" mode. The instances that easy mode doesn't touch/ wasn't expected to touch ( for example, solo dungeons like Den, Outlaw, and SUndering) having their gold daily quest reduced does not logically correlate. We as players need to realize that NC occassionally likes to adjust the daily gold incomes, and that our patches are sometimes bundled in awkward ways. I've had lots of "fun" in "easy" Warped Citadel this week, exploring the 3rd phase, addt'l wipe conditions, etc. Glad the "easy" modes can be patched back closer to our normal modes.
  10. Unleashed Hongmoon Pet Aura incorrenct display stats

    In the skill tree and upgrade paths, the first 2 legendary stages (which replaced loyal/gusty/fiece, and the combination of the three) look good, and follow the new format (separate on hit proc w/boss attack) that the omega has. Starting at the 3rd legendary stage, continuing until Omega (the newly added stages), the buff is the old when hit pvp attack power. We're looking at the first green effect on the Hongmoon and omega. On these guys below, the When hit pvp attack power is the 2nd green effect. The inconsistency looks like a big "whoopsy".
  11. Unleashed Hongmoon Pet Aura incorrenct display stats

    Is the functionality change intended? The Boss AP/Addt'l dmg on Unleashed Hongmoon are on hit, activating when you hit an enemy, while on ultimate, all the green effects are when hit, and share the same timer. In fact, an unleashed hongmoon pet will show 2 different buff effects (normal when hit for pets, and a separate crossed swords on tan field when active, yellow version of the normal pet buff cooldown icon when inactive. I would feel much more comfortable upgrading pets if the buffs didn't suddenly transform to entirely different buffs at different stages. EDIT: I asked in KR region player discord, and they said that all their pets were updated to the new format. It would appear that some of the NA/EU/RU pets were inadervtantly not converted to the new type?
  12. items i dont get from using lvl 60 char boost voucher

    Temple of succession and the Temple of eluvium quests are left with a bit of proggessing needed after vouchering. Eluvium needs one more location and dialogue to be able to complete in the raid. Succession is at chapter one and gives most of the goodies, gems, talsiman, heart, etc.
  13. Help with Arena keys

    I feel that making keys account bound would be a truly temporary and shortsighted attempt to fix any Arena key shortage, as after you burned through any stockpiles you had, you'd same situation you started in. Keys are available for solargy last time i browsed the menu, but doing 4/8 completion for solargy to get 1 key isn't much better circumstances. What are the sources of keys besides solargy and daily challenge 6/8 currently? Did the amount from daily challenge change at all compared to prepatch? Arena soulstone pouches as far as I remember (dragon certs/small dragon certs) have always been locked behind some kind of limited pve source. If the acquisition difference is signifcant with a new patch, it may be something we as players would like addressed.
  14. Another patch rant

    Players should only complete 8/8 DC accidentally. If you're doing it on purpose for 3 elder fragements/6k rep, do another cliffs instead, and ditch whichever two of the 8 quests would take up the most of your time. Reasoning: Cliffs normal/hard is in the 8 quest dc, you'd have to do it some days anyways. Hard Modes are in the dc, if you can master the hard modes, CLiffs "easy-mode" should be possible for you. DC 8 completion 3 Elder Fragments 6.8k Unity XP (with premium) 1 Cliffs Dynaminc ("easy" mode) 3 Elder Fragments 2.8k Unity Exp Core box, 2x Mat Box +daily quest gold, xp, unity, if not already done for DC (Hard mode would be 6 elder, 2x core, 2x matbox, 2.8k unity) @Ryunosuke Takahashi unfortunately, players are reporting that MSP dungeon has been "easy-moded". Miniboss lightning is said to no longer clear the mushroom camps entirely, leaving more running, fighting, and time to earn that unchanged gold daily gold reward.
  15. unknown Issue for ncsoft

    Party number color is based off the difficulty setting of the color. Blue- (Novice on the menu) Easy party Yellow- Normal party Green- Hard party
  16. Revert patch changes please ....

