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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    I played this game for about 3-4 months, decided to buy 3 month premium after 1 month mainly to boost gold income as it's the main problem for any newcommer to any MMO out there, it still felt a little low, but still the ammount of time put in was somehow worth it to progress my main to 1923 and an alt to 1705 ap. My crystal progression was already stopped once i could use solar energies to get my hands on vials and pet packs from premium tab, now i wont even have steady gold income, simply thank you for making this announcement 2 weeeks before my premium expires, as i was considering to prolong it to 1 year as i like the game itself, performance is another story, i do not see premium worth it anymore. You simply cannot reduce income without adjusting all aspects that affect it. Would you still work at your company if they cut your salary by roughly 60% and still expected the same perfomance, i doubt that.
  2. Game is Crashing/Connection Issues

    Well im having same problem today, never had it before. Looks like unstable servers.... tried on 3 different connections, on two different PC's with two different OS's....
  3. Can't start the game

    You might wanna try also another thing, turn off rivatuner/afterburner software if you are using it, or any simillar program. I could not launch 64bit client at all, and with 32bit i was constantly crashing at mushin tower, and when quest got me there i was literaly unable to play beacause as soon as i loaded in i would crash due to too many people around (yup disabling them also did not help). As soon as i disabled afterburner and riva everything worked fine.
  4. Hello, Is there any way to preivew the soul badge chests (or any chests in general) ? I've received the key from armory chest, which included 1 token to exchange with jinsourei, i have 4 chests to choose from as archer, these are Limitless/Invincible/Undying/Legacy Soul Badges. But how in the world am i supposed to know which one i want if i cant even see its content >.<.
  5. Hello, I am unable to open the event bracelet box, whenever i click on it, the bar charges as it prepares to be opened, but bam *invalid item". Seems like i am not the only one having this issue.