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  1. Its funny that they zoomed in on the Party hat and then used it in all their banners. I did find 2 turtles in Moon Refugee, one with a party hat and another one with balloons. Don't know if they forgot to remove this from last year or it was actually re-added this patch. My clan always takes an annual clan picture infront of the anniversairy decoration, but I can add that with photoshop this year. I am just very surprised they didn't add anything 5th anniversairy related as decoration in game this time around. Can't a GM answer this rather low
  2. Hello NCsoft and/or Players, I am wondering if there is any area/map that has any 5th Anniversairy decoration, like we've had the past years? Since I can't find any. (I checked Zaiwei main area near House of pleasures, Zawai Main courtyard, Mushin Tower, Jadestone Village) Or didn't you add anything for this year? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello NCsoft, Now that Naryu Sanctum isn't the "Newest" dungeon anymore could you bring the time to clear it more in line with modern dungeons? The rewards we receive aren't in line with the time with spend there. Nobody asked for the revamp of this long dungeon with 3 bosses (with 1 being an HP sponge) and 2 minibosses. You could see it in the dip of player activity when it was released and the following months untill Dollhouse dungeon and 3rd spec BD were released. Which brought back a surge of players. The bosses have too much HP and there is too
  4. Hello NCsoft, I would like to suggest to add an option to disable the Mythical weapon recolor you gain when you make your weapon Mythical I think the original colors of thornbreaker and steelbreaker weapons are looking alot better than the yellow/white/orange you gain when you upgrade them to mythical. And if you go from thornbreaker to steelbreaker while you already made your weapon mythical, you never see the original colors of steelbreaker. Or just release skins of every raid weapon. Thanks for reading.
  5. Add more mobs in Vilebriar area !!
  6. Fun fact: KR's windstride now only takes 3 seconds to cast Little too late, but better than never
  7. Oogie boogie, any news about this? Or is it on the back-burner because of the Black Friday sales and it being permanent content and all ?
  8. it is, you just had issues understanding me or something. I am not gonna write a detailed guide how to do the exploit like NCsoft does. I am just asking why people that crash in for example Steelbreaker raid get punished because other people are exploiting bugs in Scarlet Conversatory?
  9. Announcements Due to possible bug exploits in Scarlet Conservatory, we will no longer be offering any type of instance reimbursements such as restoring dynamic and weekly quest rewards, or reset stone until further notice. Thank you. NCSoft, Why are all players being punished for something a minority has done? I really hope this is short lived, because the game is very prone to crash in Steelbreaker raid. Also its kinda easy to figure out if a character re-logs and continues boss 2 + 3 after they crashed compared to a person who only clears boss 1 all the
  10. Hello NCWest, I want to talk about the issue that is created by the scarcity of 1 particular item: Liberty tokens Every BiS badge fuse for nearly every class requires 70 of these tokens and the only 2 sources are: Marketplace (F5) for 33g each (EU) from peoples limited stock that they farmed +/- 1 year ago Today's Specials offer Both requiring ridiculous amounts of gold/ncoins/hmcoins if you consider you need 70 of those. Its frustrating that there is no normal way of acquiring Liberty tokens/badges while every badge fusion requir
  11. All legendary drops that aren't best in slot have a higher drop rate than the best in slot items (sovereign accessories) by a pretty large margin. And they are also given out during a bunch of events, aswell as them not requiring the 100 run achievement to be available for purchase at Jinsorei for 100 Hellion cores or 200 Imperial Cores. As for the best in slot items, they still require 100 runs, but people gotten used to just grinding that out quickly in the first few weeks and the items also need materials to upgrade them to max, so you more or less cover that part
  12. It does tell something about those people, but I think you're being too judgemental here. We have a long relationship with NCsoft and their practices, game design choices or other decisions that directly impacted our experience usually negatively without us having a say in it (server move?) So we have alot of disgruntled / jaded people that still like the gameplay but dislike everything else. It's more complex than how you portrayed it.
  13. Hey you are right, but personally I havent even taken out the caps for both Maritime patrol and Red alert from my received items mailbox because I don't like the hairstyle you get when you wear them. Though thats my opinion. Also your last point I agree with completely
  14. yeah, its extra silly when you notice they added Maritime Patrol in the rotation eventhough its permanently available already in F10. Atleast they're the same price~
  15. https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/yRK2AUitY0RCnnMF0ktHRGIHd36GKfmuVB3Ru7hjNK4/https/media.discordapp.net/attachments/723955240310931527/748944287860916346/unknown.png they got it in RU server, but not us D:
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