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  1. Well, after a month of vacation on other "ludic shores" I come back and I see that the serious situation I left has even worsened ... I don't want to say nonsense, but I can't help but wonder if the distributor's goal is to reduce to zero the player base, for market reasons unknown to us.
  2. Hello everyone 😐 For me farming gold for two hours a day with the aim of earning marginal stats is very little fun, I feel like I'm a hamster running on the wheel never getting anywhere, there were at least populated arena and battlegrounds would be cool and it would make sense. In recent weeks I have tried to revive pvp by spamming open world events, the response has been almost non-existent, and I am not surprised, since players are led to focus only on pve. I hope that NCSoft, in addition to proposing new classes and raising the gear cap, will find the time to resolv
  3. https://imgur.com/a/HH85AyV As you can see in the pic, the kills counter remains inactive, so the achivement and the relate bonus cannot be obtained
  4. What better occasion than this extraordinary maintenance to invite you all to the FREE PvP BRAWL which will take place at the Mushin Tower Sunday evening at 21:00 CEST on the EU server? 🙂 The factions involved will be Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion. Everyone should be equipped with the necessary outfits, so participating will be easier 😉 Do not miss!
  5. Well here's how it went .... thanks to Sheriti and DontCallMeEve for not making me feel like the last Japanese on the island... Next time we meet at Mushin Tower, don't miss it 🙂
  6. You're right, I apologize 😅 The event will take place on EU servers, my 9pm is gmt + 2 (Italy) Obviously, no one is preventing NA players from organizing the same event, quite the opposite! 🙂 Why not do it over the Atlantic and post the fight here? So we compare the levels of participation of the two communities 😄
  7. Hello everyone 😄 This week in our self-managed PvP event, we'll combine business with pleasure. We know that drug abuse is harmful to the person and to society as a whole. The spread of Wraithbloom flowers in the Cinderlands by the followers of the Tyrant Cult is certainly a risk factor: they must be stopped, or at least limited in their pernicious activity. Choose your side: Will you be a staunch Stratus soldier fighting for a more virtuous society, or a radical Cultist upholding people's freedoms and choices, regardless of good or bad judgment?
  8. Thanks to all those who actively participated in the fight last night, such as Sea Rats or Zealous Guard but also as an "emergency team", donating their Chi to the KO characters 🙂 The only thing that left a little bit of bitterness is that he didn't even see a Crimson in a 90-minute long fight. What did you have so important to do right then? 😤 But don't worry, you can be forgiven next Sunday, in the Cinderlands, when Tyrant Cultist and Stratus Forces will clash !! DO NOT MISS! ⚔️🔥
  9. I look forward to seeing you ^ _ ^ bring your friends too!
  10. I'm glade that you find fun it ^_^ if you're Crimson please spread the advertisement
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