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  1. I wanna play devil's advocate here and say alot of it is because of your state of mind fuelled by how this community is. And with that I mean that there's like a near impossible to reach carrot dangling infront of everyone - and just because a few people actually were able to obtain that carrot in some super extreme way, we now feel the norm is to get it aswell. Obviously from a competitive viewpoint I can understand that, but the amount of people running around who supposedly spent an average of 1,5 million gold to upgrade all their accessories to +20 is disgustinly
  2. -Kickstart Outfit & Kickstart Hat are invisible on Jin Female when equipped
  3. Hello NCsoft, The main denizens of Celestial Basin are players running their auto-combat, some even with multiple accounts. No sane person is grinding that place manually. Its easy to notice: The auto-combat starts to attack from +/- 10meter range, so if it starts attacking from further away its manual control. Dashing to target or Switching target so seemless after current target is killed even if 2nd target is angled 180degrees away. Getting CC'd and doing subpar rotations (okay a new player could do the same) In my opinion, best solution is t
  4. @Green StormI do be curious about what the issue was in the end. Mind sharing it ?
  5. thanks for feedback, we have concluded that its both servers !!
  6. I second this, the limit should be either removed entirely or be character bound instead of account wide at this point.
  7. I agree too, Raids especially were always my favorite content. But I feel there is a need to talk about another underlying issue of raids, aside from the previously mentioned performance issues. It's not that accessible to all players, you need a group of 12 ppl and then some time in the week to progress in the raid. So in my opinion the only reasonable way to return raids to the game is by leaving out any progression based rewards (like weapon mat/ss..etc) And replacing those with rewards that arent necessary for progression, like mainly cosmetic stuff (outfi
  8. Hey NCsoft, (not sure if correct place) The new prime-gaming code that should give the "Ultimate Style Bundle" was invalid when I tried to apply it. Furthermore, another person I spoke had the same issue. So I believe something is wrong with it. I hope you can resolve the issue, thanks in advance.
  9. NCsoft, missing a good opportunity with this, but hopefully you guys can improve it in the future. Add more special rewards to the premium version, some exclusive pay-to-win items. -Like for example legendary etching stones with pre-defined or selectable stats when compounding. -Not just 1 outfit, add multiple vanity items, weapon skins / can even recolor some of the existing ones or invent new stuff - like emotes,idle-poses,dances -HM coins - so you feel even more incentivized to complete it
  10. the thing is, on the latest raid soulshield the modifiers nearly triple compared to the previous tier soulshields. But in KR everyone gets those easier I assume, since they have even newer soulshields. So I think it was just a matter of negligence
  11. I think the nerf was specifically made for our regions client, now that we got a newer patch, it wasn't included. Because it's kinda ironic in a bad way, that we got better gear, so do more dmg, yet everything has 20% more HP which makes it take longer than before..
  12. I wanted to express my frustration too. Koldrak is probably the worst content in the game, the performance is crap, the fight is boring and it messes up the entire server. Can you just, please contact our KR overlords and tell them we want something to replace Koldrak. It really doesn't give a good impression to new or returning players when they have to experience this horrible content with all its flaws.
  13. Yeah right, people I know who are lazy af, were doing it 24/7. I did the Aero daily 8 times a day and I still saw them dying in the lobby at 5 AM when they were sleeping or at 8pm, didnt matter the time of the day, they were there botting. Some classes have an easy time surviving, although ofcourse some did it legit, by hand, manually. Respect to those Also doesnt matter if you die, you dont lose XP from that, as long as you kill a bunch, you are gaining. Maybe you are on the NA server, because if you just waited 3min in EU aerodrome lobby, your entire chat would be filled wit
  14. Before todays patch, the highest density of players could be found in the following places: Moonwater plains > Mushin Tower Solak > Ajanara Monastery Solak > Emperor's Tomb Silverfrost Mountains > Twisted Serpent Stronghold Divine Realm > Savan Village - infront of Forest of Echoes F8 Aerodrome Dungeon Lobby After Patch: Silverfrost Mountains > Northreach
  15. Thanks for the consideration. But honestly you saying to STOP PLAYING or a Loading screen that says to use LMB when your hands get tired isn't gonna affect anyone. This is so insignificant and you're basically crying about semantics here Even if you technically have a point, I much rather have them use their resources on more pressing matters.
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