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  1. It is not necessary to make a video and report those who use auto combat, the staff will not do anything, I reported a player for approximately 40 minutes where, due to the behavior of his attacks, it was noticeable that he used auto combat in December of last year, the player keep using autocombat in basin without problem or fear of banning. 🙂
  2. There are so many and so many outfits, 1.5k outfits in total that it would be difficult for me to choose which one I would like to see, but I will only address the ones I would like to see again, Regium Corvus outfit, Ivory Bird outfit, and Lycan wings of fire that they removed.
  3. The use of class change is not mandatory, and the soulboost equips a character decently, or so I think. 😅
  4. If you are in NA we can do a duo to show you some tactics, since in addition to reflexes, each class with its iframes are a little slower than others, you know each one with their fighting style, I do it with my 14 characters, I have 1 of each class, and I'm not lying when I tell you that I failed more than 20 times the first time, it's all a matter of practice and patience. 😁
  5. Very good progress, a little late but it is corrected, I think that the most difficult thing comes now, the lost objects to which we have already advanced the soulboost, since they are not only 2 tokens like the soul and heart, they are several other objects and amounts different. But if they already solved one problem, I'm sure they can solve the other, I just hope it's before the end of the season. 😓
  6. Hime 😭 Whalecome @Green Storm @Rynara 💞
  7. Ye, that too, hello @Himecould you examine this matter and clarify this situation? Thank you. 🙂
  8. Hello, I need you to clarify a doubt, according to the Soul Boost event, when completing it, you should obtain a Silversteel Stage 6 weapon and a Stage 10 Ring/earring, but the amount of Premium transformation stone is not enough for both accessories, and neither are the Empyrean spirit stone reaches, according to the list when completing the Soul Boost. I leave example images
  9. Hello @Hime, can you please provide the information of the content of this chest? https://imgur.com/a/HsObdea
  10. Will I have to download the whole game again? or will it be an update like every Wednesday? How long is the maintenance expected at the launch of the UE4?
  11. A few months ago the blacklist was updated to block 80 players instead of 50 as it was previously, but lately many toxic, insolent, afks and leechers players have appeared, to avoid inconveniences or bad times to these players can be added to the blacklist , but 80 spaces are not enough, less in the case that these players have in the same account 12 characters for example. I think that an update can be implemented, when a player is blocked not only that player is blocked, but all others from the same account, in that case it would be blocking all players from the same account, since if the
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