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  1. I understand the possiblity that things are decided by ncsoft (on korea) and not ncwest but regardless of that, that does not justify anything, being decided in a branch of ncsoft, ncwest in this case or ncsoft itself, it does not matter a garbage decision is still a garbage decision wherever it comes from.
  2. This is not just now, it has been like this for a long time already and is most of the reason for Blade and Soul not being well. So you do an Unscheduled maintenance, fine, why did you not this on the "pet event" event? It was certain fast for this, why? So with the realmrift instance, you put the wrong drops it seems, and also it was a non-choice in dragon express with chests' coins, the only choice was the 10 million experience charm, why put the other two to begin with? Does not make sense. Why did not put the proper drops to begin with? Did you even bother to check it if it
  3. Hello, I would like to know how to get Pistachio Dream, Escort Officer, Oath Token and Officer's Sedge Hat currently considering the merchants that could appear in instances do not appear anymore? Also on dual blade class, certain collections that have a weapon do not have it for dual blade class, say for example Something's Fishy collection, in other classes you need to have the weapon from the instance The Shadowmoor along with its outfit and hat, yet for dual blade it does not show up the weapon required and if you have the outfit and hat you can not complete the collection.
  4. I asked for performance and asked for that graphic improvement as well as an option, you can put the options on low still if you want, I think performance is very important but the game should not completely revolve around it, otherwise we would be playing with stickmen, there isn't any weapon for db in grand harvest square I checked but thanks for telling me. About voice chat, I do not know what you mean by "toxicity", it has been a while since I used voice chat in bns but I think you could mute someone if you did not want to hear them. The thing about the sealing charm fragments is for
  5. That is a good point but I said that because that is how it was going and then it stopped with elder scales for some reason, basically the system was left behind, same with cores.
  6. Hello, I would like to make a few suggestions, hopefully there are some that are worth considering. Make scales up to one tier behind bound-to-account. Make Scarlet Conservatory mystic badge bound-to-account. Make a way to realistically farm Hongmoon Gem Powders, and no, going to skybreak spire to possibly get one or two, or depending on the RNG of crafting guild order crit, or buying in the marketplace (where 99% come from hongmoon store) is not farming. This would only apply on items or bundles that do not have limited purchases, make items or
  7. Hello, I think it would be good to add some sort of verification to the files in the client to check if there is files lacking, modified files, files that are not supposed to be there,ect, and also add an anti-cheat software to stop possible third party softwares and the last thing, I have reported several cheaters, and the answer is always very ambiguous such with things like "We'll investigate this matter", or when you ask what the conclusion was it is something like "Due to privacy reasons we cannot tell you the state of player's account", so with this could you make it so that at leas
  8. In mail, if you retrieve a large amount of the same item, sometimes it stops midway.
  9. After completing Koldrak's Lair instance, some players that change character get disconnected from the game and the game closes.
  10. On Thorwind Cavern instance, with lower graphic options, it is not possible to see the two whirlwinds blocking the way to the first boss in the instance, other situations like that can be seen in other locations.
  11. In a quest on act VIII and act X, at least, with mute all option enabled, at some points you can still hear sound.
  12. While changing colors in Tailoring, client can still crash like in the UE3 client. On at least some windwalk quests, when it is finished, Bunah stays in a static pose in the air, similar situations also happen with other npcs in different occasions. While talking with npcs that are lying down such as Gwon and Khoid the Quick for example, the camera has an odd angle, rather than being from top pointing to below. Several of dual blade class weapons have the same appearance. There is a lack of light reflection, specially on outfits. If you are moving forward and open chat
  13. Graphic Performance Mode does not affect the game at all.
  14. Will the new game client have a dynamic resolution option? Will I be able to change class after the new update? Will be there some sort anti-cheating measure against third party software, ect? Considering cheating has not stopped and the amount of cheating has been growing, will the punishments for cheating be proper such as a one year ban or permanent ban? Thank you
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