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  1. Cathedra Cliffs EM loot bug

    where's the bug?
  2. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    when is the patch coming? nothing changed? atleast they are consistent, the statement has the same quality as the last and current patch ;)
  3. Event upgrade materials limits

    Just buy more oils in the grace period? then you get to 40 oils which is basicly doing it with 10 chars..
  4. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Patch Notes & Overview

    You never could swap ET badges.
  5. Pet collection system - hell no!

    but u can always buy them with hmcoin? so wheres the problem? no money and no gold? probably wrong game for u... a few hundred thousand? nicu... where do i have to sign?
  6. or they might just exchange them
  7. Massive DC

    at least tomorrow maintanance is only 12h then :3
  8. How are your factions holding out?

    so group2 is full of ceru group3 full of crimson gj NCSOFT
  9. How are your factions holding out?

    the ceru plague arrived and they're taking all
  10. Server link Rage Page

    Most of the time Cardinal Gates was nearly balanced, now all channels are flooded with ceruleans. NCSOFT, I guess this is what u meant when u said u took faction population into consideration for the merges? NOT!
  11. CPU Recommendations

    And don't buy a 8350 like mentioned above. As descriped you won't be happy with it in this game.
  12. CPU Recommendations

    Buy a 4790K as mentioned or a Skylake 6700K. I had an AMD 8350 until last week, and my gtx970 load couldn't go over 30% in normal play. After changeing to 4790K gpu load and framerate gone up. So my guess is, that AMD CPU's are not well supported by this game. And a SSD is mandatory for games in my opinion ;)
  13. And who is on the other side of the magic vpn you guys are using? I mean who provides the service, where is the vpn endpoint?