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  1. Agreed this is garbanzo beans, forcing us to run even more dungeons that give no rewards. "Sorry, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, we are changing the daily event dungeon to be part of the daily challenge during the upcoming maintenance on wednesday 1st of July" Is the only reply I want to hear from NCwest staff. Not that its gonna happen haha - . -
  2. Last year you guys changed the way drops worked in raids when Scarlet Conservatory was released which solved one issue (or was it before that?) But another issue still remains and thats RNG Soulshield stats, we shouldn't have to get the same soulshield 10 times just in order to get the desired stats. (some people needed more than that) While some other lucky person gets the desired stats on their first soulshield, take out the lottery aspect please -So we either should get fixed stats (for pve only, idk about pvp shields but I guess most ppl do desire crit defense rolls on them) -Or a way to re-roll the stats on the shield (and don't make this a multi-RNG feature like you did with Soul Shield Engravings) We only get 1-2 chances a week (3-4 with resets) to get our raid soulshields with the desired stats (but then you forget you are usually raiding with 12 people). And thats also having a raid taken for granted which alot of people don't have, so for people who dont raid collecting enough "latest tier raid currency" to buy an #8 piece and then getting defense/evasion on it, is a smack in the face. (Nvm paying 1,5k for it and then getting trash rolls) I want this game to improve and this has been a major gripe for me, keep the RNG fiesta in Korea.
  3. Outfits in f10

    been waiting 3 years for "Cooling-off Shades" to be re-released Can you please release it again?
  4. Really happy with this event!

    what do you mean ? This event is the same as every other regular event without an event dungeon ? Except they force you to fish a few hours and lowered the currency amounts from every other source.. how is this event good again? Unless you mean compared to Hunter's Refugee, but don't go praising them cause they still screwed you over with this event compared to any other event.
  5. Not enough Event currency.

    Agreed with every single statement, this event is not player friendly in any way
  6. Where's the patchnotes?

    Those will come tomorrow after maintenance ps: LF player who can make a spreadsheet
  7. To celebrate that we fixed a bug after 1 month we are forcing you to fish on every character a few hours a day! No thanks o/
  8. next event vial price?? :D

    Agreeing here with the general consensus, NCWest you gotta take a close look at this event, the event currency income and the event reward prices in dragon express. Because this makes no sense at all, you dont want us to do events anymore? Cause I already got some hints in that direction with HR from you. Please change the numbers for this event, stop disappointing us
  9. still not fixing the auto fishing?

    afk fishing still not fixed ~_~ how long does this have to take?
  10. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    cool event, forget about selling endgame items in the latest raid once a week and doing dc on 12 chars every day. Thanks NCsoft ! Anyway I'm avoiding it entirely, I don't like the vibe, it just makes you depressed. Bumping into a portal endlessly, people abusing alliance exploit, 1hitko PVP, everyone is on edge inside even stealing from their own clanmates. And totally goes against NCsoft nerfing gold from dailies philosophy making them look like clowns once again. And if you actually enjoyed pvp and are good at it, you are already gaining alot from ranking rewards, selling moonstones/soulstones/petpods because every class only has like 20 or less active pvpers unlike pve content.
  11. Pretty sure it isn't gonna be 300 people in one map, just 300 entries, divided over several channels. Even the Shackled island tournament could only hold 64 ppl in one instance or something. Your worries are justified but just wait till its actually here and you can form a complete opinion
  12. I know there is a way for NCwest support to filter a portion of innocent people atleast. Since I know they can see if you received certain items pretty quickly, so any ET3 dynamic lootbox received shortly after flagged skill usage could filter out some people (given you cleared it). Eitherway logs should also be able to tell the location of a player... Just 1 criteria used for the banning is not good
  13. Hello NCsoft, Even though I never bought the 365-days premium membership before, so you can just ignore my opinion. I would still like to voice it. The upcoming outfit for the 365 day premium "Double Take Costume + Double Take Belt" is not good looking, its just a recolor of "Fresh Take + Pondwalker Belt" an event outfit, which you can still easily get from the Admirals Selection Chest with event tokens. (little side-note: You didnt apply the textures correctly to the female version in the picture, see the holes in the legs and the texture mess?) Previously you added some decent looking limited edition outfits to the 1 year premium and then released a recolor of it 1-2 years later Now you released a free outfit in the passed and just recolored it for the 1 year premium, which I think is really lazy! Add an epic limit edition outfit to the 1 year premium subscription to entice people on getting it. Alot of people have shared their disappointment about the outfit, eventhough I know its kinda subjective, I havent heard anyone being positive about it. So take that how you want it Thanks for reading
  14. Aboslutely unacceptable

    agreed, why you just copy-paste this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ from KR? Why the hell we need soul shield pysches from Koldrak ?
  15. Can we have these? They were only released once in an RNG BOX in 2016 or 17