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  1. Dw about it man, we already knew activity from NC staff have been on the low side. Sure they may be reading forums, because they work for the game and their position at NCsoft but whether they can do something or influence devs for changes is the real question. Most of them I assume cannot change what devs will do or cant just arbitrarily reply to forum complaints. Unfortunately even if other ppl deny it, we all know the game is on its last legs. Most ppl even left for Lost Ark, because the player treatment is much better there. For example in BNS, now if u get the skystealer acces
  2. Its missing alot of stuff, but when they cant even fix den bug. i dont think they have time to fix this SB missing items. They did directly jst copy the SB and its rewards from the KR version which has reduced upgrade costs. Hence the missing, Prem stones, missing empryeon rocks, and other stuff.
  3. Nah Looks like based on the maint notice, it wont be fixed even after this maintenence. i assume 1v1 is covering both Den and Shrine. Worst thing is missing out on SB boost rewards for nearly 2 weeks now. Free like 5-6 lvls jst from Den and u still need to do it for 21 runs. At least u can do shrine on easy mode, which still counts towards SB.
  4. yeah u will run them but not many ppl will, between 10-30 not many ppl will run between this level because most ppl are either already past this floor or it isnt worth running at such low floors. there really isnt an incentive for ppl to run these floors with others to help grind out lvls especially on Alts. let alone AD now. Everyone is on the SUBmarine now, farming as you probs already know either 31+ or 41+, anything lower is pretty much dead. You may occasionally see 1person or so running it but those as so minimal. AD dead levels are pretty much 10-30 SUB dead levels are
  5. it will go down but who would have thought twice in 3-4 hrs. Guess dailies are dead for today, Goodbye Koldrak for today! 😂
  6. Dw, just use custom launcher like multitool, better and less bugs than original launcher. You can jst play this game in the interim till good games start releasing in Feb then goodbye BNS like most of the community will probably be gone lels. *Cough Lost AR** 😜
  7. Yeah tbh the reason the transition mats are so wrong is because they directly copied the SB system from KR without adjusting for patch differences between regions. Why they didnt adjust sumhow amazes me, because Silversteel is already trash lvl gear in KR while on NA it is still almost top tier gear. Hence KR would have way more reduced costs on upgrading between TB and SS levels. KR their practically throwing the mats at u to get you past SS level, while NA their barely giving "enough mats" supposedly to get to SS level. Looking at the current mats in SB, can pretty much confirm its the exact
  8. Mainly most likely they didn't adjust the values to NA after copying it from the KR version, as KR version is well ahead in gear. Hence thornbreaker ->SS would have way more reduced costs than NA because it is low tier gear in KR where they practically give u full TB for free just from doing the story let alone SS level. This level Gear in KR is mainly just to make sure u actually do some of the content, so the costs are minimal. Looking at the costs in KR, definitely they directly copied the KR soul boost and its rewards.
  9. you can up the pet slightly further than the soul or heart because it has more levels but you will still hit a point where it becomes bugged and the stones dont work atm.
  10. Way too many issues these days upon release, this is probs what happens when you dont have enough staff to troubleshoot problems before the patches are copied from KR and fixed. instead their jst copied with the same emphasis on COPIED
  11. bugged atm, once you get to stage 5--> awakended is bugged from them onwards. same for pet and most likely heart. sigh too many bugs nowadays because there probs isnt enough staff to properly fix the bugs before release when they copy the KR patches and changes, even some of the game is now in KR language like the end of the dungeon bid screen has bidder parts in KR.
  12. dw, they said theirs probs gonna be another patch todays anyways. Lots of mistakes nowdays in the patches, cause their jst importing parts from the KR client and not actually developing much themselves. 🤷‍♂️ so problems gonna occur, you can even tell because they cant even write full patch notes anymore . even the skill changes are still not up yet because they are still checking what got changed from this KR update on NA. even the end of dungeon bid screens are still korean now.
  13. pretty much forces you to do AD and SUB everyday lels even if its onli floor 1. to get more players running AD again though not much of them will do much of the floors between 10-30 so your still screwed for AD unless you look for ppl new alts trying to grind to stage 10 for SB
  14. Hence they need to pay more for the staff who write the notes so they actually put in more effort in writing it correctly. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Like Dojagi in Jadestone village, like who actually knew right off the bat where this guy was. im sure like most ppl had to ask around to actually find this event dude lols. and none of the notes or anything actually told anyone where this guy was except in the jadestone village, not even a map indicator
  15. Thank god though, at least soul boost has like 10x better rewards as a free event. dont even get how paywall items are worse than the event items this time round which is so weird lols
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