    @Grimoir I believe the easy/hard mode dungeons (SSM, DD, BC, etc) auto complete DC credit only (also the complete quests for those dungeons don't jump up the list above the other daily challenge stuff with only one quest (moonrefuge which to be manually turned in, etc). I'm not sure if you can still accept daily quests for things like hollows hard from the dc menu. The new daily challenge quest turn in functionality is kind of odd. Back to the original Poster, I feel that the main problem are the statements linking the gold reductions to the difficulty changes. There have been gold reductions to quests previously as content moves ahead. If they hadn't linked the gold reduction to the newly started easy mode, the player outrages would have been fewer (but really, in that case why lower the gold on things like outlaw, CoS, Den of the Ancients, when players have no expectation of new easy mode touching their difficulty?). I'm not happy with materials nerfs, things just keep taking more and more materials (pet this patch).
  17. Todays Daily Dash scam (Reset of Position)

    If you were aware of the dash becoming unavailable, the situation looks like a fast, but awkward and not completely satisfactory fix. If you were unaware of the dash system going down, log in to find your dash progress reset, then I would understand confusion and anger as a reaction.
  18. Todays Daily Dash scam (Reset of Position)

    IIRC, the dash board was set to end 9/17. I speculate, with the end date (miss)entered as such, the dash became unavailable the morning of 9/17 today. NCWest was able to quickly change the end date to 9/18 and get the dash re-enabled, but individual progress was not able to be restored. You get your 1-3 spins for today from the start, but sadly if you were deep into the board near the desirable prizes or near the end, you won't get chance of the nicer rewards.
  19. Daily Dash missing on NA server already

    The daily dash fix started us over at the beginning and cleared our board completion counts. AND STARTED US OVER AT THE BEGINNING(removing our chances of getting the good prizes from our positions deeper into the board).
  20. Daily Dash missing on NA server already

    My NA dash isn't working either today, 9/17, as of 11am EST
  21. Requesting Daily Challenge New List

    Looking forward to those patch notes! Thanks, Partner!
  22. Moon Hunter Weapon and Rukesh Weapon

    Back in the old days, weapon drops were more plentiful from Hard mode brosses. Presently, I imagine you'd have better drop rates in hardmode, but can't say for sure. (<-HM ebondrake citadel/desolate tomb I'm recalling) As the weapon chest can be quite uncommon, i recommend using the 3 brilliant keys to guarantee your class. My last note, SST hardmode will be removed on 18/9, this upcoming wednesday. Historically, drops have been moved to the remaining mode, but with the arrival of "easy" mode, we could see new d rop behaviours in that regard.
  23. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    So compared to the 3 difficulty KR system, We're going to a 2 mode system. KR system- 1-- Beginner mode- heavily reduced (none besideds dst boss 1?) wipe mechs, no mat boxes, no boss drops. 2-- Normal Mode- Kinda the stuff from our normal modes, slightly reduced wipe mechs possibly in line with dungeon nerfs over time(some of these may have leaked live already like they sometimes do) 3-- Hard mode- Outfits, legendary psyches, gold chance in dynamic box(daily quests reduced gold, since completeable on baby mode). With only 2 modes coming to NA, Hard mode one of them(though no mention of dynamic gold, so maybe not exactly the same), The second mode, NA/EU "Easy", is either KR Beginner, KR normal, or an entirely new beast of its own. KR players have posted screenshots of KR beginner cliffs mobs to compare to the Easy Mode cliffs on the NA/EU livestream. Thanks Alice! The cliffs mobs hp in NA/EU easy lined up with KR normal. This supports the KR2 mode 2 being our "Easy" mode (or a new hybrid between the 2). Ru players have posted screenshots of RU dynamic from "Easy" cliffs (can't say for sure, since it wasn't a dynamic of an released dungeons) that looked comparable to live NA/EU current rewards (mat box, 3 fragements, etc). Thanks Tsuki! This also supports the mode 2 being our Easy mode or something new. As a sidenote about the name choice, calling it easy instead of normal is probably good, normal has a tone about it that infers its a standard difficulty, stops players from pushing into hard, since normal is normal. I feel this may be a good change of naming going forward.
  24. Suggestion: Bonus drop rate for 'team' Hardmode Runs

    When KR released beginner mode, much of the daily quest golds were migrated into a chance o f gold bars in the harde mode dynamic boxes.
  25. Removal of fm TORNADOS from pvp. Also

    I would use the example of the newly released "Hunter" class arrowing someone to death in what looks like 1/2 an aircombo during a 1v1 arena match as the lack of interest in PVP balance.