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  1. Hello NCWEST, I am reporting a bug that when I got disconected from the server because of my internet I have to turn on 2 times the client and that is very anoying because it waste a lot of time.I tried to remove the process on task manager but it is the same as before.When I turn on the game after being disconected it says "Failed to connect the server" Regards Namikage
  2. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    I hope you can correct that on future! You really need because this game have a good potential and you should not waste it. thanks Namikage
  3. Good Afternoon ncsoft, Seriously you have to fix the performances issues because the game has never, performed this badly for any of us before.It have a lot of freezes on the dungeons and Many people play with 10FPS at mushin tower and other peoples crash the game .We players tried to do everything to improve the performance such as remove effects , disable skills for other players use hongmoon outfit during SoulBurn ,Minimum settings, Tinkering with NVIDIA profiles and now this dont help anymore because We all are freezing on Dungeons and raids.Please instead if putting new content ,try to fix the game issues like improve the ping and correct other issues such as freezes and fps drops.One of the reasons that people are quiting the game is because the bad optimization, and if this persist I have to quit as well , I love playing this game but with this optimization I can´t play anymoore. Here are one example that I found: and please listen this guy he can explain better than me: thanks for the attention
  4. Weapons Bugged

    Ok thanks for the information Grimoir !
  5. Weapons Bugged

    Hello Ncsoft, My weapon dont show the % of the skills (dragon tongue, honed slash) , could you please fix it ?Futhermore After I upgraded my aransu 3 until 9 my dps didn´t increase so I dont know if have conection with the stats not show on the weapon thanks