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  1. Thanks very helpful, now let me help you, no one say that there are going to be maintenance already today.
  2. my experience, if ur time is worth urself that much, that u call it waste of ur time to kill a Boss like 3-5min then just keep it playing with 1 char. you're not forced to play with all ur alts if u want to just upgrade them aswell. That is what I do, but for this u need alot of time and afford.. can't realy recommend it for everyone. the boss hp right now is totally alright. sooner or later there will be events where u can also stock up ur alts with things ur main doesn't need so it's even faster.
  3. Hello Support, I know there are a few Topics about it already, but "WTF r u doing BS???" is kinda weird expression. From the Unscheduled Maintenance – 10/07/2021 we're missing some things in the Dragon Express, that were not listed in the issue list. As Removed rewards; for Armorer's Remnant Martial Remnant u can not buy any Polishing Cloth with Angler's Pearl anymore if any of u people in community have more, just write it down below as simple and less critical.
  4. Mizuki

    HM FoE runs

    Hey! ( ゚▽゚)/ Having issues finding in game a party for FoE Hard Mode. I decided to make a discord with the possibility to join on different party. I know people having a lot of discords and there are even a lot of Blade and Soul discords, but I wanted to make it more clean and more visual for everyone. So I stayed with a simple design and not many channels so if you like to take a look please do so (-̀◞▥◟-́) https://discord.gg/3fwdJj3t bring: some experience 10m+ parse I don't mind myself teaching some people
  5. ( ^▽-)∠※☆
  6. I mean, you're free to do what ever you want. But i want to tell that last week they did the hugest update ever made in this game, it is to expect some bugs. Koldrake is a good way to get on 1/5 Daily right now understandable, and yes ofc garnets too but give it a bit time. You will see in the next week there are still improvements, and in next month's even more updates to the engine itself. Stay cool ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
  7. Well said by that, I think this thread can be closed for sure.
  8. If it is, you do post it, and it gets fixed by time. On my opinion there is no sense in showing your anger by the bugs that are currently in game, to the support that reports the bugs, and helps to fix the issue. so keep calm and eat a snickers
  9. Well then you should be more relaxed, since you can wait that long it shouldn't be a hard thing for you, to stay calm and write down what is the issue and not like you want to start a war. So I'm going to translate that to @Hime it's about Pet Gems in the CTA Chest Stage 11, they have no stats written it seems like the new item that got implemented (since it's a new pet gem that is untradable) is missing some IDs
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