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  1. There is actually so much wrong there... - Substratum doesn't drop it anymore - Aerodrome doesn't drop it anymore - Substratum and Aerodrome both got removed from Demonsbane Dungeons and have thus no stages anymore. Hardmode doesn't drop it either - Forest of Echoes either has 0.00000001% or doesn't drop it at all, there is no indication of it dropping them ingame (dungeon guide) and I've never even heard of anyone dropping it - it is not for "higher" heart upgrades. It already starts with the heart you got instantly after the story and a 5-7 days doing soul boost dungeons. Basically
  2. It's not a cheat though. Korea had the same problem and they fixed it a month later (well 1 week after it got known). We are just getting the patches 1:1 (with nerfed drop rates) including all the bugs however broken they are. While cheating is indeed something which is now standard in BnS these scores were not made using cheats. You can do the same scores using the vanilla client without any kind of external programs.
  3. According to their earnings releases (https://kr.ncsoft.com/en/ir/irArchive/earningsRelease.do) which got released yesterday Blade & Soul dropped by 25% compared to 4Q 2021 and it doesn't surprise me in the least. It's now at 5.2m € (or 7,024,840,905 Korean Won) across all regions with the lions share still being in Korean and Asian market (the earnings release doesn't split regions for each game, but EU/NA have 7.4% of Korea in total and last time I checked KR had ~15x more players in the rankings compared to EU). But as a player I can fully understand the big drop in numbers (and 25
  4. I don't care about an insane grind. But I absolutely hate the RNG span this game got by now. Before you could tell approximately how much gold/resources/time you'd need to get to a specific level, but now all you grind for is not actually progress but you just grind for another lottery ticket. Players (at least me) want to feel progress however maginal it is. But with the current system and our economy you'll be able to try to upgrade like once a month. And either the goddess of luck shines down at you or your whole grind was for absolutely nothing. It feels INSANELY bad that your whole p
  5. And you're not alone, normally EU had ~150k lobby numbers on Thursday 6 PM. Now it's Friday 10 PM and EU just passed 40k lobby numbers. Sure people aren't botting Aerodrome anymore, but it's still an insane decline, especially since it's 1 day after a new dungeon release.
  6. Okay those items have still different IDs which can be seen from the different item description: The Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chest: The real Kaebi Village Ticket: As you can see the text is not read and reads "Unable to Trade" instead of the "Untradable" from the original one. Edit: okay nope, the description is just different while they are still in the mail, the items STACK which means they are the same ID. Did you really replace the Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chest with Kaebi Village Tickets? @Green Storm I really really really need feedback here, that was more than 10
  7. I wrote it in the description, I already have everything on Penta, so I saved it for when Hexa Pet Gems are getting released.
  8. Wtf? You simply replaced the Pentagonal Pet Gem Selection Chest from the very last Cash Shop Event with a Kaebi Village Ticket? Since I already had everything on Pentagonal from my Pet Gems I just stored the Selection Chest in my storage just to log in and see it replaced by a Kaebi Village Ticket in my storage??? I didn't interact with the storage before that at all, so it was not my mistake. Just as an advice to anyone else who still had that selection chest to write their support ticket, the selection chest is worth 100€ and just got replaced with a simple Kaebi Village Ticket???
  9. You need on average 6743 Sacred Vials to +0 -> +20 your soul. Cheapest offer of Vials are 3x Sacred Vials for 800 NCoin. So you need 2248*800 NCoin, aka 1,798,400 NCoin. With their official course of 8000 NCoin = 100€ we would be on average 22,480€ for a max soul. If you're unlucky you can go up to 70,000€ for a max soul. That's not how I would describe doable with a credit card since it's legit only 1 out of 5 items which require this huge amount of materials. In no game should max gear be equivalent to more than 100,000 €, sorry that's a hard no for me. Pay2win took a new dimen
  10. Not just did they remove all accommodations, they made it actively worse for EU/NA. We got worse loot tables in the recent dungeons (KR f.e. Square/Penta/Hexa gems, we have Square/Penta, KR got Triangular/Square Pet gems, we got Triangular). We didn't get content KR got to compensate the need for materials/gold etc. KR has f.e. vials in their daily challenge, we have it in events (and even there it got removed now, we are now at 2 vials/week while on average we would need 6743 Sacred Vials, so on average 60 years (or 3,371.5 weeks) of weekly oils to +20 the soul). These upgrade costs ar
  11. Kaebi village in the next patch will most likely also use auto combat, at least KR had it (understandably since it's ~10 minutes per characters which easily stacks up with 14 characters) and it also got added to Sanctum of the Masters in KR. While we currently only have it activated for Primewald at least in KR it's actively used for current content, so I don't think they would remove it.
  12. Please please don't ruin this patch. The format with the tickets and as event is the same as the Taiwan server got recently. But they only got 50 gold daily from it which is far from the amount this region currently so desperately needs. A lot of hope from nearly everyone I know (including myself) is placed into this patch.
  13. I ran this weekend 156 times stage 41 to grind the levels for ranking and got: - 6x skystealer necklace - 8x skystealer earring - 8x skystealer ring at least from my experience the chance on stage 41 is ~15% so maybe you should invest your time more in doing less runs in 41+. The dps requirement is less than 15m for 41, so that should honestly be doable for every character even fresh out of the story or with some soul boost gear.
  14. So much this. I was grinding all of my characters to 31-51 in Aero/Sub having fun playing all the different classes (I have all 14 classes with my 14 characters). But now the HM coins were taken from the ranking rewards and grinding the remaining characters to 51 for top 100 rewards is just not worth the time I have to spend for it... Yes the ranking in NA may be dead (with stage 1 being top 100 for Archer), but in EU you needed Stage 55 for f.e. Warlock for top 100, Gunner and FM were also both above Stage 51. Also Archer as the most dead class in EU was Stage 35+ (and thus way higher than
  15. I know that's your opinion but wtf? Gem Powder is completely overpriced since 1 triangular pet gem drop from Poharan (which takes ~5 runs at stage 5 to drop) already gives you more gem powder than the overstuff gem powder bundle they sell in f10. The value you get from it is in absolutely garbage. For my opinion regarding this topic: The only thing I ever bought from todays specials were Pet Gem Chests, Hongmoon Master Scrolls and Searing Etching Stones. Everything else was cheaper to get by either other F10 packages or was in no relation from their Price to gold value (using F9's 1:0.30
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