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  1. Yeah.. and support should ban all people who were lucky, because now they are super sad and have nothing to do at all!!! And we all know how much fun it is to run a dungeon hundrets of time without getting the desired drop, just delightful. How could you not be happy to waste your free time because this game has worse RNG than the lottery. I mean it's a game, its not supposed to be fun? Right? I am so glad NCSoft knows what they are doing. Also, who is even talking about two days? And if you run the dungeon several hundrets of times in two days, why should you not be done with it?
  2. Well they also could have just added the new dungeon to the daily challenge instead of alternating it with Hall of Trials. But I mean what do you expect from a company that has 2 dead daily quests in there for months now... If its about gameplay changes it always take several months, they basically happen when no one cares anymore. But hey, I guess NC West and NC Soft have proven that they lack even the most basic understanding of the game/daily gameplay.
  3. And whats the reason this is not released with patch its intended to? Same reason you guys didnt release the merchant for 2 patches?
  4. What, you think thats more important than fixing the game breaking costume bug? Damn, get your priorities straight!!!!
  5. The only thing that will happen here is, that @Green Storm will close this discussion with reference to Code of Conduct. Which I don't understand, the CoC only states that they don't tolerate cheating and posting links to cheats. How does it make sense to close discussions that only raise the awareness of cheating? I honestly would like an explanation why the discussions are closed while nothing is done about the cheats at hand. To me it sounds that the CoC is handled like not how it is actually defined
  6. Well in fact thats how it should be (in a professional environment), ever heared about CI/CD? I mean automating the release process and releasing to a stage environment so you know everything works (including the release process) should be pretty standard nowadays. It isn't 1999 anymore.
  7. Well they banned ppl for doing the same thing in Moon Refuge. I don't understand why they don't do that here.
  8. I guess in the end you will keep us informed about what the actual problem was? You know, because of transparency? And we also would be interested in, why downtimes have always to be so long? I think there are quiete some ppl here that work in IT or Development that know that stuff like that also can go faster. Doesn't take several hours to migrate data entries in a database. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. Well even if they were willing, which I dont think they are... There are also other topics in the way, like sharing of data or even personal data.
  10. tower of infinity ended today? anyone ranked there and can login?
  11. https://imgur.com/a/LoXzYGQ Can login on a character with sweetheart coins.
  12. online on a char that is wearing the pink outfit
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