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  1. Aboslutely unacceptable

    agreed, why you just copy-paste this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ from KR? Why the hell we need soul shield pysches from Koldrak ?
  2. Can we have these? They were only released once in an RNG BOX in 2016 or 17
  3. you could already craft shieldbases for your alts, since they are bound to account, dumplings too btw. And only ppl who crafted on a daily basis before the patch are profiting from this change (untill their stocks run low) since KR still got the old system.
  4. Wonderful Patch

    Agreed with the post above, the increased crafting cost for transformation stones, just shifted the cost to another material pretty much. Thought i could finally upgrade an alts aransu 3 to aransu 6, but ehh 1,4k for the transformation stones alone isn't really appealing. The old crafting cost for transformation stones is what everyone expected, not this nerf that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the patch notes (ps i never had issues with pts's myself, but there was always the option to sell all your tradeable mats and just buy em with gold from other players, aint a blockade)
  5. thanks for the update, now I don't wanna nitpick, but I don't think anyone has trouble with the last boss in Dreamsong Theater "Mazuko", though I never tried solo'ing it. The main thing in Dreamsong Theater is boss 1 "Kamahage", Any chance its HP could be lowered or phase start back to 70% from 90% ? And @gaby0309 in HM/CM mode ppl don't iframe the 180 AoE in WC, but they knock eachother up like it was intended. Unless you're talking about easy mode.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I know only a few people voiced their opinion, but they all agreed with the fact Daily Challenge took a turn for the worst. Some friends also told me they dislike it, because their alts have even trouble completing 3 quests, which takes way longer than before. Go ask any player and I guarantee you they will have the same complaints about the daily challenge. Do we need to make 1000 topics about it or is just one enough to acknowledge it as a concern ? Because I'm really afraid that we are just gonna keep the DC the same as we currently have and thats just frustrating.
  7. Hey Ncsoft, Thanks for the patch, anyway I dislike the fact that Daily Challenge is so limited, The Moon Refuge quest is a drag too, can't it be just 30 kills instead of 30 items with 50% drop chance? I would really appreciate that one. I miss the solo dungeons and tower of infinity (which is solo too ofcourse), now we dont have much reason to go there unless farming for a specific item (and some gold?) And at night I have trouble finding people for 6member dungeons that can't be solo'd, so can't finish daily challenge :< (or just make every dungeon solo-able) Can we please get the solo dungeons back? No need to remove other daily challenge quests, just add more options! Thanks for reading
  8. Hello everyone ! I bet this question or a similair question has been asked before, but I just wanna ask it again. In an attempt to increase the member limit of competitive clans. NCsoft, social clans aren't the place people make friends, its just for alts mainly. Possibly there is like 1 social clan that was a succes story, but I haven't heard of it. What I'm saying is, people wanna join competitive clans, since they are actually clans (with discord and management) So it boggles my mind why competitive clans have a lower member limit than social clans. Unlesssss, a lower limit on members increases the amount of competitive clans? I guess that could be true, but is that really the reason? Its annoying to be forced to make two clans when you reached the member limit, its inconvenient in many ways. TL;dr: Increase member limit of competitive clans, send the request to Korea and I shall love you Thanks for reading
  9. yeah, its from last week. Anyway I am not satisfied with the compensation, I suppose people who don't have a premium subscription can be slightly happy with it, but for people who are already subscribed, its ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. 2 xp charms and 6 event currency? thats a joke. So hopefully you can come up with something better this time. I do weeklies on multiple characters and I gain a pretty large amount of materials / xp from doing that, we gonna miss out on that if you dont fix it, so don't come with your 2 day premium... give us materials thanks
  10. TT Ring & Earing cost decrease

    That may be true, but its still expensive as hell to upgrade. It doesn't make sense that its double the cost of BT stuff or higher than VT neck since its 2 pieces that you upgrade And then you have GC weapon, upgrading from 3 to 9 cost nearly less moonstone crystals compared to upgrading 1 TT accessory to stage 10, how does that make sense? It doesn't to me and they should give TT accessories the same treatment as GC weapon since ET necklace has been released which funny enough has a lower upgrade cost than TT ring/earing.
  11. Broken weeklies rewards

