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  1. So ye i think i waited quite a long time for any replies on my personal Bug list report. anyway now i want to know what people say to the current state of the Game, i have a long list of things which i think should get some attention as sooner the better. Why i bring it up? the reason is cause i currently see only new dungeons for along time now coming in to the game, all you do is farm new accessories and if u dont u run ur daily dungeons, this game have so much more to give if thouse things would be taking care off.. so Please NCsoft or anyone that have the power
  2. actually yes it is a problem, the eu server are supposed work for EU Player to just move them to us would be a desaster. from marketing standpoint this makes totaly no sense, they bring new updates, outfits, dungeons new gameplay mechs etc. so how can u say they want to shut down xD and yes i mean in eu and na. xD they bring out a system like soul boost where u can pretty much gain high value items for free, and people still complain. i dont get it. veterans have many options to gear up way faster as a new player. how can F10 give u anything that u
  3. Mizuki

    HM FoE runs

    im sorry that can be closed here i dont use that discord anymore so i decided to delete.
  4. https://twitter.com/ShiroMizukii/status/1484852838102704128
  5. excuse me very much for not playing on bouth and having the same rewards on bouth
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