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  1. naa.. if you are already max they just level up your 3rd spec neko... purrfect
  2. Well if you deny progression to players that are realy invested just because some players have a "life" or no dedication.. thats discrimination.
  3. Yes please raise the cap. Only extremly lazy players aren't max unity.
  4. didn't know ncsoft also does cars..
  5. Honestly normally you expect a company to do their core business well (good and in time). If you go to to your mechanic because your brakes have to be replaced you also don't expect to drive home with only 3 brakes every second time...
  6. They probably realized that they started 1h early and now they're having a break until 17:15
  7. ah thought they were talking about the points you can get with the scrolls.. well thats dissappointing
  8. @Hime In the patch notes the following was mentioned "25 additional Hongmoon Mastery Points can now be earned.". But it seems the cap is still 20 Points. Can you provide any information about that?
  9. cute.. as if they are worth anything ... i threw away ~30k
  10. on the other hand.. the boxes that dropped there before today even give the new blooms :3
  11. Ahh come on.. it's not that bad! NC Soft just wants the best for us.. I mean they put new items in the game and you can already buy bundles for 7500NC with 180 Ethereal Vials. So if you want max unity just buy that 30x and you're good. Thats what I call service!!!
  12. Someday they'll probably will reveal that everything they said about random was bullshit.. and trigger a shitstorm like currently going on with maple story 😉 On the other hand there is a reason why noone knows what the "droprates" are... Hope someday atleast in the EU they will make some laws like they did in Belgium.. or atleast force sudo gambling games to make the rates public.
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