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  1. I also never heared it dropping there... Always thought it was something never released in the west.
  2. well 6v6 still gives naryu tablets... daily challenge still gives the old scale boxes... so much stuff doesnt make sense
  3. I am everytime supprised how they think those comensations worth 2cents are a good thing... guess if they would give nothing there would be less discussion about it 😉
  4. Stop whining, start running? What do you expect your post will change? Like you said.. it's called RNG go troll somewhere else...
  5. Yes I also got the 10 Fusion Stones "as a one itme exception". Support also insited that I only did the 1st boss in Twisted Serpent Stronghold.. (which doesn't match the number of coins I got from the dungeon). After several emails they finally confirmed that the event was for hard mode. (Wow 10 Fusion Stones for clearing the new raid in 4 weeks.. seems also a little bit out of touch.. while in 4 weeks you get 60 Fusion Stones from 6v6 if u're rank 90+ in all 3 BGs) @Hime maybe next time you want to check out the patch notes yourself?
  6. @Hime When are we getting the 10 Fusion stones? https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/slithering-shadows-patch-notes/ Twisted Serpent Stronghold Bonus Event Duration: March 17 - April 14 Summary: Complete the following quests in Twisted Serpent Stronghold to receive 10 Fusion Stones: Twisted Serpent Stronghold Dynamic The Taste of Poison Dynamic Where Dark Meets Light
  7. naa.. if you are already max they just level up your 3rd spec neko... purrfect
  8. Well if you deny progression to players that are realy invested just because some players have a "life" or no dedication.. thats discrimination.
  9. Yes please raise the cap. Only extremly lazy players aren't max unity.
  10. didn't know ncsoft also does cars..
  11. Honestly normally you expect a company to do their core business well (good and in time). If you go to to your mechanic because your brakes have to be replaced you also don't expect to drive home with only 3 brakes every second time...
  12. They probably realized that they started 1h early and now they're having a break until 17:15
  13. ah thought they were talking about the points you can get with the scrolls.. well thats dissappointing
  14. @Hime In the patch notes the following was mentioned "25 additional Hongmoon Mastery Points can now be earned.". But it seems the cap is still 20 Points. Can you provide any information about that?
  15. cute.. as if they are worth anything ... i threw away ~30k
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