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  1. I read through the drop list on the instances in the Guide (CTRL + J), and there is not a single instance that drops Sterling Crystals, so I suggest adding it to the drop list of instances so that players can upgrade Heart.
  2. Before, one could drop Challenger's Token in Aerodrome and Substratum while those instances were Demonsbane instances, now you can drop them in the same respective instances, but it has very low chance and even if it drops the party has to bid for it unlike when those were demonsbane instances. I suggest putting Challenger's Token in the current demonsbane instances, those being Chaos Supply Chain, Nykarri Hall of Trials and Nykarri Namdo Shrine.
  3. Some NPCs like "Piroko" which gives the Brood Chamber daily quest Brood Awakening have Korean voice acting in their dialogue lines, it has been like this for a while now but since it was not fixed I thought I would put this here.
  4. Hello, the first season of soul boost was supposed to end in 8th of June but it is going to last one more month. Considering the pattern of how ncsoft resolves problems, such as not being able to enter Den of the Ancients for five weeks for example, I expect that it will not be fixed at all, considering this can you undo this extra month change and put the evolution stones and other upgrade items from the soul boost to be earned in the hongmoon store so that the people that could not earn the rewards because of ncsoft's errors can get them? @Green Storm
  5. The achievements "A Sticky Situation" and "Rukesh's Oath" cannot be completed due to changes in the respective instances.
  6. This patch has very, very bad problems, it was not a good idea to put daily challenge like that, if it is a player that just started to play, or an alternative character, not only you have to do Koldrak everyday, solo instance, and if you want to get seven dailies done on Soul Boost, you have to do PvP quests, which is not good, I was going to complete the Soul Boost on 7 characters on the start of the new patch, now I am not going to, next Soul Boost it is I guess. To add to the Soul Boost, on the Stage 2 quests, it is impossible to complete the Aerodrome level quests, sure, I did have t
  7. I made a post about this months ago, but it seems it was deleted without any warning, so I am reposting this In the instance, the Hypnos part in particular, the character, with the exception of Force Master and possibly other classes, does not wield the weapon properly. To give an example, a Blade Master while on attack mode on that part of the map, has the sword on the back and is holding nothing.
  8. The trader Gang Sanghae does not show any tab with item items to buy, it just opens your inventory and shows the dialogue of the npc.
  9. I am aware the the instances from Sandstorm Temple to Thornwind Cavern are not part of the Daily Challenge anymore, however those are still important to farm materials such as scales, outfits and so on. Can those instances be installed again on cross-server for the sake of convenience? @Green Storm Edit: To add to this, can you put Scale Fragment Support Chest to the daily quests of the news instances? Those do not have them for some reason. Thank you
  10. One thing that has been always like this, why do you not make Ncoin items (not including items with limited purchases, or some sort of limitation), tradable? For example premium membership, or in this event currently Fortune's Favor Coin, it would make it easier for players that cannot or do not have an interest in purchasing NCoin and you would not make any losses and would gain a lot from it with item only purchasable with NCoin. You do not want to make money?.. Related to NCoin, there is items such as Wungsam Pet and Wun Gwangyi Pet (which are not tradable) which are needed t
  11. So, Celestial Basin is having an update, yet it has completely useless rewards, unlike the korean region? At the same time, one of the worst things of the korean region has been implemented in the west region for some time now, Sterling Scales, which are needed to upgrade heart. Have consistency, either all stuff from korean region or not and make it clear.
  12. This may have been already posted but I have not seen it here, there are some problems with, Shadow Plume, Shadow Plume Hat, Starseeker Illusion Twin Swords, Shadow Plume Illusion Twin Swords and Alabaster Illusion Twin Swords. Regarding weapon illusions, this problems affect weapon illusions of other classes as well, if not all. Shadow Plume and Shadow Plume Hat do not have an icon. Starseeker Illusion Twin Swords do not have the proper textures and are bugged when equiped. With Dual Blade class, it is supposed to have two swor
  13. On finishing the Sanctum of the Masters instance, after either sucessfully defeating the last boss or not, the clan outfit has the default design rather than showing the proper design of the outfit.
  14. While on the The Wailing Wind quest, Act 8, chapter 18, on the way to Skyrift Altar, there is a field blocking the way. and it has sound even if you have the Mute All option enabled, it stops as it is supposed to when Jyonna disables the field.
  15. If you try to open tailor shop to customise an outfit while you are wearing clan uniform, you get the following message, which has a typo.
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