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  1. Maybe some background patches for future updates.
  2. this is one of the most first world problems i have ever seen. i mean hammers? rly? Are we now even have to start to complain about the most unnecessary stuff?
  3. This comment just says "I cannot believe i have to play this game to progress!!!" This game is made sooooo easy now to get a decent starter gear after ending the story, i mean yes it takes less then a week to have GC6. But after getting GC6 it get's faster.
  4. Same here… all of the keys are already gone. Seem to be an error from their side.
  5. You can just upgrade your exalted 9 to GC 3, which is not expensive by any means. And then you can upgrade that to GC 6 almost for free.
  6. Fun Fact: In a receint interview the story writer told that the lore that is already written would take another 10 years to implement in the game.
  7. Imperial Cores can actually be used to buy Celestial Stones in CS, but only for that, which is... meh! Imperial Cores should be able to be used to buy almost everything you can drop in EM Dungeons, especially for the weapon chest. PvE Weapons are cheaper to upgrade, but the drop rate is at 1/8 dungeons. So it would take (if you only do 3 a day) up to 2 month to upgrade your PvE weapon from Stage 1 - 9.
  8. I disagree with everythin you say, but in the same time i would wish to see more (Solo) Quests in the dailies. But actually when you play after 5pm and start your dailies, you should be done with the 4 quests in F8 in about 40 minute if you are unlucky with your members. You can still do Koldrak or if you know how CoS works and have at least 2.2kk DPS, that should do it as well. The Game seems very 'unsalted' right know... There is a gear progress like Story Gear + Mushin Tower Gear >>> TT Gear + Easy Dungeons Gear + Outlaw Stuff for weapon and such >>> ET Gear +
  9. I would really appreciate a Account Storage room, even if it is for Premium Users only! I don't even care if you have to pay for it or not, but always having to send stuff from your alt to your main after you have done all weeklies and dailies in one sitting every time is a bit... dumb!
  10. You can get nice gear now from F15 and F20 in Mushin's Tower. Also in Solo Dungeons you can use the Tokes for ET Badge.
  11. I know these quests still exist, but these are not in the Daily Challenges anymore. This makes it harder for newcommers to see that these quests exist. These Quest are really important to get your self an Storm Dragon/Exalted Stage 9 Weapon which safes you a lot of mats and gold in the first stages. I know there is CTA, but some people might create alts. And another factor is to finish the Daily Challenges... I rather have to do 3/5/7 and finish 3 in like 15 minutes then going through 2 dungeon that takes about 15 minutes each now. Also is anyone finding it hard to find random groupes now in F
  12. Also what i would suggest - and i know this sounds a bit harsh - but get yourself a office laptop and a pc/laptop for BnS or games in general. I know many people - and I understand that completely in the perspective of finances - have one system that they use to play games, watch Netflix, use for SoMe like YouTube, Instagram etc and also use it to work on. And that stuff drains your system slowly, but it drains it. This causes from time to time that games don't work 100% as intendet. Illustrators, film editors and photographers will understand this, because most of them NEVER use one
  13. Well you played with a pretty bad graphic so far, so you will have to play it with pretty bad graphic setting after the patch. Also this! I know people cannot just choose their luxury, but sometimes you just have to face reality and go on with what your life gives you.
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