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  1. While that is true, KR also gets primarily Selection chests from AD so the players there need only 3 drops to complete the set, whereas we get the XTRA RNG factor with individual accessory boxes.
  2. My guess is that they think frustrating players with low droprate will make them seek higher floors for better droprate, incentivizing whaling for the gear needed to do higher floors and spending large amounts of gold to get two accessories to +9 for the +18 resonance effect
  3. The best part in all of this is that AD works differently for us compared to Korea. There most of the drops are selection chests so you need to get lucky 3 times. Here the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ necklace has a much lower drop rate than everything else for some god forsaken reason and here I am sitting with 5 rings and 3 earrings.
  4. Warden(both specs),Destro(3rd spec) and Warlock(2nd spec) have near permanent CC Immunity. Warlock 2nd spec also has insane amounts of Lifesteal. BDs are also able avoid a lot of CC with their spin.
  5. I'm aware of this, but it doesn't justify not letting characters have the bare minimum story gear. Because that incentivizes deleting and remaking the character
  6. I meant shadow forge 3 :P. Also the PvP is Dragon Fang. The point is characters shouldn't need to be fed mats from from other character to do F8 LFP
  7. This would solve the issue yes. Right now I have 2 characters that cannot do Dungeons via F8 LFP. On 2 other characters I had to pull mats away from my main to upgrade their weapons to Dragon Forge 3 which is worse than the Grand Celestial 3 that the story drops.
  8. @Hime As the title states we are not able to do any dungeon content via LFP from ST and up on characters that completed the last Act before the current update. The story rewards were updated but my characters are still sitting on Exalted 3 and all of the old story equipment. Are there any plans to address this because it seems like a major oversight. At the moment it seems like the optimal thing to do is to literally delete these characters and start over.
  9. very nice patch 10/10 looking forward to maintenance today kekw
  10. Actually, the thread states that the stats are not DISPLAYED. In reality this isn't a display bug and the gems do not provide stats either.
  11. Buffs to Frost warlock focus, feels good. I run out of focus spamming bombardment all the time.
  12. Just before i was going to buy my Tiger Bracelet
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