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  1. True, it is RNG in the end. But personally I find it very demotivating, no matter how much I love my friends and enjoy playing with them. 🙈 And agreed, doing 1k runs and only getting 3 drops sounds like a low floor. I hope you manage to get your accessories!
  2. I feel like it's subjective. I'm glad to hear you are having a good time, but that doesn't mean others will feel the same. Like Biohazard and DeepButWhole said: we don't want it to be easy, we just want to feel like there's a reward in it. The drop rate right now is strange, you're either very lucky (some slackers even get it all within 50 runs) or you feel like your account is cursed! 😅 Honestly, I find it sad to hear you apparently did 1000+ runs and only got 3 boxes.
  3. As a returning player I was excited about the event after UE4 hit, and even more excited about the new dungeon and loot system. Sadly, I'm disappointed. I've done about 100 runs and have only gotten 1 legendary drop. Meanwhile people around me are worried about their random stat and the rng upgrade system. I've browsed the forum a bit and see I am not the only one with bad luck. It's just a game, I don't mind farming and grinding. But 100 runs for 1 legendary drop is draining the fun for me, especially when friends get everything and more. We're doing floor 41. I wanna
  4. Strangely enough I can't uninstall the game. It doesn't show up in my Apps & Programs, there's no uninstaller in the game folder and I can't uninstall it through the launcher. Can anyone help me out?
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