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  1. The new Sparkling Starstuck Chest doesn't contain the new weapon chest that should come with the new set, instead in contains the weapon chest from the past set (Lifespark) that was in the last RNG Boxes. Is this inteded or a bug? Or is there another way to get to that weapon chest/skin?
  2. Get this, they found out a solution to block out the infinite amount of Obsidian and Garnets you could have gotten from Soul Boost by just putting a 14 Chars limit to. Also get this, they had to develop a system, supervise it, run through tests, approve it and lastly run it into life servers in just TEN DAYS! Because this issue was first ever mentioned TEN DAYS AGO! And they already created and developed a solution for something that will NEVER hurt their income. But fixing M'Ao and Eva is way to much to ask for. I mean forget about Eva, you can still do duo runs. But just remove M
  3. and at the of the day it is the paying customer that needs to shut their mouth... and that's what i meant with the "Greeny is gaslighting us" Our knowledge about this game and the stuff we say about what's not working is being undermined or fully ignored or taken as no real issues. At this point i feel like we should start boycotting...
  4. nice... we also found out that they found a solution for the infinite Obsidian/Garnet 'problem' by quickly creating a new system they only 14 of newly created character are bound the the soul boost event. Funny is that the thing with the Obsidian/Garnet was mentioned ONLY TEN (10!!) DAYS AGO!! And they quickly developed a solution for this problem, but it is hard to fix M'ao, missing PTS and ESS, missing Soul and Heart Evolution Stones and more. As soon as Korea sees that we as player find an opertunity that would particially damage their income => EMERGENCY ALLERT!!! Instant fi
  5. nice you copied my post on discord but made it kinder! Actually that is the only option right now i see that makes it possible to get those 2 stones. Support has to step in now for this. It is not the a problem that Greeny can solve.
  6. i am also very curious! how do i get these stones? On all my 14 chars....
  7. So basically... if you already had the Stages 30 and 34 you will never be able to get those 2 Evolution Stones that you are missing. I am already at 41+ with all my chars (14 of them). And still... *sigh* we are also missing 2 Evolution Stone for Heart and also 4 Empyrean Spirit Stones 3 Premium Transformation Stones for the Weapon Upgrade. Mao is also still bugged. What do I have to do now to get the missing 2 Evolution Stones? Do i write support? Do i get it for all my chars?
  8. also did they just ignore the fact we are also missing 4 PTS and 4 EmpS? Not only that, we are actually also missing purple Ascension Stones, that were patched out in our versions.
  9. We asked for NCSoft's transparency. What we got: Green Guy's transparency by gaslighting us all
  10. and not only this... the employees have gotten really silent and acting like they don't care or have no clue about what they are talking
  11. Just. Do. A. Hard. Reset. On. Ranking. It is that simple...
  12. "These are the known issues that we're still working on after releasing the new build: Soul Boost does not reward enough Everwill Soul Evolution Stones to be upgraded to True Brightwill Soul. Equipping the Grand Tidings Outfit as a female Lyn will make the character invisible. The 3rd event tab of the Dragon Express (using Starstruck Coins) will not be available until Wednesday 2/23. Warlord pets have no appearance. The names of the Starseeker Pet, the Awakened Starseeker Pet, and the Ultimate Starseeker Pet’s appear incorrectly. Most items do not stack up to 2999
  13. I can enter with all my alts except for one and my main. These two can't join sadly. I use the Multitool Launcher, maybe that's why my alts all can join.
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