    Cool that you're aware of it, but we are also aware of the fact that the post you linked hasn't been updated for 18 hours. So maybe can we get a new UPDATE? Here a fix > Weekly Challenge closes every tuesday night/wednesday morning, do your weeklies before that or you're ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed! Working as intended ! But you didnt announce it in time since you were only aware of it after it already impacted the players, so can we get a compensation ? thanks
  12. Hey NCsoft and community, While I'm satisfied with the current login rewards, together with daily dash and free trove everyday. It doesn't really reward the loyal players, ones that sticked to the game for a long time. The only thing that comes close are the bonus rewards from Trove and completing a round in the Daily Dash. But those rewards take only like 10-20 days to reach and are pretty insignificant. Looking at Warframe and also a bit at Guildwars 2, they have systems that reward loyal players and also incentivize less loyal players to login. I didn't play Gw2 for a longtime, but it kept track of your characters age, Based on the character creation date you gained a present every time a year passed. (Also kept track of how many hours you spend on every character which I think is interesting info) In Warframe, you get a random crap reward everyday for login in (with the rare chance for a premium currency discount voucher) , but it keeps count of how many days you logged in. And every time you reach a miles stone like 50,100,150 etc days logged in you get the chance to pick a good or exclusive item. Since we already have some login rewards and I wanna keep those, I wouldnt give us more daily rewards with this addition, but I think the milestone concept is a very good one. Rewards could be things like For normal milestones: choice out of 8 weapon skins (with an exclusive skin) choice out of 8 pets (with an exlusive pet) Choice out of 1 Hexagonal Garnet or Obsidian For Major ones: choice out of 8 outfits (with an exclusive option) More gems (Garnets!) Psyches - Radiance/Ascension Stones Exclusive skill illusion The rewards should scale too, the more days the better. For example you could put in one of those "long term goal" Items for 500 days or something (Stormbringer cosmic/transcendence soul, 8 set TT, ) People would probably have some of those items by then, but still useful for alts. I do think it should start at day 1 for everyone, old or new player, from the moment it would get implemented and you login. Anyway let me know what you think and hopefully someone of NCsoft reads it too, because I do think it would be beneficial to the longevity of the game and not too hard to add. Thanks for reading o/
  13. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Sad to see you go, you showed alot of passion for the game. Goodluck
  14. Hey NCsoft & community, I think the faction chat is outdated and the only thing it does is split a small amount of players off from the rest of the community. Factions mean barely anything in the game anyway, so why keep it this way? In Jinsoyun, most of the population is Crimson. All day long there is people recruiting and talking, check Cerulean and you got times nobody talks for 1 hour. While Cerulean has some positive sides -> people are newbie friendly, they like to answer questions and explain stuff - And maybe you just like the empty chat? It also has negative sides -> Its alot harder to find parties, because there is less people, so less recruiting (I often look on my Crimson chars in faction chat and join the group on my ceru char) It's true that I have an annoying work around or you just need to be in a good guild to avoid the need for faction chat, but I think those shouldnt be necessary. Some new players don't know the difference about the faction chats, they just joined Cerulean because they couldn't join Crimson due to high population, or they just liked the vibe that Cerulean NPC gave. So they don't know what they are missing and in my opinion they are missing alot. Mainly how active the community is and all kinds of raids they could try out. So my solution would be something along the lines of changing Faction chat into "Community" chat and making it one chat for both factions. I still would like to keep a channel for players to ask questions and I think the spammy nature of Crimson chat isn't the best for that. Which means there should be a new chat channel named something along the lines of "Playerhelping" It wouldn't be an issue if faction chat wasn't the most used chat in the game, but it is. I think getting rid of the segregation build in by the game is gonna be positive, so I hope NCSoft will see my worries and think about it! Thanks for reading.
  15. Current event is nice, since it makes it possible to get the legendary soul. But after the event has ended anyone who wasn't able to get it (including new players) will most likely have to go back to using their Solak soul. And getting the same level soul as they could get during the event will be hella expensive. A big amount of people was able to get it, but new players and people who couldnt do the event as much as they wished/were unlucky will have even more trouble getting into groups with their solak souls. Upcoming event helps a bit getting your weapon up, but it still leaves the big cost for upgrading your solak soul to legendary. Thats why I think they should reduce the cost, remove oils from stage 6 to 10, replace em with transformation stones like the lower stages. This way new players and unlucky players will be able to catch up easier to the majority of the players in that aspect. Only one of my alts still doesnt have the legendary soul yet, but if it isn't able to get it I think I'll give up on that character untill they reduce the soul cost since it will be irrelevant without it. This made me look at the bigger picture including new players. It isn't gonna influence me much if there isn't a cost reduction, but I just want the staff to be aware of the future. Thank you