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  1. I completly undestand and know it, however dont you think if the service would be better that would lead to more players being active. The playerbase could potentialy grow, and therefore the potential customer market would also grow larger. The game itself is not new player friendly at all, and low quality of service aint doing anything good either.
  2. Since there was no response at all to the mentioned issue, and it still persists i am cancelling my subscription. The quality of service which you currently provide is not worth to pay for. I am glad this time i did monthly subs instead of 3month - 1 year, simply because i expected there might be still problems beyond UE3. I wholeheartedly encourage any other of you, who are not happy with the current state of servers and are subcribing to cancel it, start taking action as community thru something they will notice. This is how koldrak currently performs
  3. Well below you will find actuall "FULL" road from AWS server to client in Poland. Any of the AWS server within Europe has a decent delay, the remaining part is spec of the servers and are they able to handle all the traffic, well you know the answer to latter part. us-east-1 US East (N. Virginia) 440 us-west-1 US West (N. California) 600 ca-central-1 Canada (Central) 654 eu-west-1 EU (Ireland) 3001 eu-central-1 EU (Frankfurt) 38 ap-south-1
  4. Once more, Do you plan to adress poor server performance ? Why am i going at it again now ? Well because i got disconneted after one koldrak run and i cannot log back in, once i was in that one run experience was straight up unacceptable, missing a lot of dps because of that, i had to ******* press "4" on archer 8 times, standing still for skill to freaking activate. THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD BE IN FAST PACED COMBAT ! The ammount of times i have died in hard mode spectral shrine, just because i could not dodge in time and gained too many stack is
  5. As topic says, Do you plan to ever do something about it ? I am dead tired of dying because of delays and having to press each skill button 2-4 times sometimes even 5/6. You've adressed the performance which is a big upgrade over UE3, and that was the point for me when i decided o return to the game and hopefully have some fun, however second most important thing still has bot been even touched, beside lying to your current playerbase by displaying most irrelevant calculation of ms ingame. This is something that lies totaly in your hands, not in developers.
  6. Can we start filing for compensation for this S*** ? Since UE4 update, when i decided to return i've been able to do koldrak rotation twice, TWICE ! By rotation i mean, do it on one character switch to other. Pretty much all the time after i do it once, and switch character i get disconnected, i retry connection, disconnected before even PIN input. Today after the disconnected i tried to reconnect freaking 12 times, guess what, i did not make it! FIX YOUR F*****G SERVER ALREADY! Displaying an honest latency ingame would also be nice....
  7. Bumping this up, please do something about it.....
  8. Could you please fix/upgrade your server resources. Each time there is koldrak event going on the lag is massive, i need to press some buttons like at least 6 times to activae a skill, the dps drop is roughly 55% because of that.... All switch character disconnects always happen during koldrak, i have not experienced it in any other time. I have lost plenty and way too much koldrak runs because of this, today i managed to do it just one time, could not connect to server with 2nd character, closed client, rebooted stuck at connecting, and disconnected again. Best part
  9. Hello Guys, As a returning player from quite some absence i have hell of a problem to decide on which character to pick up call to arms bundle on as my main seems to not be so awfully behind, but as mentioned i am not sure since i cannot check for stats anywhere of the mentioned gear.... Is there any site or google doc that has a copy of upgrade paths ? I'd kindly appreciate it if anyone could share this info.
  10. I played this game for about 3-4 months, decided to buy 3 month premium after 1 month mainly to boost gold income as it's the main problem for any newcommer to any MMO out there, it still felt a little low, but still the ammount of time put in was somehow worth it to progress my main to 1923 and an alt to 1705 ap. My crystal progression was already stopped once i could use solar energies to get my hands on vials and pet packs from premium tab, now i wont even have steady gold income, simply thank you for making this announcement 2 weeeks before my premium expires, as i was consider
  11. Well im having same problem today, never had it before. Looks like unstable servers.... tried on 3 different connections, on two different PC's with two different OS's....
  12. You might wanna try also another thing, turn off rivatuner/afterburner software if you are using it, or any simillar program. I could not launch 64bit client at all, and with 32bit i was constantly crashing at mushin tower, and when quest got me there i was literaly unable to play beacause as soon as i loaded in i would crash due to too many people around (yup disabling them also did not help). As soon as i disabled afterburner and riva everything worked fine.
  13. Hello, Is there any way to preivew the soul badge chests (or any chests in general) ? I've received the key from armory chest, which included 1 token to exchange with jinsourei, i have 4 chests to choose from as archer, these are Limitless/Invincible/Undying/Legacy Soul Badges. But how in the world am i supposed to know which one i want if i cant even see its content >.<.
  14. Hello, I am unable to open the event bracelet box, whenever i click on it, the bar charges as it prepares to be opened, but bam *invalid item". Seems like i am not the only one having this issue.
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