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  1. Nah, you dont need to get used to it. It has only happened very rarely. NCwest can only change things in F10 since its some web-based stuff. All the actual game related issues NCsoft KR has to fix (and they were also the creators of the issues in the first place) I know I wouldn't like it to get shitted on by customers because the higher ups provided me with some janky products, But it is time that @Hime finally lets us hear something about acknowledging the issues and contacting Korea to fix it again.
  2. I'm not gonna say its 100% accurate, but Alice discord says it gives mats to help you upgrade your Shadowfury stage 6 to stage 9 in November.
  3. true, I have the worthy soul and heart already for ages
  4. After running it 300 times, yes. The fun is already gone after the 100th run (probably earlier) Now they made pink scale farming around 40% slower
  5. Same issue, same as my raidmembers and friends! Stuck on connecting... for 10mins or more :s no cigar
  6. Hello NcWest, Thanks for the well-done update, its went smooth for the majority. Anyway I want to direct your attention to the following: The Call to Arms Thornbreaker weapon stage 3 to 4 (and assume till stage 9) Requires Premium Transformation Stones - and as far as I know we are getting premium transformation crystals from the call to arms chest. Or else that would be hella generous of you haha.. During previous call to arms, you did have this changed accordinly, but this time around it didnt happen. I will guarantee you, alot of peop
  7. true true, in the past I also missed some of the outfits in those boxes, because I wasnt lucky to get it while others got it from their first box. And me buying the box every day for the duration of the event and not getting it. Not a good system in my opinion, its just RNG - so you either get lucky or don't get it. Solution ~ add another currency to the 1 ncoin box which you can exchange for the outfit in the box (+some other stuff for people that got lucky)
  8. Hello NCsoft, Just finished failing 10 times or something on my new raid badge, so now the pity meter is at 100% while its still stage 0 lol. And I spent like 25k gold on buying the 70-ish Etherial Vials, which is like 50 dollar/euro whatever with current gold prices. Thanks for adding more RNG upgrades to the game, really enjoying them 🤣🤣😂 No, seriously you should get rid of this ridiculuous system. Anyway can you add more ways to actually obtain these items or are the weekly raidbosses and HM dungeons (which both have terrible drop rates) the only options you'
  9. I have a reasonable solution taken from Pso2. When you are max level there you still can earn EXP, And when the EXP bar fills up you get class-excubes. So I guess they could do something similair and give us a purple or legendary unity stone box (depending on the exp required ofcourse) 🤔
  10. Hello NCsoft, All my friends are Unity Rank 210!⭕_⭕ Everyone is unity 210 !! Time to raise the cap ! Send a request to KR to raise the cap already because our unity exp is being wasted 😕 Thanks in advance
  11. Sadly, the previous versions were alot better in my opinion. The rewards are only slightly better this time, but the grind has been increased alot. You need a total of 4400 Martial Remnants, I only can get +100 with some effort a day on my alt that needs the Call to Arms Gear And you need 400 for 1 key, my friend grinds 200 a day, but he's putting in ALOT of time. The previous call to arms events you were almost guaranteed to open 1 chest a day with average effort. Ofcourse the last one was with Astro release and the nerfed dungeons made it a pleasant experience
  12. Agreed with the OP It took me till yesterday to get 3 items to Mythical level since it was released without pvp'ing and I even bought 25 Fusion stones from the Cash shop. I am auto-farming Primweald every night and when I'm at work and I havent started upgrading all the items to decent levels yet.. Please change the system or add several new ways of obtaining fusion stones!
  13. Its funny that they zoomed in on the Party hat and then used it in all their banners. I did find 2 turtles in Moon Refugee, one with a party hat and another one with balloons. Don't know if they forgot to remove this from last year or it was actually re-added this patch. My clan always takes an annual clan picture infront of the anniversairy decoration, but I can add that with photoshop this year. I am just very surprised they didn't add anything 5th anniversairy related as decoration in game this time around. Can't a GM answer this rather low
  14. Hello NCsoft and/or Players, I am wondering if there is any area/map that has any 5th Anniversairy decoration, like we've had the past years? Since I can't find any. (I checked Zaiwei main area near House of pleasures, Zawai Main courtyard, Mushin Tower, Jadestone Village) Or didn't you add anything for this year? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello NCsoft, Now that Naryu Sanctum isn't the "Newest" dungeon anymore could you bring the time to clear it more in line with modern dungeons? The rewards we receive aren't in line with the time with spend there. Nobody asked for the revamp of this long dungeon with 3 bosses (with 1 being an HP sponge) and 2 minibosses. You could see it in the dip of player activity when it was released and the following months untill Dollhouse dungeon and 3rd spec BD were released. Which brought back a surge of players. The bosses have too much HP and there is too
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